Trend to try: The new nude lip

Good early afternoon, friends.

Let's get right to it- you know my relationship to lipstick is precarious. In that I don't generally wear it or like it. On me.

But I may be turning a corner because one of my fav trends from the 90s is making a comeback- and it's a new nude lip that I really, really dig.

I know it sounds dreadful but it's far from it. I've always been a nude lip kind of girl- but beige or pink or rose hued for the most part. Enter Nars with my favorite new lipstick of the season, Vibeke, with the caramely Linda  (the darker one above) as a close second- as in Linda you know who, naturally. They are not true brown but they are a fresh take on a nude lip and work well on most skin tones. Fabulously pigmented and ultimately wearable.

Oh and just as a sidebar-  the new Bord de Plage palette for cheeks and eyes is pretty much everything. Fantastic with my copper tresses and amazing for highlighting, bronzing, and sweeping over the lids. Plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It's fair to say I'm obsessed with it.

So go on and try some new makeup for Fall. It's a magical time of year so wake up your make up and bring on the pumpkin spice. Cause that's what's up this giving Fall a bit of lip kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in trends to try. XO

I love you Mary Janes.

Good morning, Tuesday. It's a gloomy, chillyish day here in the city. Perfect for pajamas and Khan cuddles. Less perfect for back to back meetings. Oh well.

So Fall is very much on my mind and I'm thrilled to see one of my favorite shoe trends making a resurgence- the humble and adorable and altogether sexy Mary Jane. My husband is a huge fan of a Mary Jane and the high heeled versions can be very saucy in that naughty schoolgirl kind of way, while the flats and block heeled versions are feminine and cute and super classic.

I love how this shoe can mean so many things- Kate Moss's patent Repetto take a few years back had me swooning- so chic and a nice alternative to the everyday ballet.

For a bit of history, look at the way Twiggy rocked these back in the swinging 60s- so mod and cute and stylish. 

And then leave it to Courtney myLove in the 90s to take the naughty schoolgirl thing to a very grrrly place. Love love love.

And if you want to rock an MJ this season, go for a velvet version.  Velvet is trending big time- and though it puts fear in my heart having lived through both the 80s and 90s, I can get behind velvet when it comes to a good shoe. These have a dressed up feel that is so great- and if you go for the flatter versions, you can wear this for evening and be super comfortable. 

Here's a few favs:

Look at these cuties from SJP- after all, homegirl knows a thing or two about a girly shoe. Ladylike and lovely. Great color- that's what's fun about velvet- looks fab in cool colors.

And these from Prada are penetrating my brain and going straight to my dopamine receptors. These are like chocolate and sex. Completely lustworthy and utterly classic.  Dreamy.

These from LK Bennett are more work appropriate than not. A way to do the trend in a more conservative way that's still fun.

I love Sam Edelman for trendy shoes that won't break the bank. They always do a great job of making trendworthy shoes accessible- these are fab and love the color. I'd so wear these with a fishnet and a midi dress. Love.

And last but not least- these. From Doen. I love this brand for their boho staples and  would say that this is a maven must have moment right here. I am obsessed with these- a slipper and Mary Jane altogether. Love them in bordeaux and love them in black. They remind me of those Chinese slippers we all wore as kids. I'd rock these in a grunge way for sure- oversized striped or paisley pajama top a la Kurt Cobain and slouchy jeans and of course, major league bedhead. 

And that's what's up this buckled and strapped kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in passing the Mary Jane(s).XO

Maven Must Have: Florals for Fall

Good morning, Monday. It's so pretty outside. Love this weather so much- I am all about those 70something temps. Bring it.

And with Fall top of mind I can't help but notice some early trends- seeing a ton of florals for Fall and really loving them. I think of luxe hippie icons like Marisa Berenson, pictured above and love extending the shelf life of boho beyond Summer time. Have a look and fall in love.

This Ulla Johnson dress is simply one of my favorites- I'd wear this all fall with over the knee boots and then in winter with black tights and a faux fur jacket or vest. I am literally dreaming about this dress. Weird. I know. But I love it so much.

This Isabel Marant dress is grossly expensive but I love the mid length silhouette and think it's a fabulous luxe throw on piece that would look gorgeous with a textured tight and a high heeled mary jane or high heeled boot for a bit of sexy boho times. So so pretty. Has that "this old thing?" vibe that I love so very much.

For a less spendy way to get the look, check out this dress from Loft. I know off the shoulder does not scream Fall, but I like it for when the temps are still warm in September and you can rock this look with an ankle boot and dip a toe (or foot) into the foliage without going all in. 

If you like a less girly and more arty approach to florals, this dress from Rodebjer, a favorite brand of mine from Sweden, should suit your tastes. I can see wearing this to work and then to a gallery opening downtown. It's a cool girl way to do floral without being fussy. Bold and modern. 

And this dress from & Other Stories is perfection and well priced- and it's also red, a bonus since red is such a power color this Fall. At under $150, it's a great piece you'll wear over and over- I picture it with tan or brown high suede boots and lots of long necklaces for a 70s glam hippy moment. I'm excited for the new season and looking forward to continuing my love for dresses with a bit of a chill in the air. Cause that's what's up this fall fashion and foliage of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in falling for Fall (already). XO

Maven pick: A bit of boot camp with Frye

Good afternoon kinda sorta early evening, Thursday. It's been a busy day but with Summer on the wane, I can't help thinking about Fall, my most favorite time of the year. I'd pine for Fall when I lived in Miami, and I'm truly looking forward to the change and slight chill. I am over the Summer thing. Next. Done and done.

And if you're still clinging to your beach blanket for dear life, maybe this post will inspire you to put down the iced matcha and grab the pumpkin spice. Because Frye (yes Frye) is making some killer boots and I'm having a hard time deciding which of these suckers I'd want on my feet post Labor Day. I've got a great pair of vintage luggage brown Campus boots I treasure, but some of these new styles are worth a look. I can tell you this- women love a good pair of boots the way we love french fries, rose, and avocado toast. True fact. But picture a woman who also loves a bit of punk rock and possibly some Zeppelin and yea, that kind of chick. The ones who need a little leather with their lace. 

Take this Heirloom Harness moto boot. It's a tough little sucker and I love it. It's far from cheap mind you, but still cheaper than the Balenciaga version and this one has more cred anyway.  I would love to see it with a cropped striped jean or trouser, rock tee, and denim jacket but that's just me. 

And these two mid length boots, the Addie and the Nora are the bomb. I know- two black boots- but what else for black skinnys and black leather leggings come Fall? I love a shit kicking boot and both of these fit the bill. Also love with a winter boho look- think a soft, pretty dress with a tough boot. Good times.

The June short boot is genius too. Love love love. 

And this engineer boot is so so good. Very rock and roll and bad ass. And for those of you who are on set or on your feet all day, great choice.

I know I'm showing you all pull on boots, but that's kind of my jam. Not a huge lace up boot fan and def not a cowboy boot kind of girl. I go more moto/rock and roll/stompy chic. And as we round the corner on Summer 2017, I'm excited to think about all the fun things about Fall. First up? Boots and more boots.

Cause that's what's up this giving Summer the boot kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in waving to Fall from afar, one shoe at a time. XO

Maven pick: Red ahead for Fall '17

Good day, Tuesday. Hope y'all enjoyed the total eclipse. I'll have to wait for the next one. Oh well.

So Fall. It's almost here. You would never know it from the weather in this soupy city today. I hear we're in for a cool down and for that I am eternally grateful. I'm tired of sweating, I truly am.

And with thoughts of Fall and chills in air permeating my total eclipse of a brain, I can't help but think about red. I'm seeing red and perhaps you are too, since many editors are calling red the color of Fall '17. My red conversion happened during last season's Dior- that red leather jacket and tulle skirt had me at hello. I've never been a lady in red and though I know I've written about this before, I'm more than drawn to it and most likely will be getting myself something new in the hue very soon. Also it's not lost on me that many of us in this country are indeed seeing red from our current 24/7 news feeds. It's not really a beige time now is it? 

I sketched this look above from Jil Sander's Fall '17 collection and felt seduced by the color of blood, passion, love. Red is not really for shrinking violets and I love the idea of using red top to bottom like this look here- it gives it an almost neutral appeal which I'm a big fan of. Tricky thing though- my hair is currently copper and I'm wondering if redheads can wear red? What do you think? Red is one of those colors that has a lot of range- true red can be tricky but orange/red can be quite striking, and I've always been a huge fan of scarlet and crimson tones. 

Here's some more of my favorite red looks for Fall for a bit of inspiration-  love the tonal looks as well as the red being used in suiting- another huge trend for Fall is menswear and when it's done in red it feels pretty damn rock and roll and cool. Also red for evening is absolutely outstanding.  I'm feeling it in a very real way and want to wear more. And yea, this is the first sketch in a series I hope to share with you on a regular basis- I am having a fantastic time getting back in touch with my sketchy side- I literally have not picked up a marker to draw since my senior year of high school so this is kind of a big deal for me. What do you think? Would you like to see more? I'm happy to share so look out for them.

Cause that's what's up this red is right of a Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in scarlet letters and everything in between. XO

How to dress for an eclipse- today, tomorrow, and all season

Good late morning, Monday. So yea, an eclipse. I know. You know. We all know.

Walking to work today felt a bit like a disaster movie for some reason, at least in my mind it did. Times Square during an eclipse should be interesting. And apparently my birth sign, Cancer is going to feel it the most as we're born under the spell of the moon. GREAT. Add that to the ever awful Merc in retro and what a lovely Monday today should be. 

And it's not surprising there's all this eclipse mania happening- possibly because things are so shite right here on Earth that many want to look to the skies and stars for some relief, even if it can scratch your bloody eye out.  Of course, I think of everything in terms of what I'd wear to such an auspicious occasion as totality, and this dress from Issey Miyake, on sale from a cute store in Portland, would fit the bill. It's perfect. I'm in love with it.

Also worth noting and my favorite trend spotting friend Irma and I spotted this last year as a trend to watch and it's still in full swing- stars and astrology are kind of everywhere. J. Crew is selling these cute Zodiac sign tee shirts, and these spendy leggings are on well toned gams all over town. 

And my favorite local designer, Meg, was inspired by NASA and space for her Fall collection, which is a nod to a futuristic female mystique where female empowerment is very much in the stars. Love this print so much.

As for you anti-trend types who may want to dip a bit of toe or neck in this case, try out this 10 dollar scarf from the Gap. It's super cute and would be a nice little addition to your starworthy wardrobe. 

Look for a continued interest in all things up above this winter, that is, if we all survive...dun dun dunnnn...THE GREAT ECLIPSE.

Cause that's what's up this totally total eclipse of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in seeing stars. XO

Because New York

Good morning, Thursday. It's a beautiful sunny day in New York City. So I thought I'd take a pause and reflect.

I've started freelancing at Ann Taylor, which is located on Times Square.  To a real New Yorker, working or being near Times Square is a take a deep breath first kind of vibe- the most tourists, the most bullshit, the biggest crowds and swarms and huddled masses. I'll admit that the thought of coming here on the daily was not the happiest thought I've ever had, but working on one of the most crowded stretches of Manhattan is affirming.

Because this city is beautiful. And I am still in awe of the fact I get to live here. 

Recent news events have rattled me (and all of us) to my core. I'm shaken, stirred, and every which way. It's amazing to me that an 80s icon is in the White House- which comes with a cavalcade of 80s associated fears- greed, nuclear war, and yes- hate. As a child in the 80s we were hardly immune to hate. As a young Jewish girl in a Philadelphia suburb I quite clearly remember swastikas being soaped onto our cars on the night before Halloween almost every year.  I remember the Klan, still hooded, showing up on the news from time to time and scaring the crap out of all of us with their messages of hate and white power. And I grew up having nightmares about Nazis after reading The Diary of Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel's Night in Hebrew school. So there's that. But I digress.  Because New York. NEW YORK.

As I was walking to the office this morning along 42nd Street past Bryant Park going west, I took some time to look at all the beautiful faces I don't often see when my head is in my phone or when I'm annoyed that someone almost knocked over my iced coffee by getting too close. There were faces of every color and creed. There were fashionable women. African American women. A Sikh man with his head wrapped.  And every type of person you can imagine, all living and loving and getting to work together on this sunny late Summer morning. Amidst the glow of marquees and the sirens and the traffic cops, there was humanity. Everywhere you look. It still mystifies to this day.

I am not one to ever take this amazing city for granted. I have loved it since the moment I've arrived and though I left it for some time, I feel more New York than ever. Because we are diverse and strong and liberal and we are everything this nationalist crap is not. And though it's this very same swarm of humanity that can often overwhelm me for its energy and mass, today I realized yet again that what makes New York great despite rising rents and horrible subway delays is all of us. It is in no way easy to live here- in fact, it's really hard. But the reason we show up every day and work as hard as we can and survive here is because we love living in a city where we can be whomever we wish to be.  There is no doubt that this city has changed -some for the better and some for the worse.  It's too expensive and I worry that the heart and soul of this place has been pushed out by hedge funders and beauty bloggers.  But here's what's not changed since Holly Golightly had breakfast at Tiffany's- there's still a lid for every pot here, and there's still a hugely diverse swath of civilization here and there always will be. And I believe that in New York, you can still come here to escape a sheltered or intolerant life and do your thing. And that's no small feat. 

As I watched the events unfold this weekend, I worried about my friends living in other parts of the country where this may not be the case. Yes- we live in a bubble here. But it's a bubble that's a model of progressive thinking and tolerance and respect for our rights as individuals to practice, love, and be whatever we want to be. And that's what America is supposed to be all about. To look out onto Times Square and feel you are a part of something very powerful.  The power and love I feel from and for this city will most likely never leave me. So I wanted to take a second away from some regularly scheduled programming and yet again profess my undying love for a city where every day I feel lucky to live in a place where I can be me, regardless of how difficult things get. I may be too cynical these days to be romantic, but New York still brings it out in me. I can't help it. I love this crazy place.

So thanks New York. I love you forever- let's stay together. Loving you whether...

Cause that's what's up this big city kind of Thursday in the best place on Earth. Yours, in silly love songs and big apples. Because New York. XO

Maven Pick: Charlotte Tillbury's Magic Cream lives up to the name

Good afternoon, Wednesday.  First I was thinking about bunkers, now I'm thinking about Nazis. If only there was a potion for all of this. Ugh. And speaking of potions, as much as I love to be ahead of the curve, sometimes a girl falls a bit behind. So many products, so little time. 

But I finally got my mitts on a jar of Charlotte Tillbury's Magic Creme- a favorite of icons like Kate Moss to get that skin a glowin'. Man. It does not dissapoint. Though I can only pretend to be a model/rock star in need of some skin therapy after a rough night in cool Britannia, I still need the help. We all do, don't we? 

Full disclosure- my skin is not my biggest issue. It's always been ok and manages to stay relatively intact. Thank goodness for that. But we all need a little help and I'm one for a glowy visage so I found myself wanting to know if all the hype around this cream was true, and it is.

I use it morning and night as a moisturizer and it's really next level and I see a huge difference. My skin is glowing and I've gotten a lot of compliments of late- it's true I've also dumped dairy and sugar for the most part, but I give credit where credit is due, and that credit goes to Charlotte and her cream. I also adore the eye cream- which for the price point is potent and works wonders for tired eyes and the wrinkles that love them. Sometimes I'll mix in a bit of La Mer with the moisturizer at night for that extra bit of slathering. I do like to embalm myself before bed. Like an oil slick meets embalming really. It's cute. Not really. But it does the trick because I hate when my skin feels dry.

So there you have it-  I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte's PR person in New York for a drink last week and she was every bit as lovely as this cream. I love good people working to support good things. And this is a good, good thing. Great, really. Kate Moss knows her stuff. And though I no longer party like Katie Kates, I still need a bit of help. And this is just what I needed to keep that glow alive.  Now maybe Charlotte needs to work on a cream to make the country right again. I'll be first in line. With dewy skin, naturally. You should really hit this. It lives up to the name for reals.

Links to buy here and here.

Cause that's what's up this magical Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in lotions and potions. XO

A job I had once: Hostess with the mostess at an Irish Bar in Philly

Good morning, Tuesday. I ruefully said goodbye to my stay at home life yesterday as I start a nice little freelance gig today. Khan and I strolled around my BK neighborhood- I took an 11 am barre class (the luxury), and sat in the park and read for a while as the whole afternoon tra la la is about to become very much a non sequitur.  I've appreciated this time of quiet so very much, but now it's back to it. Because a girl can't survive on mid morning workouts and indulgent dog walks alone. If only...

So I thought it would be fun to do a once a week series on some of the (very) odd jobs I've found myself doing throughout my life. We've all had some weird ones- that's what makes a person whole. In high school I did everything from retail in clothing shops to telemarketing.  I ended up going to college in Philadelphia at Temple (my hometown), and worked in the restaurant world all throughout. Man. Oh man.

I remember a few things. Well, very few things. Ha. Have you worked in restaurants? It's party central. And it's really fun. Particularly when you're young.

After working at a couple swish spots around the city, I ended up being a hostess at Downey's, a restaurant since closed since being featured on Bar Rescue where that hang faced host tried to turn it back into the Irish pub of its former glory. It was not disgusting at the time, mind you, but back in 2011 it was named worst Irish pub in America, so there's that.  In its heyday, it was owned by an Irishman named Jack Downey, who incidentally was related to the infamous Morton Downey Jr. I used to see him quite a bit with lots of well endowed young ladies at the height of his fame. Jack hung around with a bunch of creepy old men who wore sunglasses at night and liked to party.  I didn't bother with them much. Jack was a bit of an elusive character anyway- he lived in an apartment above the bar which he often stumbled up to after a busy Friday night.  There was also a speed fueled jazz trio that played every Sunday completely out of their minds- three old men who were absolute crazies. That kept things interesting. Somehow, I had two managers back to back who always protected me- both men by the way and infinitely kind to me, which seemed to somehow piss off everyone else. They served as a nice barrier to all the creeps. 

Let me be clear- I had very little experience with Irish anything other than growing up in a fairly Irish town. But I did like to drink. So that worked in my favor. I learned quite a bit about Irish food at that time- from corned beef and cabbage (a big no for me) to all sorts of bisques to whiskey soaked soda bread. It was all there. Oh- and don't think I was a waitress or bus person- I was a hostess. I'm too spazzy to serve people food. But I'm good at taking reservations and showing people to their tables. Particularly when fueled by, well, let's just say we were all very wide awake. Another interesting cultural nuance of restaurant work. ;)

I worked at that job for a few years and almost full time throughout college- I received hundred dollar bills for seating some mafia guys on a busy Friday night, and I would do inventory with our manager till 6 in the morning while nursing a Jameson on the rocks and listening to Chicago blues. In many ways, restaurant work prepared me for my career in advertising. No- I'm not talking about cocaine. I'm talking about knowing how to work under pressure and work as a team- if a table needed bussing you bussed it. If someone was slammed, you didn't seat another table in their section. You learned how to share the wealth on a slow night and understood the mechanics of brunch vs. dinner. You learned who to be nice to in the kitchen and who to hang with at the bar. I learned that first impressions go a long way- particularly when you are the first face a customer sees.  We were all kids then amidst some professional restaurant folk- two of the waitstaff had been there their whole careers and were wisecracking tough ladies who had to endure a ton of dirty jokes and pats on the ass. Our bartenders were pros who would most likely kill themselves if they had to make any of the crazy cocktails we enjoy today.  We worked hard, and played very hard. We ate staff meals together and often came to eat there when we were a bit skint. We had to wrangle a crowd on St. Patrick's Day that was the height of mess- they would take out all the tables and everybody was there to get completely annihilated. I had the unfortunate honor of standing next to the bagpipe player, who played every hour on the hour at the hostess station in a winceworthy salute to the day. I'll never forget the grandmother who was running around the bar with her dress over her head. How could I? 

I made many friends at that place, kissed some frogs, and absolutely had one too many. Many times. 

If you're familiar with the Happy Mondays, it was very much pills, thrills,  and bellyaches, albeit with an Irish and Philly accent. I remember very clearly hanging out with one guy from work for a little pregame at his apartment, only to wonder why on Earth what looked like last night's dinner was sitting in his bathroom, fork still in the takeout container. Classy. 

But I loved that a nice Jewish girl like me ended up working at an Irish bar amidst some real characters. The waitstaff and I would get out around midnight and go dancing until 4. And then I'd go to college in last night's makeup and eat an egg sandwich and try not to think about my hangover. Sure I had a few jobs before Downey's, but it was my first job where I got a taste of what it's like to work with a bunch of crazy people who are often far from appropriate, and it never really bothered me. I liked being part of that team- everyone had such an amazing sense of humor and we laughed constantly- at each other, at the customers, at ourselves. I loved the frenetic pace of a rush of customers, and enjoyed a sleepy Sunday seating the brunch crowd while admiring the jazz trio who were all pushing 75 but partied like there was no tomorrow. Oh, Danny boy...

I often wonder what happened to that whole crew. .  I kept in touch with one girl friend who also ended up here in New York, but other than that, not at all. It was a moment in time and that's all it was really meant to be. I'm not saying all restaurants are as debauched as this one was, mind you. I have great respect for anyone crazy enough to open a restaurant and anyone tough enough to endure the stress and constant hazing of that line of work. It's also why I will never be rude to restaurant staff unless they are rude to me first. I appreciate how hard it all is, and I loathe people that treat resto people badly. It's so not cool.

I've read recently about my generation and how we were the last one who could exist in a non PC world. Restaurant life at that time was very much the antithesis of being politically correct, and I very much enjoyed pushing boundaries with everyone as it gave me a bit of a thick skin and the ability to always find humor in times of stress. If you could survive endless ribbing from a drunken Irishman, you could probably make it in New York. That's a job I had once. And I'll never forget it. 

Cause that's what's up this working for a living kind ofTuesday in New York City. Yours, in smiling Irish eyes and taking reservations. XO

Maven trend alert: Everything's coming up ruffles as Summer draws to a close

Good morning, Monday.

I'm sure you want to know just where in heck I've been all these weeks, but meh. I want to talk about ruffles. 

Recently a friend and I were texting to make lunch plans and she said "can't wait to see you and we must talk about this ruffle thing".  I knew exactly what she meant.

If you've been hunting around this season for fun things to wear, you've no doubt noticed a major ruffle moment happening.And if your very own feathers are ruffled over only a few more weeks of Summer, fear not- you can still get in on this trend.  Sure ruffles expose our feminine sides so it's not surprising that they regularly make an appearance in Spring and Summer when we're feeling a bit more inclined to wear dresses and prints and pretty little things. But I've embraced a real ruffle moment this Summer, particularly when it comes to the one shouldered varietal- two dresses I currently own rock a ruffle- one from Cos and this one from Apiece Apart. Sure they're similar, but i love them both. And there's something very pretty about a ruffle around the face- you need not worry about looking like a clown. Just do a little pop by on J.Crew's site and you'll see ruffles just about everywhere.
Most particularly a Pierrot clown- my gals around in the 80s will catch that reference, ps. Remember these weird paintings we all loved? Pourquoi? 

I also recently discovered a new obsession- dressing gowns from Horror Vacui from Germany which are inspired by 600 year old bed clothes and are so beyond chic- next f'in level I tell you. And there are some legit ruffle moments happening there- way more festooned than I would typically embrace but love love love. I'd tough up the dress a bit with some black boots or a moto jacket for the Fall. So good. 

I also love this Topshop one piece that absolutely shouts out Carmen Miranda, but is chic with a pair of denim shorts or a wrap skirt. 
And this Lisa Maria Fernandez two piece has a subtle bit of ruffle but is girly and pretty in that pin up kind of way. 
And if you want to merely dip a toe into this trend, try this hot shoe from Asos
I also love this ruffle mule from Loeffler Randall, a perennial favorite brand of mine. Love the color too.

So I had a lovely lunch with my girl. And since we hadn't seen each other in ages, we totally forgot to discuss this ruffle situation. So thought I'd discuss it right here.

Cause that's what's up this well ruffled Monday in the 718. Yours, in flouncy goodness. XO