Is it time to clean out your closet?

Hiya, Monday.  I hope everyone is enjoying the last gasps of Summer. It went by in a blink. 

As the seasons change, I always like to take inventory of my life/goals and yes, my wardrobe. With most of my Fall/winter stuff in storage, I still had way too much going on for Summer clothes, so two contractor bags later, I did a purge on Saturday afternoon, and boy, did it feel good. And newsflash. That pic above? Not my closet and not my dog. But so beautiful, no?

As sentimental as I am about clothes, I'm not a pack rat but a pack squirrel. I will most likely never be a minimalist, but lately, my mind has been in a clear-the-racks kind of mood. I want less stuff. Better stuff. But less. 

It's amazing how negative the word "loss" or "losing" is, but sometimes, losing stuff is really, really good. Like losing the stuff that no longer suits. Hypothetically, and in my closet.

So out went a lot of Zara pieces, including a fuschia cape dress I desperately wanted to make work but never could. I bid adieu to a pair of Ulla Johnson jeans that, although cool, I could never make work. I debated disposing of an old DKNY dress with raffia trim I never wear but somehow have an archival attachment to, so alas, it went back on a hanger. 

Fun fact- I'm somebody who is wildly change phobic. Not in the change your hair color kind of way. More the seminal life stage kind of way. The past few years have left all of us trying to make sense of our work/lives and yes, I suppose our wardrobes. It's very hard to think about clothes with so much in flux. But that's why it's more important than ever to switch out what's no longer suiting you and summon in some pieces that look and feel good on exactly where you are right now, though hopefully will also work wherever you're headed.

For me, that means great jeans that are comfortable, like sweats. (My new barrel-shaped Rutis are a favorite.) That beloved Bea blazer I have been crushing on and finally purchased. And freshening up all my Fall boho midi dresses paired with my new Schutz boots. 

So my style forecast for Fall has me facing change but also keeping around the stuff that makes me feel like my best self while investing in a few new things to hopefully have forever.  Besides clothes, the real question is: how am I, and how are you willing to face so much change and get comfortable with it? I'm still very much a WIP, but grateful for the opportunity. 

Cause that's what's up this #mood of a Monday from 14th Street. Yours, in ch-ch-ch-changes. XO