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Good morning and TGIF. It's been a long week but looking forward to some major league friend time this weekend. 'Tis the season.

I was thinking about how much I love Christmas and have written here about my Christmas envy, considering I'm Jewish. My sister and I have always joked about it- she is partial to a more Irish Catholic kind of Christmas (think Kennedys) and I've always been partial to a more over the top Italian/Dyker Heights/Feast of the Fishes mystique. But I digress. Because Jews can't do Christmas. Even if we try.

Case in point. This year i bought a fairly legit Christmas tree. Not huge, but not tabletop either. David and I put some music on and dressed the tree with some ornaments purchased locally- pretty gold star things and some small gold balls, and of course lights. I was going for more tasteful and restrained than my Italian Christmas obsession, but alas- the tree is cute, but doesn't quite cut it when it comes to Christmas miracles. Here's a picture of it. I just don't know how to make it great. I have no real frame of reference. I didn't grow up with Christmas and I'm a little long in the tooth now to learn.

My sister sent me this picture the other night. That's me. And my very 70s coiffed dad. And yes, that's some Christmas decor in the background. Apparently there were stockings. Since I was too young to remember this now, I rely on my sister's recall to regale me with tales of Christmas's (how do you pluralize this?I can't even do that) past. 

According to her, this was the first and only time we did Christmas at my house. My dad put up some festive wrapping paper on the wall in our den, think wallpaper vibes. Fairly clever if you ask me, although obviously not tasteful. My sister told me my dad STAPLED our gifts to the wall. Stapled? Who does that? My dad. That's who. He also used to nail picture frames to the wall. I guess he really wanted things to not fall down. Also the obvious omission was a tree. Thus the stapled to the wall gifts, including that sexy Spirograph you see. Maybe the tree was too goyish. Probably. As I looked at this picture, my sister reminded me how very happy I was. I must admit, I do look fairly chuffed. She then told me she unwrapped the Spirograph and put it on my head.  Also what's with the undershirt, pops? Ah, the holidays.

Yesterday I was at my local nail salon, fixing a botched pedicure. My nail ladies are Jews from Uzbekistan. My neighborhood is traditionally Italian American and requires more than a bit of Christmas cheer, so the woman who runs the place had her husband, who sports a huge star of David around his neck, putting up Christmas decor.   I watched as his befuddlement turned to frustration. How was he supposed to know what to do with all this tinsel, lights, and green and red objets? He gave up on the decor, after some cursing in Russian and sweating, and just sort of spread the accessories through the salon, in sort of weird bas reliefs vs. hanging them properly. It was sad to say the very least. As sad as my botched pedicure.

Now of course there are BIG exceptions to my thesis. I have a friend who lives in a super posh part of Boston, in a beautiful storybook home. Her Christmas tree appears to come out of a Currier and Ives painting. I think this is because she's surrounded by old monied Wasps. Perhaps they showed her how. Or she hired someone to decorate it, though not likely. PS her last name is Cohen. I'm not entirely sure how she pulled it off but yamulkes off to her.

Also my aunt does a gorgeous tree, though her husband, who converted to Judaism, grew up with Christmas so they have a more than slight aptitude and advantage to us 100% Ashkenazi types. This was one of her trees a few years back, with my sister's very non Jewish dog, Rosie sitting by it. Nice, right?

And though we pretend to love that crappy Adam Sandler Hannukah song and enjoy our stinky, fried latkes, no dreidl could substitute for a proper tree. A spinning top vs. a Douglas fir? Nope. Not even close. And with Christmas becoming more and more of a secular holiday, maybe we can all become experts on decor. Is there a master class I can take? I prefer to be better prepared next year. After all you can take a horse to water, but can you teach a Jew Christmas? The jury is still out. Oh and for those keeping score- guess where I'll be Christmas Day? On a plane to Israel. Oh, the irony. 

Cause that's what's up this most wonderful time of the year kind of Friday in Brooklyn. Yours, in yuletide carols and silent nights.  Oh, and Happy Hannukah. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1350565 2018-12-05T15:03:27Z 2018-12-05T15:04:57Z Gift guide: Free People's got something for all your lady pals

Good morning, pals. It feels so good to be sharing on the blog again. I love discovering new things and showing you all of them. And today is no exception. Because the stress of holiday shopping is real. And because Free People has so many amazing options on ONE SITE- you could literally buy something for every female (and pet) on your list and have fun doing it. I love love love what they're doing online- super smart mix of high, low, and everything in between - well curated between beauty, fashion, and home. Such good things. Here's a few of my favorite gift ideas for all the archetypes in your life. 

For the hippie chick: This piece is called the Rising Sun kimono and it's RAD. We all know a girl with long layers and a sunshine vibe that needs this. So cool for lounging, brunching, anything really. Probably best for gals in LA but that's just my two cents. SO GOOD.

For the weather obsessed cool chick: Inuikii classic weather boot- OK- caveating the crap out of this one- these are EXPENSIVE. But how cool is a red boot like this to give a lil color pop when it's so grey outside? Just love these so much. Want them for myself. I am weather obsessed after all. Dark Sky much? 

For ankle poppers:The cutest socks- Love all of these as I'm having a bit of a sock renaissance in my life (I usually hate wearing socks but lately loving them with a low top van and some ankle showing). So many cute options- and five for $30 makes for a stylish and useful gift.

For the astrologically inclined: How CUTE is this idea? Love a beauty set that focuses on the zodiac signs- there are four varieties for water, earth, air, and fire from Pai Skincare, a great clean beauty brand.  So awesome and such a thoughtful gift.

For the dog lover: I mean- this is so good. How can you not love a collar like this? Her pooch will be the toast of the town. Kimono lady would probably like this too, ps.

For the sorceress: Yes, we all know one. And it seems that witchy poo things are in right now amidst so much chaos. This book should hit the spot. Put a spell on her with this gift.

For the warm and fuzzy type: Know someone who loves to cuddle and get cozy? This beanie is so cute. It's the accessory equivalent of comfort food. Such a pretty and warm statement.

For the design inclined coffee lover: Owning a french press is a bit of a hipster right of passage. This one is chic. I love the burnt orange one and any of your say -architect/graphic design types would dig this, I'm sure of it. Perfect for any Brooklyn brownstone or beyond.

For the fashionista party girl: To know one is to love one. And chances are she's always looking for something new to wear. This sparkly dress should make any disco queen happy.  Who doesn't love a new dress? Party girl suitors reading this- buy the dress, and then take her to a fabulous date so she can wear it. You're welcome.

For the freelance work from home/couch potato lady: If you know someone who watches CNN all day while working on her laptop (yours truly basically), a jumpsuit is a great way to be dressed but undressed. You could easily throw on a cardi over this number and make a Starbucks run, or you could simply chill inside, basking in the glory of your so called freelance life. Just a thought.

So there you have it- all the things. And many more to be discovered for all your favorite chickadees. Get on it, and have at it. Cause that's what's up this free to be kind of Wednesday in the Jerz.  Yours, in great gifts. XO


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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1350045 2018-12-04T14:54:08Z 2018-12-04T19:36:41Z The Beauty Issue: Five products I'm loving this December

Good morning, Tuesday. It's been a while since I've shouted out any beauty products, so here's a few new doo dads I've been enjoying of late.  It's the holiday season and it's time to get the product mix right when it comes to personal gifting. Yes, that's Anja Rubik shot by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany a few months back. But don't you just? I know. Me too.

Here are a few high and low things for the holidays- leopard coat and boots not included.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. OK maybe I saw some young influencer type waxing poetic on Instagram stories about this. Maybe she's about 23. But maybe I found her post intriguing enough to try this product for myself- and boy, do I love it. Fabulous, low cost concealer. Does a dark circle good. Or bad as it were. Really brightens the under eye area beautifully. That packaging though....get your mind out of the gutter. And I'll get mine out of it too. ;)

Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray. THIS. A cross between a dry shampoo and a re-styler- it's the best thing EVER to remove your ponytail bump post barre class or just give a bit of zing to a tired, day old hairstyle. I'm obsessed with it and used it between washings on my shoot and it was an absolute lifestyle. Gives just the right amount of texture and crunch. So good.

Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara. Oh hells to the yes this may be my fav mascara of all time. Thickens and almost allows for a naked eye if you're so inclined (only thing you really need for your eyes to not look dead). I love this product. I think mascara is all about the wand and love this wand/brush so much- easy to apply and gives max volume and thickness. Great. I gotta say- Chanel really knocks it out of le parc every time lately when it comes to beauty. Amazing products and lots of fun launches.

Essie Leggy Legend. So lately I've taken to 70s hues when painting my nails. I'm LOVING this color- a copper that goes well with my tresses and just has that rock and roll 70s feel that I love so much. And festive in its own right for the holidays.

Aesop body oil. I've always been a big fan of Neutrogena's body oil but this version, though certainly more spendy, is just so lovely. The scent is vaguely medicinal but in a chic, hippie homeopathic way. And it's great when you just get out of the shower and want to protect against winter skin because it's Vitamin E enriched and super nourishing. Highly recommend.

So there you have it- a few of my favorite things for December and excellent self gifting opportunities to boot. You're welcome, darlings. 

Cause that's what's up this beauty-ful morning in NJ (again). Yours, in products make the world go 'round. XO

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Good morning, Monday. I'm working on a new writing project right now which should be really fun and I'm happy to be working through the holidays. For some reason, I love working through Christmas because it's a nice way to end the year. And as some of you know, I'm off to Israel on Christmas Day with my husband and his family. Looking forward to that.

Anyhoo, nostalgia much? I'm not sure what's happening in fashion (besides some bonafide desperation), but feels like we only go backwards now. Case in point- the Marc Jacobs redux of his now infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis back in 1992 (still at the top of the post is from the original collection). We all know this collection was a precedent setting, groundbreaker fo the designer, but to re-release it feels a bit- hmm. Not sure. Although I am fully onboard for that Doc Martens collab he's doing. Must haves. But seeing that baby cardigan and slip dress combo made me feel stuff. Good stuff, but not sure I can wear it again stuff. I do have a bit of a rule that if I was old enough to rock the trend the first time, I may not go there again. 90s minimalism is of course exempt from this rule- because it's classic and always works. But everything else? Ya. Pretty much. And just so you know- I didn't wear Docs AT ALL growing up- even though I was a moody, suburban art school chick with an asymmetrical bob back in the day. Link to a great article from the CUT here as well as a link to shop. 

Husband, if you're reading- those Docs for the holidays would make a great gift for your former art school wifey. ;)

Then last night I caught some pre-Fall Versace. And guess what? Not only is the eponymous safety dress back, but so is the infamous J. Lo plunge neck, worn by Amber Valletta back in the day (the year 2000 to be exact) on the original runway, and now, yet again on the most recent turn. You better work. She's major. And breaks all my rules. Love the new print,  I must admit.

But does this nostalgia feel like an homage of sorts or is it just lazy, repurposing? And is it chicer to rock the original, now vintage version or procure the new iteration? I don't know the answer but look for brands to continue to re-release the classics- Gap- if you're listening- you would be SMART AS F to redo the khaki spot that made you famous and redo the khaki for a new generation. My two cents. I guess there's a market for everything old being new again. I'm just not sure if it simply is not for me because it makes me feel ancient or whether I find it annoyingly derivative. Does teen spirit smell great the second time? I dunno. You tell me. I have a feeling this is going to be a big trend considering the very precarious times in which we're living- does doom and gloom and despair lead to nostalgic impulses? Yup. Think so. Let the good times roll.

Cause that's what's up this here we are now, entertain us kind of Monday in New Jersey (don't ask). Yours, in second time around. XO

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Good morning, Thursday. As I've mentioned, I've got some time on my side right now so I'm going to do all I can to indulge in a bit of self care and work out and eat well. It's a lot easier when your only options to work out are 6 am or 7 pm. I don't love either of those so I'm feeling happy to be able to get a workout done at 9:30 in the morning. Feels very luxurious. 

And with so many of us traveling for the holiday season, I thought I'd give you a few ideas for some great ways to stay fit on the road, or some great gifts for avid travelers who like to stay in shape. That's model Irina Shayk up there working it out in her hotel room for Vogue, but if you're a mere mortal without a stellar gene pool or metabolism, fear not. You can still get involved.

I bought this snazzy Manduka yoga mat for my recent Cali trip and I loved it. It's much better than the Lululemon version and packs beautifully in your suitcase and is super lightweight though still feels substantial enough to do yoga in your hotel room. 

On that note, I'm OBSESSED with Dirty Yoga and it's been my dirty secret for a while. Don't be fooled by the name- it's totally G rated but the workout is pretty hardcore. This is not "woo woo" in any way- it's strictly a getitdone situation that many true yogis may scoff at because it lacks a single lick of spirituality, but I love it. You can choose from a variety of workouts and since it's a streaming subscription model, all you need is an internet connection and a mat. And there you go. It's challenging as could be and no workout is longer than 45 minutes so you can really fit this in on a busy schedule. When I'm traveling for work or play, I'll hit them up for a no nonsense great workout.

I also love that today's boutique fitness spots have locations everywhere. Soul Cycle has seemingly invaded the world, as has Orange Theory and Barry's and any number of studios. You all know I have big love for Pure Barre, my go to workout for the past few years. I'm currently loving their new Reform class, which is a riff on the classic class and incorporates more strength training, as well as their cardio focused class, Empower. I love checking out their studios when I'm away from home- I went to the North Hollywood location a few weeks back as well as the Center City Philly location last weekend. Genius. I love Pure Barre so much- always a welcoming environment and always a challenging workout. They also have an at home version of the workout you can do anywhere, but I do love going to the studio- the workout is the same but each studio has their own local flavor.

As far as wardrobe goes, I'm super into this sweatpant/legging hybrid from Beyond Yoga. They're fleece lined and super duper comfy- you could wear them to a class or you could wear them on a flight. They're cute as heck and I love 'em.  

Also I'm so pleased to see my favorite workout tanks are back online at American Apparel and for 8 bucks! I love their racerbank tank more than anything- and I wear them all the time to work out and under blazers as well. A great layering piece that's also cool on it's own. Highly recommend. Of course, I do the basic black version. That's how I roll at the gym- loads of black and black alone. An occasional printed pant but always black on top. I'm weird like that. This post confirms my vampire aesthetic when it comes to workout clothes. 

Oh, and if you're in the market for a coat that can battle the elements, check out these amazing options on Nike.com. 

I can't get enough and I am the proud owner of this full length bad boy above. It's warm as could be and I literally walked the dog today in a tank top and leggings and was nice and toasty. The prices are decent and they are perfect sporty options for cold days and walks to the studio of your choice.

Y'all didn't know I was such a sport did ya? Cause that's what's up this jock rock of a Thursday in the 718. Yours, in getting physical. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1348323 2018-11-28T14:13:33Z 2018-11-28T14:17:24Z Retail alert: Five affordable sweaters to wrap up the holidays from H&M

Good morning, pals. Happy Hump Day and though I'm on a bit of a shopping sabbatical, that doesn't mean I can't share some great deals with you post Black Friday/Cyber Monday blah blah blah. And since it's most definitely sweater weather, I thought it would be fun to share with you some amazing sweater steals from H&M. Full disclosure- I don't wear a ton of sweaters. If you have not lived in New York, you don't know from the unique brand of cold we have here, but you also don't know from the extraordinary amount of heat pumped through old radiators and heating systems in office buildings, restaurants, and unfortunately, one's own home in an old brownstone in Brooklyn. Wear sweaters in the winter here? Sure. Just be prepared to wear a tee shirt underneath so you can peel it off once that bikram building heat comes for you. I'm presently wearing a tank top in my apartment so there you have it. Ooh and also- the itch. Of wool. I can't.

But punishing fake heat aside, have a look at these great pieces, all super reasonably priced. Good sweaters are often very expensive- and I'm in favor of purchasing a great and expensive sweater or two per season, but these fun pieces won't break the bank and feel very aligned with the holidays. So here we go.

I love this oversized Fair Isle that looks super comfy and soft and itch free. I love it with leather leggings or tights. So good.

Brown is my favorite hue for clothing, besides black of course. I adore brown and it's a color that is super hard to find- so a sweater in this hue is always a good thing. Love it with jeans or anything else at all.

I'm not one for cropped sweaters but I know it's a great look for certain body types and I adore the classic feel of  this one, particularly when paired with white or winter white jeans and a suede bootie. Chic. Very New England Christmas.

So this is not technically a sweater, but love how a fuzzy jacket like this can replace a classic cardigan, particularly with a graphic tee and some jeans to keep it all very rawk and roll. Adorable. 

So this one is not for Scrooges but some people love a good holiday sweater, and this one is not too goofy and is a pretty look for a holiday brunch or casual celebration. Get involved. There's a way to be festive without looking silly.

So there you have it- great pieces at great prices to keep you cozy and happy this season. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and why not self gift a bit at a reasonable cost? Cause that's what's up this bundled up Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in wrapping it all up. XO

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Good afternoon, Tuesday. Enjoying some down time big time. So much say I was able to even take a (gasp) 9:30 class at the gym and (double gasp) get my TSA pre check done. I know this sounds ridiculous, but when I am in the throes of a project, there is no time for anything. I can't seem to figure out how to get anything done, so I'm grateful for this time to sleep a bit later and do some errands. It's the little things.

Other than that, I've about had it.

The gluttony of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just about done me in. I'm super grateful for Giving Tuesday (I gave to the Humane Society as it's my number one charity of late), but seriously everyone- wtf is going on out there with this desperation? I mean- things are on sale all year long at this point- and maybe it's just me (I like a sale as much as the next gal), but does everything seem devalued and less than special when it's part of this "everything must go" mentality? It's like Crazy Eddie has been resurrected and is now in head to toe Balenciaga. It's cray. Too much stuff. Enough.

And although I love the holidays, I find myself wanting to retreat. In a good way. Fellow Cancerians you'll copy this- sometimes I just need to go into my little shell. That's why I started googling "chic caves" as a thought starter for how I could find a way to go truly underground, but in style. And as luck would have it, Dwell Magazine had just what the doctor ordered in the form of an article entitled "An Old Cave Dwelling in Central China Is Transformed Into a Stylish Home". Yes, that's the title. And it's real. Oh and here's the subhead:

A traditional, Chinese cave dwelling is transformed into a chic and modern rammed earth residence for a local Internet star.

I don't know about you, but I'm on the market for a rammed home residence. And this one is tasteful and gorgeous and I'm only half kidding that I want to go there right now and bed down till 2020. So the basic gist of my life right now- all I want for Christmas is a cave dwelling. Santa Baby, can you make that happen for me? I'm not really a local Internet star, but surely in between stuffing the coffers with deeply discounted goods, you can deliver on my need for some solitude? Y'all keep buying up stuff- I'm saving my pennies for a stylish cave and that's that. Because (stylishly) caving under pressure's the new black, baby.

Cause that's what's up this subterranean homesick blue kind of Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in going underground. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1347567 2018-11-26T13:47:45Z 2018-11-26T13:47:45Z A few ideas for Cyber Monday (but otherwise, meh)

Good morning Monday and happy holidays. I had a lovely weekend in my hometown with family and friends. I'm now prepping for a big trip to Israel (the hometown from way back ha) on Christmas Day. And by prep, I mean trying not to think about packing. I do love a good distraction.

And since holiday shopping madness has officially set in, I can think of no greater distraction than all the SALES, SALES, SALES.

But for some reason, I don't want to participate, because it's all too much. And I don't need a single thing. And I'm thankful for that. 

But if you feel like getting out there and hitting every website on the internet, go for it. If I was shopping, I'd hit up West Elm for some amazing furniture deals, but my big picks are absolutely in the beauty category.

From Charlotte Tillbury to Becca to Perricone to Strivectin (my alma mater) to Ulta, there are quite a few deals to be had. And at least a beauty purchase or two won't completely break the bank. And I like the idea of getting stuff I actually use on a regular basis at a discount. Somehow that does not feel as depraved. Also I may pick up a new pair of Vans, but c'est tout. I can't be asked.

Anyhoo, that's where I am. Oh I did score some tights from my favorite brand, Hansel from Basel- whose cashmere tights are my everything in the winter time and whose sock collab with Rachel Comey is super cute. And at 35% off, you kind of can't go wrong. And today is my first real day off from work in quite a while- I'm here for some last minute holiday frenzy if you need a hand but other than that I'm chilling.

Cause that's what's up this Cyber Monday of a Monday in the 718. Yours, in holding it down .XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1342017 2018-11-09T14:42:32Z 2018-11-09T14:42:32Z When weather (and weed) is not enough...

Good morning, Friday. I'm in Southern California and there's fires burning and I'm safe but watching the news and wondering wtf is going on out here. Between the horror of Thousand Oaks and the burning it's beyond insanity. Stay safe. 

I just left San Diego last night and though the beauty of that town is extraordinary, it's a weird hang. Often when I come to Cali I wonder why I choose to live in a place like New York. A place where we have shitty weather and no personal space and a layer of grime over just about everything. But as I stood on the beach all day yesterday for a shoot I realized this type of life is not for me. I like the struggle. I like the hustle. I like the real talk. People in San Diego are strangely friendly, like, a little too friendly. But there's a vacancy in the eyes I find challenging. Like I want to knock on their heads just to make sure they're truly alive. 

Then there's the douche who tried to chase us off the beach during our shoot. Calling us losers and tourists and "corporate". I felt like I was in a scene from "Point Break".  Sure I'm loving the delicious breeze off the ocean and that afternoon light that makes my heart sing. But meh. Just a visitor. Never a resident.

I guess what I'm saying is often I wonder why the f I choose to live in a place where life is very hard. I know life is hard everywhere these days. But New York has an edge. Even though it's bougie and overrun with Type A parents and their children named Atticus. It still challenges you in the best of ways and I suppose I prefer that to constant sunshine and low humidity. I just can't with that noise. Even though weed is legal here and I much prefer Gavin to Mario. And the sushi. Mwah.

Nevertheless, this Testino pic of Tina Fey in mouse ears is more my tip. I'm not quite ready to lose my edge.

No offense to my Cali friends, darling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

Cause that's what's up this freaky Friday in the 310. Yours, in big apples. Watching these fires like woah and hoping everything is going to be ok. X0

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1337290 2018-10-30T13:32:16Z 2018-12-07T17:20:44Z A post, from the heart

Good morning, Tuesday I'm working on a monster project right now and I suspect my blogging will be fairly skint. But I wanted to take a moment and say how moved I was by how many people showed love and shared my Facebook post this weekend about the horrid massacre in Pittsburgh.  I'll repost it for you below but the fact that I touched so many people with my words meant the world to me. Thanks to all who shared it and commented. 

A dear friend of mine told me she can always tell when I write from the heart, vs. when I'm phoning it in (I'll never tell). Thing is, I'm a heart person. I wear my heart on my sleeve more often than not, and when my heart's not in something, it's very difficult for me to do it. Sure I'm a head person when I need to be- I'd be a pretty shit producer if I didn't have my head on straight. But I am absolutely ruled by my heart, for better or worse. I used to think this was a terrible thing. But as I get older and think about what makes me happy, it's almost always when I'm following my heart. I'm sure that's true for most of us- but for me, it's crucial. Essential even.

As someone who is always looking to deepen my dedication to creativity, I'm kind of nothing without heart and a healthy dose of gut. I need to trust that more. When I wrote those words this weekend I was deeply distressed by the news, and the words flew out of me- quickly and precisely. When I'm not operating from the heart, I find it much more difficult. Not everything we do can be heartfelt, but I have to try to continue my quest to surround myself with people, places, and work that make my heart swell. And this weekend's news also had me thinking about the absolutes that make up who we are, or at least, who I am.

Because despite the career shifts, life shifts, diet shifts, hair shifts, and other tokens of ephemera, there are some threads that have served me throughout my entire life. I am a woman. I am a Jewish woman. And I am almost all heart. No matter where I've gone or who I've been, those things are a constant. And as I wrote in the post below, sometimes it takes a senseless tragedy to get you back in touch with the things you can always count on- that define you to your core, even if you may not be aware of them all the time.

Thanks for supporting my heart and reading this blog. Needless to say, my heart is not reserved for heavy topics alone. I can feel my heart race over so many things- a new lipstick, a new shoe, an awesome meal. Inspiration comes from my heart, and when I feel it quicken, I know it's right. That's just who I am, and who I've always been.

And that's what's up this heart filled Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in no point fighting who you are. XO

Post from Facebook below:

I've been a card carrying Jewish woman my entire life. I can remember from an early age knowing that we were a bit different, and that many people had tried to take us down and would try again. I grew up knowing that people would hate me and my family and friends sight unseen because I was a Jew. I thought about my married name "Rosenberg" and wondered if it was too much of a "tell" (as if anyone would think I wasn't Jewish anyway).

I grew up having our family cars soaped with swastikas on mischief night and remember armed guards at the holidays at the synagogue where I was bat mitzvah'd. It's true I'm not terribly religious at this point- not having kids is probably a big factor in that but I never, ever forget my Judaism and how it has informed almost everything about me- my humor, my body type, my tendency towards self deprecation. But it also gave me so much- being curious about the world, valuing education, questioning everything, and of course- a love of family and friends and giving and sharing and laughing and loving.

Those things are not unique to Judaism of course, but they're my very favorite things about it. And although I am far from observant, I hurt like hell today thinking about what happened in Pittsburgh. Being Jewish has always meant a lot to me- because it's not easy. Nothing is easy. I know this. But Jews have always had to fight for their lives- literally. And because of who we are and how we're raised, we're going to continue to do so.

I am eternally grateful to be a Jew, and today I'm feeling that more than most, just like I felt so proud to be a New Yorker after 9/11. Nobody can take that away. There has been hate long before Trump and I suspect there will be long after he's gone. But never forget who you are.

Sometimes a tragedy will make you truly see that through different eyes, and remember how lucky you are to come from a bloodline of fighters and survivors. This is who I am, and who I will always be.

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1335025 2018-10-22T20:33:11Z 2018-10-29T23:06:35Z Sometimes you just gotta listen to Night Moves

Good afternoon, Monday. It's good and chilly outside and the sun's already starting to creep behind the buildings and I'm having a serious case of the feels. For many reasons, really. Oh and big caveat- my perceived problems are kind of bullshit. I know this. I'm grateful to not be in much worse shape. But I digress. 

First, yesterday I was all up in my closet all day. Switching over the Summer clothes to the Winter wear. That always makes me feel a little contemplative. Mostly because it's such a bitch I often wonder why I have so much crap. And so many sweaters. But also because time is passing and the seasons are changing and Summer's over and where did it go and what did I do and how come I didn't have any lobster rolls and all of that.

Second, I've been setting goals like a cheap motivational speaker of late, which tbh, is not super comfy for me. I'm doing a challenge at Pure Barre (20 classes in 31 days), I'm eating like a champ, and I've managed to completely quit smoking. I'm also ruminating and scheming and dreaming about Maven 2.0. I've got a lot going. Unlike most people, I'd like to crawl in a hole with a box of American Spirits (yellow) and a case of Twinkies and just lay the heck down. With a martini. But that's just me. Personal best blah blah blech. I'm tired. This type of modern life...

Third, I'm worried. Like many of you. That this bad reality show of a President is somehow managing to rise to the top of the Idiot pile (yes I know he's already there) and have a higher approval rating. I don't get it. And I'm scared that the blue wave will be more of a ripple. Dear Lord I hope I'm wrong. Jesus I hope I am. Anyone listening? I hope so. I truly can't remember a more terrifying time for our democracy. 

So really, between the darker days and the goal setting and the sense of doom over the country, I've turned to Bob Seger. As one does. Cause sometimes you just gotta listen to "Night Moves", have a moment, and move on, like a middle aged man going through it in a bar in anywhere, USA.  No mind the song's about teenage sex and has no real utility or meaning for my life now so I'm not sure why I find it altogether comforting. But yea, I can still get in touch with my inner young, restless, and bored. So for now, I'll be working on my night moves. Just trying to get through some of the Monday mopes. Hope you're gettin' through it too.

Cause that's what's up this seeing it through with Seger kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in waiting on the thunder. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1333279 2018-10-17T16:33:41Z 2018-10-29T23:06:40Z Being and nothingness, the boot version

Good afternoon, ya little Wednesday, you.

So yesterday on my way to a dinner thing I popped into the Isabel Marant store, as one does. And thus began a perplexing, aggravating, and altogether legitimate fashion existential crisis.

Besides the fact that it appears the Grand Ole Opry has decamped to the Paris atelier of Ms. Marant (wtf with all the western wear this season?) I spotted a pair of shoes that, although far beyond my means, were born to be on my feet. Or so I thought.

Because these little scrunch boots in that pretty scarlet were not made for human feet. Or at least the feet of someone who actually has to walk from place to place every day. I suppose you could walk in them if you are carried, say, from an Uber into your office. But for the rest of us, nah. Not gonna happen. It's like a stilletto heel on a wedge for crying out loud. Pourquoi, Isabel? Pourquoi???

I wanted to love them I really did. But that little baby heel plus that acid trip of a platform is just completely insane. I wondered if it's my age. My hormones. My feet who have seen far too many barre classes and can't bear to not feel grounded. I tried to walk around in them and burst into laughter. The sales millennial was far from amused.

"Seriously, who can walk in these"? I asked.

"Um. Everyone. They're our most popular boot". She said.

"Have you tried them on?" I asked.

"Ya. I don't know what you're talking about". She vocal fried.

At which point, I sat myself down and put my flat little suede boots back on. Also Isabel, mind you. But nowhere near the weirdness.

So what's the moral of the story?

Millennial feet may very well be different than mine. As may French feet. And I present a challenge to any of my NY friends or those who like to spend way too much money online shopping. Try these on. And report back. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is it just me or do these shoes make you question fashion in general? For I have never experienced a shoe like this- they made me feel like I had 20 drinks and had to walk a tightrope. Non. And non again. Ah, the futility. And the pointlessness. 

So get back to me on this, would you? Cause that's what's up this comfort is key kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in style, and a good bit of sense. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1332946 2018-10-16T16:26:07Z 2018-10-29T23:06:47Z Oh, shut up already.

Good morning, Tuesday. Gorgeous Fall day here in the big city.

So last night I was talking to someone on the phone who indicated how much they're enjoying silence of late. As in no TV, no music, just the sounds of the suburbs and not much else. For me, that's never been ideal- I need an endless hum of background noise- whether it's BBC Radio 6 or its NPR or its CNN on an endless loop or its my latest Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.  But lately, I see the value in stone cold silence. Because there are way too many people that need to shut the hell up, and they're simply talking wayyyyy too much.

And with that, I give you a list of my top people that need to shut the hell up before the midterms/2020/end of time. Seriously, just shut up already.

Kanye. He's number one. Please shut up. Please stop talking about making America great again and turning Uganda into "Jurassic Park". Please just stop talking completely. 

Elizabeth Warren. Shut the hell up. Stop taking DNA tests. And keep your wacky chick thing away from the midterms. I beg.

The Clintons. It's endless for them really. They need to shut up now. Stop talking. Disappear in Chapaqqua. Take a vow of silence. Go away.

Trump. This goes without saying. Because he's the President and you're not. A direct quote from his 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday. Quiet on set. We are all losing our minds. If I never heard his voice again, it would not be a moment too soon.

Alec Baldwin. Yes, yes. This one pains me. But his "black people love me" comments and his new talk show which is more about him than any of his guests just has me very annoyed by him. Not forever in terms of shutting up. Just right now.

Between all the podcasts, Instagram stories, and reality/dystopian shows happening in 2018, I need some peace and quiet. I probably need to shut it up too. For real. But back to the above list- clearly there's many not mentioned but for now, a vow of silence is an almost perverse fantasy in terms of all the tremendous talking leading up to arguably the most important midtown election of our lifetime. I've just about had it. So shush.

Cause that's what's up this shhhhhh of a Tuesday in the very unquiet 212. Yours, in exercising the fifth amendment; because there's never been a better time. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1331591 2018-10-12T16:13:05Z 2018-10-29T23:06:53Z I like these.

Good afternoon and TGIF. It's been a dreary week so very happy to see the sun.

Last night, after a few glasses of pinot noir I happened to catch a recap of Kanye's performance at the White House and decided that, yea, the world was most likely ending. At a time when so many are suffering as a result of hurricanes, discrimination, unfair decisions, and Lord knows what else, look who's banging on the President's desk and calling him "bro" (ok that part was a little bit awesome).

Kanye and such aside, I need a break from the madness and sure you do too. That's why when these new Nike Cortez sneakies came across my feed I smiled. Sometimes a cute kick with a metallic swoosh is all you need for a few moments of happiness. Or at least I do anyway. You do you.

So that's all I have for you today. Lots of Cortez cuties (those lavender suede though) avail on the Nike site right now and are just under $100. I love a classic Cortez and truly- when the revolution finally comes,  a good sneaker will be key to run as fast as you can. All the chic girls in New York are wearing the white leather ones with the black stripe, ps. So cute with just about everything you own.

Cause that's what's up this cuckoo, crazy kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in just doin' it (and doin' it and doin' it well). XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1331200 2018-10-11T16:13:02Z 2018-10-11T16:15:49Z Keepin' it Sassy on this International Day of the Girl

Good morning, friends and fam. Happy International Day of the Girl. I was getting dressed for work today watching the Today show and needless to say, I wasn't crying, you were. 

For some reason, I got super choked up when Savannah and Hoda had their little girls on stage with Meghan Trainor, J Hud, and Kelly Clarkson, and of course, the queen- Michelle Obama, looking radiant in white. I cried not just because I'm hormonal (I am), but because we women and former girls have a lot on our plates right now. And though the Kavanaugh thing and the Trump thing and the Time's Up thing are just too many things, what upsets me the very most is the women who don't support equality, who don't believe victims, and who continue to raise the roof for issues that serve to keep women down. Do you really love being a Republican more than a human being? Fuck those women. Seriously. 

And since it's a TBT, I thought I'd share some images I found on an awesome Tumblr in homage to Sassy Magazine. For those unfamiliar, Sassy was a young woman's magazine in the 90s that was sort of like a punk rock sister to mags like Seventeen. And though you all already know I have a serious fetish for all things 90s, you may not realize just how right magazines like Sassy got it then, and how perfectly in tune they seem right now. Sassy was all about a no fuss approach to beauty, a rebellious bent when it came to dress, and an inclusive, diverse "real talk" vibe to its articles. Plus the 'zine mystique of the whole thing was visually divine. 

 It also gave girls the license to speak out without judgement long before #metoo, and was creating user generated content before we even knew what that was. It was an incredible endeavor that started publishing in 1988 under Jane Pratt, and then ceased operations in 1996. It championed women like Chloe Sevigny (who was incidentally an intern), Liz Phair, Courtney Love. And 30 years later, we need those ladies or the next generation of grrls more than ever. 

Cheers to Sassy then and now- we're all a bit more grown up but the legacy lives on.  Cause that's what's up this girl power of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in putting my sassy pants on. It's going to be a long couple of months/years. Buckle up and fight the power.  XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1330900 2018-10-10T18:40:11Z 2018-10-10T18:42:41Z One good piece: A double breasted blazer feels just right

Good afternoon, Wednesday. The sun is finally out, baby. Thank goodness. Tired of all this gloom.

So if the forecast is right, it appears we're going to get a bit of chill this weekend. My thoughts with the Florida coast ps- no words to describe how scary that must be and I do hope everyone is safe and sound, people and animals alike.

So I've been thinking about restraint and how not to buy everything that comes across my Instagram feed.  It's all about working with what you have but updating each season with a few key pieces. To me, one such piece is a good double breasted blazer- you can't go wrong. The looks above are from seasons past, but still feel so very right now. From layering over a floral dress and boots for a bit of tomboy appeal to throwing one over your favorite rock tee, jeans, and high heels, it's a damn good look.

Some great options are avail that won't break the bank. I'm LOVING the variety of options at & Other Stories, some of which are pictured here and many more options here. How good are these? And love the idea of corduroy for a great seasonal look that feels slightly 1975. Yes, please. And I love the plaid coat- plaid is having a real moment and a double breasted silhouette works very well with the pattern.  I know I posted the image from Nili Lotan's fall lookbook in a former post, but it deserves a second look. Because it's GORGEOUS. I love how a double breasted blazer is classic yet so cool at the same time. Home run if you ask me, and an easy way to do that desk to dinner vibe we all dream about. Or at least I do. Cause that's what's up this doubling down on Fall kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in blazing trails. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1330567 2018-10-09T15:33:49Z 2018-10-09T15:34:34Z Maven muse: Vivienne Westwood suits my rebellious, eccentric, punk rock mood

Good morning, Tuesday. Had a lovely weekend and a brilliant day off yesterday. Hope you are all getting back in the swing of things too.

So this weekend one of my best friends got married to his partner and it was ah-mazing. It was my first same sex wedding and it was so much fun. I'm not sure you can top the feeling of a roomful of gay men telling you you had the best dress of the night. I was positively thrilled, particularly in a roomful of major looks, honey. I went big with a sequined animal print number, and although I was scared to bring it that hard, bring it I did. And I don't regret it.

The point of the above is not to gloat. It's to acknowledge I can do over the top, and that maybe that's my best setting. I do keep it fairly simple on most days, but I'm attracted to a bit of over the top. I can't help it. Plus I'm so bloody pissed off due to (ahem) recent events in our country that I almost can't bear it. I'm craving making a very major middle finger statement right about now.That's why a recent Instagram prod to check out some new Vivienne Westwood shoes gave me a feeling. She is my de facto muse of the moment.

I mean- these tiger inspired shoes. WTF in the best of ways? I need them. And they come in gold.

Plus there were a few other items my rebellious, Anglophilic, eccentric soul was lusting for. 

Like this jumpsuit. 

And this suit. That jacket. Those trousers. Gah to the nth power.

And this fabulous coat.

And this electric blue dress. And these leopard pants.

And these JEANS. They are next bloody level.

This could all mean I'm either:

a) Turning into Eddy from "Ab Fab" as I always knew I would.

b) Channeling the Dadaish insanity of our times.

c) Embracing my inner punk rock weirdo.

d) All of the above.

I think it's d for sure. And true- crazy clothes come at a crazy price. But a girl can dream of living an eccentric life with a wardrobe to match, non? Either go big or go home, I say. Cause that's what's up this sweetie darling of a Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in a bit of outrageous whilst feeling outraged. XO

Link to site here. So much goodness.

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1329301 2018-10-05T15:26:47Z 2018-10-05T16:58:29Z Five for Friday: Fall is here. And so are these coats.

Good morning, Friday. It's chilly in New York and I'm happy about it. Since it may finally be time to shop for some chillier weather staples, I give you some great coats at all price points. I could literally list a hundred coats because there are a ton of great ones this season for every body type and price point. Above is a still from "Love Story" ps. Because nothing says Fall/Winter like Ali in that movie. Seriously. 

 Anyhoo, here's five great coats that I'm lurving plus one bonus just because- enjoy and happy shopping- oh and um, most of these are of the long wooly variety- but loads out there for those who like short, midi, and everything in between:

This coat from & Other Stories is basic in the best of ways. I love the silhouette and would look great with leggy black tights and a stiletto bootie. 

This big splurgy Helmut Lang coat is on sale at Saks and has magic powers. I love a red coat- great for the mood and great for gloomy, chilly days. You can't be in a bad mood and wear this coat. That's a fact. 

This pile coat from H&M is priced nicely and is a big, giant adult wubs. I love a camel coat, and the texture makes it trendy and cool with everything from a floral dress and boots to denim and Adidas. Yup. Love.

This plaid coat from Vince has just the right tomboy touch. A coat for grown women. I like it. A lot. Great for work and beyond.

This Lemaire coat is a dream. An oversized dream. This silhouette feels so on trend to me- I would wear this with absolutely everything. Dreaming of this one. 

Oh and for a bonus- this left of center coat from Rachel Comey. It's just weird enough. So so good. She always does a fab coat, right? And that color...major.

So with that, I wish you the best of weekends. My bestie is tying the knot this weekend and I'll tell ya the story of my dress next week if I feel like it. It's quite something. Cause that's what's up this bundling up kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in keeping it all under wraps. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1328303 2018-10-03T14:09:41Z 2018-10-04T09:05:57Z A few thoughts on the state of things...

Good morning, Wednesday.

So unless you've been asleep at the wheel for a hot minute, you no doubt have noticed we are living in a nightmarish, reality show on peyote mixed with arsenic. I can't believe what this (not my) President has unleashed and the cans of worms are infesting our screens every day- try very hard not to pay attention to the news. I double dog dare you.

Thinking about Kavanaugh, it's hard not to reflect on my own teenaged coming of age. He's a bit older than me but generally the same era. He saw Sixteen Candles. So did I. He liked beer. So did I. And he drank too much and did dumb shit. So did I. But this is not a piece to excuse his actions- to me, he's undeniably guilty and there's no way he should serve on the court. And if I didn't think so on the basis of the crime alone, I double dog didn't think so after his testimony. Big boys don't cry. Especially those who want to serve on the highest court of the land. And that's that.

I remember being a teen in the 80s and thinking about how the generations before mine really did a number on our fun. By this, I mean the AIDs crisis, that scourge that transcended any thought we had about sex, and we thought a lot about sex at that age. It was terrifying to even imagine having anything other than safe sex. And I found myself wondering if my team was paying the price for all of that indiscrete hedonism of the 70s salad days. Perhaps we're in another period of correction.

A period of darkness, of penance for all the ignorance we had when it came to toxic male culture. The fact that we didn't come forward and shoved it all under the rug  is coming back to haunt us. And now, today's kids are growing up in a world that must seem terrifying when it comes to sexual nuance and sex in general. How do we flirt in this day and age when everything is off limits? How do we throw caution to the wind and not fear for our lives when it comes to sleeping with someone? For me, this is clearly a non sequitur, but I'm talking about the kids. How will all of this affect them? If I was a young woman right now, I'd be terrified. And if I was a young man, I'd be frozen, wondering how to be and how to act when it comes to dating and dominance and anything else you can think of.

Some years ago, I worked for a trend forecaster who was instrumental for bringing the term "metrosexual" into the lexicon. It seemed that men suddenly had a raison d'etre- to wear striped button downs, buy expensive face cream, and cop to the fact that they were every bit as vain as we were. Then the financial crisis happened and many men in fields like manufacturing lost their jobs, and to me- that was a crucial moment. Suddenly, women seemed to be faring much better than the guys. And then I couldn't help but wondering where this left men. How would they evolve when women were arguably smoking them in most arenas? And now look where we are. We have a President who mocks the testimony of a woman who claims she was raped. 

And we can't go a day without a man being outed for doing something awful. It's so sad to me. Tragic, really.  Was I naive and never seeing all of this? Clearly I grew up in a culture that never called foul on this behavior. Back to the movies of my youth, and particularly Sixteen Candles- there's been articles written of late about how incredibly fucked up that movie is- Jake Ryan- my preppy poster teen for all that was right in the world, noted that he could violate his passed out girlfriend and then stuck her in a a car with an eager nerd, who apparently took advantage of her to which she responded, when asked if she enjoyed it, "I think I did."

Can you imagine a film like this playing now? This, mind you, was one of the greatest films of my generation. A classic. An icon. And our teenage brains were buying one very twisted myth- that when a rape does not take place in some kind of textbook dark back alley, it's actually funny. Unbelievable isn't it?

I hope that we are getting to a place where the very notion of toxic masculinity will go the way of the cave man, and never, ever come back.  This is not exactly relevant, but when I look at shows like "The Deuce" on HBO, New York seemed like one giant, STD laden cess pool. But the 70s, and their distant cousin, the 60s, were the decades of sexual awakening- when Ozzy and Harriet began to sleep in the same bed, and then some. Who knew where it would lead? Well my generation found out. And the notion of "safe" sex was born. But with all the revelations coming out right now, who knew it was anything but?

 Were we so focused on cleansing ourselves of the sins of the 70s that we failed to notice some other crucial things happening in culture?

Many people said that when Trump became President, it would get dark. And it's darker than I could ever have imagined. But from the darkness comes light, and rock bottom leaves only one way to go- back up again. I'm praying we can get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do. This period of revelation and hopefully correction is a painful one. But it's got to come to the surface so we can not only question how men like Trump came to power or how someone like Bill Cosby did what he did, but what was happening in our culture to create a perfect backdrop for these scenarios to occur. In order to stop the bleeding, you have to close the wound. It doesn't appear we're there yet. But I hope that tomorrow's high school party goers or anyone else does not have to endure any of the crap we did. I am beyond grateful for the women speaking out, speaking up, and most of all, speaking their truth. Time's up indeed. Period. End of story. XO 

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1327799 2018-10-01T14:36:39Z 2018-10-02T02:53:10Z On forever friends and belly laughs

Good morning, Monday. Holy emotions, batman. I had an amazing weekend in Philly with my very best girl gang and it was just, wow. It's incredibly humbling and grounding to spend time with people who knew you when. It's not about nostalgia. It's not about wanting to go back to a time when gravity was not taking over and when the world was full of possibilities. For me, it's embracing where we are now and where we're headed, with a healthy dose of insight and love from the past. 

Like those people who were with you when you watched Bono perform at Live Aid. 

Or the people who have the same silly sense of humor as you, even though we're all old enough to know better. 

It's the people who saw you through many awkward hormonal freak outs and haircuts and tears over unrequited love.

It's the people who were cool with you even before you know who you were. 

I love these people. And true- space and time have made it seem like maybe we don't have much in common anymore. I'm a city woman sans kid with a husband and a dog and a bit of a kooky existence. But truly- these women in my life (and then later in the weekend many of our guy pals) have never, ever judged me. It's so refreshing to spend time with people like that. We may have super different lives but our DNA is pretty much the same. And at times, I'm sad that I don't get to see these lovelies more often. But getting together and giggling and trying on clothes and googling people you once knew is just the most. Belly laughs for days.

And seeing our group of guy pals was a surprise I planned with one of our pals after an impromptu night out this Summer at the shore. I was nervous to reunite, but it did feel oh so good. We are older, wiser (meh), and a little less prone to partying,  but we had fun. It was so nice to see them all again. It's funny how life happens.  And ya, it goes by pretty damn fast. And nothing is exactly as it seems. Though I did realize from connecting and reconnecting this weekend- my life is not that different than I envisioned it. I knew I'd live in New York, I never really wanted kids, and I wanted a husband who was cool and chill and funny. And tall. Got those.  And I also knew I'd do something creative for a living, so I suppose I got that right too. Maybe I knew myself better than I thought I did. I always did have a good gut for stuff.

Ooh and as luck would have it- I got inspired to take a book idea to the next level. I'll be sending a chapter or two to my girls from the weekend to see what they think. Is it too late for me to be the voice of my generation? Ha. We'll see.

Cause that's what's up this post reunion kind of Monday in the 212. Back at it, right after looking back.  Oh and ps- if you don't know whose picture that is above or what movie it's from, you didn't go to high school when I did. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1325890 2018-09-26T14:06:59Z 2018-09-26T14:08:08Z Maven pick: It's all a blur when it comes to perfect looking skin

Good morning, Wednesday. New York, I love you, but this weather...oy. Enough, already. Let's see some sunshine for the love of the Lord. I'm listening to the "Flashdance" soundtrack to try and get through it. That's how bad it is. 

So as someone who writes for beauty brands from time to time, I'm attuned to the buzzwords and buzzed about launches that help create trends. From BB to CC cream to "glowtion" there's always something new happening to keep beauty big spenders reaching for their wallets.

And the notion of "blur" is not new when it comes to beauty, but lately, I find myself LOVING it. It's been a hot summer in the city and too much makeup can feel like an oil slick on your face. I'm loving all the great "makeup/no makeup" options out there that just blur out the skin and smooth it out vs. going into heavy coverage territory. And in this age of Instagram filters, who doesn't want to look selfie ready in real life? 

Currently in my personal rotation?

StriVectin's Line BlurFector™ is all that and a bag of chip. Sure, I wrote for them for a while so this may seem shameless, but truly- it is a wonderful primer that will completely change the way you look at makeup. You can wear this line smoothing product all alone, or you can use it to provide a smooth yet non greasy base to makeup. Either way, it makes your skin look flawless. Big thumbs up. Not just because I helped launch it. ;) Truly great for women who don't love to wear makeup, and also perfect for those who do as a base for foundation, tinted moisturizer, or anything else.

Also it's no secret I've been fan girling over Kiehl's newest products of late- and their Micro-Blur Skin Perfector™ is just the most. I also love to use it as both primer and tinted moisturizer- it's not a lot of coverage but is a great canvas for a cream blush and a bit of highlighter. I'm so onboard.

One more to help blur the lines between makeup and skincare is Benefit's POREfessional. It's more for gals who have large pores and are prone to oily skin- it gives skin that airbrushed look and tones down shine.

So if you can't see your way out of the fog this morning, why not just blur it?

Cause that's what's up this perfect finish of a Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in being ready for that close up. XO

Sheri Rosenberg
tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1325509 2018-09-25T16:11:53Z 2018-09-25T18:02:46Z Maven recommends: Go bold or go home with this new hue

Good late morning/noonish, Tuesday. It's a shite day in New York today and I for one could use a bit of color. I know- weird, right?

Sure I'm as much an all black everything kinda chick like most New York gals, but I am prone to wacky prints and occasionally, I'll connect to a color that I want to wear all the time. That color happens to be Pantone's color of 2018, Ultraviolet aka purple. I LURV this shade. As a coppery redhead, it's a great color for me, and ever since I saw this No. 21 dress in the window of a fav shop in my neighborhood, I wanted this hue in my life. And I'm coveting it in a big way. Right now, the big designers like No. 21 and Gucci are doing it best, but to beam back down to Earth with some affordable options, I'm open to suggestions. I haven't found a ton I love but I need something in this color stat.

So thought I'd offer some inspirational pics of this beautiful, rich, royal color. I think it's provocative in just the right way. As soon as I find something great in this piece that won't break el piggo bank, I'll let you know. Lest this purple trend is a bit too reminiscent of Prince, look how chic it can look paired with maroon for a fresh take on it. Or the tonality of the look right above this is anything but Purple Rain. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

But for now, on this gloomy day, I leave you with some beautiful takes on this shade. And that No. 21 dress in the window? Divine.

Cause that's what's up this flying purple people eater of a Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in Barney has never looked cooler. XO

Update: Just spotted this purple dress on yesterday's Gucci runway for next Spring. Yes, please. Sans the model who looks to be in the throes of a bad trip, man.

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1325111 2018-09-24T15:03:12Z 2018-09-24T15:03:14Z On girl gangs

Good morning, Monday. I spent the weekend relaxing and it was nice to dial it all down a notch or two. 

So much fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks- a long overdue girls weekend with all of my best friends from childhood. I was lucky enough to have that girl group vibe all of my life until college when we all went our separate ways- sure more female friendships ensued that I treasure, but I never had that clique thing again. We bonded over the fact that we were a bit off kilter as compared to the very metalhead/guido vibe of my suburban Philadelphia high school. We loved new wave, Duran Duran, and Esprit de corps. I suppose we were pretty textbook Gen X teens, but my high school was far from a John Hughes movie. If I'm being honest, there was not a lot of room for someone like me- an art school kid who worshipped Siouxsie Sioux and read the "Village Voice" on a regular basis.

So my girls and I really became friends long before high school- there was the set of twins from around the corner who were truly my sisters from about the age of 5, and then along came three more girls who took very prominent roles in my female development. Thank goodness for all of them.

We were all fairly good girls (some better than others wink wink) and we had the absolute best time. I never felt right growing up in Philly as many of you know, but these girls probably saved me from a hormonal, existential crisis almost every single day. Without them, I would not know the value of female friendship from such a young age. From memorizing all the words to our favorite songs and screaming them at the top of our lungs to being completely boy crazy for guys who drove Jettas and wore Vuarnets and had side swept bangs to sneaking Kahlua from our parent's liquor cabinets or stealing cigs from my dad, we were there for each other. We saw each other through every crazy haircut, every crush, every first we ever had. And these girls arguably know me better than anyone else.

If we cut to now, the evolution of our friendship is unique. I'm the only one of six girls that did not have children, we are all married, and we are scattered throughout the country. One friend lives in Toronto, another in Philly, her sister in Atlanta, and two Californians to round it out- one in LA and one in SF. And then of course there's me here in NY. I worry sometimes if my lack of kid cred will ever make me feel left out, but because we all love each other so much, it never does. Because we knew each other way back when, and when we see each other, it's like we never left each other's sides, which is a great blessing. I sense I may be the wackiest, but true fact- I always was. ;) They have all grown up to be such beautiful, smart, amazing creatures, by the way. I'm proud to call each of them a friend for life. And most of all, they always accept me for exactly who I am, or for the many iterations of who I came to be and may still become. 

If you're reading this and thinking about your special female friendships, I'm glad. There's simply nothing better than a girl gang- and I can't wait to see mine when we reunite at the scene of the crime this weekend in Philly. There will most likely be lots of laughs, lots of shopping, and lots of wine. Now if only I could decide what to wear. Oh and I guarantee you we will be singing some choice 80s songs at the top of our lungs. 

Cause that's what's up this girls rule kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in lady gangs and friends forever. XO

(Don't you just love that pic above ps? It's by Ken Russell, from his Teddy boy series in postwar London. Brills.)

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Good morning, Tuesday. Happy Yom Kippur to my Jewish meshpucha- may you have a healthy and safe fast, or something like that. I'm not well versed on the high holidays at this point in my life, but still appreciate the observance of this most solemn of eves.

So about last night in Hollywood, which was anything but solemn. The Emmys were on and I have to say- they were entertaining because the acceptance speeches were wacky- from the marriage proposal from the director of the Oscars to the wacky as wacky gets creator of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel". (And yes, I do wish Alex Borstein wore a bra, though hats off for rewearing her wedding dress).

And in terms of fashion- it was one of the biggest home runs I've ever seen. Almost everybody looked ah-mazing. There must be something in the water in Hollywood. Oh yea, it's called money and fame and access to the best designers, trainers, glam squads, and surgeons.

Regardless, there were MAJOR looks. Above is Angela Sarafyan of "Westworld" in Christian Siriano. Major.

My favorites? Thandie Newton in this gorgeous pink dress from Brandon Maxwell, whose collection I really loved during Fashion Week. This one took my breath away. She is so beautiful.

Mrs. Maisel aka Rachel Brosnahan was marvelous in this red De La Renta. And her speech was great- I applaud her effort to get people to get out and vote. 

Claire Foy in pristine Calvin Klein with slicked back hair and a red slick of lip looked positively royal. 

Keri Russell in Zuhair Murad. And that hair and makeup look was probably my favorite of then night. Just gorgeous, relaxed glamour. 

Sarah Paulson is a fashion fanatic in the best of ways and this De La Renta was good, good, good.

Millie Bobby Brown- not the least bit strange in Calvin Klein. Stunning, youthful, and super fun.

Mandy Moore in Rodarte. The end. Bye.

Ellie Kempner looked beautiful in this J. Mendel which complimented her hair and skin so well.

Samirah Wiley in Jenny Packham. That body though. Woah.

And I loved this modern take on formality on Issa Rae, wearing Vera Wang. Gorgeous color too.

Oh and shout out to Elisabeth Moss- loved the dress by Vera Wang- so sexy and va voomy. But the hair? Go back to the dark side, girl.

Yea and I know I should have loved Jessica Biel's Ralph and Russo dress- she's gorgeous and all but the dress looked like bubble wrap to me and her girls looked super smushed. 

As for the hosts, meh. Stick to SNL- I don't believe it was  the very best gig for Colin or Michael.  It's a tough one, for sure. And that opening number was hokey as hokey gets.  And I liked how they announced the nominees and then bought out the presenters. Much better flow that way. 

My favorite moment? The Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby's hilarious monologue which was a bit of cheeky man bashing. Funny. Oh and the Fonz won. Which pleased me. Very much. Well done, Fonz.

Oh and Maya Rudolph who I live for wore two dresses by Simone Rocha, whom I also live for and clocked straight away the second I saw those looks. Love her and Rocha- just not for an awards show like this. Did not feel right at all. 

Cause that's what's up this fabulously fashionable Tuesday in New Yawk City. Yours, in Hollywood glam. XO

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Good morning, Thursday. I was up and at 'em super early today to go vote. Always feels good to exercise my right. Hope you get out there and vote today too, my fellow NYers.

So I promised a bit of a fashion week round up, and here's the thing- it was a wacky, wild week on the runways of New York. There's a palpable sort of schizophrenia happening- if you're the type looking for trends to sum up the collections, good luck. Because they were simply all over the place. Sure there were the ubiquitous pastels, the use of chino khaki as a basic, and lots of denim (best example at Proenza Schouler, whose return to the runway did not disappoint). But truly- there's only one real trend that I saw, and it had very little to do with clothes. Because the biggest trend of the week was in the casting, and a true focus on diversity. Oh and big shout out to my new fav model, Kiki Willems, posted above at Michael Kors shiny, happy show this week. Love a redhead on the runway. I saw you too, Karen Elson. Don't worry. But I digress. Because there's more to unpack than mere tresses alone.

Designers like Christian Siriano and MIchael Kors broke with the stick figure tradition and showed women with more realistic bodies on the runway. There was a ton of diversity in terms of ethnicity across the board, and designer Marco Marco showed all transgender models on the catwalk. Check it out here. 

 And in terms of age, we saw Amber Valletta, Karen Elson, Yasmin Le Bon, and my queen Stella Tennant, who closed the show at Calvin Klein, return to the runway and give some much needed gravitas to the industry at large.  Above are some snaps from Zero & Maria Cornejo- bravo on the casting. And as for the fashion overall? There were short dresses, maxi dresses, and everything in between. Perhaps our current fervor for inclusion is finally catching up to the garment industry? How sweet it is.

Yes there were standout style moments for me. Proenza. Rodarte. Tibi. MARC FUCKING JACOBS OMG. Marc's show on the last day made me believe. The hair, the makeup, the outrageous fashion for fashion's sake. Fabulous beyond belief. And I loved how Proenza sourced some fabrics from overseas, but made the entire collection right here. And since I'm working in Soho these days, it was hard not to hate on the hordes of posing, preening, selfie obsessed lunatics on every corner. But fashion seemed to tune them out this year, even if they were still seated in the front row. Because these shows truly had something for just about everyone. And these here are some very confusing times- so it's no surprise the designers picked up on that. 

From the overly austere at the Row to the good vibrations at Michael Kors, the messages were mixed beyond belief but it bothered me not one bit.

I for one was happy to see all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages strut this past week. It's as if fashion took all the huddled masses and gabe them all something to believe in. And for that, I was tickled.

The big message was clear:

Because that's what's up this celebrating diversity kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in liberty, justice, and fashion for all. XO
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Good morning, Wednesday. It is mad gloomy outside as well as super soupy and bad hair producing. Yikes.

So yesterday in New York was a tough day- you can't help but feel shivery walking around the city on 9/11- remembering where you were and what you did and thinking about the horror you experienced in the town you loved the very most. On my way to the office this am, I was thinking about what it is that got me here, to New York, and why I always wanted to live here. Everybody has a New York story. Why they moved here, how they got here, that kinda thing. Here's mine.

It's no secret I've had a lifelong obsession with fashion. It is probably the one red thread. I have loved since I could first match my purse to my outfit. Which was at about 3 or 4, for those keeping score.

And as I reached my teens and possibly a year or two before, I fantasized about a life in New York. A life surrounded by fashionable people doing fashionable things. Now everyone's reason for wanting to be here is different, but I realize my raison d'etre when it comes to New York always comes back to fashion. And I suppose it's strange that I didn't really end up working in that world. I tried, mind you. But as you know, it was not for me early in my career. No skin was thick enough to tolerate that crap back in the day. 

But maybe what I love most about New York besides my friends and the excitement and the lifestyle is the fact that this is the fashion capital of the country, if not the world.  And even though we don't make a ton of clothes here anymore, I still get a bit of a thrill walking around the Garment Center. I love all the trim shops. I love the racks being pushed down the street. I love the wackiness of it all. And since it's been fashion week, all the fashion people are about. And though Instagram has created far too many of them (many without any true style), it's still so much fun to just watch it- there's a very real energy in the air depending on where you are in town.  To watch those Celine trucks go by in Soho to sell a new designer. I'm not sure many realize just how in love I am with all of it. Still. Even in these crazy times. Possibly even more so. Because it still gives me joy. Many of you say "fashion is irrelevant" or "who bloody cares" but meh. I still care. And I most likely always will.

I guess my point is that even though I occasionally dabble in the fashion world, I just feel lucky to be in a city that supports that industry. And even though the shows are a bit pointless now with the seasonal cycles being sped up to meet consumer demand, I just love that they're here. That's enough to keep me here for as long as I can take it. 

I just think it's so cool that people come here because they connect with something special, something they want, something they want to achieve. I know we all want that in life, but New York has more special sauce in that regard. Of this I'm certain. That's why it's so damn hard to live here. And as I stroll through Soho to take a walk at lunchtime today, it won't be hard to remember what I'm doing here. And though I'd love to get back involved with fashion, I'm just happy to be around it. And to live in a city where I can walk down the street and see past the Instagram street style dorks and spot somebody or something truly fabulous. And that's really all I need. That and another latte. And some George Michael. It's that kind of day.

Cause that's what's up this I STILL love New York kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in big city girls. XO

(PS- that photo above is by Peter Lindbergh of Linda Evangelista in the early 90s- amazing, right?)

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Good morning, Tuesday. It's been 17 years since 9/11 and watching the ceremony this morning really got me. I don't know if I'm hormonal or emotional or everything in between, but the mascara needed a reapply. Such a tough day in New York- and of course, we'll never forget that watershed moment in American culture and beyond. I'm not sure what else I can say besides I'm still here, you're still here, we're still here, but we must never, ever forget those that lost their lives that day and beyond. We bitch and moan about new New York vs. old New York, and with so much interest happening in that sacred part of town, we've moved on, but again- we never forget. I love you New York- today, tomorrow, and forever. And that's that.

So moving on- I know it's Fashion Week and I have inevitable thoughts and musings to share but going to wait until it's officially over. For now, we got a taste of Fall weather yesterday and if you're like me- you're ready for a new season to begin. Here's five must have moments for Fall if you're keeping score and taking names. Get ready for the new season with some of my favorite things.

Leopard print- Oh, yea. We've talked this one through. My closet is quickly becoming Cat Woman/Mrs. Robinson like because I can't stop buying leopard print. I'm obsessed with it. Do it in anything like this dress from Ganni, or this faux fur coat from J. Crew, or this very hot undie set from Stella McCartney, in case you just want some leopard love close to your skin. Don't be scared of the cat. it looks beautiful against the skin and it's hot. Seriously. Huge trend for Fall.

A red bootie- I was taking a lunchtime spin around Soho the other day and found these cute boots from Schutz. Western/prairie is hot this Fall and if you're not up for a Laura Ingalls moment, get involved with the trend by succumbing to an accent or two. I love this bootie's Western appeal without being too yee hah. Looks great with the above mentioned leopard too.

A camel coat- Ooh. This is a classic and I still find it insanely appealing. I love camel with a black turtleneck and jeans. So chic and classic. This one in alpaca rom Eileen Fisher is soft as soft gets and is super sophisto. Highly recommend. Pricey, but timeless.

A brown dress- I get down with brown. It's a great color on me for some reason and I'm seeing more of it around. Love this piece from H&M collection that feels kind of mod. Good stuff.

A knit "suit"- I spotted this Smythe set at a boutique in my Cobble hill neighborhood and felt all the feels. I love the puffed sleeve on the top, the seam down the front of the cropped pants- so good. So so good. Rodebjer often does knit suiting but this take is super hot and could take you absolutely anywhere- great office to dinner dressing. Such a gorgeous look. Very 70s in the best of ways. It's true you need a pilates bod to perfection for this look. Take heed. Also Smythe's site is deadly good. 

This suit? Holy amazing Marianne Faithfull vibes.

Cause that's what's up this feeling Fall kind of Tuesday in the best city on Earth. Yours, in fashion and respect. XO

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Good morning, Thursday. Apparently it's farshion week (said in my best Candy Pratts Price dialect)  in New York and I'm seeing all the modely models and various jaunty looks all over Soho. It still gives me a kick. I can't help it.

But since it's Thursday, I thought a throwback was in order. And also since Tom Ford opened the week (check out the opener of the pot pic and these above) with a show that gave me the 90s feels all over the place, then to the 90s we must go. 

I'm speaking specifically about Balenciaga's Spring 1998 collection, which quite simply, was perfection. Nicolas Ghesquière was at the helm and man oh man those clothes. I would give more than one vital organ to own anything from that collection. Piece after piece is just so outstandingly simple/somber/sexy- I would still wear mostly everything and it's a full 20 years after the fact. I can't. But I could. Couldn't you? These are not clothes for shouting. And with all the noise and finger pointing and insanity these days, a little quiet is just what I want and need. And yes- Gucci's "let get loud" bit is charming as all get out, but these type of clothes are just on another playing field for me. One I want to play on mostly every day.

Anyhoo, enjoy this transcendent look at runways past. It's divine. I can only hope for half an iota's worth of amazingness at this week's shows. Nothing compares though. And I'm a 90s fashion addict through and through. Second only the 70s of course...

Cause that's what's up this looking back on a legendary collection kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in dreaming of fashion weeks past. XO

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tag:sherimavenblog.com,2013:Post/1318276 2018-09-04T14:45:52Z 2018-09-04T14:45:53Z Make some space for Eileen Fisher. (Yea, you read that right).

Good morning, Tuesday. Hope you had a lovely weekend. It was nice to just hang, do some window shopping, and visit family. I had big hopes of going to the movies but never quite made it.

Instead, I went to the gym yesterday and got my mani/pedi on. ON the way back, I spotted a new store in my neighborhood that piqued my curiosity. It's a new concept from Eileen Fisher called Making Space, and it's all about beautiful fabrics and the art of creation/community- they're offering classes in things like knitting and hope to encourage workshops and neighborhood events. Now let me be clear- my relationship with Eileen Fisher is complicated. Just imagining wearing most of her clothes gives me a midlife crisis.  

I have always felt entirely too rock and roll/edgy to even think about a wardrobe of well matched separates. I know it's ridiculous but I always have associated her designs with a more mature person. And now that I'm kinda that person, I must admit I'm coming around. The last few years had me buying a few pairs of her pants- the crepe ones that are trouser like but super comfortable. What I have come to love about these looks is they represent that kind of moment when Donna first started doing DKNY- cool pieces with a creative appeal that absolutely would never wear you, you'd simply shine wearing them. That's the goal, isn't it?  

And the opening of this store has opened my eyes. Because these are clothes meant to be worn over and over again. Timeless, effortless, soft. I love the fabrics they use- everything is comfy and soft and like wearing pajamas. I can see anyone from a kindergarten teacher to a mom to a woman in pursuit of her first big job looking great in a lot of these looks. I tried on a few pieces and fell in love with everything. And because I wondered if, as my husband has noted, I was "getting caught up" with the shine of something new, I walked out of the store without anything. But I will be back. Because everything there was worth a second look- menopausal or not. Truly ageless pieces for women comfortable in their own skin. And I love the notion of making space- whether it's for a new wardrobe, new projects, or new experiences. It's never too late to make space. And at 68 years old, Eileen Fisher is doing just that (applause).

I also loved the dignified sizing- everything is S,M,L,XL (from what I could tell) and nothing is meant to be skintight, which I love. Everything flows and all the looks could flatter a majority of body types. And having seen these clothes firsthand, they actually look better than they do in the pictures here. Some of my favorite pieces below:

The fuzzy cardigan- Love this cardigan because it's cotton so has that fuzzy jumper look without any of the itch. The color is perfect for Fall and I love it with everything from jeans to a slipdress. Endlessly wearable. 

The slip dress- Love a slip dress. Always have. Always will. Nothing better for an effortless, sexy appeal. Layer with everything from a turtleneck to a denim jacket to a cardigan and you're always in business. This one is in tencel and is so lovely without being overly clingy. 

The jumpsuit- A fully washable jumpsuit in stretch crepe feels just right. Love the wrap effect and the color is super good. Dress it up with heels or down with booties.

The wool pant- A lightweight boiled wool pant is a great cold weather staple. This pair in person reminds me so much of something Rei Kawakubo might wear or make, so it's not surprising this fabric was sourced in Japan. Sold.

The denim apron dress- This dress is just so cute and is a nice little transitional piece for Fall. Love the dark denim/selvedge feel- super cute with a tee as shown or with tights and a tank. Great little throw on piece. Bonus points for gals who rock it with a stovepipe, cropped trouser and sneakers for a bit of a nod to the 90s.

Oh and bonus points for this patent oxford with a wedge- great with the aforementioned wool trousers and a crisp, white shirt and a slick of red lipstick. Perfection. 

So yea, I can't believe I'm pushing Eileen Fisher, but I'm also pushing a new decade in a few years so there. I'm sure to buy a few pieces from this lovely retail experiment. Needless to say, everyone working there was friendly and eager to help in a non-pushy way. Cause that's what mature women do.

And that's what's up this taking another look kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in making space for some new pieces. XO

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