Throwback Thursday: The Beatles in India

Good morning, Thursday. Again with the rain in the city. Oh what a dirge.  Too much gloominess is not good for my soul. 

So it's TBT and thought I'd break you off a little inspiration in the form of the Beatles now infamous visit to India to hang with the Maharishi, their ladies, and Mia Farrow. At a time when the world has certainly gone cuckoo, it's hard not to think about a little divine or spiritual intervention and these photos are so beautiful.  And even though the Maharishi turned out to have less than celestial motives, these pictures still conjure up a feeling of peace, love, and happiness. And I need all of that right now, and so do you. And considering that regardless of the fraudulent nature of said Maharishi, the Beatles wrote the bloody "White Album" as a result of their quest for meaning. So there you have it. At a time when we're all seeking and searching and trying to sense make, I'm drawn to the more spiritual pursuits. Or at least a decent martini.  Read more about their trip here. On days like this, I can't help but listen to this classic album, it's beyond a masterpiece.

Everyone knows I'm way more Stones than Beatles, but these pictures of exploration and a quest to find some meaning in a crazy world are very much aligned with my mood today.  Plus those outfits. That marigold color.  All of it. 

I am so ready for my very own Summer of Love. Cause something's gotta give. Now give me a Pepsi. (I kid, I kid).

Dear Prudence, open up your eyes.

Cause that's what's up this TBT in the 212. Yours, in opening your eyes and looking around, round, round, round, round. Come together. XO

Maven at work: The importance of being nice

Good morning, party peeps. I'm working from home today with a sick dog (on the mend thanks to his amazing docs at One Love in BK)- he has a bad tummy which I thought was much worse, but seems to be feeling all the anxiety with the move and probably should not have changed up his treats. Live and learn. Glad he is feeling better. I hate when he gets sick. Ugh. Poor little guy

From time to time I like to talk about work, because it's important to me and if there is any way I can be a mentor for people, I love the opportunity to share what I know. And here's what- you better be nice. And not just nice- flexible and nice. Because if you're not, you're going to wonder why your career suddenly sounds like crickets.

There are exceptions of course. I can name many creative people- photographers, big time creative directors, artists- that are, well, difficult. I can tolerate difficult when difficult is for good. I can't tolerate it when it's toxic, demeaning, or straight up nasty. And if you're going to be a big personality, that's fine. But please know that we live in a world now that is challenging beyond comprehension. I can only speak from my vantage point in advertising, but I will tell you this- it has never been harder to do what we do. Clients are tough and demanding. Budgets are tough and demanding. Timelines are beyond tough and demanding. So how do we manage to make great work and not fall apart? By working with people that really get it. And by getting it, I mean sticking up for making the best work possible, but also being nice about how you do it. 

Listen I know this is a bit of a touchy subject, particularly for women in the workplace. We are dinged for being too strident, too intense, too "bitchy". And for many of you who know me, I'm not exactly a meek woman. I'm a strong personality as well but I truly believe in being nice- approaching tough situations with as much grace and compassion as possible while still making my recommendations and vision clear. Do I not have moments where I'm a bit of a nasty woman? Yes. I do. But nasty women still need to be cool with being nice. In a world where innocent children are dying from chemical weapons and a lunatic is running the American asylum, it behooves all of us to try a little bit harder to be nice in the face of so much craziness. I shouldn't have to think being nice is a weakness. Because it just isn't. Yes and yes there are moments that require some muscle but overall, keep it nice and nice things will happen.

Advertising, as you know, is not life or death. I guarantee you that being nice and respectful does not in any way make you seem like a wimp. It, in fact, makes people want to work with you. And I hate that women get dinged for being tough way, way more than men- but I'm going gender agnostic here and calling for kindness. We are all here just trying to get it all done in very challenging times. People will always respect your passion and point of view, but tempering that with good vibes can't hurt you. I don't want to work with people who aren't nice, and that's the truth. As I mentioned, I think women often feel the need to be tough as nails- I'm indeed tough as nails, but I do try and handle the daily stress of doing business in a kind manner. Do unto others and such. I know the word "nice" feels a bit soft, but it's way better than being a jerk. Trust me.

I remember a time in my career when kicking and screaming was not only tolerated, but applauded. The tougher you were on people, the better results you got from them. I'm not sure that's true anymore. Because the ability to stick, move, and flex has never been more crucial. So I believe in the power of nice- regardless of my gender or crazy deadline. Can't we all just get along? I feel lucky to do what I do and want others to enjoy working with me. And even though this particular vendor was on brand for the gig, their attitude was anything but. Be flexible, be considerate, and most of all, be nice.  Be strong and passionate and sincere. But sweet Lord, be nice. It's just to hard otherwise.

Cause that's what's up this work wisdom of a Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in trying a little tenderness. XO

Maven is having a sale

Good morning, Tuesday. It's raining AGAIN. UGH. Make it stop. Somebody out there has to have some pull with a higher power for some sunshine. Cause I sure don't.

So as I mentioned yesterday, Maven is on the move. A few blocks away from my home now, but still- a move. So my lovely friend Katie and I are bringing our great wardrobes together and having a trunk show (a very large trunk by the way) - she deals primarily in fabulous vintage and I'm peddling a good amount of my own collection of clothes I've amassed all of these years and I'd love for you to have. I need a major purge so my loss can be very much your gain. Katie has exceptional taste, as evidenced from my first meeting with her, where she was wearing a vintage Japanese dress to the office. We became friends immediately because she loves fashion as much as a I do. Her vibe is a little more Portland/west Coast, and mine is, well, you know mine. So this sale will be East meets West- please write to me at if you'd like to come- deets on the above flyer. Katie and I have talked about having a sale forever- you can look forward to bubbles, snacks, and shopping. Cash or Venmo only. There will be a mix of high and low and everything in between. There's a mix of sizes but most are somewhere in between here and there. And of course some fun jewelry and accessories as well.

Can't wait to see you there and maybe this will become a bit of a thing. Please let me know if you'd like to attend if you're in the city that weekend and yay.  Yours, in a happy purging leads to happy shopping kind of Tuesday in the 212. Going to be FUN. Yours, in going, going, gone. XO

Finding my place in a new space

Good almost afternoon, Monday. This weekend was a hectic one- we started packing and got through our front room and then decided it was entirely too nice out to be surrounded by cardboard vapors all day. One room at a time. Must be out by May 1st. NBD. Ugh.

So I've always had this wonderful apartment juju. I know it's one of the hardest things to deal with, particularly in New York City. But David and I have always managed to land some lovely homes, and I'm particularly chuffed about this new one. It's two blocks from my current pad so I'm thrilled I get to stay in my favorite neighborhood in New York, Cobble Hill. The apartment is a lovely one- a two bedroom in a brownstone with a front stoop and everything. For some reason, I've wanted a proper stoop for the longest, and hopefully you'll come join me for a glass of rose stoopside this Summer. Khan will be there to make sure we don't get too tipsy.

And I had my lovely friend Katie over yesterday to talk about a a fun collab we're doing (more on that tomorrow- so excited to share) and view the new place. I got the keys this weekend so was happy to give her the grand tour.  And I was so grateful for her feedback and support. The new place has a clear and beautiful and peaceful energy- it's just a lovely spot with gobs of charm and I've decided to take advantage of the beautiful wood floors and go French minimal in a way in terms of decor. That means clean lines and not too much junk, but still somehow warm and inviting. And romantic. I love the idea of a romantic space.

On that note, I was giving my friend the tour and showing her the second bedroom, which I somehow planned to turn into an actual bedroom for guests. But then she schooled me in the best of way and wondered why I would not use this space as a closet/makeup room/inspiration room. Um yea. Way better idea. It's not like I have a kid that comes home from college, and my in laws come once a year. I can still put some kind of fold out bed in there but truly- I have always dreamt of a space where I could admire and enjoy all my lovely things, as well as put my makeup on with actual natural light. I've lived in a cave dwelling for the past five years, and it's time for me to literally come into the light. Plus I work from home as much as I can and how lovely to have a space where I can hang and write and hopefully, create more and more?  And if you're wondering if David was onboard, he was. Because he loves me and he knows I need my space. All girls do, really.

Here's a couple of photos that speak to what I want to do and inspired me to the utmost degree- love the idea of an exposed closet to showcase some favorite frocks as well as my shoe collection. I've got a brilliant little CB2 lucite desk and chair I will turn into a makeup table, and for sure there will be some furry (faux) items in that little den- I'm not a girly girl but I can be persuaded to embrace my more feminine side when it comes to a pretty space to get ready and ideate and relax. I'll let David hang in there too if he wants, and Khan will surely be around to provide style advice as well. I'm excited. Very excited.

So watch this space this week (hopefully tomorrow) to announce a fun little thing Katie and I are doing in a few weeks- hint- it involves shopping, drinking, and more shopping. What could be better than that?

Cause that's what's up this new moon of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in staging my next chapter, and moving forward. XO

Maven pick: The Beatrice Inn for a good old New York time

Good morning, Friday. It's another rainy one here in the city and I'm over it.

Yesterday I was a bit under the weather but rallied to go out to dinner with some dear friends of mine to my new favorite spot, The Beatrice Inn. Now some of you remember this spot from back in the day- unfortunately when it was super on and poppin' I was living in Miami, so I missed out on all the Paul Sevigny goodness and canoodling- apparently one of the most epic night crawling spots of its day and I have major FOMO that I missed out. But eating there last night was such an amazing New York experience in itself that it more than made up for all of my years away. Loved it. It's nights like last night that make me love this city to the nth extreme. And a girl needs to rally sometimes. To enjoy the bounty of such a fantastic place like New York and the quality of experiences here.

Here's a little round up of dins last night:

The vibe: A bit bougie, but in a good way. SO CHIC. A mix of the downtown crowd- think Wall Streeters eating steak mixed in with models and media and fashion types. You know, the usual you'd expect from at cool spot in the West Village on a Thursday night. As the night went on, I was getting Indochine in its heyday vibes, and that's a very good vibe indeed. Sexy, stylish, and fabulously indulgent.

The room: A beautiful restaurant- we sat in the back room (what former owner Graydon Carter often called Siberia for those not cool or gorgeous or rich enough to be seen) which is now an excellent place to sit. We had a corner booth and it was fantastic.

The soundtrack: My life basically. And yours if you are of the Gen X persuasion. Think everything from the Stone Roses to the Replacements to Bowie. Most excellent.

The service: On point. Not over the top but very much what you'd expect from a resto of this level. We ordered a round of smoked Manhattans, which were not terribly smoky. They apologized and comped our drinks. Menschy.

The food: The food is incredible. Standouts were the whole roasted squash with creme fraiche, the plum tart with its outrageously perfect crust and side of greens, and the excellent roasted halibut. But the big story was the dessert for me- get ready. Creme brulee bone marrow. Not a drill. The most obscenely decadent thing I've ever eaten in my life. Sensational food by young chef Angie Mar. This is a steakhouse of sorts (they call it a chophouse)  in its gluttony but a female friendly version if that makes sense. Something about the food does not feel as masculine as other restos of this ilk. Love it.

Needless to say, a meal like this does not come cheap. But if you're looking for a spot to catch up with great friends, woo a new client or wow an existing one, or seal the deal in any regard, this must be your place. It's more glam than Minetta, food is better than the Waverly Inn, and more of the moment than a classic like Indochine. I hope they can keep the party going, because I'm absolutely going to eat there again. 

Highly recommend this spot to see, be seen, and eat, drink, and be merry. If you have hedonistic tendencies, you'll love it. 

Cause that's what's up this well fed Friday in the 212. Yours, in slightly hungover but very, very happy. XO

Make a res here- resto is at 285 West 12th Street in the West Village. 

Maven pick: The Ring's the thing for Spring

Good morning, Thursday. I'm working from home today because I have a bit of a cold type situation so writing to you from under the duvet. But a little allergy/cold does not stop this maven from bringing you another post about one of my favorite trends for Spring, the ring bag. I love the 70s vibe of this bag- very chic, vaguely equestrian, and most of all, super on trend like the Chloe version above.  I've gathered my favs at various price points below, so why not give this hot little trend  a ring:

For classic mavens- The Chloe Faye. If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you well know this covetable bag from Chloe. I'd say Chloe is the major influencer for this trend, and this bag, while super spendy, is an instant classic even though it's very much of the moment. Gorgeous. Comes in different colors and such and is so lovely.

For wallet watching mavens- Who knew that Lauren Conrad of "Hills" fame had such a flair for fashion? Well I did actually. But this collection she did with Kohl's is fairly on point, and the price point for this bucket bag is wallet friendly and a great way to ring in the season.

For all purpose mavens-  Love this bag from Theory-  super easy to wear, takes you from day to night and back again. Pretty much a perfect little bag. And love the pony hair.

For high fashion mavens- I love JW Anderson. Love him in a very real way. This Pierce bag is super duper fashion forward and will most likely get you stopped on the street for its coolness and wink to a bit of kink. Again, expensive- but fantastic.

For minimal mavens- It's no secret San Fran's got some major fashion cred of late with the likes of Everlane and other great startups. I adore this bag from Future Glory,  a line based in the Bay Area.  It's perfection and suits the most minimal of mavens. In fact, it's my number one pick on this list. I love the merlot color and would wear this bag with loose white dresses and sandals in the summer. Love. Ok obsessed. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

For emerging mavens- I don't know- something about this bag screams Greenpoint or Bushwick to me. I love it. It's cute for whatever and super Instagram worthy. Great starter bag from young brand Otaat/Myers. Fab. Plus when Garmentory tells me to buy something, I usually do. Don't you love the color too? Nice with the hardware.

For preppy mavens- I love the preppy vibe of this saddle bag from Madewell. It would be great with a striped button down and jeans and some ballets or loafers. Also love it with a shrunken blue blazer. Very cute. Very Ivy League. Yet much less than tuition at Harvard. Good times. 

For colorful mavens- A clear green bag with a ring? Yes please. Don't mind if I do. Great bag for the beach and beyond. Very fashion forward and fun and vintage in feel. Plus GREEN. You know how I love green.

For Swede obsessed mavens- You know who you are. You love Swedish design. And this lovely striped tote from Little Lifner is major- clean, spare, but still really fun because of the striped effect. Good stuff. Love. Great for work too.

For social media mavens- You know how you scroll through Instagram and feel the need to "buy it now"? Yea me too. I spotted this brand in my feed (Kohza) and fell madly in love with the Safe bag- super chic and minimal and great for schlepping your life around. Apparently so did lots of other people, because this line is very hot at the moment and blowing up feeds all over the world. Racked shouted it out here and it really is all that. 

So there you have it- a ring bag for every type of maven out there. Clearly a trend to watch and you heard and saw it here. Now go forth and shop. Cause that's what's up this bag loving  kind of Thursday in the 718. Yours, in ringing in the new season, with a great new bag or two. XO

Maven pick: The affordable Love bracelet

Good morning, Wednesday. I hope to see some sun today, I really do.

So onward this week with picks of some stuff I really dig. I have always been a fan of the Cartier Love bracelet but as we all know, it's just a wee expensive. But if you're looking for a more affordable and responsible way to show and share your love, I'm a huge fan of the "Love is" project- an awesome initiative to benefit and create a sustainable livelihood for Masai women and their families. 

I bought one of their bracelets and I am a huge fan. I got the gold and black beaded version and it's such a nice piece of flair, and I love that it's for a good cause.

 I feel like many of us are wearing our hearts on our tee shirts these days (post Trump), so why not wear some on your wrist? Also love the  dog collar for those of you with pooches who will rock a buckle collar. Khan will not. 

So why not get a little love today and get one or two of these pretty pieces, and better yet get two so you and your boo can rock 'em.  It's much cheaper than Cartier and supports women and who doesn't love that? Link to buy here. 

Cause that's what's up this loving Wednesday in Brooklyn. Yours, in showing some well spent love. XO

Maven pick: The perfect all in one makeup palette

Good morning, Tuesday. It's another doozy of a bummer day in New York weatherwise. It's like Seattle. I can't. I need some sun STAT. I've been listening to entirely too much Talking Heads and feeling generally sorry for myself, and everyone else. Sun come on. I can't wait to see you.

But besides this gloom and doom and soupy feel, I promised to break you off with some fun trendy items I'm digging right now. Friday night I popped by Blue Mercury for a little retail fun and came across this perfect Bobbi Brown palette. And it looks pretty glam in your bathroom or on your vanity as well.

I love the neutral colors that can go either neutral or smoky, and the blush gives you a nice little lift. True you need a few other things along with this (mascara, liner, a bit of tinted moisturizer and/or lipstick) but love how you have the jumpsuit of the makeup world at your fingertips- really cuts down on carrying too many things in your travel bag, and the shades go with every mood and every outfit really. It's called "The Sultry" nude eye and cheek palette and it's truly all that. It's currently sold out on Blue Mercury's site, but sure you can find it at Bobbi counters in your favorite department store or online. It's really basic and wonderful. I go on and off with Bobbi Brown, but her stuff is always super easy to wear and great quality. Great for that non makeup/makeup vibe. That's why it's my pick today.

Cause that's what's up this well made up Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in all in one solutions. XO

Maven pick: The life after Birkenstocks edition

Good morning, Monday. It's going to be a busy week so I'll get right to it. I thought it would be fun this week to feature the little things I'm loving for Spring, some trends I've spotted, or just some fun items I have my eye on as the weather turns warm. Now if only the sun would come out. Cue Tomorrow...

So maybe you've moved on in your mind from the Birkenstock but not quite willing to give up that jolie laide comfy sandal vibe for Spring. I know, me neither. Sorry honey (by honey I mean my husband), I can't quite quit that look. As much as you would love me to. No can do because there's cuteness to be had. 

I was in one of my fav neighborhood shops the other day (Diane T.- dangerous) and spotted these super cool Ulla Johnson slides that off the feet looked clownish but on looked elegant and chic and were super comfy. I can't stop thinking about the. They're kind of the most. Barneys had them in black but now they're sold out. I love them. Plus Ulla just opened a store in the city I have to check out. The cork sole definitely feels very 'stock life, but next level. Good times.

And lately I've been finding myself on Goop quite a bit- I've come around to Ms. Paltrow of late. Truth is, she's got realllly good taste. So these Laurence Dacade flatformy looking things made me feel good about life. I didn't feel good about the price, mind you, but I love the look of both of these shoes. Very cute. Great for stomping around town and the beach and everywhere you want to go this Spring/Summer. I think it's the feminine bows that make them feel new- so cute with wide legged pants or a pretty button up dress. The black ones feel so dressed up in the right way and the engineer striped jobs are so cute with a white cropped jean. Lovely. Sure these are more espadrille than Birkenstock, but still love the utilitarian vibe they give. So good.

Oh and if you think I forgot about you girls who like to pay rent/mortgage and shop, fear not. I spotted these cute little babes from Sam Edelman called the Henna and at under 100 bucks, they are a great way to embrace this hot little trend. I love the gingham print as well as the silk- both elegant and cute and super affordable. Plus they come in many different fabrics just in case you need to buy more than one. Wink. 

So that's about it for today- it's raining here in NYC but a little peep at these shoes made me feel a little brighter. Because that's what's up this ready to wear sandals kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in sliding along. XO

Bianca's not having it

And neither am I.

Oh hey Friday. Look at you. 

As you can see Bianca Jagger is NOT having it. And I certainly am having none of it. From two messed up Uber rides to knee pain to running around like a lunatic for work, I'm just not having it. 

Here's another pic of Bianca not having it in any way, shape, or form. She does it much better than me. She doesn't want it. And she's not having it. I don't want it. But I have to take it. So there it is. Bianca and I? We've had enough. 

Oh and here's another picture where Bianca's had too much. Much too much. Don't even act like you haven't too.

Cause that's what's up this WTF am I talking about kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in (not) having it all, and Stones wives of course. XO