What "Laverne and Shirley" taught me about female friendship

Good morning, Wednesday. It's bright and sunny in the city and I'm looking forward to wrapping up this week and hitting up the holy land. Going to be amazing.

In other news, I was so sad to hear about Penny Marshall's death yesterday. I thought she was absolutely hilarious and her role as Laverne left a pivotal impression on me as a girl. "Laverne and Shirley" was probably my favorite show on television as a kid, and now that I'm older its value as a true testament to female friendship is not lost on me.

For those who don't know, the show was about two women living in Milwaukee and working at a brewery. They lived in a basement apartment and had many hilarious adventures. Laverne was the loud, somewhat promiscuous sass pot while Shirley (or Shirl) was more of a nervous nelly type who was a bit of a prude but hilariously neurotic and feisty. Unlikely friends? Perhaps. But that's what I loved so much- they were totally different characters but adored each other. And them making their way in the world as middle class, independent women felt real.  The show takes place in the 50s (but shot in the 70s and early 80s), and at that time, I'm not sure what the notion of "working women" meant but unmarried women living on their own was probably unheard of. When you fast forward to other shows of our lifetime about female friendship- "Sex and the City" and "Girls", there's some lovely moments but there's plenty of eye rollers where you are pretty certain that nobody who writes for a newspaper can afford that many pairs of Manolos, or that nobody could be more loathsome than any of the characters in "Girls". 

Laverne and Shirley were lovable, goofy types with lovable, goofy friends. I'll never forget what they showed me about having each other's backs, accepting each other for who we are and who we are not, and supporting each other as we navigate this thing called life. I even like what many called the jump the shark moment of the show, when the girls moved out to sunny California.  Them encountering their first earthquake is one of the funniest episodes of the entire show. Watch it here it still makes me laugh to this day.  I love how perfectly these ladies show the wacky hilarity of female friendship.  That it's ok to be vulnerable, silly, and most of all, hilarious. That "L" of Laverne's stands not only for her name, but also for love. And I loved every minute of that fantastic era. Their famous theme song noted that they were going to do it their way, and they sure did. And they were absolute comedic geniuses.

Thanks for the memories, Penny Marshall. "Laverne and Shirley" taught me a great deal about the kind of friend I wanted to be.

Cause that's what's up this schlemiel, schlamazel of a Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in best friends and boo boo kitties. XO

A few of my least favorite things

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm still in a relatively snarky mood so I'll just keep on going. 

As you know, I'm not much of a joiner. Yea, I get swept up in the latest and greatest things all the damn time. But mostly, I don't tend to like what the masses like, unless of course, I can put my own spin on it. But lately, popular sentiment for certain things has me questioning my own humanity. What's wrong with me that I don't like the following things?

Jason Momoa. I know, right? WTF is wrong with me that I don't like this big brawny charming human? I admit I was seduced by him when he was on GOTS, but now he's just a big doofus in my mind. And I don't like all that hair. And I don't like the way he dresses. Nor do he find him remotely humorous, even when he tries to be. Plus he's mad cheesy. But everyone loves him so clearly I'm the loathsome one. And that whole moms going to see Aquaman because omghe'shot meme is so annoying.

Everlane. Fucking Everlane. Lines around the block to shop for possibly the most boring, ill fitting clothes I've ever seen. I'm not mad at that round toed pump of theirs, but everything else can just f off to mediocrity. Why are we celebrating mediocrity, even when I do like their responsible sustainability? I just don't like their clothes.  They're like the vanilla ice cream of style or fashion for lazy people. Blech. Also some girl with vocal fry at the store was like "can you please tie up your umbrella before putting it in the bin. TH-ANKS". Ugh.  Oh and ps- I know I always talk about my love for the Gap back in the day- it's because there was always a coolness there. To me, Everlane is the opposite of cool, capiche? 

Poke. I liked poke for a second. When I worked in midtown. And then I went back to being kind of grossed out by it. Because truly, it's pretty gross. I think it's the fish chunk thing. I dunno. Next. Not sure what midtown has to do with fish chunks but here we are. 

Peganism. Go Paleo. Go vegan. But making a diet an acronym is so super annoying I want to go all Cavewoman on someone. 

Dad sneakers. Please dear Lord stop this trend. I can't anymore. Because truly I'm starting to like them even though I HATE them. I guess that may be the point but enough. Unless you're a cool Japanese girl. Then continue. 

BONUS: Radiohead. I KNOW. I'm sorry not sorry. They drive me completely insane. Thom Yorke's endless whining is like hell for me. Except for two songs really. "Everything in its Right Place" and maybe "Karma Police". But more than ten minutes of Radiohead makes me  think bad thoughts. Mostly about myself but still. This one stings a few of you out there I know. But I can't help it. They don't do it for me. At all.

Hmm I'm sure there's many more but those are just a few of my least favorite things. Clearly Trump and his bullshit would make the list but everybody hates him now so...cause that's what's up this flying solo kind of Tuesday in NJ. Yours, in false prophets. Come at me, bro.  XO

On becoming obscure (yet getting more clear)

Good morning, Monday.  You're here. I'm here. We're alive. Mazel.

So while commuting and listening to my Discover Weekly this am (Spotify's custom playlist based on your vibes in case you don't know), "Take the Skinheads Bowling" by Camper Van Beethoven came on. While I was on a shuttle bus. Going through the Lincoln. Headed to New Jersey. Surrounded by young kids at the dawn of their career, while mine resembles something more like the twilight state you have when you're getting surgery, except with less Versed. But I digress.

Because it occurred to me, as it often does at this point in the game, how a song like "Take the Skinheads Bowling" would only be recognizable to a certain demographic, namely my generation, X. How a song like that provides a happy recall of oversized sweatshirts and asymmetrical bobs and good old angst ridden, teenaged revelry. A song like that instantly makes you remember who you are, and who you were. I'm not sure it tells you where you're headed,  but no matter. You get it. Or you don't. If you're one of the kids on my shuttle bus, chances are you don't unless you're a requisite music nerd. 

It's interesting to me how different age groups have such identifiable markings. Like a leopard's spots. It's humbling in one way and scary in another. Humbling because there's a good amount of gravitas in knowing that a certain random song from a certain college brand from the 80s will resonate with those who heard it when it first released and appreciated it for its rather ludicrous refrain:

"Take the skinheads bowling

Take them bowling
Take the skinheads bowling
Take them bowling
Take the skinheads bowling
Take them bowling
Take the skinheads bowling

Take them bowling"

On the other hand, it's scary that so many other people in your everyday life have no frame of reference for this song. It doesn't mean you shouldn't hang with them of course, but the older we get, the more our references fall on deaf ears. Maybe I just need to hang out with music nerds exclusively so as to negate this sticky wick. I don't know. It's just a thought i had amidst the millions of existential crisis ponders I had on the road this morning.

Because 'm starting to itch in places I've never itched before. Not literally, mind you. But figuratively. I feel like I want to make big, sweeping changes but the lingo and energy it takes to get there is not really cutting it for me. In fact, nothing's really cutting it for me. Is it depression? Doesn't feel that way. Maybe it's a bit of that angst I spoke of. And maybe songs about skinheads participating in great American past times is bringing out the rebellious teen in me. The one who never thought she'd be sitting in an office park debating the relevance of acronyms (this already happened ps- and it's not even 11 am).  Point is- I'm assessing big moves for January and beyond. I can no longer continue to feel out of context.  Not because millennials have shit taste in music. Just because I need to up my game for where I am in my very own life.  Funny how the more we let go of our youth, the more we somehow become more clear about who we are. Or at the very least, it's as ridiculous and weird as a somewhat obscure hit from the 80s. Link to video here. Classic.

Just wanted to share that this am as I'm feeling like I need to make some new references to sync up with where I am right here and now.  I'm not sure any of this makes sense. I guess I just really wanted to see who amongst my friend group knew this song. Cause that's what's up this musical Monday in dirty Jerz. Yours, in shuttle busses and deep thoughts.  What will you discover this week? XO

A little inspo for your get up and go: Make like an icon and travel in style

Good afternoon, all. Well travel is upon us with the holidays and such and I for one could use a little airport inspiration. And though I am dying to wear my new Alo leggings inflight, I'm going to resist the urge and try hard to wear something somewhat chic (no guarantees, try being the operative word). With that in mine, here are some all star looks that give new/old meaning to the word "jetset". How insanely great do all of them look? I want to revive stylish travel, truly. Here's how to look like your favorite star of yesteryear.

Brigitte Bardot- I mean- ridiculously chic. What do you need to make like Bardot and go? I'd suggest an animal print coat, large scarf (the French and their scarves you know) and a beret if you can pull it off and not look crazy. 

I love this spotted faux fur trench from House of Fluff. But all price points and styles available. Also bonus points for buying vintage. But this coat is magical. And animal free.

Twiggy- Don't you just love her brand of Anglo fab? To get the look today try a flared,cropped trouser, some loafers, and a cute jacket. Presto. Instant Twigs. Safe travels.

For a splurge, get these Gucci Vegas loafers for that cool block heel like Twiggy's sporting above.

And probably the one I could best emulate on the list- Shirley Maclaine. Lord bless wacky sunglasses and a short haircut and all black. Yes, I think I can. Here's a link to a fun pair that won't break ze bank.

Marilyn in fur. You go and get faux fur and a pair of heels and fly yourself to the moon. This one's a great fake, the only way.  Genius. Sexy. Gorgeous.

Oh, Cher. If only we could turn back time. A big part of me wants to see her Broadway show ps. I can't help myself. Love this hippie 70s ethnic vibe to fly to Peru or Tulum or somewhere fabulous. Your version can be an Isabel coat, folksy bag, snug sweater and belled jeans. And a cowboy hat. Duh. PS the woman behind her is serving major travel realness too. The head scarf is a great look, no? 

Found the above fab Zara number on Poshmark. So good.

Dear sweet Audrey. For those of you lad-ehs out there- this is your look. Go mod and short and you can't go wrong- and add a designer bag to boot. I personally could not fly with bare legs but you do you. Oh and you can't go wrong with a good Speedy bag from LV. Timeless.

Michael Caine, Ringo, and wives in tow going to Liz Taylor's 40th. Um yea. Love. Chic outerwear, rock star hair, languid gazes. Yes and yes. This coat is cool.  And so is this one. And I know I'm doing a lot of faux fur and trenches but there's a reason. See below.

So what have we learned hmm hmm? We've learned that the chicest women from the 60s and 70s have some things in common when it comes to traveling in style. Trenches, animal prints, fur (now faux because of course faux). A great boot or block heeled loafer, and a relaxed silhouette when it comes to your bottom half. And of course, a good handbag. Of the iconic designer varietal if available to you.

Just wanted to give you some get up and go inspo as we all prepare to fly the friendly skies. Yours, in taking back travel, one great look at a time. XO

On Jews and Christmas

Good morning and TGIF. It's been a long week but looking forward to some major league friend time this weekend. 'Tis the season.

I was thinking about how much I love Christmas and have written here about my Christmas envy, considering I'm Jewish. My sister and I have always joked about it- she is partial to a more Irish Catholic kind of Christmas (think Kennedys) and I've always been partial to a more over the top Italian/Dyker Heights/Feast of the Fishes mystique. But I digress. Because Jews can't do Christmas. Even if we try.

Case in point. This year i bought a fairly legit Christmas tree. Not huge, but not tabletop either. David and I put some music on and dressed the tree with some ornaments purchased locally- pretty gold star things and some small gold balls, and of course lights. I was going for more tasteful and restrained than my Italian Christmas obsession, but alas- the tree is cute, but doesn't quite cut it when it comes to Christmas miracles. Here's a picture of it. I just don't know how to make it great. I have no real frame of reference. I didn't grow up with Christmas and I'm a little long in the tooth now to learn.

My sister sent me this picture the other night. That's me. And my very 70s coiffed dad. And yes, that's some Christmas decor in the background. Apparently there were stockings. Since I was too young to remember this now, I rely on my sister's recall to regale me with tales of Christmas's (how do you pluralize this?I can't even do that) past. 

According to her, this was the first and only time we did Christmas at my house. My dad put up some festive wrapping paper on the wall in our den, think wallpaper vibes. Fairly clever if you ask me, although obviously not tasteful. My sister told me my dad STAPLED our gifts to the wall. Stapled? Who does that? My dad. That's who. He also used to nail picture frames to the wall. I guess he really wanted things to not fall down. Also the obvious omission was a tree. Thus the stapled to the wall gifts, including that sexy Spirograph you see. Maybe the tree was too goyish. Probably. As I looked at this picture, my sister reminded me how very happy I was. I must admit, I do look fairly chuffed. She then told me she unwrapped the Spirograph and put it on my head.  Also what's with the undershirt, pops? Ah, the holidays.

Yesterday I was at my local nail salon, fixing a botched pedicure. My nail ladies are Jews from Uzbekistan. My neighborhood is traditionally Italian American and requires more than a bit of Christmas cheer, so the woman who runs the place had her husband, who sports a huge star of David around his neck, putting up Christmas decor.   I watched as his befuddlement turned to frustration. How was he supposed to know what to do with all this tinsel, lights, and green and red objets? He gave up on the decor, after some cursing in Russian and sweating, and just sort of spread the accessories through the salon, in sort of weird bas reliefs vs. hanging them properly. It was sad to say the very least. As sad as my botched pedicure.

Now of course there are BIG exceptions to my thesis. I have a friend who lives in a super posh part of Boston, in a beautiful storybook home. Her Christmas tree appears to come out of a Currier and Ives painting. I think this is because she's surrounded by old monied Wasps. Perhaps they showed her how. Or she hired someone to decorate it, though not likely. PS her last name is Cohen. I'm not entirely sure how she pulled it off but yamulkes off to her.

Also my aunt does a gorgeous tree, though her husband, who converted to Judaism, grew up with Christmas so they have a more than slight aptitude and advantage to us 100% Ashkenazi types. This was one of her trees a few years back, with my sister's very non Jewish dog, Rosie sitting by it. Nice, right?

And though we pretend to love that crappy Adam Sandler Hannukah song and enjoy our stinky, fried latkes, no dreidl could substitute for a proper tree. A spinning top vs. a Douglas fir? Nope. Not even close. And with Christmas becoming more and more of a secular holiday, maybe we can all become experts on decor. Is there a master class I can take? I prefer to be better prepared next year. After all you can take a horse to water, but can you teach a Jew Christmas? The jury is still out. Oh and for those keeping score- guess where I'll be Christmas Day? On a plane to Israel. Oh, the irony. 

Cause that's what's up this most wonderful time of the year kind of Friday in Brooklyn. Yours, in yuletide carols and silent nights.  Oh, and Happy Hannukah. XO

Gift guide: Free People's got something for all your lady pals

Good morning, pals. It feels so good to be sharing on the blog again. I love discovering new things and showing you all of them. And today is no exception. Because the stress of holiday shopping is real. And because Free People has so many amazing options on ONE SITE- you could literally buy something for every female (and pet) on your list and have fun doing it. I love love love what they're doing online- super smart mix of high, low, and everything in between - well curated between beauty, fashion, and home. Such good things. Here's a few of my favorite gift ideas for all the archetypes in your life. 

For the hippie chick: This piece is called the Rising Sun kimono and it's RAD. We all know a girl with long layers and a sunshine vibe that needs this. So cool for lounging, brunching, anything really. Probably best for gals in LA but that's just my two cents. SO GOOD.

For the weather obsessed cool chick: Inuikii classic weather boot- OK- caveating the crap out of this one- these are EXPENSIVE. But how cool is a red boot like this to give a lil color pop when it's so grey outside? Just love these so much. Want them for myself. I am weather obsessed after all. Dark Sky much? 

For ankle poppers:The cutest socks- Love all of these as I'm having a bit of a sock renaissance in my life (I usually hate wearing socks but lately loving them with a low top van and some ankle showing). So many cute options- and five for $30 makes for a stylish and useful gift.

For the astrologically inclined: How CUTE is this idea? Love a beauty set that focuses on the zodiac signs- there are four varieties for water, earth, air, and fire from Pai Skincare, a great clean beauty brand.  So awesome and such a thoughtful gift.

For the dog lover: I mean- this is so good. How can you not love a collar like this? Her pooch will be the toast of the town. Kimono lady would probably like this too, ps.

For the sorceress: Yes, we all know one. And it seems that witchy poo things are in right now amidst so much chaos. This book should hit the spot. Put a spell on her with this gift.

For the warm and fuzzy type: Know someone who loves to cuddle and get cozy? This beanie is so cute. It's the accessory equivalent of comfort food. Such a pretty and warm statement.

For the design inclined coffee lover: Owning a french press is a bit of a hipster right of passage. This one is chic. I love the burnt orange one and any of your say -architect/graphic design types would dig this, I'm sure of it. Perfect for any Brooklyn brownstone or beyond.

For the fashionista party girl: To know one is to love one. And chances are she's always looking for something new to wear. This sparkly dress should make any disco queen happy.  Who doesn't love a new dress? Party girl suitors reading this- buy the dress, and then take her to a fabulous date so she can wear it. You're welcome.

For the freelance work from home/couch potato lady: If you know someone who watches CNN all day while working on her laptop (yours truly basically), a jumpsuit is a great way to be dressed but undressed. You could easily throw on a cardi over this number and make a Starbucks run, or you could simply chill inside, basking in the glory of your so called freelance life. Just a thought.

So there you have it- all the things. And many more to be discovered for all your favorite chickadees. Get on it, and have at it. Cause that's what's up this free to be kind of Wednesday in the Jerz.  Yours, in great gifts. XO


The Beauty Issue: Five products I'm loving this December

Good morning, Tuesday. It's been a while since I've shouted out any beauty products, so here's a few new doo dads I've been enjoying of late.  It's the holiday season and it's time to get the product mix right when it comes to personal gifting. Yes, that's Anja Rubik shot by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany a few months back. But don't you just? I know. Me too.

Here are a few high and low things for the holidays- leopard coat and boots not included.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. OK maybe I saw some young influencer type waxing poetic on Instagram stories about this. Maybe she's about 23. But maybe I found her post intriguing enough to try this product for myself- and boy, do I love it. Fabulous, low cost concealer. Does a dark circle good. Or bad as it were. Really brightens the under eye area beautifully. That packaging though....get your mind out of the gutter. And I'll get mine out of it too. ;)

Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray. THIS. A cross between a dry shampoo and a re-styler- it's the best thing EVER to remove your ponytail bump post barre class or just give a bit of zing to a tired, day old hairstyle. I'm obsessed with it and used it between washings on my shoot and it was an absolute lifestyle. Gives just the right amount of texture and crunch. So good.

Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara. Oh hells to the yes this may be my fav mascara of all time. Thickens and almost allows for a naked eye if you're so inclined (only thing you really need for your eyes to not look dead). I love this product. I think mascara is all about the wand and love this wand/brush so much- easy to apply and gives max volume and thickness. Great. I gotta say- Chanel really knocks it out of le parc every time lately when it comes to beauty. Amazing products and lots of fun launches.

Essie Leggy Legend. So lately I've taken to 70s hues when painting my nails. I'm LOVING this color- a copper that goes well with my tresses and just has that rock and roll 70s feel that I love so much. And festive in its own right for the holidays.

Aesop body oil. I've always been a big fan of Neutrogena's body oil but this version, though certainly more spendy, is just so lovely. The scent is vaguely medicinal but in a chic, hippie homeopathic way. And it's great when you just get out of the shower and want to protect against winter skin because it's Vitamin E enriched and super nourishing. Highly recommend.

So there you have it- a few of my favorite things for December and excellent self gifting opportunities to boot. You're welcome, darlings. 

Cause that's what's up this beauty-ful morning in NJ (again). Yours, in products make the world go 'round. XO

Is it ever as good as the first time? (Hint: fashion's banking on it)

Good morning, Monday. I'm working on a new writing project right now which should be really fun and I'm happy to be working through the holidays. For some reason, I love working through Christmas because it's a nice way to end the year. And as some of you know, I'm off to Israel on Christmas Day with my husband and his family. Looking forward to that.

Anyhoo, nostalgia much? I'm not sure what's happening in fashion (besides some bonafide desperation), but feels like we only go backwards now. Case in point- the Marc Jacobs redux of his now infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis back in 1992 (still at the top of the post is from the original collection). We all know this collection was a precedent setting, groundbreaker fo the designer, but to re-release it feels a bit- hmm. Not sure. Although I am fully onboard for that Doc Martens collab he's doing. Must haves. But seeing that baby cardigan and slip dress combo made me feel stuff. Good stuff, but not sure I can wear it again stuff. I do have a bit of a rule that if I was old enough to rock the trend the first time, I may not go there again. 90s minimalism is of course exempt from this rule- because it's classic and always works. But everything else? Ya. Pretty much. And just so you know- I didn't wear Docs AT ALL growing up- even though I was a moody, suburban art school chick with an asymmetrical bob back in the day. Link to a great article from the CUT here as well as a link to shop. 

Husband, if you're reading- those Docs for the holidays would make a great gift for your former art school wifey. ;)

Then last night I caught some pre-Fall Versace. And guess what? Not only is the eponymous safety dress back, but so is the infamous J. Lo plunge neck, worn by Amber Valletta back in the day (the year 2000 to be exact) on the original runway, and now, yet again on the most recent turn. You better work. She's major. And breaks all my rules. Love the new print,  I must admit.

But does this nostalgia feel like an homage of sorts or is it just lazy, repurposing? And is it chicer to rock the original, now vintage version or procure the new iteration? I don't know the answer but look for brands to continue to re-release the classics- Gap- if you're listening- you would be SMART AS F to redo the khaki spot that made you famous and redo the khaki for a new generation. My two cents. I guess there's a market for everything old being new again. I'm just not sure if it simply is not for me because it makes me feel ancient or whether I find it annoyingly derivative. Does teen spirit smell great the second time? I dunno. You tell me. I have a feeling this is going to be a big trend considering the very precarious times in which we're living- does doom and gloom and despair lead to nostalgic impulses? Yup. Think so. Let the good times roll.

Cause that's what's up this here we are now, entertain us kind of Monday in New Jersey (don't ask). Yours, in second time around. XO

Tips for work outs while traveling: My top picks for staying fit during the holidays

Good morning, Thursday. As I've mentioned, I've got some time on my side right now so I'm going to do all I can to indulge in a bit of self care and work out and eat well. It's a lot easier when your only options to work out are 6 am or 7 pm. I don't love either of those so I'm feeling happy to be able to get a workout done at 9:30 in the morning. Feels very luxurious. 

And with so many of us traveling for the holiday season, I thought I'd give you a few ideas for some great ways to stay fit on the road, or some great gifts for avid travelers who like to stay in shape. That's model Irina Shayk up there working it out in her hotel room for Vogue, but if you're a mere mortal without a stellar gene pool or metabolism, fear not. You can still get involved.

I bought this snazzy Manduka yoga mat for my recent Cali trip and I loved it. It's much better than the Lululemon version and packs beautifully in your suitcase and is super lightweight though still feels substantial enough to do yoga in your hotel room. 

On that note, I'm OBSESSED with Dirty Yoga and it's been my dirty secret for a while. Don't be fooled by the name- it's totally G rated but the workout is pretty hardcore. This is not "woo woo" in any way- it's strictly a getitdone situation that many true yogis may scoff at because it lacks a single lick of spirituality, but I love it. You can choose from a variety of workouts and since it's a streaming subscription model, all you need is an internet connection and a mat. And there you go. It's challenging as could be and no workout is longer than 45 minutes so you can really fit this in on a busy schedule. When I'm traveling for work or play, I'll hit them up for a no nonsense great workout.

I also love that today's boutique fitness spots have locations everywhere. Soul Cycle has seemingly invaded the world, as has Orange Theory and Barry's and any number of studios. You all know I have big love for Pure Barre, my go to workout for the past few years. I'm currently loving their new Reform class, which is a riff on the classic class and incorporates more strength training, as well as their cardio focused class, Empower. I love checking out their studios when I'm away from home- I went to the North Hollywood location a few weeks back as well as the Center City Philly location last weekend. Genius. I love Pure Barre so much- always a welcoming environment and always a challenging workout. They also have an at home version of the workout you can do anywhere, but I do love going to the studio- the workout is the same but each studio has their own local flavor.

As far as wardrobe goes, I'm super into this sweatpant/legging hybrid from Beyond Yoga. They're fleece lined and super duper comfy- you could wear them to a class or you could wear them on a flight. They're cute as heck and I love 'em.  

Also I'm so pleased to see my favorite workout tanks are back online at American Apparel and for 8 bucks! I love their racerbank tank more than anything- and I wear them all the time to work out and under blazers as well. A great layering piece that's also cool on it's own. Highly recommend. Of course, I do the basic black version. That's how I roll at the gym- loads of black and black alone. An occasional printed pant but always black on top. I'm weird like that. This post confirms my vampire aesthetic when it comes to workout clothes. 

Oh, and if you're in the market for a coat that can battle the elements, check out these amazing options on Nike.com. 

I can't get enough and I am the proud owner of this full length bad boy above. It's warm as could be and I literally walked the dog today in a tank top and leggings and was nice and toasty. The prices are decent and they are perfect sporty options for cold days and walks to the studio of your choice.

Y'all didn't know I was such a sport did ya? Cause that's what's up this jock rock of a Thursday in the 718. Yours, in getting physical. XO

Retail alert: Five affordable sweaters to wrap up the holidays from H&M

Good morning, pals. Happy Hump Day and though I'm on a bit of a shopping sabbatical, that doesn't mean I can't share some great deals with you post Black Friday/Cyber Monday blah blah blah. And since it's most definitely sweater weather, I thought it would be fun to share with you some amazing sweater steals from H&M. Full disclosure- I don't wear a ton of sweaters. If you have not lived in New York, you don't know from the unique brand of cold we have here, but you also don't know from the extraordinary amount of heat pumped through old radiators and heating systems in office buildings, restaurants, and unfortunately, one's own home in an old brownstone in Brooklyn. Wear sweaters in the winter here? Sure. Just be prepared to wear a tee shirt underneath so you can peel it off once that bikram building heat comes for you. I'm presently wearing a tank top in my apartment so there you have it. Ooh and also- the itch. Of wool. I can't.

But punishing fake heat aside, have a look at these great pieces, all super reasonably priced. Good sweaters are often very expensive- and I'm in favor of purchasing a great and expensive sweater or two per season, but these fun pieces won't break the bank and feel very aligned with the holidays. So here we go.

I love this oversized Fair Isle that looks super comfy and soft and itch free. I love it with leather leggings or tights. So good.

Brown is my favorite hue for clothing, besides black of course. I adore brown and it's a color that is super hard to find- so a sweater in this hue is always a good thing. Love it with jeans or anything else at all.

I'm not one for cropped sweaters but I know it's a great look for certain body types and I adore the classic feel of  this one, particularly when paired with white or winter white jeans and a suede bootie. Chic. Very New England Christmas.

So this is not technically a sweater, but love how a fuzzy jacket like this can replace a classic cardigan, particularly with a graphic tee and some jeans to keep it all very rawk and roll. Adorable. 

So this one is not for Scrooges but some people love a good holiday sweater, and this one is not too goofy and is a pretty look for a holiday brunch or casual celebration. Get involved. There's a way to be festive without looking silly.

So there you have it- great pieces at great prices to keep you cozy and happy this season. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and why not self gift a bit at a reasonable cost? Cause that's what's up this bundled up Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in wrapping it all up. XO