Friends doing cool things: A little spark in this crazy world

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm so incredibly freaked by what's happening in California and everywhere else. Clearly we're getting something very wrong as we continually seek to better ourselves- with everybody getting so healthy and (supposedly) happy, why is the world collapsing around us? Ugh. I have no answers. But I want to share some positive vibes with you and I'm always so thrilled when friends start their own businesses. It's the spark I need today and every day and so deeply inspired and proud of the fabulously creative and talented people I know who want to do it their way.

One such friend- Amanda Dolan, whose 90s inspired vintage collection, Spark Pretty,  has found a new and permanent home in the East Village. Her take on the 90s is of the technicolor varietal and I can't think of a better way to lift the spirits than looking at some bright and shiny vintage goods. Go check it out. She's done a few pop ups in the city and has worked so hard to bring this store to life amidst a good deal of buzz. I am so very thrilled for her. Mazel.

Another friend of mine had an amazing vintage pop up this weekend upstate- my dear friend Katie gathered all of her western wear and had an amazing weekend selling her wares in a cool vintage shop in Andes (close to her fab home in Delhi) called Clementine. Katie is a dear friend of mine and style maven- and a western inspired weekend is just her steez- she hails from Portland and comes from a long line of frontier women. Love how hard she worked to put this together and look forward to seeing what she's going to do next. She is truly one of the most focused people I know- just hoping some of that good juju rubs off on me. Check her out here

Oh and another pal of mine from my old CP+B days, Frank Amoros, has persisted and launched this incredibly cool line of luxe slippers called Baboosha, a fun and luxe take on the Moroccan babouche. Based in Paris, the fuzz is alpaca and completely cruelty-free and they are too much fun and come in a couple of great styles. If you're looking to get a jump on your holiday shopping, you should absolutely get a pair of these for yourself or someone worthy of such chicness. They come in 3 different styles and multiple colors, below.

 And if the world is indeed ending, might as well have some lovely items to pad around the bunker in, non? Love the photography on the site and wish them a whole heaping world of success. Such a great concept and so pleased to see someone walk away from the ad world and do something so creative and cool.

So even though the world is falling apart, finding some greatness and happiness in the form of friends forging their own paths gives me some hope. Cheers to all my friends having the courage to do their own things in this very wacky world we live in. So much love for them.

Cause that's what's up this here's to good friends doing great things kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in hopes, dreams, and doing it yourself (and not letting the world do you in first). XO

Five for Friday: The Beauty Edition- What Products I'm Using Right Now

Good afternoon, Friday. It's been a long week and the weather is so lovely outside I just want to fa la la and not work. Could so go for a long walk and an even longer lunch. But alas. Duty calls.

But before I get to work I thought I'd share a Five for Friday with you today, and tell you what's in my cosmetic bag right this very second-  I hate the term "must haves" but these are my version of those- admittedly, not cheap for the most part but I invest in beauty because I love good products and truly, they work. So without further adieu- let's get to beauty shall we? Because before we face the day, we must do our faces, oui?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Creme- This  product is amazing. You already know I'm a huge fan of her Magic cream and eye cream, but this night cream is straight up grease- which I love. My skin needs constant hydration and I'm a fan of a dewier visage so this is the perfect cream for me.  It's super hydrating and gives you the most gorgeous glow. Radiance in a jar. So good. Sweet dreams are made of this night cream.

Dan Tes Bras Eau de Parfum-  Oh Frederic Malle. You never let me down. I recently found a travel sized version of this scent I bought while I was in London last winter and it's the perfect scent for Fall (as if we're getting one of those).  It has a gorgeous and unusual violet opening and finishes with some amazing notes- cashmeran, patchouli, sandalwood, incense, and some other yummy stuff like heliotrope. From the same nose that gave us Musc Ravageur, it's just divine. I can't stop smelling myself in it. It's definitely a unique scent but I love unique scents, particularly ones that have a bit of a hippie heart. So good. Funky in the best of ways.

La Mer Renewal Oil- So check it. I have a bit of a regime in the morning. I always put a face oil on before I do my primer (lately I'm using Nars primer which is absolutely wonderful) to keep my face aglow. I've been a fan of Laura Mercier's face oil for a while but had a nice sample of La Mer's take on face oil and oh my. It's so good. It glides onto your face like a dream and somehow manages to provide a lovely little base for your face. Luxurious? Yes. Amazing? Yes again. Try it.

Black eyeliner/red lips- Lately I've been wearing a bit less on my eyes than usual because I've been into a strong red lip. My favorite look for red lipstick is a well lined top lid and not much else.

I adore this Laura Mercier liquid eyeliner- idiot proof application and it literally does not move all day. You can absolutely go from desk to dinner without a reapplication. Such a goody. 

As for a red lip, I'm always hunting for the perfect red but right now I'm liking Tarte's Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint because it simply does not budge. I hate having to reapply so this stain is a lifesaver, or lipsaver really. 

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation- Lady friends, this is a wonderful, light foundation that feels like more of a tinted moisturizer. You need to shake it a bit as it's water based but the coverage is just the right amount for a clean finish that is subtle and natural and perfect for that fresh faced look I'm loving of late. So pretty. Not great if you need a ton of coverage, but if you're into a more sheer and natural finish, get this. Right now.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend. This concludes the beauty portion of this blog post. Cause that's what's up this Fierce Five fo a Friday in the gorgeous 212. Yours, in products I trust. XO

Maven look for less: Get a great trench at 9 pm tonight

Happy Thursday, friends. Since it's a throwback I've been revisiting some of my favorite albums of my youth today- and one of them is U2's Joshua Tree. A more perfect album I'd be hard pressed to find. It's so special and takes me back, wayyy back. Love it so. 

Well yesterday I posted about the Burberry trench I've been coveting, but clocking in at around 2K, ain't no way.

So I was thrilled to see that Uniqlo U, Christophe Lemaire's latest collection for Uniqlo, goes on sale tonight online at 9 pm.  And for those of you on a budget, there's something lovely happening throughout the whole line, but truly I love this trench and it's just under 100 dollars. How great is that? I'm in love with the classic khaki but also love the black. The blue is cool too if you're less of a black and khaki type.

There's also some wonderful coats there as well as a great ribbed wool dress. Ladies, start your engines. It's all going down at 9 pm tonight so go to Uniqlo and get a lovely version of a typically spendy item for a lot less.

Cause that's what's up this dressing for less kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in well timed deals. XO

Inspiration is everywhere (but mostly in the UK)

Good afternoon, Wednesday. What a week. Not my favorite of all time and most likely not yours. So much pain in the world right now- wish I could take it all away.

But somehow I still find a minute or hour a day to seek inspiration because it, much like this blog, is not unlike therapy. I've been thinking a ton lately about the notion of curation- sure it's a word that's well played out but it's one I'm tossing around in my brain on a daily basis because it's truly what I do. Even here on this blog- I try and bring you the best of what's out there or at the very least, what's inspiring me and making me want to share. Curators are often collectors, and for me, I collect visuals. Much of it photography that gets etched on my brain and forms influence on what I dig on and lean toward throughout my life.

Case in point- British culture. I have always, always been a rabid Anglophile and that's the truth. I love the English sensibility- from music to fashion to that infamous wit. So when I saw this fabulous Burberry story shot by the young photographer Ash Kingston for the launch of their car coat (more of a loosey goosey version of their classic belted trench), I felt my senses heighten in the best of ways.

First- I love this coat and want one immediately. Second- I love this photographer and am obsessed with his eye for culture and will now follow his every move because I get obsessed. Third- I love how this photography is a perfect counterpoint to a few things trending of late- the bright, shiny objectified, technicolor photography of Gucci to the now waning California sun flare lifestyle thing. This is British lifestyle at its best- a bit dark and moody, a lot cool, and of course, super stylish.  Thank you, sir. May I have another?

I love Burberry's site by the way- although the brand has struggled of late I think they're on the rebound now and they are truly a British classic so you can't go wrong. But truly, enjoy these fabulous images that give you a little glimpse into what I love most- English style stripped a bit bare to expose its raw and tough cool. I think they're fantastic. You may look at these photos of seemingly plain looking people in plain looking clothes but I see something there- and hoping you do too. Cause that's why I'm here and such. 

Cause that's what's up this well curated Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in staying in the trenches and remaining inspired. XO


Good morning, Tuesday. I've got a ton on my mind this morning but needed to get this out of my system.

Another shooting- the biggest one in American history dominated our Monday as prayers from social media rolled in from Las Vegas. A man in his 60s with no criminal history somehow managed to mow down almost 60 people who were watching a concert. If we are no longer safe in open air, in movie theaters, in schools, how can we continue to protect our freedoms? I'll tell you how- we have to take the guns away. We have to go door to door and take the bloody guns the f away. Now.

It's true- I grew up in a coastal city in a home where guns were not much of a thing. I have never liked guns, and have always been just about as anti-gun as you can get. And here's the thing- why oh why does anyone need a gun in this day and age unless you are a police officer or security detail of some kind? Do any of us need to kill for our food anymore? Nope. I don't understand why anybody should be allowed to have a gun. Period. If you want to shoot guns, go to a gun range. There is no need for anyone to have a gun in 2017, and with this epidemic of mass shootings by homegrown terrorists (if this was not terrorist, then what the f was it?), it's particularly important to realize that the guns don't work anymore, or really, they work too well.  I'm sure many gun supporters would tell you that this is precisely why we need to carry guns, to protect ourselves. So you're telling me every time I go out in public I should be packing heat?  I happen to live in New York City, one of the biggest cities in the world where anything can happen at any moment in time. I lived through 9/11 when we were attacked on our own shores. But not at any single point in my life have I ever thought, "I need a gun". Not seriously anyway. 

I realize, as a country, our relationship with guns is complicated and somewhat romantic. We glorify the gun, at least in pop culture. From John Wayne to Barretta to Tarantino to every mob or gangster movie ever made- we worship violence and it's unclear why. And I'm not going to pretend I don't enjoy movies like "Pulp Fiction" or "Goodfellas" because I absolutely do. But why are we so obsessed with violence and what makes some of us just enjoy a mobster movie and others just completely lose it? Yes, life can be cruel.  But can you even fathom wanting to hurt innocent people? We are living in very extreme times, and extreme times call for extreme actions. This madness has to stop.

But what about the Constitution,  a document written and signed in 1787, and ratified in 1791. How many years ago was that?

 230 years ago.I am every bit the American these gun toting freaks are, but I can clearly see the Constitution needs some work, because times have absolutely changed. Standing behind a document that was written before indoor plumbing, electricity, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Suffragette movement, and then some seems bananas.  In broader terms, before the Industrial Revolution, a document was written to protect our rights, before we became members of a more modern world.. So I pose this to you literal types who still believe we have the right to bear arms- if you want to keep your guns, you should go to the bathroom in an outhouse and sit in the dark and churn your own butter and sell your car so that you can ride on horseback. Because that's what was going on when that document was written, so why it is not aching to be revised? We must have change. We must demand change. We must not lose anymore innocent lives at the hands of this new normal. This guy had 23 guns. 23. Think about that. And how on Earth did he get automatic weapons? Oh, easy. He probably made them from his cadre of semi-automatics. 

Has anybody read the amendent anyway? It does indeed state "the well regulated right" to bear arms. So if gun control was part of the original intent, how did we get here?  Where retired accountants can become immortalized Rambos and do this much damage? Unfortunately I know we elected a President that spoke to those who believe in the old way, in a literal interpretation of the Constitution somehow twisted to serve their points of view. They feel left behind by the way the world is going and refuse to adapt. But the country has changed, the world has changed, humanity has changed. We need to revise the Constitution because I'm sure our founding fathers did not account for semi-automatic weapons (let alone automatic ones), which by the way are legal in Nevada, as are unlimited magazines. In a state where people can lose their entire savings or mortgage payment in a matter of seconds, this seems absolutely insane. 

I'm tired of this bullshit.  I'm tired of old thinking. I'm tired of living in a supposedly modern world where the old rules still apply. The rules need to change. I'm tired of these NRA idiots fighting to protect a right we need to forfeit because we can't have guns. And we shouldn't have guns. I can assure you this is what not the Constitution intended. And it's true Trump got elected on the backs of these lunatics who want the country to go backwards, not forwards. The same people who fear change are the same people who feel that gun ownership is our G-d given right. It's not. Take the guns away. I'm not sure it will completely solve the problem, but it's a start. Or at least please work harder for gun control. I wish I could understand what is making people so damn violent, but something's clearly broken and we need to fix it. 

I'm done now.

Cause that's what's up this gunning for change kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in much needed revisions and rewriting history fro the next generation and then some. XO

Maven trend watch: Five trends New York girls are rocking right now

Good afternoon Friday and TGIF. Oh my. What a week.

So thought it would be fun for you non New York and New York types alike to check out what I've been spotting on cool girls all over town. Some of these are not big news, but they're everywhere so wanted to share them with all of you. New York women have always had a uniform of basic black, but if you're gazing around town, you'll start to see some real must haves when it comes to style in the urban jungle. I'm not sure if these trends are the same where you are, but I can tell you first hand I'm seeing all of these absolutely everywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn. So if you ever wanted to dress like a New York girl, have at it, cause here's what they're all wearing right this very minute (even though the weather is changing by the second)- with a suggestion for how to get the look for less:

A Gucci shoe. So yea, this one will cost you. But if you want to be truly up to the minute when it comes to that New York look, you have to cough up some cash and buy a pair of Gucci shoes. From the foldable Brixton loafer to an embellished mule to a towering inferno of platform double G'd goodness, we're all gaga for Gucci and I see no signs of that letting up.

Look for less: Steve Madden Kandi, $79.95 (Note- I don't like these. I can't help it. Save or splurge for the real thing. Some things you can cheat, some things you can't, but if you must, you must).

A track pant. I'm seeing all versions of the track pant everywhere right now- from the very long and slouchy version from the likes of Celine and Ann Taylor to any iteration you can imagine, athleisure is alive and well and most likely here for a hot minute. I love the look with a blazer and a skinny boot like at Rag and Bone, but also love the long version I mentioned with a simple sweater or even a dress.

Look for less: Ann Taylor Tux Stripe Track Pant, $89

A floral dress. And speaking of dresses, I'm seeing a ton of cute floral numbers, perhaps with a bit of vintage appeal and with some ruffle detail. Cool chicks around town are pairing these with a good sneaker- from Adidas Superstars to Vans to Common Projects. Add a slick of red lip and you're ready  to rock. Oh ps- the coolest girls are wearing these dresses at midlength. Not too short, not too long. I think it's just right don't you?

Look for less: H&M Floral dress, $79.99

A simple crossbody bag. New York girls carry their lives in their purses, and I'm seeing a lot of crossbody bags that help ease the load, even if it's a bit of a downsize from the huge bags we've seen of late. I love this classic from Celine (minimalist silhouettes seem to be in) but less spendy options come from Claire Vivier and many others.

Look for less: BP Foldover Crossbody bag, $39

A sassy bob.Having recently gone back to the bob myself, I'm loving all the versions of bobs bobbing around town. From the no fringe version that is slightly flippy and wavy to a more full bang, shorter blunt cut, this classic style is everywhere and switched up for the Instagram age. Love it always. Such a flattering look on so many. Also on the hair note- poker straight is way out. Textured hair continues to enjoy its moment. 

No cheap version of the bob by the way, cause most decent hair stylists will know how to give you a good chop.

I realize some of these street snaps may come from places other than my beloved city, but you get the idea. Just wanted to share with you some wonderful looks to get your New York on. Cause that's what's up this I love NY kind of Friday in the 212. Yours, in curating the streets so you don't have to. XO

Maven Beauty Fail: The Cezanne kind of cezsucks

Good morning, Thursday. Humidity is feeling slightly more bearable today after a brutal week. Please Fall, hurry up. 

And speaking of humidity, I've been a proud card carrying member of the Keratin club ever since I discovered this wonder treatment years ago in Miami. My hair has a bit of wave and gets fairly frizzy in the humidity (one of the many magical things about being Jewish) so Miami is a town where keratin treatments become something of a must have.

I have always loved how the keratin makes my hair dry in seconds and remain straight but not flat (could be perfect for my hair texture) and it allows me to show off my haircuts which are always somewhere between a bob or a shag, so layered and they need to look messy in the good way, not the messy way. See that lovely illustration at the top of this post? More like that. Ladies, I know you know what I mean. Men, I'm sure you're not reading this anyway.

But everyone knows a keratin treatment has formaldehyde and that's probably not the best thing. So enter the Cezanne treatment, Keratin's Gwyneth Paltrow of a cousin that is formaldehyde free and thus a healthier choice. Ugh. I hate healthy choices. Because sometimes in the world of beauty, they are not nearly as effective as the bad stuff. True fact. 

So I bought a Groupon for a Cezanne and schlepped uptown to get it- the stylist applied it perfectly and thought it would be similar to the keratin results, although I did hear it does not make your hair quite as straight, and my aunt had it done and warned me that she hated it. I should have listened.

Because now I'm stuck with hair that may not be as frizzy as normal, but it feels like straw. STRAW. The old school keratin makes your hair feel like silk. This makes your hair feel like straw. And I don't love the way my hair looks either. It's nowhere near as dialed in as the Keratin.  I need formaldehyde and I need it now. 

So I'm cautioning those of you contemplating a Cezanne to think twice- because if your hair is not like Gwyneth's, you're not going to be happy with it. And that, my friends, is my epic beauty fail for the day. Let me know if you had better results but for me, it's a big thumbs down. The Cezanne cezsucks. Cause that's what's up this better living through chemicals kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in Jewish Girl Problems. XO

Maven pick: White feels right for Fall and beyond

Good morning, Wednesday. Let's refer to today as White boot Wednesday. Cause I say so and here's why. PS- not easy coming up with a subject line for this one. White bootie. Um. No.

Remember the old rule of white after Labor Day being no kinds of bueno? That's gone. With the weather gone cuckoo (not to mention the world in general), it's time to think about throwing out all the old rules and starting anew, cause anything goes, my kittens. Truly.

It's true in chillier months we defaulted to a more beige tone (winter white) but I've been seeing the cutest white booties all over the place in store and online and I just love this look instead of your standard LBB (little black boot for those who like it spelled out). Truth be told- I'm wary of this look for us city girls. White boots in New York equals black boots in a day. Not a great look for those who spend a lot of time on their feet walking through city funk. Best for those who drive to work and back. Or simply save the white boots for Uber inclined days. And as you can see from these street style moments, lots of ways to style the look. Endless really. Just rock them the same way you'd do your fav black pair. And done.

Want to peep some of my favs? All different looks and heel heights and shapes. Something for everyone.

Love this pair from Dries in patent.

Double love this pair with the cutie kitten heel from Tibi. (How I love a kitten heel).

Adore these from Stuart Weitzman for that higher leg moment I've spotted this season.

These from Steve Madden are a great cost effective option for those looking to not overspend the trend. They're also doing one in a stiletto which is also cool but love the block heel.

These from Rag and Bone are sexy, more of an ivory ps. Love.

And one more for good measure- Topshop- my secret weapon for trend focused looks. LOVE.

Cause that's what's up this I'm dreaming of a white shoe moment kind of Wednesday in the 212.  And yes, it's a nice day for a white Wednesday. Yours, in white bootied hump days. XO

On balance, hungry bears, and human kindness

Good morning, Tuesday. These are the times.

I was thinking this morning about our President and how he came up in the business world. If you are an 80's survivor or just a culture watcher, you know full well that that era in history, and particularly New York, was all about ruthlessness and a cutthroat approach to business. Greed is good, the Queen of Mean, American Psycho.  That's how Donald Trump became a success- by being a supposedly hardcore business leader (shuddering as I say that) and to approach business like a bear in "The Revenant". 

To me, he will be remembered as the most cruel President of our times. And much like a hungry bear, he's attacking the whole country, and we need to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. 

And as we watch his Presidency unfold and unravel, I can't help but see that this man has only one setting. And it's mean. And nasty. And lacks the slightest lick of empathy or compassion. If you are someone who understands the notion of yin and yang, Donald Trump is the most Yin human being alive. There is no light to accompany the dark, there is no softness to counterbalance the hard, there is simply nothing but hardness and coldness and cruelty. Whether he's sending another epic tweet or cutting down American citizens with his own peculiar brand of bombast, this President has no other side. No other face. I think many of us felt that maybe, just maybe, his campaign rhetoric was just that- but alas, it's somehow even worse. 

My point of all of this is that we are living in highly yin times. We are completely out of balance at a time when our world needs a ton of compassion and care.  I'm wondering how we can cope during these out of whack times. I for one think about how to be a better, kinder person. From listening when people need an ear to donating what I can to causes in need. All of this yin is dragging us down and it's beyond concerning. I don't understand how anyone, let alone a President, can live a life completely devoid of empathy and compassion. His brand of cruelty is foreign to me. We have all done things where we may think afterwards, "I could have been nicer, kinder, more sympathetic".  Even the most hardened of us make room for some kindness.  I just can't fathom that anyone in a position of leadership, and one that at its core is all about public service, can behave this way. We can't live in a world where there is no yang. So here's what I propose.

If you can find it within your heart and soul to embrace some kindness and compassion, you must. If there is a way to shift any energy around this President, the burden is on us. Our leadership in Washington is doing absolutely nothing to help this situation. This President should be shown the door. Since that will most likely not happen, we must do more and be better. It may no longer be about protesting, PS. When I watch the NFL kneeling, I think not of protest- but of an almost deference and respect to those struggling under this brutal regime. We must have grace under pressure and not succumb to this awful amount of darkness. We must find a way to balance all of this dark with some light.  I feel like the lights have been turned off since November, and I for one don't love sitting in the dark.

This morning I shared a Via (a shared ride service here in the city) with an older woman who needed to talk. Via policy does not allow for that (though being silent in a car with others is truly weird) but I talked to her. Because she needed it. She had been through it- illness, divorce, financial problems. When we got out of the car, she gave me a hug and thanked me for listening. I teared up a bit because we are so busy fighting these dark battles every day that we often forget about each other.  Don't underestimate the kindness you can offer to strangers- I suspect the only people Trump bestows any kindness upon are his own family members. The same is true of us- we're so wrapped up in our own lives- take the time to show some compassion- in small ways, in large ways, in any way you can. Just talk to people and listen to people. Start there. And then try harder.

We're all being mauled by this crazy bear in the White House, but what we cannot do is leave each other for dead. Simple acts, people. Get on it. Not to be too new "aerie fairy" but we need to shift some of this bad energy or it's going to get a whole lot worse. Yes we must fight this terrible administration, but we need softness and light. Badly.

Cause that's what's up this trying a little tenderness kind of Tuesday in the 212.  Yours, in balance and hope and searching for the light switch. XO

Maven pick: A stroll through Rizzoli is all I need to get by

Good morning, Friday. Happy happy. I'm so looking forward to the weekend- weather is gorgeous and excited for a bit of a regroup. It's no newsflash that I've been feeling a bit blue of late- trying to figure out some moves and more often than not, getting in my own way. Yesterday the fog lifted a bit and felt a turnaround in the air. Thank goodness for that.

But worth noting- should you ever find me depressed or catatonic and you're wondering what to do for me, just take me to Rizzoli. Take me straight there and lead me by my limp hand to the Photography and Fashion book section. There, I will find happiness. In any instance. It's that simple. Beautiful books are good for my health. This much I know.

I remember Rizzoli when it used to be uptown- what a beautiful store. I spent hours in there during my early tenure in New York- it was so grand and so easy to lose track of time while browsing all of the beautiful books.  Now making its home right by the Flatiron, it's a stellar monument to the old world bookstores of my youth. And I absolutely adore it. Often referred to as the most beautiful bookstore in the world (their claim), it's just pure magic in there. There's just something about Rizzoli. Are you with me? 

So yesterday's stroll had me paging through some gorgeous photography books, and Lord knows I want them all. But I'm currently crushing on "Icons", the recently published  photo book from Gus Van Sant- I know I've talked about his photography here before, but Jeez. It's so good. It takes me straight back to that moody, haze of an aesthetic we all adored in the 90s. And I've never stopped loving it. Its just so stunning and raw and, well, cool. 

On a whole other dimension was my discovery of the work of midcentury fashion photographer, James Moore and the wonderful retrospective published this year. His work for Bazaar was just amazing, and though we think of names like Penn and Avedon, Moore should be included in any discussion of photography of that era. I pored over the pages and found so much inspiration- I'm particularly smitten with the cover image of the book- that haircut on the front girl is very much top of mind.  I love everything about this photographer and was so happy to have a few moments before heading downtown to peek at his work. 

So even when I'm down, I can still always feel energized and inspired by one of my favorite things, photography. And though my industry has changed, I'm still so in love with the medium itself and hope to stay engaged as I move into the next phase of my career.  It gives me life and I so appreciate the eye of a photographer- how he or she sees the world has always delighted and intrigued me. As someone with my very own particular point of view, I so appreciate the ability for photography to show us something we may not have seen before, or to put something very obvious in front of us yet show it in a new way. 

So if you too are visually inclined, you may want to spend some time in a bookstore near you and get some much needed inspiration. The world has gone awry, yet I still love looking at pretty pictures, and that's that. Cause that's what's up this well lensed Friday in the 212. Yours, in healing energy and beautiful pictures (and bookstores). XO