Why black tie feels more like the black plague (but at least you can wear black)

Good morning, Tuesday. I so enjoyed writing that post about my fear of power dressing and "wear to work" spielkes that I began thinking about some other style issues that make me feel neurotic- the biggie for me? Dressing up. Oy. I hate dressing up. It makes me nauseous. i'm allergic.

You all  know I love clothes. LOVE THEM. But I love comfortable clothes and casual clothes. I love shapeless things, shifty things, denim things, soft and silky things, elastic waisted things. But nowhere in my style contract is there anything about "cocktail", "black tie" or "dress to impress". In fact, I have a rider against it. Though many ignore it.

I don't know what it is really- some combination of  a fear and hatred of objectification and not wanting to grow up perhaps. But I panic and shut down when it comes to formal occasions. In the words of the White Stripes, "I just don't know what to do with myself". Truer words have never been spoken. I've never been a fan of Cinderella. Ever.

I've tried it all mind you, and I've been to many events. I have many LBDs and they're fine. But I prefer to wear them to lunch, dinner, anything other than a stupid black tie event. Recently,  I attended one of my dear friend's daughter's bat mitzvah, and wore my favorite Malia Mills jumpsuit. It's fabulous and I wear it casually with my Vans slides most of the time. But on this occasion I chose to wear it with my gold Chelsea boots from Topshop. To give it a little rock and roll Bowie vibe- I also rocked gobs and gobs of pearls and chains to give it a more dressed up feel. It looked good I suppose, though don't think I didn't bring reinforcements- a ribbed Elizabeth and James minidress with trumpet sleeves and a crew neck, and an excellent Opening Ceremony mini dress with a V neck and mesh sleeves that felt a bit too clubby. Fabulous, but not right. Oh and as you know, all choices were black. Natch.

So off I went, in my black faux fur jacket, black jumpsuit, gold boots, and a red lip. I've had worse looks. Like the time I went to a party for another bar mitzvah and made the mistake of having my makeup done. Needless to say, contour is not my jam. Holy harsh lines. I looked cray.

But as soon as I got to the party, I felt wrong. Like Gong Show wrong. Because all the ladies were in party dresses, and by party dresses, I mean full skirts with sky high heels. That or black dresses that were structured and tight and ruched and in more formal fabrics than either of the other choices i had with me. Strike out. Well, not exactly.  I know what I had on was nice, I just felt out of place. I always always always feel out of place dressing up. It's not my thing. Perhaps that's why I eloped. I like simple clothes. I don't believe in occasion dressing. I hate costume parties. You get my drift. I just wanna be me. I didn't even go to either of my proms because I dreaded the dress. I swear it's true. I ended up going to a punk show on the night of my junior prom in ripped jeans and patent brogues because that was more my style.  And I'm not cool enough to be the girl who wears ripped jeans and patent brogues to the prom ps. Because I hate to be the center of attention. That's the deal.

And after all these years and all those parties, I should have it down by now. A go to look that I love for a party or special occasion thingy wingy.  I should just get a custom black suit (with pants) and be done with it. As I age, I suspect I'll end up in a caftan of some kind, but I'm still at a loss to get it right for dressy days and nights. What's even funnier is my dude is the same. Watching him squirm in a suit feels reminiscent of childhood. We both would much rather do something chill, and we both feel weird all done up.Constricted and conflicted.  

Do I love to wear gobs of jewelry and faux fur and leather on say, a Sunday morning? Sure I do. Will I wear a lace dress with slides and a denim jacket in the Summer time? Of course I will. Will I rock a sky high heel with jeans and a blazer? Yea. Well not as much the heels but I do love that look. But don't tell me to get dressed up. Because I hate a dress code. I think that's the biggest thing. My rebellious little soul does not like to be told what to wear. And though it's more loose than it's ever been, I still hate it. Much as I would hate getting dressed for the  C Suite. I'm good if you invite me to a dinner party or night out at a bar somewhere. Marginally. Still stresses me out somehow.

Cause that's what's up this neurosis is the new black kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in (not) dressing to impress. XO

On dressing for work (or not really dressing for work)

So this weekend my sister, who is very supportive of my writing and fashion inclination, told me I should be writing more "dress for less" type features as well as what to wear to work. Thing is, I'm not just a dress for less girl. I like to mix the high and low but it's all part of the same animal in a way- I am a bargain hunter when it comes to sales (which are constant nowadays), but I may not be the best person to ask when seeking the whole "dress for less" thing. I can tell you how to inject some fun into your wardrobe on the cheap of course- from a dime store bandanna to ethnic jewelry on the cheap to secret weapon shoe stores in midtown. That's for later.

Also I had to laugh a little when she asked for advice of what to wear for work. If there could be a person who knows less about this, it's me.

Early in my career, I was doing a ton of administrative gigs and getting my sea legs in professional waters. I will never forget going to a job interview in the site of the former World Trade Center, where they needed a Powerpoint expert to work at some financial entity (can't remember which, and needless tosay, my PPoint skills were shit. Still are).

Strangely enough, I can't remember what I wore to that interview. But what I do remember is the sea of women and men in suits bustling around looking most uncomfortable. I was then told by HR that "professional dress" was required, and that suits and pantyhose were a must. Um, bye Felicia. No thanks.

Because I knew from an early age I could never work somewhere where my wardrobe would have to consist of "professional" pieces. It was so not my jam. And it's so not now. Even less so since I often work from home in yoga pants. And sure I know the whole Mel Griffith power suit is an effigy of sorts, but I'm still scarred by that look and knew way back that typical power dressing was not my jam.

Thus begun my career in advertising. A place where being fashionably dressed is certainly the norm, but being "dressed" is anything but. In fact, if you come to your gig in adland in a suit, people will ask where you're interviewing. That's a fact. And as frustrating and numbing as the ad world can be, one of its biggest benefits in my mind is being able to dress however you please. That's no small thing for someone like me. Oh and one of the very huge bonuses of freelancing is it's like you have a new wardrobe every time you get a new gig. There's always an opportunity for everything old to be new again. That's good stuff right there.

Now I have noticed since returning to New York that in general, people dress up a bit more in NY in the ad world than they did at my former agency in Miami. New York is stylish in general so that makes sense. I used to wear flip flops every day at my old gig- in fact, one piece of schwag from the old job was a pair of custom flip flops. I wore them into the ground.

I have to say I feel very lucky to have been in a creative industry all these years, where having a cool pair of sneakers gives you much more cred than a power suit.  So when my beautiful and stylish sister asked me what to wear to work, I have nothing for her. She works in a very corporate setting and Lord bless her, she has to properly dress every day. I would melt. 

I will say at this stage of the game, I'm not wearing anything too revealing to work, but that's really my MO in general. I'm more modest in terms of coverage and I'm fine with it. I do question some of the young girls choices from time to time- I'm not sure I would have ever worn a crop top to work, or a dress so short I can see London, France, and underpants. But what thrills me about my line of work is I can easily go right from work to dinner and feel totally at ease. And most of all, I don't have to set aside a budget for work clothes vs. life clothes. Because much like work/life these days, they're all blurred together.

Don't get me wrong- if I was going to a job interview or sitting on a panel, I'd dress it up a little. But never would you catch me in a suit (unless it was cool and rock and roll) and pantyhose. It's not necessary and I'm so good with that. I respect each and every one of you out there who has to- that's not easy nor is it particularly comfortable. I'm not suited. 

Oh and speaking of suits- this one is so damn cool. I would love to wear this to work/life and everywhere in between. I LOVE a suit, just not the type one can wear to a corporate gig. So sorry, sis. You may not want to rock this but this is absolutely something I'd wear to the office. With sneakers. Or slides. And a cool tee shirt. And one and done. I love the idea of a casual suit. Sans shoulder pads or a tight skirt that makes me feel sausage like. I can't right now. Or ever. Well look at that. I just told you what to wear to work. This will absolutely do for those of us with a bit more freedom in our office zone. How chic.

Cause that's what's up this well suited for work kind of Monday in the 718. Yours, in not always dressing for less, but always hoping to impress. In my own little way. XO

Maven goes green on St. Patty's Day

Good morning, Friday. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Full disclosure- this Jewish girl loves herself some St. Patrick's Day. Can't help it. And it's not about the drinking or the bagpipes at all. It's all about my favorite color on full tilt- green.

And as Pantone declared, green is IN. Their color of the year for 2017 is Greenery, and I love it so much. One thing though- I don't look super fantastic in many shades of my favorite color, but oh how I love to have it around me. And with a move on the horizon (more on that later- don't worry just a few blocks away), I'm already thinking about how to incorporate green into my home. It's such a positive color- fertile, rich, grounded. 

So thought I'd share some inspiration I found on Pinterest this am and show how much I love green in the home. It's so fabulous. I'm particularly in love with the green velvet sofa vibe and the green bedding. So good.

Plus a Gucci shoe. Because Gucci green is marvelous. 

Oh and this mint chocolate chip cookie recipe- MCC is my fav ice cream flavor hands down, and it HAS to be green because somehow it makes it more delicious. So I'm going to dye my hair this afternoon a bit more red (#fakeirish) and embrace my St. Patty's Day vibe. A day to celebrate all things green is a good day indeed. Cause that's what's up this green screen of a Friday in the 718. Yours, in shamrocks and Pantone colors.  OOh and speaking of shamrocks, McDonald's has some new varietals of shamrock beverages- get some. XO

Maven recommends: Saying yes to the simple dress

Good morning, Thursday. I really do have fashion on the brain, particularly Spring fashion. I can't help it. It's an absolute ice palace outside but still, I have hope.

So one of my favorite labels out there is Black Crane, an LA based brand that feels very inspired by minimalism and Tokyo (the two designers are Japanese). Off the hanger, the shapes can look positively sacklike, but on is a whole other thing. The pieces skim the body so beautifully and are so elegant. And for such nice pieces, the price points are not bad at all. I love how it's almost like a blank palette for really great accessories- from a great necklace to pretty sandals. You can do so much with it. I know I'm a bit dress obsessed the past two days, but it's absolutely my go to for warm weather.

I am a big fan of their jumpsuits, but I adore this little dress and want it in both black and white. For me, Spring/Summer is always about a good dress or ten. I love bare legs, sandals, and one piece that is simple and easy and goes right over your head and out the door. Plus I love the shift shape that's flattering on many body types, and not just those with boyish hips. That little cut out detail on the back keeps it fresh and feminine too. Oh and it's linen- I used to get super uptight about linen because I'm not one for ironing, but wrinkly linen can look pretty and effortless so no need to get too precious about it. Link to buy here

So as we dig out of this weird ice stuff, I'll be thinking, and then most likely buying, this lovely little piece. Cause that's what's up this spare and pretty Thursday in the 718. Yours, in a Springtime state of mind. XO

Label to love: By TiMo for spring frocks that do the right thing

Good morning, Tuesday. Well the big bad snowstorm that was supposed to rain down from heaven with 12-18 inches is more like a weird rain event with a bit of snow. Let's see what happens the rest of the day but perhaps all of that panicking was for naught. Anyway, SNOW DAY. Wait was that thunder? Weird.

And the clothes are super cute- they're not a bargain mind you but they're also well below a new frock from Vetements. Here are a few of my favorites, link to site here- they currently ship within Norway but you can write them an email and they will ship to the US- a few pieces made their way to the Goop site (the jumpsuit above and the maxidress at the top of this post)  too so you may want to check there. Very nice pieces for warm weather and longer daylight. Love.

And even though it's snowy out, March is that time of year when hopes of Spring fill the brain. And since you know Spring/Summer is often a time for more flowy, boho looks, I've found an awesome brand to satisfy all of your warm weather hippie chick needs. byTiMo is a fantastic designer out of Norway that makes the most excellent pieces for festival fashion vibes and beyond. And I love that they employ women in need to run their web shop. Most excellent. Doing the right thing never looked so lovely.

Cause that's what's up this sorta snow day in the 718. Yours, in staying warm. XO

Single and ready to mingle (workwise...calm down).

Good morning, Monday. Major league snowstorm on the horizon and a I have to say, not so much. I don't mind the cold but not really feeling a foot and a half of snow right now. It's just going to get in my way. Not to mention little Khan's. 

So last night was Sunday of course and Sunday nights are often fraught for many. The thought of Monday am work routines, rushing around, getting it done, taking names. But last night Sunday bummed me out for a different reason, because it came with the realization that a huge project I just completed this past week was completely finished. And, as of today, I've got nowhere to go. 

Now before you feel bad for me, don't. This is the life I chose. This freelance life.

Plus I'm working closely with a photographer now and we've got stuff in the pipeline, so all good there and we are very much loving our relationship and absolutely look at that as a way to grow and foster my own thing. And truly, I want to work on my own personal brand and write a lot more, draw some more (yea I know), and think of fun new ways to collaborate with the world at large.  I was just at the closing weekend of the big Stones exhibit (loved it) and checked out all the merch in the store and thought about how much fun it would be to work with brands and come up with great partnerships. I loved the Pringle of Scotland Stones cashmere sweater ps. But the price? 500 dollars? Nah. But helping brands connect with other brands and make great stuff? Yea. I'd love to do that.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure it all out. And freelancing as a way to make money can feel an awful lot like dating. I'll tell you why.

Project based work is like dating someone who you may really like but you kind of know they're not the "one". You may go on wonderful trips, become great friends, and even have great chemistry, but somehow, you just know it's going to end. As somewhat of a latent commitmentphobe, I've always been ok with that. But sometimes it's really challenging. To be a lifelong dater and never a bride. Sure it's my choice, and freelancing is a life I really enjoy. But once in a while I wonder would I be better off tying the knot? Or am I going to have a series of relationships that, although satisfying, inevitably just lead me to another suitor? Or worse yet, a dry spell? 

And truly, my "one" is my own business. I want to marry myself. As an entrepreneur. Because nothing compares. And I'm not even sure what that looks like yet, so how can I truly have it? I just know I want it .So for me, the "one" is really my own gig. And I know that. But after an amazing experience with a company where you feel like the stars are aligned, it's hard once in a while to walk away. And think about what's next. There's moments in freelance life, particularly when a gig is on the long term side, that you get in a nice groove. That you come to enjoy a routine. But then in the back of your head, that nagging voice comes in and tells you to break up. That, not only do you have to break up, but it's better for you. Because you're not suited to a marriage of this sort. But look at the Stones as an example- lifelong partnership, comprised of individuals with very strong opinions who often lock horns but make beautiful music together. That's the dream really. A marriage that allows you to be your best creative self while still considerate of the whole band's success. If only more workplaces felt that way. Many don't. And that's the truth.  

So right now I'm single again and it's Monday and everyone's at work and I'm on my sofa, thinking about all the million of things I want to do, and the dating possibilities are endless. Because working for someone else, for me anyway, feels defeatist. I always have that nagging feeling that I'm working as hard as I can to benefit the company, but it's not my company. That said, I've been happy to do so. But now, at this stage in the game, I prefer to work that hard for my own well being. And not for anyone else's. And much like when you're in a relationship where you no longer feel like your needs are being met because you're too busy trying to please and satiate someone else, you gotta move on. I like the sentiment in the little checklist at the top of this post- maybe it's less about working vs. not working and finding a way to be your best regardless of your status. Yea, that works.

So I guess I'm single again. And I'm ok with it. Yes, Monday mornings are lonely without my crew but once I get over the fear of being alone, I'll be happy to be out there once again, hustling it up. But today I'm just going to enjoy flying solo and wait for the storm to come. Here's to all the freelancers out there, who, on more days than not, can feel a lot more like a bridesmaid than a bride, but are all good with it. Cause that's how we roll this here Monday in the 718. Yours, in new wifi passwords and new opportunities as a single and free agent. XO

TBT: It was twenty years ago today

Good morning, Thursday. I can't believe it's going to snow tomorrow. It's been so lovely in New York and things are sprouting in my garden in my yard and have no idea how to wrap my head around a wintry mix tomorrow. Zero.

But one thing I can wrap my head around are great clothes. Like, I can always do that. And since today is Thursday, it's worth looking back at some stellar fashion and recognizing why buying good clothes that are timeless are worth the investment. Because there are very few things from Ann Demeulemeester's 1997 Spring collection (20 years ago people) that I would not put on my body right bloody now. If you are a wee thing or simply not a fashion geek- let me enlighten you with some history.

Ann was one of the original designers to be part of the "Antwerp Six"- a group of Belgian designers in the 90s that truly heralded in a new approach to architectural dressing, asymmetry, and most of all, minimalism. Incidentally, Dries Van Noten, perhaps my all time favorite designer, was part of this crew who all went to art school together and then made some incredible clothes.  I can go to many places when it comes to my personal style, but minimalism is home for me. Great basic pieces that take you wherever you want to go. In mostly black, white, and grey and the occasional khaki. I imagine for the rest of my life I will dress this way, and damn do I wish I had the funds back then to buy some of these amazing clothes. They still look fresh to this very day. Because they are classic. And as you look at your closet and think about what to wear, it's often those classic pieces you go back to, that you can rely on, that you can feel yourself in. And in a world gone crazy, it's never felt more important to be comfortable in one's own skin (and wardrobe) for all the challenges and craziness we currently face. 

I rejoice in these clothes. If you want to see the full collection, go to Vogue's magical online archive here. I love a good history lesson don't you? Plus all the girls are there- Stella, Emma, Kirsten. So good. So so good. My friend Jon and I obsess over these looks. In fact, we very much became friends based on our love for fashion. And from the looks of things on runways in Paris this month, Celine and Chloe and just about everyone else owe a huge debt to Ann and company. It may not have been exactly twenty years ago today, but Ann truly taught the band to play. Because these are clothes for the ages, so when you're shopping for Spring spend way less on trend focused pieces and spend more on places that can take you here, there, and everywhere, regardless of the tremendous changes shaping our world. I'm showing you my favorite pieces from this incredible collection- and I can tell you straight up that there's not a single thing here I would not still love to wear today. 

Cause that's what's up this TBT in the 212. Yours, in standing the test of time, one great look at a time. XO

Seeing red on International Women's Day

Oh hey, Wednesday. Or should I say Womensday? I should.

Today is International Women's Day and whether you are lucky enough to be able to take the day off or refrain from spending your dollars, today is a day to acknowledge the importance of women- of wives, of mothers, of sisters, of friends, of colleagues, you name it.

As a card carrying member of womankind, I'm proud of how far we've come, though somehow flummoxed at how much work we still have to do. Don't ever give up the fight for women everywhere. You matter. I matter. We all matter. Women matter. OUR RIGHTS MATTER. End of story.

Here is a lovely photo of women wearing red- true this is Valentino, whose penchant for red is iconic, and I salute all the ladies in red today in my city and around the world. Grateful and privileged to be part of the movement. 

So be proud today. Cause that's what's up this how lovely to be a woman kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in always with her. And you. XO

Will you dare to go bare?

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm trying to write this post as Khan hogs the bed but it's rainy and crappy out so don't mind one bit.

So I've been gazing at the runways from Paris, always the best runways in my opinion, and I've noticed a bit of a trend- a very, very natural face. As in no makeup. Or any that I can detect anyway.

Amber Valletta, who is 43 years old, was all over the runways with a very fresh face. I love that some designers used more mature models, as it's true that most 18 year olds can't afford Celine. Neither can most 43 year olds but that's a whole 'nother thing...

From Isabel Marant to Stella McCartney to Celine to APC, the look was simply no nonsense. We women have been through it of late and perhaps this whole scrubbed clean look is a reaction to that- with so much at stake, is there time or energy needed to making up? 

For Dries Van Noten's 100th runway show, the age range on the runway was a celebration of womankind. True we are talking about ladies who are genetically close to perfect in the looks department, but I was thrilled to see women stripped of makeup and hopefully too much botox walking down the runway. Not to mention his wonderful clothes. Loved. Trish Goff. Nadja. Amber. So many of my favs. Beauties at any age.  I admit- the look is jarring- do they look tired? No. They just look real. And I love it.

Yesterday I posted a selfie on Instagram early in the am (here it is above) where I was also without any makeup at all. My aunt, who has always been one to shun too much makeup or obsession with looks, complimented me for posting and showing myself "au naturel". To be clear, I absolutely love makeup and have no problem wearing it, nor should anybody else. I enjoy the ritual of making up my face, though I definitely have days (particularly when I don't have to go to work or am on vacation) when my face is decidedly bare. And it's not the worst. I do like my skin to look glowy and even, but I do find the idea of not wearing any makeup a lovely break from business as usual when it comes to my face. In fact, most hyper chic women I know wear very little makeup. Which brings me to another point.

I'm noticing a lot of women dealing with very honest issues of what it's really like to be a lady- from proclamations of post partum depression to admitting one's age to going makeup free (Alicia Keys- sure she can do it because she's stunning but still). For those who watched the runways in Paris, it was clear that designers were making a statement- wear your hair curly, put down the lipstick, and just be you. I found the whole thing really stunning.  Lately I've been working with my own hair texture and the whole pin straight hair thing feels out of step with the natural looks all over Fashion month. Remembering how much time and money I've spent through the years straightening my hair gives me a headache (ps not gonna go gray any time soon- that's not for me). What's clear to me is that the makeup and hair industry shows no signs of slowing down- but I love that women of all ages can celebrate their beauty however they want to- and it's not just for supermodels. I love that many out there don't relate to airbrushing, contouring, and injectables. I'm not anti any of that really, but it's just not appealing when it comes to my own face. I can't say never to botox, mind you. I'm just not there yet. Plus I hate needles. Terrifying. Poison straight into the face. In needle form. No thank you. I'm not here to tell you there's real bravery in any of this by the way- women have much more on their minds than makeup or hair these days. But I think it's a great trend and love that natural beauty is being celebrated. 

Anyway, I'm still lazing about, watching the Today Show, and not planning to put on makeup for the rest of the morning. I have a work lunch so may paint the face a bit, but love that going without is very much in style. Cause that's what's up this clean faced Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in baring it all.  Just don't ask me to give up perfume.  That's just not gonna happen. XO

Five for Spring fashion

Good afternoon, friends. It's Thursday and I'm near done with a recent project for a great agency here in NYC and feeling sad to say goodbye to some great new friends, but also excited to make some new ones. Needless to say, the last few months have been busy but wonderful. I'm going to miss coming to Tribeca every day too. But moving on...

Cause it's almost Spring. It's already March, kids. MARCH. That's just cray.

And I've had my eyes peeled on some hot trends to spice up your Spring wardrobe, and work with many of your existing pieces. So without further adieu- here's a few:

Vintage bandanas- Yup. This one hasn't been around much in this decade but I'm loving the look of a vintage bandana (perhaps it's my recent jaunt in Texas) but it's such a cute way to wear a scarf yet still somehow seem rock and roll. I love it with a tee shirt or men's button down- very cute and attainable look. You can easily go to your local wherever and buy a new one and then wash it a million times to give it that perfect lived in vibe. Or if you're fancy, go buy one at Rag and Bone. Such a cute little sumthin sumthin to spice it all up.

Embellished army jackets- Listen you all know I am obsessed with army jackets. I have several. But I spotted this one in Saks by Madeworn the other day and almost melted. For obvious reasons. I want it real bad. I love love love the idea of an army jacket with custom patches- I shouted out MJ's version a while back for the holidays, but there's so many great ones in stores for Spring- at all price points. And you crafty types out there could very well make your own.  

The Paper bag waist- Saw this great pant on Stella McCartney's runway and am obsessed. I have always loved this look and in a crisp khaki they look fantastic for Spring. They are flattering on most body types- I love them with a simple slim tee, a men's button down, or even something cropped. Adorable menswear look- great with sandals and very chic for Spring. Great in a skirt too or even shorts. 

This one from Urban Outfitters is wonderful and fresh.

These Aeron pants are on sale right now on Garmentory. And if you're not on Garmentory yet, you're welcome. It's like a portal into every independent boutique in the universe. So good.

Off kilter button downs- We all bore witness to the onslaught of off the shoulder dresses last Summer, now I will testify that off the shoulder button down shirts will dominate Madison Avenue to Main Street this time around. Very cool twist on a classic piece. Love this one from Theory.

Block heeled MJs-  Sure the mule is a huge story, but I saw these while in London at Topshop and fell hard for them. I love a red shoe, I love a patent shoe, I love you maryjane. How cute are these with everything from cropped, frayed jeans to all your fav little dresses? Lovely little addition to your shoe game. Big fan. I love the heel too- great height and easy to walk in. 

And for the bonus item, let's do something completely insane and unattainable. An outsized Balenciaga bag- particularly this Arena leather Air Hobo above. Their bags are bananas right now- just spotted this giant hat box looking sucker and although it's cray, I love it. In fact, I'm loving all their bags this season. Bigger the better. A girl can dream.

And that's what's up this almost Spring kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in new beginnings, with style. XO