Friday Follow up: Fall Finds

TGIF!  I told you I'd circle back with some ways to take that amazing DKNY inspiration and turn it into real-life looks. So without further adieu, here are some ways to get those classic silhouettes into your life right now. Ps, the pic of Serge and Jane has little to do with anything, which is kind of my vibe at present in this crazy time. They are anything but American, but damn, they look good, don't they?  I'll have what they're wearing. Each of them are so sexy.

Anyway, here are some fall finds inspired by my last post.

The suit. This one from Mango is way modern, and I am obsessed with anything brown (by far my best color) so this one is great.

And this look from Theory shares a silhouette with the DKNY one. So sharp and snappy, yet a bit laid back.

The slip dress. I love this one in brown again from Aritizia. It's just so stunning, as is this take on the 90s era trend from Kes New York.

Pair it with a gorgeous coat, and you're good to go. Speaking of which, how gorgeous is this oversized camel number from The Frankie Shop or this lovely vintage topper I found on Etsy? So good. I love the cozy nubbiness of it.

A relaxed skirt and sweater. I just love this look, and this brand Poetry is very pretty. Check out both of these pieces.

This undyed cashmere cardigan from COS is beautiful,  and this skirt from Black Crane is so great. 

Those are my recos for right now. Hope you have the best, somewhat Fall-like weekend. Yours, in something old and something new. Xo

Fall Iinspiration: 90s DKNY

Good morning, Tuesday. I hope you had a nice long weekend. I've been thinking about Fall because it's my favorite time of year, and as I was looking for inspiration, I found these amazing ads from the 90s for DKNY. This one top-of-post captures my mood on this rainy day.

When I moved to New York in 1993, DKNY was hugely popular and iconic. I'll never forget going to the office of the Arnell Group, a Soho ad agency, to visit my friend who was working in strategy there. He showed me the DKNY brand book, the size of a coffee table (remember Helmut Newton's 'Sumo'?), and the gorgeous testament to New York style I have ever seen. For many years here in the city, huge DKNY billboards were a constant reminder of the power of American style. And when I could, I'd go to the DKNY boutique in Soho and purchase a piece of the dream. From matte jersey dresses to wrap sweaters to leather leggings, DKNY had it all. In her prime, Donna Karan understood what women wanted to wear and what women needed in their wardrobes. I love these heads because they still hold up today. Who doesn't want a great scarlet or camel suit, a smart suit, or a slouchy sweater and skirt?

I hope you enjoy these beautiful pics. And maybe we can inspire up a female president in 2024? A girl can dream. Later this week, I'll show you how to take some of these great looks into 2022 with some new pieces I found online. 

Cause that's what's up this looking back to fall forward kind of Tuesday in the Apple. Yours, in NY classics and the great return. XO

Is it time to clean out your closet?

Hiya, Monday.  I hope everyone is enjoying the last gasps of Summer. It went by in a blink. 

As the seasons change, I always like to take inventory of my life/goals and yes, my wardrobe. With most of my Fall/winter stuff in storage, I still had way too much going on for Summer clothes, so two contractor bags later, I did a purge on Saturday afternoon, and boy, did it feel good. And newsflash. That pic above? Not my closet and not my dog. But so beautiful, no?

As sentimental as I am about clothes, I'm not a pack rat but a pack squirrel. I will most likely never be a minimalist, but lately, my mind has been in a clear-the-racks kind of mood. I want less stuff. Better stuff. But less. 

It's amazing how negative the word "loss" or "losing" is, but sometimes, losing stuff is really, really good. Like losing the stuff that no longer suits. Hypothetically, and in my closet.

So out went a lot of Zara pieces, including a fuschia cape dress I desperately wanted to make work but never could. I bid adieu to a pair of Ulla Johnson jeans that, although cool, I could never make work. I debated disposing of an old DKNY dress with raffia trim I never wear but somehow have an archival attachment to, so alas, it went back on a hanger. 

Fun fact- I'm somebody who is wildly change phobic. Not in the change your hair color kind of way. More the seminal life stage kind of way. The past few years have left all of us trying to make sense of our work/lives and yes, I suppose our wardrobes. It's very hard to think about clothes with so much in flux. But that's why it's more important than ever to switch out what's no longer suiting you and summon in some pieces that look and feel good on exactly where you are right now, though hopefully will also work wherever you're headed.

For me, that means great jeans that are comfortable, like sweats. (My new barrel-shaped Rutis are a favorite.) That beloved Bea blazer I have been crushing on and finally purchased. And freshening up all my Fall boho midi dresses paired with my new Schutz boots. 

So my style forecast for Fall has me facing change but also keeping around the stuff that makes me feel like my best self while investing in a few new things to hopefully have forever.  Besides clothes, the real question is: how am I, and how are you willing to face so much change and get comfortable with it? I'm still very much a WIP, but grateful for the opportunity. 

Cause that's what's up this #mood of a Monday from 14th Street. Yours, in ch-ch-ch-changes. XO

What to wear to a Fall wedding

Good morning, Thursday. Hot again. What else is new?

So my sister has a few weddings in the Fall, which is always a tricky time weatherwise. October can still be warm, so do you go full Fall or keep it on the Summer tip? I think there are ways to combine. My role model is Marisa here and this amazing suit, but if you're looking for dresses, here are some ideas:

First, go for Falll colors but Summer silhouettes.  Like this slinky brown, one-shoulder number from Zara.  Love this one, and gorgeous with the remnants of a tan. Accent the look with gold or bronze for Fall festiveness.

Second, stick with Summer boho, but give it a Fall feel. I spotted this dress from Bloomingdales house brand Aqua, giving me solid Ula Johnson vibes for a fraction of the price. I love the gold thread treatment throughout, and this would be a home run for a slightly more casual daytime wedding.

Third, add some outerwear. Still want to wear your slip dress? Tack on a tuxedo blazer in more heavyweight linen over your shoulders like this one from Emerson Fry. Instant elevation and weather appropriate. I own this blazer, ps, and it's fabulous.

Fourth, add a sleeve. This Rixo dress is a beauty and is so feminine, plus I love the red. I'd do this for a Fall wedding and add a boot for something more casual or a pump to give it a more dressed-up vibe.

And fifth, I am in love with this metallic gown from ALC, available for rent at Rent the Runway for a more formal occasion. It's so fabulous and disco. That's my new brief for formalwear, ps. Would I wear it to Studio 54? Oui and oui. C'est chic. That's why I've got Marisa Berenson as inspo at the top of this post. She's a disco diva, and I just love her style. 

Oh, and bonus points for a fabulous caftan like this one by Nili Lotan. Amazing any time of year.

Have any events you need a hand with? Write to me here, and I'll help you out. Cause that's what's up this what to wear to a wedding kind of Thursday in the 718. Yours, in lewks to love. XO

Maven recommends: The stay cool edition

Good morning, Monday. Rain is on the way; we need it, so I'm not mad. At least it's not a gazillion degrees out there. All that heat can have real consequences on our mood and mental state. I knew it. No wonder I felt so unstable in Miami. The heat is so triggering. Bring on the cool. Like Lauren Hutton level cool.

Speaking of triggering, I watched the new Game of Thrones prequel last night and found it terrifying. I'm not sure if there's an appetite for so much blood, gore, and misogyny post-pandemic, but damn if. they didn't check all three of those boxes repeatedly in the first episode. No thanks. Neal Patrick Harris's "Uncoupled" is far more my speed. Dragons and death be damned. Plus, I've rediscovered going out.

So I'm the type who complains ALL DAY about having to go out to dinner/drinks/whatever, but once I am out, I have a ball. This past weekend I caught up with some old friends and had too much tequila and too many laughs. My new rule is one location only and never two. The second one always sucks, and the city is chock full of 12-year-olds in bustiers, and I just can't. Here are some other things that are cool, literally and figuratively:

The coolest blazer from the Frankie Shop. I have wanted this boxy, oversized blazer from my beloved Frankie Shop for seasons now, and so has everyone else, considering how it sells out every time it's restocked. And boy, is it worth the hype. I wrote about it last week, splurged on it in black this weekend, and I am officially obsessed with it. I will wear the hell out of it, and even though it's really on the big side, it's so damn cool. I popped it over a one-shoulder jumpsuit at the above dinner, and it was major.

Cooling sheets. I spotted these on Refinery 29, and I'm intrigued. I'm a hot sleeper and need help, particularly as the 'pause is on the way. Are these as good as the editor says  I hate waking up hot and may have to pony up for something literally cool and nice at sleep time.

Rag and Bone are bringing back the cool classics.  I stopped by Rag and Bone this weekend and loved their approach to Fall  They're bringing back classics and celebrating a more timeless approach to dressing with their Icons collection  Think great blazers, the perfect moto jacket, a sexy pair of jeans, and this fantastic leather bomber  Good on them to understand that what we all want and need are good pieces to work and live in. I love the effortless American cool aesthetic  I'm all for making America cool again, aren't you?

The cool Italian bob.  As a lifelong vacillator between shag and bob, I love this take on the classic cut. It's ageless and would look good on various face shapes  It's so pretty and elegant, but I always wear bangs, so it may not be for me, but you should do it  SO CHIC.

A cool green eyeshadow from Kjaer Weis.  Sometimes a girl goes into Blue Mercury for a simple brown eyeliner and walks out with a green cream eyeshadow  I dig this one called Sublime from clean beauty brand Kjaer Weis.  You can dab it on with your fingers for a bit of rock and roll smudge appeal, and I dig its deep green shade—a nice pop of color for those needing a little hue therapy. Don't be afraid to do a bit of color.

So as the Summer wind keeps rolling in, keep these things top of mind  I know cooling sheets are the wild card but IYKYK  Also, have some fun news dropping soon, so stay tuned, Cause that's what's up this making it happen kind of Monday in the BK  Yours, in fresh finds and keeping my cool.  XO


Just a few (Fallish) things to consider right now

Good morning, Thursday. I doubt this mild weather is going to stick around, but I'm just loving the lack of humidity and cooler temps. It's my Pitta constitution, most likely, but my mood is way better when it's 78 vs. 98., More, please. As in more of Ali McGraw.

So just a little shopping list of a few of my favorite covetable items of late. A mixed bag of some of the stuff I just love for Fall.  

First, this blazer is the bomb and always sells out because it's never not cool to wear something oversized IMHO.

 On the beauty front, my nose goes straight to this new perfume line, named for a Bob Dylan album and whose scent profiles sound like a dream. That is if said dream takes place in a red wine and hash-soaked tree house in Laurel Canyon in the 70s while wearing a silk kimono and little else. So good. 

And for those who wish to keep the Summer vibe alive, you gotta get some Goe Oil. This stuff melts in your hands and makes your skin feel and smell incredible, like the best beach day ever. A must-have.

Lately, I've been thinking about a handbag and what I'm in the mood for, and I am all about a hobo, a shape I always come back to go with my midi boho dresses, wide-leg jeans, and boots so perfectly. This one from Khaite is highly aspirational, while this one from Etienne Aigner (remember them?) is really cool. 

I've also got a taste for preppiness and love this cardigan from Kule, paired with these amazing chinos from the new men's collection at J.Crew that everyone's hemming and hawing about. A small caveat- men's clothes don't typically work on my lady body, particularly pants. But these are everything and would love to try them on but they are currently sold out.

While we're talking pants, how about a great new jean?  These from COS are beyond chic and look fresh and modern in the best of ways, though I'm considering taking my classic J.Brand Love Story jeans (Ali girl again) out of storage because wide-leg jeans are back in a big way, and I love them with a silk button down and blazer (oh, hey Keith).

In terms of shoes, I am a big fan of the ballet flat and love this Loeffler Randall take on them so much. A close second would be my Birkenstock obsession, and these Arizonas in the dusty pink are so pretty for Fall. I'd even rock them with socks, a pair of Ecru jeans, and a white tee. I'm crazy like that.

For now, that's what I'm after. Oh, but wait. 

OMG alert on this large wishbone necklace in gold. She's sold out, but I'm on the list in case they restock. This with a low button-down or black turtleneck is sublime and very Elsa Perretti. Obsessed.

With life in perpetual flux and all of us wondering what's next, ground. yourself with a few key pieces and revel in a sense of shoptimism. Cause that's what's up this buying good things kind of Wednesday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in thoughts and considerations and love stories. XO

How to define your style by thinking like a branding expert

Good morning, Monday.  The weather in New York has given me a spiritual lift. It's official- anything over 80 really works my nerves. I was so relieved to have beautiful weather to enjoy, and enjoy it we did. 

But first, I did a little chat on Leap, a new Clubhouse-like app I did with my friends at the Ageist to talk about all things style. It was fun, and I hope to continue speaking about style and aging and all the things that are top of mind for me of late. Like how my years of experience in advertising have helped me figure out how to talk about personal style in a way that makes sense.

Last week, I was in a strategy session with a brand I write for, and we talked a lot about archetypes and how to envision who your dream consumer would be vs. who it really is today. For example, Harley Davidson paints a picture of a Peter Fonda-Esque all-American anti-establishment rebel who takes to the open road, when in reality, it's more Tim Allen and crew in Wild Hogs. But even though the reality is more hmm, realistic, selling that easy riding version to the weekend warriors still makes sense because they're buying a piece of the dream or fantasy.

So how does this apply to personal style?

Imagine yourself as a (personal) brand. Who is your archetype when it comes to dressing? Are you more Kate Middleton or more Kate Moss? Do you love Kim Gordon's (pictured at top of post) New York downtown cred? Does Michelle Obama's self-confident clothing inspire you? Or do you want to peacock like Iris Apfel? Keith Richards has always been an icon/archetype for my brand, and yes, I know he's a guy.

So what is it about him that I connect with, and how can I translate that into my everyday life in Brooklyn vs. on the road or on tour? There are a few ways. 

First, I do love a shag haircut and have alternated between a Keith-like shag and a bob my whole adult life. Second, I love jewelry and skulls and silky tops and flared pants and playing with the feminine and masculiine. I am far more drawn to clothes from the 70s than most any era (90s, too), so I can take his vibe and make it my own. Think boho chic dresses from designers like Ulla Johnson (this dress for Falll 2022 is gorgeous), sexy boots, and lots of layered necklaces and textured faux fur. 

I have others I look to for inspiration, but he's a good example of how I look to my icons for my daily style. You may not give a fig about celebrities, but maybe there's someone in your life or community who just does it for you. 

And if you think you could never dress like your idols because you're not built to do so, think again. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. immediately come to mind as women who were wispy thin but influenced women of all sizes and shapes to wear a little black dress or a pillbox hat. 

Other archetypes I dream about emulating? The Olsens. Liam Gallagher. Kate Moss. 

Sofia Coppola. Tilda. Swinton. Elsa Perretti. Phoebe Philo.

Yves Saint Laurent and every one of his muses, like Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux. They are all different, of course, but they all have a major cool factor, something a bit sexy, and a smart approach to style.  I love their individuality and confidence and classic yet on-trend appeal.  

A great example is this silver trench from Simon Miller. It's so cool but classic (as trenches are) and reminds me of Andy Warhol's Factory. I would throw it over a black jumpsuit, some boots, and a scarf and see ya, suckers.

Oh, and also, don't forget that fashion can be inaccessible from a price point perspective, so go on a hunt and find your favorite designer looks for less. I spotted this silver trench on a quick Google search, and it's far more affordable than the Simon Miller version.

So as the week gets underway and you're getting served new season clickbait, consider adding something archetypical inspired to your closet. I'm loving the cooler temps and inspiration. Cause that's what's up this what would Keith Richards wear kind of Monday in the BK. PS I could play the style archetype game all day. So many looks to love throughout time. Yours, in personal brands and true style. Holler at me if you want some help coming up with your take on the 'type. XO

Fall Fashion Preview: Cowboy boots are back (and they're not so bad)

Good morning, Wednesday. The humidity has fallen, and we're going to stay below 90 degrees. for the first time in what feels like forever.  I'm craving more comfortable weather and started thinking about Fall.  A small caveat- I'm not ready to bid adieu to Summer. But it's been so inferno-like of late, the potential for a chill in the air doesn't sound so bad. And with that, I give you a thought. Cowboy boots.

I know.

Cowboy boots are kind of polarizing. I wore them in the 80s for a season or two and remember brands like Tony Lama and Lucchese trending with the fashion flock. In recent years, I have dabbled slightly in the cowboy look, but I find cowboy boots a bit off-brand for the maven. They somehow never feel chic enough, and I certainly don't feel all that fab when I've tried them on. But seeing them appear on my feeds of late has me rethinking this trend that seems to stomp in and out of our style lives every few years. So how about a reframe of how you wear them?

For instance, with a midi dress like this woman here. 

Or something short and sweet to channel some kind of Kate Moss level of cool.

I also love both of these looks for different reasons. The boldness of the choice for a menswear-inspired moment or with the all-white vibe of this look gives it a little bit of edge.

And that's the thing.

If you can find a way to make them look edgier and less down-home, then I say yee ha. And it's a look that can transcend youth because they are quite classic. But how to make them more sophisticated?

This pair from Schutz is the perfect way to rock the trend and the pair I would buy for myself. I love the small heel (they also do a higher version), the cowboy detailing at the opening that winks at the vibe but not too much, and of course, the croc treatment. I'd wear these with anything midi length, like silk midi dresses or button-up skirts. They are less rodeo friendly and more Rodeo Drive and I can dig that.

These from Kaight are obscenely expensive but gorgeous. Though light boots and New York City don't make for a good investment.

Also not cheap, but super cool are these from Golden Goose.  These do feel very Kate Moss and offer limitless options for wear, from short dresses to jeans.  And if you are going to invest in something classic, go for a pair from Isabel Marant. She's got lots of options, and anything from her can take you from desk to downtown. Endlessly cool. 

Oh, and duh. I need to share this green pair because green. I love these and would rock them with all my print dresses or perk up basic black. 

So there you have it. Let me know your thoughts on cowboy boots and if you'll be rocking them this Fall. Cause that's what's up this kick up your heels kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in greener pastures. XO

Maven's New Mood

Well, well, well. 

Let's catch —what a moment. I hope you've all been well. What a long, strange trip and such.

I've been largely in absentia because of my regular column at the Ageist, of which I'm quite proud. They've given me an excellent outlet to talk about the things I love, and I'm eternally grateful. But lately, I'm feeling drawn to doing even more content creation and have been shopping around for a new blog platform for which to call home. After an exhaustive search, I've decided to stay here. All roads lead to home, so consider this post a homecoming. I plan to post here a few days a week and am so excited to get back to sharing my world with you regularly. 

Next, I'm dabbling in the Substack arts and hoping to publish a monthly newsletter on the 1st of each month that will be part round-up of what you see here and some longer form thoughts on trends, culture,  work/life, etc. Watch this space for more on that soon. Pencil in the first issue as September because it's my favorite time to start a new project. Call it the September Issue effect.

As for other news, it's hot. Too hot. 

I struggle in the heat in the most Victorian of ways. I hate it. So I'm seeking cooler climes and good vibes because the heat cranks me up. Just ask my husband. I'd be lying if I told you that my mood has been sunny, as it's been anything but. I feel a change in the air; although that can be exhilarating, it can also be nail-biting. Between having a senior dog, assessing my would-be creative empire/offer, and wondering if all this working from home is working my nerves, I'm in a bit of flux. I'm trying to see the good in that. Bear with me. 

In the meantime, I'm going to stare at my fantastic birthday present from David. True story- I saw this show of Dominique Tarle photographs in Paris when I turned 40. For the unindoctrinated, Tarle is the French photographer who captured The Stones during the now iconic making of "Exile on Main Street."  He was supposed to stay for a few days but ended up staying much longer and capturing that time's sweet emotion. I have always loved this photo of Keith looking beatific in the Southern France sun. As I ponder the days ahead and what's to come, this is the mood I want to embody. Smiling in the sunshine is the vibe. Let's get to it.

I popped by the fantastic Jen Mankins pop-up this weekend at her old outpost on Smith Street in BK. If you are a fashion watcher, you no doubt know about her eponymous contribution to Brooklyn style with her defunct store, Bird. I dropped many a ducat there (a Rachel Comey leopard faux fur coat remains a favorite), and although she had twin children and moved to Sweden, she returned to regale her legions of arty, oversized fans with a sale of the century. I got a Dries skirt, an Ulla Johnson dress, and a No. 6 frock, all with that fantastic je ne sais quoi she became famous for, not to mention fabulous bold prints, which I always love. She came back to her hometown to surprise and delight with an awesome sale, and this blog is very much the same for me. A homecoming of sorts to where it all began, with all my favorite pieces and loves. Here's hoping you'll stick around and read my musings once again.

Quick side note- today is auspicious when it comes to astrology. August 8th is known as the Lion's Gate. Interestingly enough, astrologer types consider this the ultimate day for manifestation. According to my research, this portal marks the alignment of celestial mojo I needed to move forward. And the number 8 in numerology means wealth, look, and overall cosmic good stuff. It also represents abundance, so I hope today brings you the energy and inspiration to create all you seek. I'm right here with you.

More to come, friends. More to come. Cheers to abundance.

Cause that's what's up this manifesting maven kind of Monday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in new beginnings, writing as joy and coming home. It's good to be back. XO

The Maven Gift Guide for 2021

Well, well, well.

It's sure been a hot minute since I've written anything here. I've been busy with work and my column over at the Ageist, which I'm incredibly excited about and grateful for. It's been a crazy couple of years, but thank goodness, life is good. I hope you are feeling the same, and since the holidays are my absolute favorite time of year, I wanted to give you a quick list of feel-good gifts, maven style. Just some stuff I'm loving this year that I hope you love too. It's been a rough stretch for all and we're not out of the woods yet, but gifting is a joy and a blessing. In fact,  just being in a position to gift is a gift so let's do this.

First up, this sweatsuit from Sunday Forever is just the absolute MOST. I know we are all tired of wearing sweats but are we really? I'm sure you can find it in your cozy hearts to purchase one more set, and this one is the comfiest and cutest one around. Plus, the pockets in the pants are magical. Just trust me on that—cute fit, not Oompa Loompa, and super soft. I'm obsessed.

Second, I have written about this many times, but I've been shopping for a new robe, and the truth is, nothing compares to my beloved Natori Shangri-La robe. It's the perfect weight for morning rituals and looks chic, and is so very soft. I'm not a fluffy robe type, so I love that this one is light enough but cozy. It's so so good. And at under 100 bucks, a reasonable price. It's a must-have and makes my list every year.

Third, an oversized puffer from Uniqlo's collab with Jil Sander. This one is hands down the chicest thing, and it's an excellent gift for yourself or someone who needs a little warmth. Winter is here, friends. Dress accordingly.

Fourth, I dig these ankle weights from Equipt for home workouts and beyond. Vegan, cool-looking, and somehow sleeker than the Bala version, which I also love, but these feel more seamless during all of those box lunges I do over at the Salt Drop (shout out to Dino Malvone for creating my fav workout of all time).  Maybe gift a month or two of Salt Drop for yourself or someone you love? Nothing beats shaking your butt. My ya yas have never been happier.

Fifth, my Hinoki obsession knows no bounds. Currently, I am burning the most lovely Hinoki candle from Heretic Parfum. It's warm and somehow spiritual, and I love burning it when working out or simply working. It's such a clean and sophisticated scent, with top notes of cedar and lots of yummy hinoki at the heart and notes of labdanum and sandalwood. Also, their limited edition Hinoki body oil is perfection and a wonderful indulgence. And the bottle is so pretty. 

Sixth, a newish comer for me in terms of brands to watch is Kule. I went to their Rock Center pop-up, and oh, what fun. Stripes. Wit. A preppy, tomboy vibe. Check, check, and check. My pick for stocking stuffers is a fun pair of socks or go a little extra with a fun tote. How can I not love the Oy Vey version for a Hanukkah gift? Bonus points for the wonderful sweater selection, too.

Seventh, Wagwear, a favorite dog brand of mine, sells for Black Friday of 25 percent off sitewide. I love their fisherman sweaters and just got little K a navy blue one. They are soft and easy to put on, and I love them.

Eighth, I got a note in my inbox from the artist Jane Kirby, who does lovely beauty illos but is doing family illustrations and pet illustrations for the holidays. What a wonderful gift, and I love her style. Such a personal and meaningful present.

Ninth, a velour jumpsuit from Suzie Kondi. Expensive? Indeed. But so wearable and fun and gives off new school Juicy Couture vibes. I love the one with the Lurex thread. So good.

Tenth, I would go with a cool sweatshirt from Rowing Blazers for the man on your list. Such a cool vibe, and if he's a NY fan, the Knicks sweater is so good. Lots of fun stuff on sale for men and women, ps.

Ooh, and one more for the beauty babes in your life. This body plane from Esker is so cool looking and gently exfoliates. Use it post-shower or bath after applying oil or lotion. It's such a lovely ritual and delivers for those seeking smooth skin.

I'm hoping you love this round-up as much as I do. Incidentally, I want to show up here more, so thank you for reading. This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for still having that creative spark and all the amazing people in my life who inspire me each and every day. Love you all and a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Eat all the things and drink all the things and have the best time. Let the holiday season begin! XO