Insomniac musings: There's a time for yes. And there's a time for no.

Good morning, Wednesday. I believe I owe you a post on print dresses but I got distracted by a bit of an epiphany I had during my latest sore throat induced insomnia bout. 

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the art of saying no. For years, I had no idea how to even use the word. Specifically when it comes to work but that also spilled over into other areas of my life.

When I was at a different point in my career way back when, I worked at a notorious ad agency. Notorious for creativity. Notorious for being subversive and disruptive. And notorious for working all of us to the bone- which many of us did not have a problem with. It was a wonderful time. And it was a culture of "yes". Meaning- if you said no to a great idea because of timing, money, or lazy thinking, you'd be shown the door. Or they'd at the very least let you know that "no" was not an option. And that was a wonderful learning opportunity for so many of us, and of course for me.

But that culture of yes did a bit of a number on me.

Because for years, I said yes to things I didn't want to do. Yes to parties I didn't want to attend. Yes to projects as a freelancer that spread me too thin but I was too afraid to say no. Yes to friendships that were toxic to my well being. I thought that saying no was a sign of defeat. A weakness. An inability to say yes. 

And I recently saw a post  on Instagram by John Jay, a maker in the truest sense who cut his teeth in advertising and became an icon for what creativity at work can be.  He's someone I admire tremendously- a life well lived and spent with passion and curiosity. Here's what the post said, accompanied by an image of two bobbleheads:

"THE GIFT OF YES. It’s going on to 2 am and I am still working in the studio. I think it’s been a month since I have a chance to take day off. Every night is a late night but these are extraordinary times for me. Putting in the effort is merely an investment when the rewards are so enormous. Enabling positive change which will lead the lives of those around you towards a more inspired creative existence is the ultimate example of creative direction. This is work worth working. The nodding couple here are the much maligned Yes Man and Yes Girl...long chastised as angels of the weak, management icons of the status-quo. However, time teaches you that it takes strength and conviction to say yes to bold and revolutionary ideas. It takes little courage to say no to everything, not to dare, to conveniently let others take the risk. I cherish the visionary leaders who fight against their own bureaucracy and industry to say yes to all of us as creators who depend on their support. Saying yes in these polarized and challenging times takes more courage than ever. God bless the Yes".

Insightful beyond belief. This is what I believed for a very long time, and I still believe it for the most part. Because saying yes to things that can feel scary, overwhelming, or challenging is a a great idea. But saying yes now comes with a healthy dose of discernment, at least it does for me. And when I say yes to things I should really be saying no to, it doesn't end well.

And on the other side of the fence is my insomniac stroll through the internet at 2 am last night. A friend of mine reposted a video from none other than Russell Brand, he of furry walls fame and beyond. Russell is a frenetic person whose energy always just seemed on the verge of shorting out. He's a survivor who's been through it- addiction, a marriage to Katy Perry, etc. Whether you love him or love to hate him, the guy's smart. And in this vid, he's talking about burnout, something many of us can relate to.  Here's a link to the video. He's looking very sage like these days, ps.  The general gist of this video is the following:

According to him, we used to live in a culture of yes. Be positive and say yes. But now? There's a great joy in saying no. We are afraid of missing out so we yes ourselves to the point of burnout. But saying no implies that you are fine just as you are. He talks about how hard he used to work- all the time to obsession. And now? He's enjoying a simpler life- a more pastoral life spent "mucking about" with his children.  

The most interesting point? He makes a point of saying he's in a place where he no longer wishes to be defined by what he does in the outside world. And that he no longer truly cares what people think of him. He acknowledges how hard it is to just stay home and be quiet and enjoy the nothing. Because we assign moral judgement to such behavior, that somehow working all the time is more valuable than not doing anything for a few minutes/months/however long. The biggest insight he gave? That by saying no to stuff you truly open yourself up to life as you wish to live it. That a quieter, less exciting life may have great to your nourishment as a human than the frenzied, manic dane of work/life and back again. 

I know what you're thinking.

Russell Brand is a celebrity who makes a lot of money. Or has made a lot of money so his pastoral lifestyle does not apply to me because i have to work my butt off to survive. But I think you're missing the point if that's what you're thinking. 

He's not saying to hide in your house. He's simply saying that by saying no, you're giving yourself some much needed space and quiet. And that's exactly where I am right now. I'm not depressed. I'm not becoming a hoarder. In fact, I'm getting rid of stuff that no longer holds value for me. And I'm saying yes to things that make me happy.  But no is more front and center for me because I'm absolutely in a more quiet, peaceful place at the moment where chaos just doesn't work for me at present. I'm a strong no on chaos and stuff that doesn't bring me joy or at least an opportunity for growth. I love this video so much I've watched it about ten times.

And though my recent past looks a lot more like John Jay's post, my present and distant future feels a lot more like Mr. Brand's. 

So my point is- there are times in your life when you are a strong yes. And then there are times where you're more like, sorry, but no. And ps not really that sorry. Just no. I find saying no very difficult ps. It's not in my nature but I'm learning to love it.

Life is an amazing journey. And whether you're in a yes place or a no place, be confident you're in the right place. Don't say yes when you really want to say no. And don't say no because you're too scared to say yes.  That's my big takeaway, and as usual, I felt the need to share. Be true to your yes and your no. Oh and no room for maybe here. Sorry.

So are you team no or team yes right now? The key is having empathy for yourself and wherever you need to be right here, right now. Either hell to the yes or hell to the no. It's all good. Y'all know which side of the fence I'm on these days. We really need to stop looking at saying no as a negative. Truly. 

Cause that's what's up this team no kind of Wednesday in the best city on Earth. Yours, in yes and no questions. XO

Maven picks for a well spent Spring Fling: A few great looks for less.

Good morning, Monday. I'm sick in bed today with some sort of chest cold/scourge/plague and truly tapped out.  Been a while since I've been down for the count, so grateful I can WFH and try to catch some sleep in between things. And I'm not so much shopping these days but thought it would be fun to shop the mass stores and pick out one piece from a few well priced chains to get us in the mood for Spring's fresh bloom.

This striped sweater from the Gap is good times. I love a nautical vibe come Spring/Summer and this has an almost Proenza Schouler vibe. If you don't know what that means, trust me. This is a chic piece for setting sail on the new season.

Also at the Gap, this little belt/sash thing is super cute with all your Spring white dresses to nip in the waist. I also love it with something khaki or of course, denim. Cute.

And one more from the Gap are these cute, cute wide legged crop chinos. Full disclosure- not a silhouette I can rock in any way, shape, or form. Strong no on these for my bod but I love the look on others.  Chances are you know whether these will good on you too- I've coveted the Jesse Kamm version for years now but alas- not happening.  I love them in white by the way. So chic.

Over at H&M, I'm digging this $35 shirt dress- I love a safari-ish look in the Spring time- chic with gold jewelry and a brown block heeled sandal. Very classic look and great for those of you looking for something nice and affordable to wear to work. Also comes in black- at that price maybe buy them both.

And with animal print showing no signs of slowing down as a big, big trend, I love this snake printed trench. Great over a tank and wide leg jeans or with a dress and bare legs. Super stylish and also very affordable at just under 60 bucks.

I literally buy a black ribbed dress every Spring- and this one is so cute- love the French vibe of the neckline and sleeves- wear with absolutely everything from fresh Converse low tops to high heeled sandals. Such a good staple piece and also super affordable at $29.99.

Oh, COS. True you make me feel like a cross between an Orthodox Jewish woman and an Eastern Bloc factory worker, but sometimes ya nail it. I love this little bag- such a great grab and go for dog walks or city jaunts. Chic around the waist or cross body. Great little travel bag too to hold just the essentials. 

As an & Other Stories superfan, I just adore their take on trends- perhaps a bit more feminine and ladylike than the others, but I just love it. This little bra is so pretty under a sundress (straps showing of course).

I also love these. I think I post a version of these once a season but clogs are just cool and that's that.

So with the exception of the clog which is $135, everything here is under 100 bucks and I'm happy to bring you some great looks for less. Just goes to show ya don't need a ton of dough to get glam for Spring. Cause that's what's up this well spent Monday from under my duvet. Yours, in sick beds and great style. Up tomorrow? Print dresses. My favorite, and hopefully yours. XO

Turning pages and thinking about Spring style

Good morning, Wednesday. Up and running early today and feeling inspired. I haven't worked out since Friday and did this morning and somehow, it always makes me feel so much better. Have to make time to get it done and that's that.

So do you all know about magzter? I love this app for reading all your favorite magazines online. And although I still do get a few print editions, it's a great way to read all your favs and save a few trees. So yesterday I was cruising through the March Bazaar and was pleased to find so much good fashion. Here's what I spotted and wanted to bring to you now that Spring is upon us. A few trends to grab onto as you figure out what you'll be wearing in Springtime.

Solid brights- Love all of these strong looks. And I'd probably commit a crime for that Balenciaga turquoise get up. OMG. So good.

Masculine silhouettes- You all know that as much as I love a pretty dress, there's a big part of me that loves a tomboy/masculine vibe, and there's no shortage of good looks this season. And the hair in that Givenchy ad is giving me major feelings. Obsessed. And those paper bag pants in the last photo are high on my list of trouser needs for the Spring. What, you don't have trouser needs? I do. PS suiting is a huge trend and I just adore it.

Boho 2.0- Spring and Summer are always popular time to go a little boho, but love this editorial full of pretty prints. including that fab Prada tie dye. Also that McQueen is a polished way to  do the look and that Stella McCartney jumpsuit is worth living in for weeks on end. So good.

Girly prints- Warmer months also bring out a poppy, girly vibe and I love what Kate Spade is up to of late. I believe they have a new creative director who's breathing new life into the brand while respecting its roots. Fun. Easter looks. Love. Also that embellished Burberry raincoat is a modern take on something Catherine Deneuve would have worn back in the day. I love it with a dress and flats and bare legs. Fabulous. And that model is super beautiful.

Hopefully you're getting some inspo of your own when it comes to Spring style, but I'm always here to help. Cause that's what's up this paging through kind of Wednesday in the 718.  Yours, in reading 'em all so you don't have to. XO

A little bit of Oscars, but not much

Good morning, Monday. Let's get to it.

Last night's hostless Oscars still ended a bit too late for my tastes but whatever. Seemed popular with the crowds watching though I found it as boring as ever. I didn't even want to write this post but meh. I have to do what I have to do.

Honestly I'm most grateful for not having to wonder if and when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are going to just stop singing and make out. I've had it with them. And that song. Thank you. Next.

And I suppose there were some good dresses but really all I cared about was Charlize because Charlize.

When I first saw that Dior couture I was a bit confused. Was it scuba-like? Did her boobs look weird? Was the stomach sticking out? And then upon seeing it again- no to all. So so stunning. I couldn't get enough of it. I loved the modesty up front and the party in the back. I'm a big fan of a modest look- I find it incredibly sexy. My one critique? I wasn't sure of the earrings and the necklace. But I would probably shave a few years off of my life to own that necklace. Maybe a decade even. Absolutely amazing.

Also I liked Chadwick Boseman's get up. I'd rock the hell out of that. 

Kacey Musgroves was a hell no the nah for me, dog.

Bree Larson in Celine was a knockout, but her nervous laughing while presenting with Samuel L. Jackson was a little weird.

Gaga was gorgeous though some say too orange. Maybe so but I thought her face looked so pretty and glowy and freckly. The hair thought was perhaps a bit too helmet-like.

Billy Porter in the Christian Siriano ball skirt. Good times.

Emma Stone always a winner in Vuitton. Comfortable in her own skin and makes getting dressed for a night like this look easy. Love.

Jason Momoa and his wrist scrunchie though. Just no. Sorry ladies. His hygiene is not up to snuff. I'm a stickler for that, what can I say? Now Trevor Noah on the other hand? Gorgeous.

Regina Kim looked stunning in white de la Renta complete with its way up to there slit. Could have gone terribly wrong. In a flash. If you get my drift.

And so many poufy dresses. Too many.  Linda Cardinali. Ugh. Swallowed up in tulle. No good.

And two polarizing looks I actually liked- Awkwafina's D Squared suit and Olivia Colman's olive Prada. Can't help it. Loved them both.

Those are my thoughts for now. I wish Spike would have typed out his speech. And yes, Olivia Colman was lovely and charming, though I was sad Glenn Close didn't get it as she was tremendous in "The Wife". All in all, it was all just fine. I think I may just be done caring. In the shallows now. And that's what's up this post Oscar Monday in the 212. Yours, in good wives and only Charlize really matters. XO

Maven recommends: An eyeliner for experts and novices alike

Good morning, Wednesday. Happy Hump Day. Snow on the way today and then 55 degrees tomorrow. Totally normal. NOT.

So this week I may seem makeup obsessed. Maybe I am. I always am actually. Now that I've taken over our second bedroom as my dressing room/closet/makeup station I feel like putting on my makeup is a bit meditative. I suggest creating a space for application if you can. It sure beats leaning over the sink in the bathroom. True I have no place for anyone to stay, but there's a price to pay for beauty. And that price is a spare room.

On that note, can I shout out how much I love Benefit products? I've always been a bit afraid of them because the packaging makes them feel VERY young and girly, but the products are absolutely amazing. I'm completely in love with this brow thingamajig. It defines and shapes and all the good things. 

But what I'm really gaga for right now is this roller eyeliner. I've been a liquid eyeliner gal for a while now, and I love this version which allows for precision and the now ubiquitous cat eye, which, for the life of me, I still can't figure out. Even after watching a million videos on YouTube. Am I right? It's so tough. In any event, I love this eyeliner and I got it in brown. I usually go for black eyeliner only but this brown is pretty deep and manages to look defined and natural all at once. Amazing. Someday I may even get that damn flick right. 

So if you need a little pick me up this chilly February day, get this. I'm obsessed.

Cause that's what's up the moment I wake up Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in before I put on my makeup and saying little prayers pour vous. XO

Maven recommends: Chanel's new way to shop for beauty products in Soho

Good morning, Tuesday. RIP Karl Lagerfeld- what a life. It's appropriate I write a Chanel related piece today I suppose.

This weekend I happened to be in Soho for brunch and decided to pop into the Atelier Beauté Chanel, the luxe brand's answer to a modern retail experience when it comes to makeup and skincare, and it didn't disappoint.

It's interesting to me how we shop for makeup and even skincare nowadays. Before online shopping, I was almost always a makeup counter shopper- I enjoyed going to the big department stores and having an "expert" take me through the latest shades and products. I still do love that, ps. But now I shop on sites like Violet Grey for new products as well as end up shopping on Instagram for cool makeup or skincare i may have not heard of otherwise. So Chanel took the best of both of those worlds and combined them into this fabulous experience.

Located in a loft building on Wooster Street and up a flight of steps, I was greeted by a bubbly woman in ripped jeans. Immediately I knew this would be a different experience- I don't generally associate Chanel with ripped jeans that weren't of the designer varietal. Upon entering the gorgeous space, my coat was taken and I was asked to create an online profile, to best shop the experience.  Grateful for a respite from the chilly day, I decided to immerse myself in product heaven.

The idea was to walk through the immaculately hygienic space and DIY. There was a skincare bar and plenty of stations to try on many different lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, and everything in between. The whole experience had a relaxed vibe- with helpful millennial staff if you had any questions about anything. Each station had sample sized products that you could try yourself. You could also book appointments with an "artist in residence" to have your makeup done or get a skin consultation. But you could also do your entire face if you needed to- in fact it was encouraged. Oh and of course, it's all highly Instagrammable. Brilliantly so. 

And as far as their iconic fragrances, the Atelier Parfume is a spritz-free sitch where customers sniff at porcelain wands dipped in fragrance for a sensory experience. Love at first sniff? No problem. You can find out which scents are your favorite after you blindly smell them.

To me, the whole thing feels fresh and innovative. Plus, as you're tracking your preferences on the app, Chanel gets to know what your favorites are and can further customize your purchasing power in the future. I ended up with the new Baume Essentiel- a slick, multi-use stick you dab on your cheeks, lids, or anywhere that needs a bit of glow. I also got a new lipstick. The Rouge Allure Liquid Powder lipstick is one of the coolest formulations I've ever seen- it has a powdery, matte finish but somehow manages to feel completely moisturizing and creamy.  I went for Avant-Gardiste, a poppy berry shade that won praise from the sales staff who encouraged me to try something bright and new for Spring. How could I resist?

One of the least intimidating and fun experiences I've had from a luxury brand in some time. Chanel understands that although you may not be able to afford a handbag or iconic jacket, you can connect with the brand by buying a lipstick, eyeshadow, or perfume. Smart thinking. I will definitely go back. Who wants to come with me?

Cause that's what's up this rounded out retail kind of Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in new experiences. XO

On the Marc with Marc Jacobs

Good morning, Friday. I'm ready for the weekend et tu?

So New York Fashion Week came and went with many fashion watchers wondering just what the f it all meant. We all know by now that the relevance of Fashion Week has gone the way of the 8 track. But I've said it before and here it is again- I still believe. In the power of clothes and style and fashion to speak to where we are in culture. And to hopefully inspire and delight as well.

And that's where Marc Jacobs comes in. Marc is always the last show of Fashion Week and also the most anticipated. His show was a stripped down affair- no fancy sets, no real shenanigans, and an orchestra playing classical music in almost total blackness. There was a sobriety to all of it-a palpable moment in an upside down world and perfectly translated by Marc Jacobs. If you are a fashion follower, you well know Marc's star has been a bit unhinged since leaving Paris and focusing on his own line again. Many wondered if he could ever get back his original star power. And perhaps now that Fashion Week is in upheaval, maybe it was Marc's time to shine yet again. With the pressure off and the heat on to make some truly transcendent pieces.

I loved and lived for this show. I loved the volume. The show opened with an animal print cape. I was hooked from the moment I saw it. The plain ease of that simple sweater and skirt, sober alongside some of the more conceptually driven pieces. The sense that a woman could dress more minimally one day and more over the top the next .Look after look was exciting and innovative and very, very Marc- it was like watching a retrospective in one runway. I love that the big designers like Tom Ford and Michael Kors and of course Marc Jacobs went back and did some searching to find inspiration in who they are and what works best. Ford with his sexy tailored swagger and Michael Kors with his glam 70s vibe (Barry Manilow though? Ok then). And Marc has always been one to defy- I love that this is the collection he came up with after rereleasing his infamous grunge collection of the 90s. Because even though this was wholly unique, it still had some Marc J hallmarks- a little wild, a little restrained, and altogether feminine. The show closed with Christy Turlington, angel eternal in a feathered dress worthy of any red carpet anywhere. I'll be dreaming of those capes. And the simple silhouettes. And all the feathers. And everything in between. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to fashion and women and the creative inspiration we still find living in the best city in the world. We may not know what the future of fashion looks like, and maybe Marc himself doesn't know. But I felt this show displayed a designer who knows himself very, very well. And I for one am glad he's still sharing his incredible talent with the world. 

Cause that's what's up this fashionable Friday in the 718. Yours, in style magic.XO

There's no place like home(work)

Good morning, Wednesday. Looks like the bad weather is out and the sunshine is in. Happy about that.

So lately my schedule has been a bit more free- not that I'm not working but it's a bit more flexible which is very much a gift from the gods. I've had the good fortune to be able to take a few lunches and dinners with some dear female friends. I'm not sure I could survive without female friendship ps- it's just the best thing. 

Anyway, something happens to women once we turn 40. I'm not saying it's the same for everyone, and I turned 40 a hot minute ago, so I barely remember it. But I have some friends that are either facing 40 or just past it- and the common thread for most of them is a complete reassessment of life. I've found myself in advertising most of my career so I'm primarily speaking about women who find themselves in the ad world too. And the verdict is in- and advertising is OUT.

Don't attack me, those of you who still love advertising. Many people are still in the game and enjoying great success. I will admit that advertising is full of fun, smart, interesting people. The office culture is cool. You can wear yoga pants to work if you want. There's always someone up for a cocktail or a conversation. But, man. That world wears on your soul. It's stressful. The hours are long. And at some point, particularly when you hit the 4-0ish mark, you look around and feel a bit like Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School". And if you get that reference, you know exactly what I mean. And if you don't, well- that's part of the issue.

Everyone in advertising is getting younger while the rest of us get older. And some people are cool with that, and some aren't. I'm in the latter camp and not because I hate young people, but I've been questioning what I've wanted from my career for a very long time so working with people who are in their 20s is a constant reminder of my own stagnation. Long before I turned 40 this was going on ps. Although I enjoyed an inspiring, fun as hell career, I'm not sure I was remotely happy. In fact, I know I wasn't. And then I just got tired. Too tired. Primordially tired. And i knew it was time for a change.

PS- I'm still kind of working in advertising. I take projects from time to time with my favorite folks. But I've dedicated myself to full time writing- on behalf of brands mostly but not in ad agencies. And the reason this is so awesome is once I set that intention that writing was my full tilt future, it became my present. And i'm happy.

I used to ask myself a cliched question, to try and figure out what would make me happy when it comes to work. And that question was: Where would I want to go every day when it comes to being happy at work and what does that look like? I never, ever could figure out the answer to that, although I somehow knew it would include my "own" space. I thought for years that meant having my own business with my own office and phones ringing off the hook and lots of deal making and moving and shaking.


What it really meant was I didn't want to go anywhere. I wanted to stay right here at home. And write from home. And tell stories from home. I love working from my living room or bedroom or wherever I want, with my dog by my side and CNN on the TV. It's just where I'm happiest. And it took many lives and many years to get here. But I'm so glad I did. I guess I did the work, and now I can work from home.

My point is we seek and search and reach a point in life where we need things to fall into place. For some that happens at 25. For some it happens at 65. It doesn't matter when it happens but I do think for my friends turning 40, a lot of stuff comes up about where you want to spend your time. Because you start realizing that one minute doing something you don't want to do anymore is just too much. So even if you don't know what you want, don't worry. I know it will come to you like I did for me. And I didn't even have to leave the house to figure it out. Gratitude does not begin to describe it. Work hard. Stay home. Yes please.

Just wanted to share that little story with you, and I know that working from home is not everyone's dream, but I love it. If you are seeking something new, keep looking. And if you're happy and you know it, keep clapping.  Cause that's what's up this home is where the heart is kind of Wednesday in the borough of Brooklyn. Yours, in working from the sofa, from under the duvet, or just about anywhere. XO

Fashion's dead. Long live fashion.

Good morning, Tuesday.

So ya, Fashion Week. It's no big whoop and you know it and I know it. It's irrelevant, outdated, and nobody cares. Cathy Horyn said as much in this rather grim piece. But sometimes when nobody's watching the whispers of something big may just be happening. And in a world gone upside down, it's not surprising fashion feels the same way. I know there's more to the story- but I still believe. And I for one have not taken my eye off the ball. 

Because four collections made me feel the feels. And also made me remember what is so so good about American style, particularly New York City style. I'm wondering if designers are doing some soul searching of late to find out what they really want to say. I know I've found my groove after much mucking about and I for one am grateful. We all get lost in life, and perhaps fashion as we know it is in that place. With these collections, I think they went back to their roots with great success in terms of design. Even if nobody's looking. These are clothes meant to be worn and loved and worn again. I would be shocked if these collections didn't sell.

First, over at Phillip Lim, we have the most beautiful sophistication I've seen in some time on this side of the pond. I love the neutral palette and gasp- the endlessly wearable (albeit not affordable) clothes. After Gucci glam, there are these clothes. For those living actual lives and not living inside a peyote trip. I just love these clothes- cool, chic, understated, a bit sporty. And wholly American.

Over at the Row, my favorite twins hit another home run. I can't get enough of these clothes. They are sexy yet restrained, and ageless in their appeal. They let the wearer wear the clothes, and not vice versa. They truly are masterful designers. Wonderful collection as always. That leather coat and that slim black suit- Shazam. Giving me a whole lot of life right now.

But on the total opposite side of town is Anna Sui, whose collection made me feel a bit nostalgic for my early NY club days in the 90s. Sure these clothes feel more akin to a vintage store than the runway, but that's why I love them. They speak to the cool girl thing I always love about Sui's clothes- totally downtown and fun. Perfect for a night out. That second animal print number. Strong yes. Very strong.

And then, then. Drum roll.

Proenza Schouler's show had me at first slide. I am so in love with these two of late. I splurged on a couple of knit dresses this season and I absolutely love the way they make me feel. This collection was elegant and beautiful and very New York. In every way. Cool, sophisticated, ready for anything clothes- and those pants are so good. I'm madly, truly in love. And even if the shows don't matter, these clothes do. At least to me.

Cause that's what's up this passion for fashion kind of Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in getting back to basics and remembering what works. XO

(Re)thinking Pink

Good morning, Monday. Had a perfectly lovely weekend upstate and could have napped and drank wine and sat by the fire for a few more days, I'll tell you that. 

So last night I wasn't really planning on watching the Grammys because, meh. But wow I'm glad I did because it was ladies night and the feeling was oh so right. I loved the femalecentric show which opened with an appearance by MIchelle Obama and just kept going all night long with amazing performances by Diana Ross, Gaga, St. Vincent, the amazing Dolly Parton joined by tons of stars- my favorite being the "After the Gold Rush" (had no idea she wrote that) performance with Dolly, Miley CYrus, and Maren Morris. And I was completely blown the f away by Brandi Carlile's stripped down performance- an absolute powerhouse. I also loved H.E.R. and of course, the best Grammys host of all time, Alicia Keys. She is everything a celebrity should be and i absolutely love her beautiful, natural look and her incredible talent. Plus that green jumpsuit. Want. Oh and Janelle Monae. Oh, hey. So good. Love the Prince comparison. She's so talented and cool.

So in honor of so much girl power on stage last night, I thought I'd embrace my feminine side today and talk about my love for the color pink. Pink has come to mean so much more than it used to- when I was growing up it felt more girly girl/Molly Ringwald than a power color. But with women ascending more and more each day, pink is a symbol of how far we've come and how much further we can go. So it's a color that's top of mind for me, and I have always, always adored it but now particularly so. Here are some ways to bring some pink into your life- from home to clothes and back again.

I'm totally obsessed with this blush faux fur chair cover I got at a store in my neighborhood, Wanderlustre. I threw it over a lucite chair where I do my makeup and I just love it so much.

This candle is my absolute new favorite- it's sexy and weird and so delicious- narcissus and mysore wood combined for something special. And it looks so pretty in the home. I want stacks of them.

This Rachel Comey dress on sale had me at first glance- I saw someone wearing it this weekend and its just so lovely and kind of 90s  in the best of ways. I love how she does pink- rock it with everything from Vans to heels. The stylish woman who was wearing it this weekend had it on under a flannel shirt and with some aforementioned Vans and white tights- trust me, it was chic as f.

A pale pink satin mule? Definitely. Trimmed in sparkly jewels? Oh yes. These are completely divine. Still spendy even though on sale, but obsessed.

And with Valentine's Day in our sights, there's much talk of Galentine's Day- and the celebration of female friendship vs. Hallmark holiday cliches. How about giving your BFF one of these rose gold friendship bracelets from Catbird? So pretty.

Oh and keep the vibe going with a new favorite perfume of mine, Byredo's  Rose Noir, a lusty rose scent that is altogether amazing. And Diptyque's special collection of rose scented wonders is calling my name. 

I bought this scented oval for my closet and it's just delicious.

So as the week gets underway, think pink. It's a fun time to get a little girly, no? Cause that's what's up this rose tinted Monday in the 718. Yours, in colors. XO