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Good morning, Wednesday. It's going to be 70 degrees today and I've got bare legs, kids. I am so happy to not be wearing a big coat I can't even tell you. Rumor has it the warm weather is not going to stick around, but loving it today even if it's not super sunny.

So let's talk about handbags. I was just watching the Gucci show live and almost had a breakdown over how much I was LOVING the new Gucci leather tote with the middle stripe and the gold chain. So fabulous. 

But beaming me back to Earth, I need more reasonable, affordable options that are still great looking. Enter & Other Stories, H&M's grown up and chic big sister to save the day. You know how much I love this store- such great looks, and fairly affordable. Mind you, these are not the big Schleprock bags we all carry around town- these are just nice little chic baes that will look lovely with floral flocks and just about everything else.

So here's three little black bags aka LBBs to take you into Spring with style. Take your pick.

LOVE this little clutch number. So chic for everything from quick walks with the pooch to impromptu nights out. Fab.

This little chain bag is so Parisian chic- wear it crossbody with an oversized plaid blazer and jeans and have a nice little moment.

This six pocket satchel is a fantastic bag for city girls. Very functional and very cool.

All three can be found on & Other Stories, again my hyperlink feature is not working so seek them out yourselves. Hope to figure out WTF shortly. Cause that's what's up this in the bag kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in trifectas and chic older sisters. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1250391 2018-02-20T20:07:47Z 2018-02-20T20:07:48Z Maven picks: Five crushworthy products for that case of Spring fever

Hey, team. It's been about forever since I've written here. I miss all of you so very much- truly. But I'm busy, you're busy, we're all so damn busy. How to find the team to do the things you truly love? Steal a minute here and there. That's what I do.

And since I haven't written in a while, thought I'd just share five of my fav beauty products I'm digging on right this very second as the temps feel promising. I've been trying a few new things of late and there's some oldies but goodies on this list too. So without further adieu, let's get ready for Spring with a few fun ones- they're not cheap, ps. At all. But they're worth it because you're worth it so there. And sorry I can't provide links to these goodies but my hyperlink just won't link today. Hopefully they'll fix it by tomorrow. 

Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'Eau Body Wash- I have always been a huge fan of this very "currant" scent. I'm aware it's intense and not for everyone, but I'm a strong yes on it. And now it comes in a body wash that is so delicious and decadent at shower time you'll just love it. Makes the skin (and your bathroom) smell absolutely delicious.  Just rub onto wet skin and you're golden, pony girl.

Chanel Quad in Tisse Vendome- There are oh so many Chanel eyeshadow quads out there, but this one is a new favorite. It's super neutral for ladies who like to keep it light but can be made a bit more dramatic with a slick of dark liquid liner and lots of black mascara. Gorgeous. I love a more neutral face in the Spring with lovely glowy skin.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick in Blush No. 24- I love keeping this stick in my bag for afternoon touch ups when you need it most. It gives a lovely flush to the cheeks without being over the top and you can even use it on your lips and eyes. I love this shade because I'm a coppery redhead, but feel free to try some that match your skin tone.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick  No. 169- OMG this lipstick. I love it so much- I have searched high and low for the perfect neutral lip of late and this one is a bit  brownish/beige and just perfect. Super creamy texture and very hydrating too. Soft and pretty just like you.

Kerastase Fluidissime- Have not used this brand for a minute (so bloody expensive). But this frizz spray is magical in fighting the fuzz. Spray it on damp hair and marvel at the lack of frizz, even on foggy, misty days like today which are generally hair's worst nightmare. 

Cause that's what's up this fiver of a Tuesday in the product obsessed 212. Yours, in Spring fever, the retail edition. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1243960 2018-02-07T16:10:35Z 2018-02-07T16:10:35Z Maven pick: Groove is in the heart (when it comes to new sunnies)

Hey now, Wednesday. Not so pretty outside. Snowy, rainy, yucky. Ughs.

Well we're one week away from Valentine's Day and since I shopped around Soho last weekend, I thought I'd share a bit of trendspotting.

Seems designers have some love for heart sunglasses this Spring. From Chloe to Saint Laurent and back again, the Lolita inspired frames are kind of everywhere (in the #metoo world we live in, Lolita references are a bit off brand). If you are under the age of 30, you should have at these. I know there are no rules when it comes to age appropriate anymore, but very few mature women can wear these and not look silly.  Some eccentric types are excluded from this rule, but for most of us, hard no on these. Cute for the young ones. Not so much for anyone who is on the high end of millenial +. Unless you are Giovanna Battaglia. She can do anything. Truly.  That's her above. Ridiculously chic. Always.

These are from Saint Laurent. Cute non? 

I do love these rose gold (another big sunglass trend) aviators from American Eagle. And at just under $16, you can try the trend without breaking the bank. 

These from Marc Jacobs are fun. Full stop. I would almost consider these if I was slightly less stick in the muddy of late.

 Totally crushing on these from Miu Miu- something about red and hearts going well together, right? 

These Target rimless are a little weird, but cool. More modern. And of course, completely affordable.

And these from Chloe were the ones I saw at the Chloe store this past weekend. Cute. Love. Rose gold lenses for the win.

Now that I'm looking at all of these cuties, maybe my stick in the mud is moving to a sunnier place. I like these. I'm not likely to purchase them, but very cute. Worth falling in love over? You tell me.

Cause that's what's up this love is in the air kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in hearts and frames. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1243263 2018-02-05T14:43:07Z 2018-02-05T14:46:36Z I live in New York, but today I'm a Philly girl

Good morning, Monday.

Welp, we got it done Philly. As many of you know, I was born and raised in Philly and left there after college. Truth be told, Philly was not somewhere I wanted to spend my adult years, but as I get older, I get more Philly pride. And last night, the 215 had my heart.

Also I know I'm hardly someone you'd expect to watch the SB for anything other than the commercials, but last night's game was truly exciting. Funny thing- each year David tries to explain football to me and each year I lose interest before the very first down. But this year I watched a video on all things football and rules of play, and it finally sunk in. Only took 40something years. NBD.

As for the commercials, there were a few that were worthy of the price of admission. My favorite was absolutely Amazon's Alexa spot where Alexa loses her voice and celebrities like Cardi B. stand in for her. Excellent and funny and celeb filled, which is always a big game day draw. Other good ones were Tide's domination of the entire night and spoofing the genre itself- great use of air time and a fun play on all the spots we've come to love. Oh and let's not forget the "Dirty Dancing" spot with Eli Manning and Odell Bechkam having the time of their lives. Hysterical. What's clear to me is the country needs humor right now- anything that smacked of rah rah 'merica fell flat on its starry striped face. Dodge's use of a MLK speech/voiceover felt excruciatingly pandering and tone deaf, while Weathertech's (not) building a wall spot felt just awful. Lots of misses during the commercials. Only thing that worked was humor. Check out a good roundup of all the spots here.

And Justin Timberlake's half time delivered for me, although many thought it was a bit of a snore. I love him. So talented and positive and fun. Great job and I liked the Prince tribute too, since it felt in step with the SB being in Minneapolis.

I've taken some things with me as a card carrying Philly born girl- I love the scrappiness of the city. I love the heart and soul of a real working class town. And I love the passion, even if it's for sports which is not typically my wheelhouse. I know everyone in my family was thrilled with the outcome, and to beat the Pats and Tom Brady's baby bangs is no small feat. 

I'm proud of my hometown today and wanted to share. I wish last night did not turn ugly  (why turn cars over and set fires and create mayhem why why why?) but I'm a happy girl from the city of Brotherly Love today and that, my friends, is that. But Philly fans be cray.

Cause that's what's up this Fly Eagles Fly kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in Philadelphia freedom, and big wins. XO

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Good afternoon by the time you read this post. I'm late to the soiree today.

Funny thing- someone asked today on Facebook what your go to outfit was when you were 20. I love this question. Some of you are closer to that age than others so you may not have yet deviated from that look. And even though I'm not close to 20, I remember very clearly what I was wearing then. I came of age in the 90s (I am a child of the 80s and a young woman of the 90s) and it was a fun hang when it came to fashion. So what was I wearing at 20?

For me, it was a long sleeved bodysuit (Bodysuits are yesterday's jumpsuits ps. Getting out of one to pee was always a fun time), a pair of 501 Levis' and some Frye engineer boots or motorcycle boots- the engineer boots were black and the moto boots were the brown ones with the harness. With this look I used to do a western vintage belt- found a few good ones at a flea market back in Philly and loved rocking them- one was brown and braided with a big silver buckle and the other one was black with a plain round disc buckle if I remember correctly. So happy to see Gigi and Kendall rocking this of late. Everything old is...well, you know.

It's funny to even imagine wearing that now- I mean the separate components are still very much in my lexicon- but perhaps not all together. I'd wear the boots with my beloved dresses, the bodysuit under a blazer, and the jeans with everything. I'm all grown up I suppose. But I take little pieces of my past with me wherever I go when it comes to style. It's all part of the big picture.

Though truly a fashion pinnacle for me came in my late 20s, when I wore nothing but lingerie (slip dresses but actual nighties), ribbed tanks, and kitten heels with a cardigan, or a slip skirt with my Hole tee shirt (Courtney was kind of my jam). I think that was one of my fav looks of all time. The winter version of that was either done with black tights or I lost the slip and went with cords with a bit of a flare and a baby tee. For real. A BABY TEE. I wore something called a baby tee. Jesus, we all did. Drew definitely did. Look how cute she looks in it, too. Oh, and there was an awful lot of Betsy Johnson. A ton of panne velvet slip dresses, girly LBDs,  and lace trimmed denim skirts and the like. 

Oh and if you're old enough, you no doubt remember the black pants phenomenon. If you lived in New York or were of age anywhere in the 90s (the earlier part), you no doubt had several pairs of black pants that were for "going out" when paired with a cute "top". My favorites were by a brand called Parallel and were flat front and straight and slightly cropped. On top I'd rock a silky button down and a faux fur. I'd keep the pants and the faux fur now- not so sure about said silky top, or at least the Gucci Fall '95 version that I was endlessly trying to emulate. Let's not even talk about the hairdos. That's for another time.

Was just a fun little exercise to think about what I wore back in the day. I'm wondering what your look was when you were 20 or what you loved to wear in your more youthful years? Looking forward to responses so please write on the comments below or email me at sherimaven@gmail.com if you feel like sharing, or hit me up on Facebook. There were many other looks, ps. But these were top of mind.

Cause that's what's up this looking back to move forward kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in fashion icons and the way we wore. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1240826 2018-01-31T16:03:23Z 2018-01-31T16:03:24Z Maven pick: A white wash when it comes to Spring footwear

Good morning, Wednesday. It's bloody cold outside. I'm a little bit over it.

So as I'm thinking of Springtime my mind usually goes to dresses, but it also goes to shoes. And I just spotted these white loafer mules on Everlane and they appear to be a must have. I love a white shoe of late (bit of a craze for them this winter) and think these would look great with everything from cropped black pants or jeans to midi dresses to minis. Gotta have 'em. White shoes used to scare the bejeezus out of me (nurse fears), but now I love, love, love them. And love that this is a mule too as I like to be as close to bare feet as possible when it gets warm outside. They feel so fresh to me.

What are you thinking about for your Springtime look? Keep me posted. Would love to know.

Cause that's what's up this dreaming of a white shoe kind of Wednesday in the very unSpringlike 212. Yours, in wishing and hoping. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1240403 2018-01-30T20:11:01Z 2018-01-30T20:46:20Z Maven man crush: Gary Clark Jr.'s rock and roll style

Good afternoon, Tuesday. Tonight El Presidente is on the telly and I'm scared I'm going to throw things. Let's just wait and see.

But more importantly, I'm here to tell you I have a man crush. It's not what you think.  Not a "crush crush" but a style crush (ok maybe a little bit of a standard regulation crush too). I think I'm obsessed with Gary Clark Jr. because he's one cool mofo and an amazing musician. Just watched him slay on the Grammys and went down a windy Google path and man- that boy has got STYLE. They don't call him "The Chosen One" for nada. 

I LOVE how he dresses (tons of it is John Varvatos, which in my mind, can either look horribly wrong or horribly right depending on the man). In my mind, this is how a dude should dress. Yea, I know all dudes are not rock stars from Austin, Texas but still. I just adore his look. And not only do I love his look for men, I love his look for me. I always love wearing boyish clothes and I'd love a female version of his looks for me to rock.  Just so good. Everybody needs a style crush. This dude is all mine right about now. Bonus points that he likes a good timepiece- a gold Rolex Daytona to be exact.  Just in case you were wondering. Don't you always look at a dude's watch and shoes? I do. 

Cause that's what's up this rock and roll forever kind of Tuesday in the very unTexan 212. Yours, in boys and girls and all that good stuff. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1239716 2018-01-29T16:08:59Z 2018-01-29T16:22:24Z Maven takes a trip: My take on New Orleans and why it's one of my favorite comeback kids

Good morning, Monday. Back at it.

So this past weekend I was in New Orleans and had a wonderful time. If there is a city in these here united states that embodies poetry, it is the one where saints go marching in. The city has a rhythm and cadence and overall vibe that is lyrical in every sense. I love spending time there- my uncle lived in the French Quarter his entire adult life and my in laws are spending most of the winter there, so let's just say it's in my genes and my husband's genes to love this town.  This town has more soul in it's pinky finger than most places anywhere. Hard not to get swept up in it.

Truth be told- this is a town for people who like to imbibe and indulge. That's one of the many things I love about it. That and it's leafy, sleepy trees, it's beautiful avenues with grand names like Esplanade and Rampart. The Frenchness of it all. The endlessly lovely shopping of Magazine Street in the Garden District. The music on every corner. The bars on every corner. The drawl. The food. THE FOOD.  I could go on but you get the picture. It's a dreamy, special place that feels bygone and modern all at once. And it's a city that went through absolute hell and came back again with class, grace, and respect. I love a comeback kid. That's just me. Oh and for those of you think New Orleans is all about skeezy Bourbon Street, WRONG. The city has so much more to offer and it's all fabulous and elegant. 

New Orleans is a city where one goes HARD but takes it real slow. They don't call it the Big Easy for nothin'. Here are some of my fav things from my recent trip:

For shop ops- definitely check out Pilot and Powell in the Garden District (lots of lovely shops around here too as well as a Pure Barre studio). It's high end for sure and you'll find favs from Rachel Comey, Proenza Schouler, as well as lovely accessories. The gals there are delightful and chic and super friendly.

For getting your drink on- Um. Anywhere. Truly. There are more bars than you can ever get to, but my fav still remains the Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt- did not get there this time but tops on my list since the Saz was invented there. And though I didn't love my stay at the Ace (more on that later), I did fall head over heels for the Creole Apothecary drink they mixed there. At the excellent Josephine Estelle restaurant bar in the hotel, I'll be dreaming of this crushed ice cocktail for days to come- here's some info on it from Flood Magazine.  Incidentally Peychaud's bitters and soda is the very best drink when you are hungover or nauseous. Just a pro tip for you.

“This is an ode to Antoine Amédée Peychaud, an apothecary in New Orleans who created his famous bitters in the 1800s. Peychaud’s Bitters are the only bitters used to make the city’s signature cocktail, the Sazerac.”

1 oz. rye whiskey
1 oz. Peychaud’s Aperitivo
¾ oz. lemon juice
½ oz. ginger syrup

For strapping on the feed bag- Oh gawd. There is food for days in this town and all of it is amazing. Eating in New Orleans is a sheer delight- used to be you could only eat heavy creole food here but not the case now- tons and tons of options from the excellent St. Roch Market (one in Miami too), a food hall that's not to be missed for some of the best oysters of my life to my new fav Turkey and the Wolf for a collard green melt sandwich situation that is fairly life changing. I promise. Go get it. Here's the recipe.  Oh and Zapp's chips. Yum. And yum again.

For getting your dance on- Oh baby, there is music everywhere in this town. Not to be missed are all the awesome street musicians playing on Royal Street in the quarter, but if you can, check out a show at the infamous Tipitina's- I caught the Rebirth Brass Brand there and was nervous about getting blasted by sound (all horns yikes), but the acoustics were so fantastic and the band was so pro, it was a fantastic, sweaty, fun experience. Loved. 

For getting your art on- Endless opportunities- do a stroll along Royal Street in the Quarter and check out all the amazing galleries. Red Truck is a favorite for folk inspired pieces, but my big discovery this trip was the 818 Gallery- a fantastic gallery tucked away on a second floor on Royal that shares space with a vintage boutique. Jose Fernandes (his pic at top of this post) is an excellent photographer with some of the best photos of New Orleans I've seen- he's also got some fantastic images from Marrakech and I love his eye. We got to talking and he used to be a fashion photographer so no doubt he knows how to tell a story. I still may order a few prints when I figure out where to put them. Highly recommend going to see his work. So gorgeous in person. Amazing quality to his pictures. 

So many more wonderful things to do in New Orleans- going to write you up a post about the endless vintage opportunities- tons of great vintage spotted by yours truly and I'll share later this week. 

Now it's back to work, though my heart is still down south. What a rich experience- if you haven't been, you have to go. Oh and about the Ace. Hmm. I know people love this hotel and it's fabulous for a work trip/photo shoot/business meeting. But it's so DAMN DARK and masculine, it just fell short for me. Why don't hotel designers understand women wear makeup? Could not even see to put it on.  It's not my vibe really and New Orleans is so unique and special- they tried to capture its essence but somehow missed the mark. I know I know- it's the "new" New Orleans which I was quite psyched to see. Problem is, I'm too in love with the old New Orleans and that's that.

The beds are super comfy and the staff is nice enough- I dunno- just did not feel on brand for this town and that's the truth. Good shopping there though with the wonderful Freda from Marfa stocked with all your Ace & JIg favs as well as Defend New Orleans, a great local designer/lifestyle guru whose wares are uniquely Nola. And Friend is an excellent men's shop that will bring all the boys to the yard. Great looks for the dudes here.

So it's Monday and I'm back in my city but need to start looking for an Air BnB for my next trip to New Orleans. Much more to see, eat, and drink there and I'm not nearly done. Cause that's what's up this Cajun flavored Monday in the Northeast. Yours, in mardi gras beads and oysters on the half. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1234427 2018-01-19T14:34:59Z 2018-01-19T14:35:00Z Loving on Isabel Marant this Frenchy Friday

Good morning and TGIF.

It's been a long week but I was happy to have dinner with an old pal last night and we laughed and drank and had pretty much the best time. It's feeling very important to come out of hibernation and get social again- if I haven't seen you in a while, have at it. Let's hang.

So y'all know how much I love a good menswear moment, and nobody's doing it better for Spring than Isabel Marant. I swear there's something about her clothes that makes you feel inevitably and primordially cool and c'est tout. Love her still. Most likely always will. And her clothes fit surprisingly well, even if you're not built like a little French boy.

Thought I'd show you a few looks I'm coveting, so you can see there's a way to do masculine suiting in a way that is so very feminine and sexy. J'adore, et tu?

 Cause that's what's up this French femme kind of Vendredi in le New York City. Yours, in happy Fridays and boyish great looks. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1233862 2018-01-18T15:20:08Z 2018-01-19T21:08:13Z Maven's state of the union

Good morning, Thursday. Welp my career as a blogger is totes tanking. Ha. I've been so bad about posting here but that's cause I'm writing every day for work and somehow, this blog suffers. I apologize. I hope to get better at regular posting but since I've been in hardcore hibernation mode, not much to report. It's too cold to be inspired. We got the memo, Winter. We got it. 

So let's see, what's new? Oh. I'm going to New Orleans next week for some hang time with David's dad and his wife and I'm really excited. Some of you know my uncle lived there his entire adult life and for some reason, that city has a real appeal. I feel like New Orleans is a bit like Good and Plenty- a very sweet place but super polarizing. I think I like polarizing places, actually. Jamaica. Glasgow. Detroit. A million other places most likely.  It's hard for me to imagine why people hate New Orleans- I think they consider Bourbon Street the "thing" to do there and there is simply so much more. The city is bursting with vibrancy, weirdos, amazing food, and best of all- music. Everywhere. Of every sort. I can't wait and plan to see something live every night. If anyone's been there lately and has some recommends, I'm wide open.

We'll be staying at the new Ace and can't WAIT to check it out. 

What else? I'm still happy I'm writing every day for work, but occasionally I miss a big, juicy shoot. I console myself with the fact that they are few and far between but the perfect mix for me would be a combo of big production and the written word.  And lately I've been missing my old comrades in the ad world- need to reconnect with the amazing people I worked with and have a drink or two. I'm missing the camaraderie of that world but have my feet deeply planted in this one. Although I've always been a bit of the grass is greener type of chick. I'm working on that.  Well, kind of. It's deeply ingrained. Meditating helps. Must. Be. Present.

I also wanted to put it out there again (a bit of a broken record I know) that I'm available for all your personal styling needs so let's go shopping. I've been in cool down mode when it comes to my own personal consumption, but would love to get my shop on for you. Just let me know.

So what have we learned? I'm headed South next week. I miss you. You know who you are. Let's have a drink.  After I dress you up in my love. That's about all. Just wanted to catch you up. Oh, and buy this Tatcha  tinted lip oil in Geisha. It's a gorgeous bit of tint and really works wonder on Winter lips. You're welcome.

Cause that's what's up this playing catch up kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in taking care of business. And pleasure. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1230470 2018-01-11T19:32:46Z 2018-01-11T19:32:46Z On going back to basics when the going gets tough

Good afternoon, Thursday. I'm feeling like a whirling dervish on ten peyote buttons right now. I swear. I feel like I can't stop or catch my breath and the city is gloomy and the trains are a disaster and everyone needs something and all I want to do is the following:


Just STOP for a moment and take in the moment, the day, the year. I don't know. Take in anything at all. I think many of you may be feeling the same way and sometimes you just need to strip it down and reset. Back to basics and such.

That's why I'm feeling fairly vexed at the moment when it comes to what to wear. Because even a girl with a closet full of clothes can feel overwhelmed and moreover, hate everything she owns. It's been snowing. It's been cold. Now it's warmish. And about to rain. I can't get it right. 

So for me, the appeal of the classics takes hold and I want to wear something somewhat ordinary but chic and keep it real basic.

Because of that, I present the humble, oversized white men's button down. Is there a better look? Fresher? Cooler? Put together but perfectly undone? That's my goal. And look I would point you to some white shirts but they are just about everywhere. For me, I like men's shirts from Brooks Brothers and J.Crew because it makes me feel a little sexy to wear a man's shirt with something pretty underneath but that's just me. Some of you may prefer something more fitted and that's just fine- but I like mine oversized and maybe slightly rumpled and soft. That's my jam.

So truly in these times of great stress and cuckoo vibes, erbody needs to take it down a notch. Loosen up by buttoning up. I know what I'm wearing tomorrow so thank goodness for that.

Cause that's what's up this warm/rainy/weird day when all I want to do is hard chill in my white button down. Why is that so bloody hard? Yours, in classic looks and resetting the agenda. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1228516 2018-01-08T16:09:57Z 2018-01-08T16:51:53Z Golden Globes recap, albeit atypical

Good morning, Monday. Phew. Ice storm's a comin' tonight. Fun times. Hibernating yet again. 

So last night's awards show was absolutely, at the very least, completely unprecedented.  As someone who has often commented on the red carpet (for my own amusement but somehow people like it), I felt weird. If 2017 was the year of #metoo, was objectifying women and talking about what they were wearing ok? Mixed feelings on that one. I did notice that it was not at all about "who are you wearing" but more about "what do you have to say" and that is A Ok with me.

To be honest, if the message was to be serious, I'm not sure the wearing black thing was quite right. To me, it looked like any New York gala, as more often than not, we New York chicks are generally in all black. Every day. Like, seriously. There's nothing chicer than black in my mind (except for deep midnight blue in some cases). So everyone looked pretty fantastic, except for Giuliana Rancic whose horse mane needed to be put out to pasture. She's kind of the worst. Not kind of. Is. 

I loved Claire Foy's Stella McCartney look in particular, and thought Halle Berry was an absolute beyond knockout as was Alicia Vikander. But everyone looked stunning, which is not hard in an expensive, perfectly tailored black dress.  Also loved Jessica Biel- gorgeous skin and dress, and not a bad looking date. 

But back to the show. First of all and last of all, Oprah Winfrey, who was honored last night and bought the house down. I have never made a secret of how I worship at her altar and always have. To me, she is the quintessential American success story, and a woman of color to boot. She is 100% self made. Not many people can say that and she did not count on her looks or her connections to get anywhere- she got where she is because she is an inspiration. Her speech really moved me and I can't wait to see what she does next. Step in the ring, Oprah. 2020 may very well have your name on it. 

For me, I think there should have been a female host, because Seth Myers struggled as any host would in such crazy times. 

I must admit, as a lifelong cynic, I was worried the whole show was going to be too Hollywood. Case in point- Meryl. I now really dislike her. On the red (black) carpet, she seemed so full of herself, and all I could think was- no way you did not know about Harvey. And that's that. In an industry that seethes and teems gossip, it would be difficult not to know. And that's where I kept falling down last night- how did they not all know? It's terrific they are saying "time's up" but is that only because a news story broke? Do we have to wait until everything explodes to clean up the bodies? The industry should have done more sooner, but I can only hope it corrects itself now. There's no other choice.

And though I wanted to hate on all the couture as protest, I couldn't. Because I appreciated what many of the women had to say- including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and a fabulously bare faced Frances idontgiveonesinglefuck McDormand. Love her. And also loved Natalie Portman slipping in a jab about no female directors being nominated. Well done. 

I'd like to sit and dissect the fashion, but that's not what last night was about. Everybody looked gorgeous, and everybody stayed on message. And really, I think this is a step in the absolute right direction.

Oh, and also major thumbs up for all the pixie cuts- Michelle Williams, gorgeous Zoe Saldana, Kate Hudson (hated her dress- felt inappropriate but loved the hair). In an era where we have so much to do, no nonsense hair is a very sound idea. PS- I'm inspired by Michelle Williams and very much want to go platinum. Do I dare?

Oh, oh- one more thing. That L'Oreal commercial was cray cray. Poor Winona. I felt it was so off brand for her in the worst possible way. Just show her being real. That's what 2018 should be all about. Sure you can have gorgeous hair and expensive gowns, but if you're full of it, leave the stage. Time to get real. That's what I'm after.

Cause that's what's up this post Globes kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in getting real and taking care of business. Be like Oprah. Remind me again who runs the world? ;) XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1227051 2018-01-05T15:40:45Z 2018-01-05T15:40:46Z A funny exchange across the pond yesterday

Good morning, Friday.

So bomb cyclones. WTF? Such a suitable storm for our current "climate" in this country. Everything is so mental and cuckoo and, pardon my language, 'UGE.

I literally could not get out of my front door yesterday and Khan and I had to wait for David to get home from work to go out. It was not a cute look for us. And if you too were home from school or work yesterday, you no doubt watched the news and from the looks of things, we were all about to go down in a bomb cyclone brrrr of glory. Sure it was a bad storm and sure it snowed in weird places like Charleston but Jeez. Winter much, anyone?

Funny thing yesterday- I was emailing with a friend across the pond in the UK and was sharing an article about the bomb cyclone and how truly "bombastic" it all seemed. To which he replied:

"Oh, dear. That sounds intense. We're currently in the midst of 'Storm Eleanor'...but I don't think it's quite as dramatic as the Bomb Cyclone.  A harbour wall was knocked down and it made national news".

And there you have it, folks. In the US we have #BOMBCYCLONES! and in the UK, they have dear sweet Storm Eleanor, who can be a bit temperamental, but, in true English form, keeps calm and carries on. (Except for the harbor wall bit). Incidentally, when I was in England last February, I delighted in the morning news, which, compared to our version here, is positively delightful. Good Morning Britain had a particularly riveting story that almost made me miss my ride one morning- vigilante pigeons were taking over the country and pillaging chip shops and stealing crisps. Cheeky pigeons. Parliament actually met to discuss how to solve the problem. I'd appreciate an update if you have one, UK friends. But back to bomb cyclones.

I just found the exchange very funny. Just picture if you could the human form of a Bomb Cyclone vs. Storm Eleanor. Pretty much sums up the good old US of A right now, doesn't it? In my mind, the Bomb Cyclone is a strange shade of orange and has a rather bizarre combover. As for Eleanor, she carries a purse and is always up for a spot of tea. I was just reading about her carnage and it's not pretty, but still, it's just Eleanor being Eleanor. Cheeky monkey.

Cause that's what's up this bombed out in Brooklyn kind of Friday. Yours, in weather is in the eye of the beholder/reporter. XO
Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1226480 2018-01-04T15:06:52Z 2018-01-04T15:42:36Z New workout alert: Pilates is my old/new jam

Hello, Thursday.  It's a beautiful day in the bomb cycloneberhood. Crazy. Wind is positively howling and Khan and I are hunkered down.

So here's something. Everyone is headed to the gym these days as the calendar strikes 2018. It's inevitable really. And I've always been a consistent workout type of girl because it keeps me from going completely insane. It's true. A stronger, tighter bod is a bonus at this point in my life. 

I wanted to shout out my favorite new/old workout- new because I'm doing it at a new place but old because I used to do this form of exercise all the time, and it's Pilates. I have always loved it but prefer to do it on the Reformer (a machine that looks vaguely torture-like but is really a series of pulleys and strings for resistance training) vs. on the mat.  Remember when Pilates first became a thing in the late 90s? I used to go to re/ab in Nolita wayyy back in 1997, and got hooked on it from that point on. It's a workout that anyone can do, and it does wonders for any aches, pains, or posture issues. Super easy on the joints which is a plus for me these days. Cause my joints are a bit janky of late. 

In my Brooklyn neighborhood, Club Pilates (a chain)  has opened, and it's fantastic. As workout junkies know, Pilates classes can be super expensive, and this franchise has figured out how to bring down the price to $25 a class. That's less than Soul Cycle. Still expensive, but much better than the normal price. My classes rarely have more than 5-6 people and the teachers are super attentive. It is, without a doubt, a workout that is both challenging and therapeutic at the same time. I am LOVING it and want to do it as much as possible. It's not the type of workout where you walk out in a sweat, but the next day you will feel it. In all the right places. I'm hoping to go at least twice a week and supplement with my usual routine of spin, barre, and yoga. 2018. I'm branching out, yo. I do tend to get obsessed with a workout when it feels right, and I always get psyched when I pull myself out of an exercise rut when I find something new to do.

If you happen to have a Club Pilates in your neck of the woods, check it out- they have over 300 studios with many more scheduled to open. I know in the city they have a spot in Tribeca too, highly recommend this workout-  it stretches, tones, and works your core. It's all about that long, lean look, even if you dance more like Elaine Benes than a Fosse girl.  I trekked there this am in the snow (bonus for it being a block away from my apartment) and the workout was intense but enjoyable. Love the TRX training too, no doubt strengthening but feels so much better than lifting heavy weights. Oh and dudes (as if dudes read this blog), it's great for you too. Usually 50/50 mix of men and women in classes. Lots of athletes do pilates to heal from injuries and get stronger and more agile.  

So if you have a chance, check out this chain and get involved. Holler at me if you ever want to come to Cobble Hill and take a class with moi.  I think combined with other workouts it's perfection (yea, I know. Cardio. Ugh).

Cause that's what's up on this snow day of a Thursday in the borough of Brooklyn. Yours, in white out conditions and toned abs. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1225176 2018-01-02T15:51:07Z 2018-01-02T15:54:25Z Maven muse: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Good morning, pals. First day back at it. Fun innit? Oy.

So was watching a ton of tube this weekend and finally got the chance to watch a few episodes of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Prime and telling the story of a young Jewish woman who becomes a comedian and blazes some serious trails in 1950s New York. She's a rich Upper West Side type, with academic parents and a recent failed marriage. Needless to say, whenever there's a show about a sassy Jewish girl in New York,  I get a million texts from people telling me to watch it. It's good. Truly. Fun show. Created by the team behind the "Gilmore Girls". So good on that.

But truly the most important takeaway for me is the FASHION. OMG. It's stellar. Better than "Mad Men" even.

The year is 1958 (I have often said I would love to be in New York during the Beatnik/jazz years)  and the city is clearly divided into an uptown/downtown moment and women were also divided in terms of being a perfect housewife vs. finding true happiness and confidence.   I love how the wardrobe team straddles that divide. The clothes are so gorgeous, particularly the coats. I love the swing coats favored during that era- so stylish and beautiful.  It's all very Dior New Look, which lasted until the end of the 50s and then replaced by more straight suiting a la Chanel and then of course Givenchy's sack dress, which completely let it all go, literally. The wasp waist was over. And I'm sure women everywhere were able to breathe again. Literally. 

And speaking of Dior, many of her looks remind me of Raf Simons at Dior. Amazing. Oh and babydoll nighties. I love those. Particularly when worn with said swing coat (watch the show).

So I'm getting inspired by a fictional Jewish comedienne and her marvelous wardrobe. What's getting you out of bed today?

Cause that's what's up this downtown/uptown/upside down first day back at it in 2018. Yours, in  getting back in a New York groove.  XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1224734 2018-01-01T21:12:35Z 2018-01-01T21:13:11Z Why I'm resolution free in 2018 (and every year really)

Happy New Year, 2018. Woot. Bring it.

I'm not one for resolutions and admittedly a bit fly by my seat vs. big goalie in general (more Type Z than A all damn day), I thought instead of resolutions, I'd show you what most people on my feed are leading me to believe the new year will be all about.

  1. Everybody is going to be very thin.
  2. Everybody is going to be very fit.
  3. Everybody is going to be kinder and gentler.
  4. Everybody is going to fight harder.
  5. Everybody is going to love harder.

I'm not putting any judgement on these. But year after year I pore through people's resolutions and wonder the following:

Why can't we just chill the fuck out? It's the first day of the year. THE FIRST DAY.

Isn't it enough we just survived a year as auspiciously assholic as 2017? Is that not enough? Now we need to run away from carbohydrates and think about how we will fight the power?  No. CHILL OUT. BREATHE.

Just BE.

That's all I'm saying. Just BE for a minute. For a month. For a year. Forever.

Because I guarantee you if you just be and stop trying to beat your own personal best, you will be the following:





More loving

All of that and more. I can't tell you how. But if you stop working and fighting and hollering so hard and just be, all the stuff you want to do or want to become should most likely happen. As they should. As they may. As you wish. Just be it. You get it. Now do it.

And for that, I can tell you I easily went to the gym this morning, and more than easily allowed myself to just listen to music and relax and eat good fun while I worked on some work things at my leisure. Because I was just being. And not trying altogether that hard and there I was, doing all the things one "should" do on New Year's Day.  You're welcome.

So stop being so bloody resolute. Just be yourself and whatever will be, will, well you know. Oh and by the way, when I want something and put intention to it, it happens for me. But I'm patient in that process and don't need it all to happen when I say it should happen. You dig? 

Cause that's what's up this being the change kind of first day of the year in beautiful Brooklyn. 

Yours, in B-E-I-N-G. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1224461 2017-12-31T21:45:45Z 2017-12-31T21:48:08Z Bye, Felicia

Good afternoon, last day of this bloody awful year. See ya. Go on. Git.

Listen I haven't been posting much of late because, well, I've lacked the inspiration a bit and I've also lacked the time. 

And in lieu of a proper look ahead/reflective kind of post, I'd like to keep it short and sweet instead.

This year kicked our primordial ass. I'm not sure I can remember a year as nail biting, please wake me up from this nightmare, make it stop kind of feeling. I am so glad it's over and I can't wait to shut the door on 2017. I have never wanted anyone or anything or any year to leave so badly in my entire life.

And it's not just Trump, #metoo, Maria, Irma, or anything in the news. For me personally, it was beyond challenging. There were moments when i was sure I would never figure it out. I'm not sure I have yet but absolutely feel better than I did a few short months ago. One chapter is closing for sure, and I for one am ready to throw the book at 2017 and all of its weird, Mercury in peyote kind of cray cray.

So with that, I'll sit here in my leggings and rock tee and drink a glass or however many of Sancerre and cook up a scampi and quietly give 2017 the old heave ho. Bring it 2018. BRING IT. And no need to remind me of what I'm grateful for. I know all of this. All the more reason for this wretched wench of a year to go, go, go.

I'm not one for resolutions as you know so not really making any. The one that keeps gnawing though is the need to give more of myself, my time, and my money to good causes and those in need. I'm going to make good on that one for sure. Cause that's what's up this see ya, later alligator kind of New Year's Eve in this delightful city at the end of this G-d awful year.

Cheers to the new year. Please make it better than the last. See ya, sucker. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1220348 2017-12-22T15:09:47Z 2017-12-22T16:54:38Z A Maven Christmas Update

Good morning, Friday. It truly 'tis the season isn't it?

To be honest, Christmas can go either way for me. Yes I know I'm Jewish ha. But depending on my mind and mood, I either totally Scrooge it or go full Christmas. This year, thank goodness, it's the latter.

There's a couple reasons for my embrace of all things Claus.

First, we need Christmas more than ever. And by we I mean all of us. There's no sugar cookie coating it- this year has been an absolute beast when it comes to the zeitgeist and DNA of the USA. Whatever side you swing on, it's been a never a dull moment, natural disaster, terrorist attack,  #metoo, cuckoo crazy kind of year. A year of volatility, instability, and me constantly asking to nobody in particular "how is that legal?" Needless to say, a Christmas tree and some thoughtful gifts has set me straight. I needed that giving spirit of joy so very badly. And I was so happy to attend so many fun parties and celebrate with all of my near and dear.

Second, besides the state of the union in Washington, my own state has been, well, volatile to say the least. This year was one of the most challenging of my entire working life. Like so many of you, I put a great deal of heart and soul into my career, and this was a year to assess and think about making some major changes. I'm pleased to say I've been super focused on my writing and have been loving my time writing for a fantastic group of people and a wonderful brand. I love writing about skincare and beauty and have been having a sensational time. I'm looking forward to more of the same for the new year. And for the first time in a long time, I feel at home at work. That is a wonderful thing. Almost pinching myself. I'm at a point in my life and career where I felt an "adapt or die" moment happening and hopefully, it's the former. It's tough out there. We all know this. But I'm finally feeling stable and good about where I'm headed.

Third, with all of this insanity in the world, I'm super impressed by the spirit of giving to others less fortunate this season. I've found myself wanting to contribute more and more and as much as I can because at some points of the year, I did not feel able to give as much as I would have liked and that made me sad. Everywhere you look, there's Gofundme campaigns for incredible causes, and of course, my staples like the Humane Society, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU. You may not love working with millenials, but they are a charitable bunch and I love how their generous spirit has trickled down to all of us. I encourage you to give whatever you can- from your time to your money to however you can help those in need. We all have to do what we can and when we can.

Fourth, there's no place like New York for Christmas, my beautiful babies. This town is magical during the holidays. I'm working by Grand Central again and walking through that gorgeous building during the holidays is the loveliest. I haven't even minded the gridlock. The city truly comes alive during the holidays, and since it's been reasonably mild, it's been great to browse all the holiday markets around town. So many amazing makers selling unique things. I love to support small business so look forward to this every year. One big trend I've noticed- customizable luxury aka bring in your Louis Vuitton bag and have it painted with your initials, your pup's face, or whatever. I've seen this EVERYWHERE in the city- from sweatshirts to purses to army jackets. It's a lot of fun.

Fifth, the holidays are a time to enjoy, but also a time to reflect. I have drank and ate my way through the season and had a ball, but now it's time to treat my body less like Chernobyl and more like a temple.  I am looking forward to less splurge and more purge come January. And this applies to all areas of my life- less shopping, less imbibing, and more mindful indulging with more meaningful purchases like travel. That's just where I'm at. Today anyway. ;)

Just wanted to update you on the holidays and since everyone sends cards with updates on family, this is my version. I'm so in love with the holidays and hope you are all feeling the relief of 2017 ending. I feel it was a time of hitting bottom and correction and praying we will all feel some relief and peace in 2018. Buh bye 2017. Don't let the door hit ya...

Cause that's what's up this almost Christmas kind of Friday in the 212. Good vibes to all, and to all a good night. Yours, in jingling bells and red, shiny noses.  It's the most wonderful time of the year. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1219402 2017-12-20T15:02:27Z 2017-12-20T15:02:28Z Maven muse: Cate Blanchett in Ocean's 8 is pretty much everything and then some.

Good morning, Wednesday. Only a few days left till Christmas, y'all. May your days be merry and bright.

So I've been asked from time to time how I define my sense of style (really I have which is weird). 

I have a few settings- I go from 70s boho glam to 90s inspired minimal to rock and rollish. Those are my settings. And that's about it.I will say that my favorite of those and my most likely to default is the latter rock and roll setting. Because it allows one to always feel sexy, a bit tough, and definitely tomboyish. I'm a strong yes on all of those things.

And I'm also a strong yes (think Meg Ryan in 'When Harry Met Sally' type of yes) on Cate Blanchett's amazing look for "Ocean's 8", which releases in June and features an all female cast including Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, and all the cool chicks like Rihanna. The movie will most likely entertain but not be awesome but I care not. Because Cate Blanchett's style is so on point in this film. It's everything I like- from the hair to the rock tees to the menswear inspired silhouettes. Oh and leather. Lots of leather. And leopard. This is all I want for Christmas. And New Year's. And Valentine's Day. Well. you get my point.

Pick any one of these looks and you've got a winner for coolest kid in the class. It feels very Kate Moss/Marianne Faithful/Anita Pallenberg to me in the best of ways. British girls really do this look so very well. I do believe this is my new movie muse. How fab is she?

If you want to attempt this look on your own, purchase the following:

  • A leopard coat
  • Leather trousers
  • Rock tees (preferably vintage)
  • Keith Richards style arm party jewelry and chains for the neck, oh and thin scarves knotted at the neck of course
  • A well cut men's suit situation, preferably in velvet (emphasis on well cut- can't look mannish must be tailored PERFECTLY)

I kind of can't bear it. Plus that HAIR IS EVERYTHING. Choppy grown out bob vibes. Must be blonde too. So good.

I'm super inspired by these looks and they affirm everything I know about my own style DNA.  My genetic code skews highly rock and roll when it comes to all things fashion. And that's that.

Cause that's what's up this inspired Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in getting over the hump in style. 

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1216256 2017-12-13T21:11:36Z 2017-12-13T21:11:36Z You need this loose powder. Full stop.

Good afternoon, Wednesday. Have I got your attention? You really should read this.

If you are like me, pressed powder or powder at all can be a confounding step when it comes to sealing in your makeup. For me, powder can be drying and make my pores somehow look like moon craters, even though my pores are not huge in any way. It just usually cakes and doesn't work on me, and I've taken to using a finishing spray over powder because I never like the way it looks or feels.

Enter Kevyn Aucoin's Gossamer Loose Powder  into my life. I have to thank my girl Rahsan Memik over at Barney's in Brooklyn who turned me on to it when she was doing my makeup for an event.  If you ever need makeup for any kind of anything and you live close to or in Brooklyn, you must have her do your makeup. It's you but a little bit better. Never drag queeny. Never overdone. Just perfect skin and then some.

So she used this powder on me and I loved the glow it gave me and my makeup did not move all night (she mentioned it's a makeup artist fav so I always trust the pros). It's true I prep my skin with primer (Hourglass Veil Mineral  is still probably my favorite in that regard), but this loose powder is fluffy and light and absolutely lovely. I love the application- it's idiot proof and you'll never end up looking like a white walker. No chalky finish whatsoever. No weird pores. Just gorgeous, finished skin. Subtle. I live for it and most likely will never use another. Apparently it's got secret Japanese ingredients that are more veil than mask. And it's kind of silky smooth too. Ooh I love it THAT much.

Is it cheap? Nope. Most of the good stuff isn't as we all know. But I think it's going to last a while and I'm loving it to pieces. So if you're looking for some next level finished face time, go for this. You won't be sorry. And go buy it from my friend Rahsan at Barney's. She's the coolest Dutch woman you'll ever meet and she's funny as could be. I try not to laugh as she puts on my makeup but it's hard.

I know I've been a shite blogger of late but with all this workflow in my "work" life, I've been remiss in inspiring you, let alone myself. But I adore this product and thought you may be looking to treat yourself this season. So have it.

Cause that's what's up this Maven pick of a Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in powdery well pressed goodness and finished faces. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1212738 2017-12-07T18:03:01Z 2017-12-07T18:03:01Z For the time strapped and 70s obsessed: A great dress to throw on from desk to dusk (well priced as well)

Hey friends. Admittedly this week is going by in warp speed and I can't believe how close we are to the holidays. I need to take a breath and enjoy the season- I think there may be some window gazing along 5th Avenue in my future. I like to go at night when all the stores are closed but that's just me.

And because I'm so time challenged, I thought I'd share just one item I'm really crushing on today from a new fav, & Other Stories. I actually own this dress and am really enjoying it. It can be casual with a thin turtleneck layer and some high boots or you can glam it up with sky high platforms and lots of necklaces and bracelets and maybe even a faux fur vest.

To me, it screams 70s YSL, and that's my vibe this whole holiday season- think the Ballets Russes collection- some of those looks here. I love a luxe boho holiday moment. Feeling like I'm going back to my roots with this one but has that gold dust woman vibe I crave. I've been so into my 70s glam thing of late, but only if it has that slightly witchy, hippie edge. I know. It's weird. But that's what I'm digging on.

So there you have it. A candidate for best dress. Bonus points for being able to wear it to work and then gussy it up with accessories if you've got a party to jam to just after dark. Besos on this one. I love it. And it's super comfy too.

Cause that's what's up this just a little dress kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in gold thread and holiday cheer. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1211652 2017-12-05T17:26:31Z 2017-12-05T17:26:33Z Some things I miss

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm feeling something I don't often feel. As in really ever. But that feeling is nostalgia and though I tend to idealize a more forward motion always moving paradigm, today I'm feeling a pull toward the past.

Here's why.

I miss things.

I miss having real American heroes. Outlaws. Like Jimi Hendrix. Steve Jobs. Amelia Earhart. Rebels. Where are the rebels and thinkers that make this country great? Where is the lunatic fringe (and don't tell me they're now white supremacists. I can't bare that)? Where are the easy riders, the beautiful dreamers, the merry pranksters? Yea, hippies. I know. But I need some countercultural movement to transcend what's happening. And it needs to be uniquely American in the best of ways. Like Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner best of ways. Think different and such. Come on out to play. And give us some hope while you're at it.

I miss not being social. Yes the irony is not lost on me I'm sharing this with you on my blog. But sometimes, well many times of late, I'm finding social media completely exhausting. I love looking at people's lives, I hate looking at people's lives. I love to know what's happening, I hate to know what's happening. It's a toss up most days, really. And sometimes, I want to retreat in my little crab shell (I am a Cancer after all) and turn it all off. I know that's an option, ps. But FOMO. Sigh. What's a little crab to do?

I miss subtlety. Of language. Of thought. Of messaging. Everything is for dummies now. Hit me over the head with your BIG SALE. Bludgeon me to death with your BEST DEAL EVER. Tell me how OBSESSED you are with that lipstick. I can't. I do it. I know I do it. Remember how it felt when you were young and you kinda flirted with someone in the quietest of ways and they knew it and you knew it and nobody else did? Yea, that. I want that. More of that. Less of THIS!!!!!!!

I miss off the beaten path. Everything seems so mass to me now and if it's not it's still too much "a thing". I know I need to travel more but truly everything and everyone is so exposed and I'm always on the lookout for a diamond in the rough. Lately everything's a bit too glimmered and sparkled.  Give me some grit off the grid.

I miss decency. This one's real for most of us. I would hope. I truly and deeply and madly miss decency. With all the news of late, it's hard to wrap one's head around so much terrible behavior. Not to mention our Diablo in Chief. I can't take much more. We were once a fair, decent country who treated insiders and outsiders with respect. We treated our land with respect. We treated our allies with respect, and in some cases, our enemies. But damn. Did we ever? It's hard to remember if we ever did. But I feel like everything is so very off. I know. Thanks, Captain Obvious. I'm just pointing out that I want a return to basic human respect and decency. This seems too tall an order to summon but I want it. 

So I guess that explains why I've been listening to a lot of music from my youth and reconnecting with some old friends and thinking back to sitting around the kitchen table with my parents and feeling a good bit of teenage angst, but nothing quite like this. Make it stop. Maybe it's not so much I want things to be the way they were, I just don't like the way they are now. Can we find our way out of all of this chaos? I'm ready are you?  I'm still gonna listen to the Cure all day though. Just because.

And that's what's up this kinda sorta nostalgic but not really kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in wanting something new, or at least a return to some good old fashioned 'merican values. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1209871 2017-12-01T20:25:02Z 2017-12-12T04:52:39Z A part of my past is closing their doors (and I'm ferklempt)

Good afternoon, Friday. TGIFF.

So yesterday I heard the news that my former workplace, CP+B was closing their Miami office in March 2018. And man, did I get the feels. I wasn't expecting to have such a strong reaction, but apparently I wasn't the only one. I'm not alone in the realization that in the ad world, if you worked at CP+B at a certain period in time, it was truly game changing. Let me explain.

I chose a path in advertising and that path led me to Miami. Miami? Me? Ha. I know.

As many of you know, I spent a long chunk of time at CP+B Miami, where I had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented, hilarious, wonderful humans I have ever known, and for 7 years. I can't think of a work experience (with the exception of my time working in trends) that felt more transformative and important to my growth. For those who don't work in adland,  CP+B was THE PLACE to be for a good long stretch and I was so very lucky to have been there. Serendipitous to say the very least.  I'm class of 2004-2011 ps. What a bunch of misfit toys we were.

I learned a tremendous amount- about myself, about when to push, about fighting to protect great ideas. I have never seen so many badass people come together and make things together. We were all in on it and I'll tell you- it was hard as hard gets. I'm not going to pretend every minute was magic, because there were many straws that broke my back and I just walked around hunched over. But the pros far outweighed the cons and I will never, ever forget my time there. It was important. Exciting. And ultimately, the most fun I've ever had at work. And work we did. Constantly. But we loved it and it challenged every fiber of my being in the best of ways. So so thankful for those years.

Many of those who worked with me then are now lifelong friends. I was able to enjoy a healthy freelance career because of all the people i met there. We got each other. Spoke each other's unspoken languages. We laughed, cried, and everything in between. And damn- we could PARTY. It was an endless party really. Because we all needed the release. Some unforgettable moments there. I could write a book and so could many of you. And the fact that they're closing that office (keeping all others open of course) is so intense to me. A huge part of my history, and really pop culture history, is closing their doors. I know CP+B is still open and very much still standing, but it's more representational. It's a tough one. 

I hope some of you have had the opportunity to work for your heroes. There's truly nothing like that. To strive for better and better every day. To walk into a place feeling your heart race a bit because you had no idea what the day would bring. To pinch yourself from time to time because the work was that good. And that's what drives me and has always driven me- I admire and respect and worship great ideas and creativity. It has always been what moves and shakes me. And trust me, there was a whole lotta shakin' going on at that place. I'll never, ever forget it and am eternally grateful for it. My first week there involved standing on a rooftop on LA's skid row with Common. Stuff like that happened. And shooting the Burger King king in a heart shaped tub at Caesar's Pocono Palace. That happened too. As did the most challenging project of my career- transforming an entire city block in Philadelphia to a gigantic canvas for artists to live paint for HIV awareness. Amazing.

Now if anyone in leadership from CP+B happens to read this, PLEASE I BEG YOU. Throw a huge party and go out with the bang you deserve. I'll buy my plane ticket right now. As will so many of you out there. They have to invite Manny. From Jackass. Remember when he showed up? Yea, you do. And the empanada lady. And the Cuban coffee lady. And everyone who lived that life. 

Just another love letter to CP+B. Surely days that tried our souls but enriched them and enlivened them beyond belief. Got nothin' but love for ya. Cause that's what's up this reflective Friday in the 212. Yours, with love to the 305. Mad love. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1209496 2017-11-30T19:26:28Z 2017-11-30T19:28:53Z Breaking up is hard to do...

Good afternoon, Thursday. 

I have a few words. About one of my favorite stores. Which is about to become one of my least favorites. It pains me to say but COS- I have to break up with you. And I'm not sure it's me. I think it's you. 

In the past, we had fun on many minimalist adventures. I discovered your wares when I was in Paris and continued to visit you every time I was across the pond. I am still wearing a blazer I got in London pretty much into the ground. I loved you that much. I belllowed your praises from many a rooftop. 

But that was then.

I think Rebekka Bay leaving was a turning point for you, and a bad one at that (she's at Uniqlo now). And moving to the States. I prefer you all exotic and cool and in Europe. Now that you're here in New York, let's face it- you're not as cute as you used to be. In fact, you kind of look like an Orthodox Jewish woman now. And not in a good way. Though I am a fan of modest fashion, some of your looks are straight up dumpy. And I don't do dumpy.  Or truly, just plain weird. Don't get weird on me, babe.

A word about some of the weird shapes you've been putting on the floor. I tried on a few pieces today in midtown and man. I felt like a Mummenschanz (see the green things above). I'm not sure what the weird volume at the hips is about, or the sheer weight of some of the dresses that just don't lay right when they are made out of horse blanket. I tried and I tried and I tried, tried, tried. And no satisfaction. None at all. In fact, I got stuck in one dress for a minute and completely panicked. You're literally suffocating me. What in the f'ing f? 

Can you take it back to something a bit more classic and minimal and spare? Although I admire the architectural shapes, I'm not sure mere mortals can pull them off. So for that reason, I'm hanging out with your somewhat sexier, more trend focused sister. Oh, heyyyy & Other Stories. I'm talking to you. I'm even willing to hang with your much younger sib, H&M. I can find fun trendy pieces in there and score big time. Plus that Erdem collection was my jam. But you? Until you return to any semblance of your former self, I just gotta quit  you. Au revoir, COS. I may drunk dial you up from time to time. But for now, I gotta move on. You've become a tricky business. And for that, I'm OUT.

Cause that's what's up this breaking up is hard to do kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in moving on. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1209294 2017-11-29T16:48:43Z 2017-11-29T16:49:46Z Maven pick: Try a coppery eyeshadow for a bit of Christmas cheer

Hello and good morning, Wednesday.  We're officially in holiday full tilt and with many back to back parties and happenings, it's hard to keep up. When it comes to party dressing for 2017, it's all about velvet this season as well as star or galaxy printed dresses and mules. But since you probably already knew all that, how about when it comes to makeup?  I'm seeing red. Rust. Copper. Let me explain.

I'm a redhead again and have been for some time (more of the copper variety). I find myself drawn to colors that compliment red hair- from my bronze/coppery nail color to makeup. That's why I was drawn to the latest Nakeds palette, called "Naked Heat". It's full of colors that feel new to me- warm browns, burnt siennas, coppery hues that give a new read on the smoky eye. Match that with some deep red pencils to line the top lid and you're all kinds of set. I know, it's definitely a departure and there is the risk of looking completely nuts or look a guinea pig, but trust me- it works. Love it on Hazel eyes but would work well on all eye colors and skin tones. You can go heavy and smoky or light and fresh. Both looks are great.

I took two shades this am to play with- a lighter base shade and then used the copper for all around the crease and boom. It's pretty and fresh and new. I like it loaded up with black mascara for some volume and definition. You can keep the rest of your face fairly neutral and clean with a bit of gloss or you could even do a sheer red lip or something darker. Love this look and perfect for the holidays for a bit of a change. 

Get it here and enjoy. Oh and grab these two liners- this one called Torch and this one called Alkaline. So perfect with the whole look. (Alkaline a bit deeper but both would work well to line the top of the eye).

Just a little tip from me to you. Enjoy your holiday season and play with makeup for a bit of a change. Cause that's what's up this coppery Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in heating things up. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1208698 2017-11-27T16:34:24Z 2017-11-27T16:34:25Z Five trends for retail/online shopping this Cyber Monday

Good morning and Happy Cyber Monday to you. I don't know if you got the menu or not- BUT EVERYTHING IS ON SALE. 


I'm not going to pretend I hate to shop, or that I don't enjoy a great deal. But seriously? The barrage. The superstorm. The desperation. I can't be the only person feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of things on sale can I? I am craving an experience where I can look at 10-15 things. Tops.  I am so fatigued from looking at sites offering endless discounts. I'm bored to death and completely over it.

So for me, this must be indicative of a trend we'll spot in the next year or so- a return to a more civilized shopping experience. Here's what I can picture happening:

Microsites- Think big retailers like the Gap and Best Buy doing smaller, more well curated (sorry about that word) sites that cater to people who want a) special things and b) less things. That's why I also think shopping direct from Instagram is so big and will continue to be so- it's a buy this one item right now kind of vibe. I like that. I want to look at less, and think this will be something to look for in the years to come.  I do love what Garmentory is doing of course- love all the indie boutiques on one site, but again- even that is overwhelming.

A return to retail- I think many of us are feeling like it's almost more stressful sometimes to shop from home where our eyeballs are about to explode from screen fatigue. Sure Amazon is a great destination for all things mass and quick, but do think there's a huge chance in retail to stand apart and be special. From stores opening more local items and smaller batched things to creating "experiences" in store, I think retailers have a big chance to offer a reprieve from all things online.  Think private appointments and special rewards for great customers.  Also gyms and boutique will see a big uptick in retail sales - think shop and sweat moments where friends who spin together shop together too.

A focus on small- Sure this has been happening forever with the whole shop local thing. But I can imagine bigger brands getting in on the action by producing smaller, more capsule like collections of things for those with more discerning tastes that don't want what everybody else has got. Look for a new kind of pathos where smaller feels better. Think next step of brand collaborations where the smaller quantities offered feel more special, premium, and exclusive.

Destination shopping- Yes, we have online destinations where I love to shop for particular things but look for cities to make shopping a huge part of their "brands" as we look for ways to consume in new ways. Take the Ace Hotel in New Orleans opening up a pop up of very indie and small Freda, a great shop I found in Marfa and fell in love with while I was there. I can see this continuing- with more and more small businesses that help promote a city's brand DNA. Shinola in Detroit is another great example and I imagine there will be more- El Cosmico in Marfa also a great example, where the destination is very much the brand, with great merchandise to go with it.

Next gen curators as shopkeepers- Since we are all searching for the best stuff but feeling bored or overwhelmed by looking for it, the next generation of cultural curators will offer shopping services- whether it's by the hour research or sites built out of a collection of favorite pieces, curators will be the new shopkeepers of cool, particularly online but also in pop ups around town. Also think of Garance Dore's collection around her recent retreat offered in Morocco. Love the idea of collections around travel, experiences, etc. 

So that's where my head is when it comes to shopping 2.0. What do you see as a result of all of these crazy sales and Cyber deals and steals? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Cause that's what's up this Cyber Monday in New York City. Just as we were talking, a Balenciaga Moto boot disappeared from my Barneys Warehouse cart. Yours, in missed opportunities whilst trendspotting. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1206868 2017-11-22T16:19:25Z 2017-11-22T18:48:37Z Ubiquitous Thankful post

Good morning, Wednesday. A Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. May you enjoy this holiday and surround yourself with all you are grateful for. Oh, and eat lots of pie. That too.

I guess I'm grateful for not having the time to write on this blog. Let me explain.

For the past month and a half I've been writing full time freelance. It has been wonderful. I'm working with a beauty brand on some of their holiday efforts as well as a ton of editorial for a website relaunch early next year. I am amazed. Because finally I am happy at work. Something I have longed to say for many, many years.

Is it perfect? Nope. But I am so thrilled to be writing for a living that the pros far outweigh the cons. For years, I've been a producer, and a decent one at that.  But with the world changing and some family stuff happening, I've been rethinking what I want (really forever now) and production is not necessarily it. I am so loving being creative for a living my heart is full.

I've spent a lifetime hustling, obsessing about success, and trying to figure out how to have all the stuff I thought I wanted- nice stuff. But stuff nonetheless. It's true I may not be rolling in the dough any time soon, but I'm happy. I stress about money. But I'm happy.  I've felt something missing my entire career. Though I have loved production many times over (the people, the places, the thrill of problem solving), I've grown a bit tired of saving the day. Every day. And since my true soul has always yearned a creative path, here I am. I honestly can't believe it's taken so bloody long to get here. But I'm here. And I'm grateful.

I'm not sure how long this gig will last (I hope a while). But what I have learned is that no matter what, I need to focus on writing and creativity- more in 2018 than ever. It doesn't mean I'll never produce again, but for now this is my focus. And I'm eternally grateful for a focus. In the New Year I plan to mix up my offer a bit to include some personal styling services- more on that soon. I'm revamping some things but look for that in the new year- and if you want to get started now with some fun finds, call me. Write me. Smoke signal me. I'm here to help you get dressed. I'll even help you with makeup and skin if that's your need. I'm here for you. I'm up for that kind of save the day, ps. That's just fine with me.

So really as this year is ending and I think of the future, I'm giving in to my desires and shifting gears to go from sometimes writer to most of the time writer. Oh and as for this blog- I've been shite at keeping it up lately. But that's probably because I've been writing steadily every day at work, which leaves little time for this. I'm not abandoning ship, I'm just making a few less stops along the way.  Let me try to fix that as the year comes to a close.

Cause that's what's up this T Day eve kind of Wednesday in the 212. I'm grateful for my beautiful family and for all of you. And of course, for little dogs called Khan. Hoping you see some light and gratitude at this somewhat dark juncture in the good old US of A. I'm glad I can still find things to be thankful for. Yours, in finding the light as I write. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1205729 2017-11-16T17:12:16Z 2017-11-16T17:15:58Z A sweet little tale of sickness, straight from my bed

Hi, there Thursday. Busy day today but thought I'd take some time out and tell you a little story.

I've been sick this week with a bad cold and an even worse sore throat. You know the kind of sick when you can't even summon the energy to watch television? That's the one. I've also gone from absolutely ravenous in the earlier part of the week to being absolutely revolted by all food but So Delicious almond milk ice cream, Cookies and Cream flavor, naturally.  David's been out of town so I stayed put for a few days, but decided to go back to the office yesterday, which probably was a terrible idea. I truly just wanted to stare into space and embrace my ice cream only diet, but oh well. 

Last night when I got home, I started feeling worse. So after finally being able to watch some housewives in New Jersey yell at each other in menopausal spasms, I knocked myself out with NyQuil. And Unisom. I'm a horse. It takes a lot to put me down. I can't help it. Plus after watching Siggy Flicker one needs something strong. She's cuckoo.  I'm also very concerned about Theresa Guidice's lipstick. SO WET. Why? It makes me nervous. And Dolores and the ex who Darwin clearly forgot about. I can't. 

So Khan and I crawled into bed early and damn if he didn't start a crazy coughing fit at around 5 this morning, while the rain came down out my window. I don't know if any of you have a smallish pooch, but they do this reverse sneeze thing that is just nuts. So he started coughing, and then I started coughing. Coughing so hard I scared myself, and him. After I rubbed his neck for what seemed like an eternity (that's what you're supposed to do, as well as bonk them lightly on the top of their head), he stopped coughing. And then I kind of stopped coughing. And then he passed out in my arms. Literally. And we slept until the alarm went off about an hour later. It was the most delightful moment of the week.

Cool story, huh? That's about what I'm working with this week. Truth is- this writing for a living leaves little time for this blog, which is unfortunate. And I'm also so super bummed about the country it's hard for me to think straight. Oh and I've been hacking up small nations of phlegm. That's been a delight. And that Motorhead sweatshirt I've been wearing every night has magic powers when I'm under the weather. But soon it probably needs to get washed or it's going to stage a coup.

I bring up the story not because I want you to make a link between dog sneezes and human coughing, but because there is simply nothing better than a dog snuggle when it's raining outside and the alarm is not due to go off for another hour or so. We were there for each other last night and I suppose that's all a girl could ask for. Actually somewhat grateful David was in LA- it wasn't cute last night and sure he would not have appreciated the emotional journey Khan and I took last night. Can't wait to see what this evening brings. Oh also- NEVER get chicken soup from Fairway. It's absolutely awful. How could a New York institution muck up chicken soup? I know, right? Disgusting.

So lest you think I'm living some sort of glam life where I'm bouncing around town, I'm not. At all. But at least Khan's great company. Truly grateful for that little guy. And David comes home in the middle of the night tonight so excited to see him too. Last time he did that, Khan started barking like a lunatic and almost gave me a heart attack. Prepped for another late night party tonight too. ;) Oh how I wish my throat would stop feeling like target practice for a knife throwing club. 

Cause that's what's up this scourge of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in dog spoons and non dairy ice cream. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1205200 2017-11-14T13:44:24Z 2017-11-15T01:01:10Z When more is not more (and less could very well be better)

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm WFH today as I'm sick with that nasty cold that seems to be going around.  So much to do but sometimes you need to take care of yourself, right?

So yesterday all of my winter clothes came out of storage and ugh. I hate them all. It's so bad. I'm not much for shopping right now but damn if I'm not in my very own style rut. At times like this, I find myself reaching for something that feels more like a uniform- lately I've been wearing a lot of tights and dresses so guess I'll just stick to that. I can't seem to wrap my head around my own look right now. Oh well.

Also- my workouts. I am in the worst workout rut and not sure how to get out of it. I've been a barre devotee for years and now I'm finding myself not as into it. I still like spin but can't do it every day. Looking for a major switch up in that department as well.

And truly, finding inspiration of late for this little blog has been challenging. On the glass is half full side- I've been writing almost full time for a freelance job which has been absolutely wonderful. On the half empty side, I don't feel like writing for myself as much when I'm doing it for a living.

And therein lies the issue.

I have a tough time really taking care of myself. Sure I spend gobs of money on self care or intended self care like hair, makeup, good skincare, etc. But that's not really self care now is it? Lately this has come up for me because my mom has needed some attention and I felt for the first time in forever I needed to really be there for her, be present for her. I have always put work first and family second. That's a terrible thing to say, but it's true. I realized this past month how life has a funny way of showing you what's most important. I know that sounds cliched, but it's real. I think when a parent needs you it puts your own life in perspective, and right now I realize I need to listen to my body and self. I need to take a sick day when I don't feel well. I need to find a new workout situation that makes me feel great again. And I need to not bite off more than I can chew every single day of the week. Because I need to keep working but I also need to keep doing my own stuff- working out, writing here, discovering some new sources of joy.  I quit my art class because I couldn't find the time, and that's stupid.

Not sure where I'm going with all of this but I've been little Ms. Meh of late and I want to change that. Probably does not include a wardrobe change though. I'm sticking with what I have for now because I'm not interested in more. I'm interested in less, but better.And that applies to all areas of my life- don't need to work out like a lunatic six days a week and don't need to make myself crazy wondering what's next.

And lest you think I'm contradicting myself by saying I need to take care of myself when I just said I need to take care of my family, you're wrong. I need to be strong and healthy and not bury myself in stuff that I shouldn't be sweating when "real life" is calling. It doesn't mean I don't care about work, it just means I need to make some space for family and for myself. That's all.

Cause that's what's up this friends and family first kind of Tuesday in the 718. Yours, from under the duvet. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1204493 2017-11-10T18:27:18Z 2017-11-10T18:27:19Z Maven trend watch: All lined up and ready for the cold, the denim edition

Good afternoon all and Happiest of Fridays to you. Funny I wrote that post yesterday and not one man wrote to me. And then just a few hours after I posted, the Louis C.K. news broke. Oy. 

But I'm not here to discuss any more of this with you right now because I want to talk about how cold it's gotten outside. My winter clothes are still in storage and I'm not getting them back till Monday. This weekend should be interesting with my Summer wardrobe. #closetfail

Sometimes when you peruse sites and stores, you sense trends very quickly. One such is a return to the sherpa lined denim jacket a la River Phoenix in "My Own Private Idaho". Sure his is cord but I love it in denim. VERY 90s.  Love it. I had one that I loved so much, though my favorite was a Seven tan cord jacket with a snap front and sherpa lining that was just so cool. Where did that jacket go? No idea.

But here are a few lovely lined denim options- so many price points and styles to choose from. Hopefully you'll get your newly frosty mitts on one. I'm kind of feeling the Marc Jacobs for a change of pace/new take on the trend. Though I do adore the Madewell number- very true to the 90s versions.

You pick which you like:

The J. Crew version is classic and cool and well priced.  A bit oversized and swingy for maximum comfort. I dig.

This one from Marcelo Burlon County of Milan is far from cheap- just to show you how high end it can all get with trends these days, and then we can easily dial it down. 

Here's the Marc Jacobs version I told you about- love its slightly more stylized take. Unique. 

This gal from Paige is good times. So glam.

I can't do a denim post and not shout out the Gap. Consistently a denim jacket go to for years and years. Glad they still got it. Love the moto vibes.

This one from Madewell is classic and fabulous. Probably the best pick if you want to stay true to a more 90s grungy kind of moment. 

And always look to Urban Outfitters for great trend hacks. Solid choice. Love the lighter wash. And bonus points because it's Levi's.

So if you're in the market for a denim update and looking to stay warm, boom. You got it. Cause that's what's up this lined up kind of Friday in the chilly city of New York. Yours, in keeping it cozy. XO

Sheri Rosenberg