Maven's New Mood

Well, well, well. 

Let's catch —what a moment. I hope you've all been well. What a long, strange trip and such.

I've been largely in absentia because of my regular column at the Ageist, of which I'm quite proud. They've given me an excellent outlet to talk about the things I love, and I'm eternally grateful. But lately, I'm feeling drawn to doing even more content creation and have been shopping around for a new blog platform for which to call home. After an exhaustive search, I've decided to stay here. All roads lead to home, so consider this post a homecoming. I plan to post here a few days a week and am so excited to get back to sharing my world with you regularly. 

Next, I'm dabbling in the Substack arts and hoping to publish a monthly newsletter on the 1st of each month that will be part round-up of what you see here and some longer form thoughts on trends, culture,  work/life, etc. Watch this space for more on that soon. Pencil in the first issue as September because it's my favorite time to start a new project. Call it the September Issue effect.

As for other news, it's hot. Too hot. 

I struggle in the heat in the most Victorian of ways. I hate it. So I'm seeking cooler climes and good vibes because the heat cranks me up. Just ask my husband. I'd be lying if I told you that my mood has been sunny, as it's been anything but. I feel a change in the air; although that can be exhilarating, it can also be nail-biting. Between having a senior dog, assessing my would-be creative empire/offer, and wondering if all this working from home is working my nerves, I'm in a bit of flux. I'm trying to see the good in that. Bear with me. 

In the meantime, I'm going to stare at my fantastic birthday present from David. True story- I saw this show of Dominique Tarle photographs in Paris when I turned 40. For the unindoctrinated, Tarle is the French photographer who captured The Stones during the now iconic making of "Exile on Main Street."  He was supposed to stay for a few days but ended up staying much longer and capturing that time's sweet emotion. I have always loved this photo of Keith looking beatific in the Southern France sun. As I ponder the days ahead and what's to come, this is the mood I want to embody. Smiling in the sunshine is the vibe. Let's get to it.

I popped by the fantastic Jen Mankins pop-up this weekend at her old outpost on Smith Street in BK. If you are a fashion watcher, you no doubt know about her eponymous contribution to Brooklyn style with her defunct store, Bird. I dropped many a ducat there (a Rachel Comey leopard faux fur coat remains a favorite), and although she had twin children and moved to Sweden, she returned to regale her legions of arty, oversized fans with a sale of the century. I got a Dries skirt, an Ulla Johnson dress, and a No. 6 frock, all with that fantastic je ne sais quoi she became famous for, not to mention fabulous bold prints, which I always love. She came back to her hometown to surprise and delight with an awesome sale, and this blog is very much the same for me. A homecoming of sorts to where it all began, with all my favorite pieces and loves. Here's hoping you'll stick around and read my musings once again.

Quick side note- today is auspicious when it comes to astrology. August 8th is known as the Lion's Gate. Interestingly enough, astrologer types consider this the ultimate day for manifestation. According to my research, this portal marks the alignment of celestial mojo I needed to move forward. And the number 8 in numerology means wealth, look, and overall cosmic good stuff. It also represents abundance, so I hope today brings you the energy and inspiration to create all you seek. I'm right here with you.

More to come, friends. More to come. Cheers to abundance.

Cause that's what's up this manifesting maven kind of Monday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in new beginnings, writing as joy and coming home. It's good to be back. XO