I miss coming home and other thoughts from week whatever...

Good morning, Monday. Here it is and here we are.

The quarantine has officially gotten weird. As in it's enough already. As someone who has always dreamt of working from home, I'm not mad at that part. But maybe I'm a bit miffed that there is not a meeting out of the home, or a coffee date, or a chance to connect in an office like space once or twice a week. I have an entire sad wardrobe that is ready to be worn again.

But what I miss most about going to the office is not going to the office. It's coming home.

I miss that feeling of earning that beautiful moment when you turn your key in the door and walk into your abode. And exhale after a day of navigating a morning commute, a packed day at the office, and then an evening rush hour ride home. I love my home so much but it's hard to feel the same way about it when you're always in it. I miss that feeling a lot.

Lately I've been venturing out in the evenings for dinner once or twice a week, which I beyond enjoy. The city is starting to feel more alive, and honestly- I have mixed feelings about that. I'm thrilled we have such low infection rates, but I worry. And feel cautiously optimistic as. I see full outdoor restaurants full of lively diners, endless Aperol spritzes, and a new kind of street life I haven't seen in this city, possibly ever. I realize for those of us who are city dwellers, the main thing about living in a big crowded place is how connected we feel. To each other. To a dynamism. To a thriving, pulsing life force. It's what makes city living so amazing and what makes places like the suburbs feel a bit isolating at times. (Not dissing the suburbs calm down).

I'm not sure what any of these feelings are about but the focus of my mind right now is on what it means to be home, come home, and connect with the world in which I live. I'm not dying to go back to working out with a group, but I do find my workouts lately have been feeling a bit meh. I did a yoga class outdoors a few weekends ago in the park and it felt really solid to be with people and practice. As much as I'm Cancerian and need my space, I do love the power of an in person connection. Otherwise, we're all going to become a bunch of shut-ins. Plus winter is coming. Argh. 

I do find it interesting that in this time of so many people having to figure out how to make a living or redefine what matters during this pandemic, the whole notion of "home" takes on a new meaning. What makes you happy? What makes your soul sing? When do you feel most "at home" with yourself and your talents and skills?

I'm curious- how are you all feeling? Are you feeling ready to leave the house and are you missing the connection you get from in-person activities? Or are you still as vigilant as you were and not leaving the house much? Talk to me.

Cause that's what's up this new moon on Maven kind of Monday from beautiful BK. Yours, in coming home. XO