Maven recommends: The stay cool edition

Good morning, Monday. Rain is on the way; we need it, so I'm not mad. At least it's not a gazillion degrees out there. All that heat can have real consequences on our mood and mental state. I knew it. No wonder I felt so unstable in Miami. The heat is so triggering. Bring on the cool. Like Lauren Hutton level cool.

Speaking of triggering, I watched the new Game of Thrones prequel last night and found it terrifying. I'm not sure if there's an appetite for so much blood, gore, and misogyny post-pandemic, but damn if. they didn't check all three of those boxes repeatedly in the first episode. No thanks. Neal Patrick Harris's "Uncoupled" is far more my speed. Dragons and death be damned. Plus, I've rediscovered going out.

So I'm the type who complains ALL DAY about having to go out to dinner/drinks/whatever, but once I am out, I have a ball. This past weekend I caught up with some old friends and had too much tequila and too many laughs. My new rule is one location only and never two. The second one always sucks, and the city is chock full of 12-year-olds in bustiers, and I just can't. Here are some other things that are cool, literally and figuratively:

The coolest blazer from the Frankie Shop. I have wanted this boxy, oversized blazer from my beloved Frankie Shop for seasons now, and so has everyone else, considering how it sells out every time it's restocked. And boy, is it worth the hype. I wrote about it last week, splurged on it in black this weekend, and I am officially obsessed with it. I will wear the hell out of it, and even though it's really on the big side, it's so damn cool. I popped it over a one-shoulder jumpsuit at the above dinner, and it was major.

Cooling sheets. I spotted these on Refinery 29, and I'm intrigued. I'm a hot sleeper and need help, particularly as the 'pause is on the way. Are these as good as the editor says  I hate waking up hot and may have to pony up for something literally cool and nice at sleep time.

Rag and Bone are bringing back the cool classics.  I stopped by Rag and Bone this weekend and loved their approach to Fall  They're bringing back classics and celebrating a more timeless approach to dressing with their Icons collection  Think great blazers, the perfect moto jacket, a sexy pair of jeans, and this fantastic leather bomber  Good on them to understand that what we all want and need are good pieces to work and live in. I love the effortless American cool aesthetic  I'm all for making America cool again, aren't you?

The cool Italian bob.  As a lifelong vacillator between shag and bob, I love this take on the classic cut. It's ageless and would look good on various face shapes  It's so pretty and elegant, but I always wear bangs, so it may not be for me, but you should do it  SO CHIC.

A cool green eyeshadow from Kjaer Weis.  Sometimes a girl goes into Blue Mercury for a simple brown eyeliner and walks out with a green cream eyeshadow  I dig this one called Sublime from clean beauty brand Kjaer Weis.  You can dab it on with your fingers for a bit of rock and roll smudge appeal, and I dig its deep green shade—a nice pop of color for those needing a little hue therapy. Don't be afraid to do a bit of color.

So as the Summer wind keeps rolling in, keep these things top of mind  I know cooling sheets are the wild card but IYKYK  Also, have some fun news dropping soon, so stay tuned, Cause that's what's up this making it happen kind of Monday in the BK  Yours, in fresh finds and keeping my cool.  XO