Go for glow: My favorite new beauty products to love your light

Good morning, Wednesday. It's sunny and cold in New York City, and here we are almost a year into this pandemic, and just wow. Thank goodness for coffee.

And while I've been sequestered, I've found that rituals are a helpful way to begin and end the day;. Whether it's that first cup of aforementioned coffee or lighting a favorite candle in the afternoon (currently loving my Apotheke Palo Santo number), marking the day and honoring the moment has become essential for my sanity. So it's not surprising that I still love putting on makeup in the morning, even if nobody will see me at all. I enjoy taking time out to do something indulgent and uplifting.

On that accord, I'm all about skincare. Religious, fanatical skincare. My devotion to a daily skincare practice has become a non-negotiable. Twice a day, I'm doing all I can to keep my skin glowy, bright, and healthy. Particularly in the winter months, our skin needs a little extra love to keep it hydrated, bouncy, and happy. For me, it's all about radiance and glow. I'm forever seeking products that give a lit from within look- next week I'll recommend some makeup products that help, but today it's all about skincare.

So here are a few of my new favorite products that provide not only great results but a lovely, sensorial experience as well.

My new facial cleanser/massager tool from Popsonic is just perfect, bought on a whim from one of those steals and deals segments on the Today show.  I put cleanser right on the bristle side and power on to provide a massage while I cleanse, and then I love the other side that is paddle-like for a stimulating massage. Yes, it looks like a sex toy. And?

Three products from Kiehl's are on my list this month, too. I recently popped into their original location in the East Village and stocked up on a few things (and got a great gift). I'm obsessed with this treatment water that's like an essence- it somehow brightens and soothes your skin with an ultra-fresh feel after you cleanse and before you apply your products. I love an essence of late and can see a big difference when I use one- it makes the other products penetrate more deeply, so if you're spending all that money on products, why not ad something that gives your whole routine a little boost?

I also bought this incredible lip balm in Naturally Nude. If you read the blog on the regs, you know I'm forever in pursuit of the perfect nude lip, and this one delivers the perfect, subtle tint while taking care of chapped, parched lips. This Pro-Retinol eye treatment is also divine and subtly tinted to give the eye area a bit of brightening. Obsessed.  As for my gift, I got this fab mask brush. You may think a mask brush is excessive, but. I used it to apply my favorite StriVectin mask, Cloudberry Moisture™, on Sunday, and it made a huge difference when it came to an even, hearty application. Good stuff. Mine was free with purchase but here's another good option.

And I love this Leland Francis botanical serum, which is a fraction of Vintners Daughter products' price and fabulously herbaceous. I discovered it after a fabulous facial at neighborhood beauty bastion Shen, and I love its thickness, and the smell is lovely too- a great all-around serum at a reasonable price. Packed with 29 botanicals, it's a great all-around serum that balances, hydrates, brightens, and soothes.  I like the simple packaging too. Chic.

I've recently cut my hair way short again (thank you, Lord) and am so happy not to have to fuss with it. As much time as I like to spend on my face is the same as the little time I like to spend on my hair. It's just not my thing. But I absolutely love Christophe Robin's Cleansing Mask with Lemon- it's a non-shampoo shampoo, so it doesn't cause your hair to puff up and gives it that lived-in look I love while still provided a deep clean. Just don't get this sucker in your eye. Trust me. 

Wondering what rituals you all have to help you get through this rather tedious, ho-hum time. Restlessness is kicking in, and I'm just try8ing to stay grounded. A little self-care seems to help.

Cause that's what's up this love the skin you're in kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in finding your light. XO