Just a few (Fallish) things to consider right now

Good morning, Thursday. I doubt this mild weather is going to stick around, but I'm just loving the lack of humidity and cooler temps. It's my Pitta constitution, most likely, but my mood is way better when it's 78 vs. 98., More, please. As in more of Ali McGraw.

So just a little shopping list of a few of my favorite covetable items of late. A mixed bag of some of the stuff I just love for Fall.  

First, this blazer is the bomb and always sells out because it's never not cool to wear something oversized IMHO.

 On the beauty front, my nose goes straight to this new perfume line, named for a Bob Dylan album and whose scent profiles sound like a dream. That is if said dream takes place in a red wine and hash-soaked tree house in Laurel Canyon in the 70s while wearing a silk kimono and little else. So good. 

And for those who wish to keep the Summer vibe alive, you gotta get some Goe Oil. This stuff melts in your hands and makes your skin feel and smell incredible, like the best beach day ever. A must-have.

Lately, I've been thinking about a handbag and what I'm in the mood for, and I am all about a hobo, a shape I always come back to go with my midi boho dresses, wide-leg jeans, and boots so perfectly. This one from Khaite is highly aspirational, while this one from Etienne Aigner (remember them?) is really cool. 

I've also got a taste for preppiness and love this cardigan from Kule, paired with these amazing chinos from the new men's collection at J.Crew that everyone's hemming and hawing about. A small caveat- men's clothes don't typically work on my lady body, particularly pants. But these are everything and would love to try them on but they are currently sold out.

While we're talking pants, how about a great new jean?  These from COS are beyond chic and look fresh and modern in the best of ways, though I'm considering taking my classic J.Brand Love Story jeans (Ali girl again) out of storage because wide-leg jeans are back in a big way, and I love them with a silk button down and blazer (oh, hey Keith).

In terms of shoes, I am a big fan of the ballet flat and love this Loeffler Randall take on them so much. A close second would be my Birkenstock obsession, and these Arizonas in the dusty pink are so pretty for Fall. I'd even rock them with socks, a pair of Ecru jeans, and a white tee. I'm crazy like that.

For now, that's what I'm after. Oh, but wait. 

OMG alert on this large wishbone necklace in gold. She's sold out, but I'm on the list in case they restock. This with a low button-down or black turtleneck is sublime and very Elsa Perretti. Obsessed.

With life in perpetual flux and all of us wondering what's next, ground. yourself with a few key pieces and revel in a sense of shoptimism. Cause that's what's up this buying good things kind of Wednesday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in thoughts and considerations and love stories. XO