Friday Follow up: Fall Finds

TGIF!  I told you I'd circle back with some ways to take that amazing DKNY inspiration and turn it into real-life looks. So without further adieu, here are some ways to get those classic silhouettes into your life right now. Ps, the pic of Serge and Jane has little to do with anything, which is kind of my vibe at present in this crazy time. They are anything but American, but damn, they look good, don't they?  I'll have what they're wearing. Each of them are so sexy.

Anyway, here are some fall finds inspired by my last post.

The suit. This one from Mango is way modern, and I am obsessed with anything brown (by far my best color) so this one is great.

And this look from Theory shares a silhouette with the DKNY one. So sharp and snappy, yet a bit laid back.

The slip dress. I love this one in brown again from Aritizia. It's just so stunning, as is this take on the 90s era trend from Kes New York.

Pair it with a gorgeous coat, and you're good to go. Speaking of which, how gorgeous is this oversized camel number from The Frankie Shop or this lovely vintage topper I found on Etsy? So good. I love the cozy nubbiness of it.

A relaxed skirt and sweater. I just love this look, and this brand Poetry is very pretty. Check out both of these pieces.

This undyed cashmere cardigan from COS is beautiful,  and this skirt from Black Crane is so great. 

Those are my recos for right now. Hope you have the best, somewhat Fall-like weekend. Yours, in something old and something new. Xo