Tommy Ton you are genius...

I am loving the photoblogging of Tommy Ton...maybe even a bit more than the
Sartorialist. Just super engaging slices of fashion life from the mean
streets of Manhattan and beyond...look there for inspiration,
interpretation, and revelation from the street types. I almost feel like
Mizrahi ripped him off for his Liz Claiborne advertising, which I think is
inspired, but feel a lot like this "real" stuff:

My First Posterous Post

Afternoon, everyone...welcome to my blog. These musings will cover culture
at large with an emphasis on fashion, art, pop culture, style, music, you
name it. Just stuff I like basically. And of course stuff I don't like. For
today, let's meditate on this insane Cartier ring. I swear if I could have
this I would never ask for another damn thing.