Tuesday Muse Day: Elsa Peretti is a mood

Good morning, Tuesday.  I'm trying to dig back in here and do some more writing so bear with me as I get back up to speed. I was working on a post for a good stretch now about the recently deceased Elsa Peretti, she of 70s decadence and jewelry design fame. I was sad to hear of her passing and have found her style a treasure trove of inspiration throughout the years, and now that I'm a woman of 50, I appreciate her elegant sophistication even more.

To me, her style is perfectly suited to this stage in my game. I love the short hair. The statement glasses. The constant small pup at her side. I love the sexiness without a hint of vulgarity.  I love the sensuous fabrics, minimalist intent, and beautiful fit of her clothes. And I also love the hint of eccentricity that lends confidence and an entirely ownable appeal. And since we're all getting ready to party again, these looks feel just right.

So Tuesday's muse is Elsa and may she rest in peace and style. 

I've been coveting one of her vintage bangles lately and may purchase a green one to honor her memory and channel her effortless aplomb. Check out the greatest hits of her jewelry design career here. 

Cause that's what's up this inspired Tuesday in beautiful, sunny Brooklyn. Yours, in my ever changing muse. XO

Spring's short story

Good morning, Monday.

I don't know what it is about this stay-at-home life, but even as there seems to be some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel I'm still invested in making my home as peaceful and zen den-like as I can. For me, that means organization. And a constant purge of things (mostly clothes) that no longer suit me. For me, that means anything overly boho (not for me anymore) or voluminous or tricky. I'm all about simplifying- from my wardrobe to my furnishings to how I organize my kitchen cabinets.  It's my vibe of late- call it spring cleaning, the eternal version.

Anyway, enough about me. 

Because it's officially a new season and with that comes new clothes.  And since it will soon be too warm for our beloved sweats, we've got to think ahead. I've spotted a big trend in the shorts set. Think of this as your warm-weather sweatsuit. Plus it's cuter somehow. If you are old enough to remember Garanimals, this trend will feel familiar and altogether comforting. Because life is complicated. Dressing for the new season should not be.  I think our current obsession with at-home clothing that is a bit matchy-matchy speaks to our need for simplicity and a sense of balance. Plus- so damn cute. So here we go. Game. Set. Match.

I love this one from the Frankie shop. the color is so good.

This one from Something Navy is absolutely adorable too- love the ombre vibe.

This pj set can easily go from bed to breakfast. So cute.

This Theory set gives me major beach week vibes with a pair of white Birkenstocks, as does this super cute Antik Batik set in sunny marigold. 

And how lovely is this all-white number? So pretty with a flat sandal and a warm-weather glow.

Big fan of this knit, navy set from Rag and Bone. It's just right.  And you can't go wrong with this super basic set, like an LBD in short set form. Both on sale, ps.

OOh and. this little pajama set from Nap is so so cute. I love the oversized vibe of it. Really love this one.

So that's that. Get set for the new season with one of these adorable two-piece wonders. And if shorts are not happening, go for a set that has pants. Easy. Cause that's what's up this set up for Spring kind of Monday in the 718. Yours, in perfect pairings. XO

Maven recommends: A show at the BK Museum that is more than just art

Good morning, Thursday.  How's it? I hope everyone is hanging in there on this emotional roller coaster of an era. I've been up, down, and in between of late. The sense of purgatory is lifting a bit, but I'm just wondering what's on the other side of this, and do we really feel up to "business as usual"? I'm not so sure.

Anyway, last weekend I got to see an awesome show at the Brooklyn Museum. The KAWS show is a must-see. If you are unfamiliar, KAWS is an American artist whose large-scale sculptures and riffs on pop culture are iconic for their street art cred. Back when I was living in Miami in the early 2000s and working for the country's hottest agency, we were obsessed with artists like KAWS. And the show did not disappoint. It was big, fun, and tremendously entertaining.

But besides the brilliance and pop-cultural lovefest of the work,  I found the show experience fascinating.  Because it's no longer enough to look at works of art, you have to be able to photograph yourself in front of them. Stay with me here.

Remember when you used to look at art in a museum and, well, look at it? That's no longer enough to sell out a show in 2021. What's so striking about an artist like KAWS is that today's Instagram generation wants to show you themselves with the art so that they, in a way, become a part of the art itself. It's WILD. Throughout the entire show (which was perfectly safe and socially distanced), we had to wait several times for people to stop taking selfies in front of the pieces to see the work itself. Annoying? Yes. But a fascinating moment in culture and how we experience art itself.  This is not news, ps. But it was the first time I was hyper-aware of how social media has completely changed us, how we consume, how we connect, how we see. Does it diminish the experience itself or enhance it? I'm sure you could argue either way, but one thing's for sure- to have a successful show at a museum these days, you have to present something interactive and wholly Instagrammable. I, for one, would rather eat my own teeth than pose with works of art, but that's just me. I am way more interested in the art itself than my role in it. I can't help thinking of my anthropology classes in college, where we talked about the uncertainty principle in quantum physics and how it's ultimately changed once something is viewed.  Morph that into our current obsession with photographing ourselves, and you've got a bit of a schism. Does art change once we interact with it? It's worth exploring over a bottle of pinot noir or two. Who's game? I'm rabid for boozy conversations of depth.

Also, the show feels perfectly staged for a world going through a pandemic. It is full of pop culture nostalgia, and branded collabs and the superfans are out in full effect, as evidenced from the line to get in the gift shop. I myself succumbed and bought one of his famous Companion figurines. I got caught up with the superfans and wanted a piece of the dream. But did I pose in front of the pieces? No. I did not, though I was well aware that the inevitable voyeurism threaded throughout my DNA became its very own exhibit. Checking out all the cool kids flashing peace signs and smiles in front of the work was almost as interesting as the work itself. 

So if you're looking for a bit of pop amidst the purgatory of the pandemic, check it out. The work itself is fun in that Warhol, Peter Max kind of way, and the experience is an excellent indicator of where all experiential events are headed. 

Cause that's what's up this observational Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in pop culture purveyance and culture shifts. XO

Viva New York City!

Good morning, Friday. TGIF.

Can you believe it's been about a year since this craziness began? It's so hard to believe.

I don't have a ton to say today but wanted to say this- I LOVE NEW YORK. MORE THAN EVER.

Yes, I know you know this. This city is one of the loves of my life and having weathered many storms here (9/11, a blackout, a pandemic),
I absolutely find that the more I go through here, the more it makes me want to stay. It's true I don't have children (not counting the fur babe, of course) and that this past year has been pretty tough on those with school-aged children. But as the city emptied and a sense of panic and doom set in, I found myself digging my kitten heels into the terra firma of New York Fucking City. Because as odd as it may seem to many who find the city loud, noisy, and chaotic, no place on Earth makes me feel more grounded. This is my place. New Yorkers are my people. And with Spring in the air,  I am feeling optimistic and hopeful that the best city in the world will come back strong.

So consider this post an affirmation, with my favorite mantra being "I LOVE NEW YORK." 

 I also love that quote above because there is nothing more true for me and for so many. I often say my life really started when I moved here many moons ago, and I am so eternally grateful for the life New York has given to me.

You are my heart. My home. My world. 

Much love to my fellow New Yorkers and everyone everywhere. Soaking in the good vibes and looking forward to contributing to the economy, life, and love of the greatest comeback of all time. (Though if you ask me, it never really left). Together, we'll write the next chapter.

Cause that's what's up this I just can't quit NY kind of Friday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in forever, your girl. XO

Maven recommends: A grown up Vanilla fragrance for Spring

Good almost afternoon, Wednesday. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Finally. 50 degrees. We've got a heatwave on our hands. Though the sunshine makes the black snow piles look that much shittier. But I digress because spring is in the air, and I feel it- do you feel it?

And with the arrival of spring upon us, you may (or may not be) thinking about switching up your scent. And if you're a scent-obsessed person like me, I highly recommend viewing "Nose," a fascinating documentary on all things aromachology, and more particularly about the nose in chief over at the House of Dior, who makes two standouts j'adore. I have always been obsessed with the warm and cool and rich European vibe of  Bois d'Argent, and my discovery of the spicy and warm Fève Délicieuse when I was in Scotland reduced me to mush. I loved it so much. Scent is potent for me, and just before this plague hit, I was signed up to take a perfume-making class. I want to do that again soon. In the film, they talked about how fragrance makers are super curious humans and can catalog the canon of human experience through scent. I hope that most creative people would watch this film and get inspired because it's on all of us to do the same. 

But I'm here to chat specifically about a favorite note of mine when it comes to perfume, and that note is Vanilla. I am a big fan of the gourmand category of fragrances, a category that is all about yummy sweetness. I became a vanilla fan back in my early days in New York when the Body Shop was having a real moment (that nude lipliner, though). I wore their vanilla exclusively -it was relatively inexpensive and super duper sweet. I believe I then traded up to Kiehls and their vanilla oil. But cut to now. I've grown up, and so has my nose.  For me, vanilla can feel a bit too young and unsophisticated if it is not done with mastery.  I've searched for years for a more grown-up take on my favorite note and recently found one worth wearing.

If you have not sniffed Aerin's Tangier Vanille, you are missing out. Categorized as an Oriental fragrance (think warm and spicy, another fav of mine),  the top notes are Vanilla, Bergamot, and Rose; the middle note is Amber, and the base notes are Sandalwood and Musk. This is a beautiful and subtle vanilla that will have you wrist-sniffing/inhaling throughout the day. I also love mixing it with something musky like Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle, something spicy like Scandalwood or Holi Water by Heretic, or even something somewhat floral like Iris Poudre by Frederic Malle., yet again.  Tangier Vanille is so beautiful and would be just gorgeous on warm skin.  

The other best, best, best vanilla comes all the way from the Parisian outpost of Le Labo, Vanille 44. This scent is a bit more woody and so yummy in its non-cloying sweetness it almost hurts (as does the price- yikes). I don't find this fragrance lasts terribly long, and since you can only buy it once a year in the states (unless you go to Paris), it may not be worth the expense.

Check out Tangier Vanille if you're craving something sweet and more sensuous than overtly sexy. It's divine, truly. Cause that's what's up this nose knows kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in sweet sniffs, are made of this. XO

Maven pick: A loosened up jean for Spring, with love from the 90s

Good morning, Thursday. More snow overnight last night. I can't.  But I must. At least I am working from home. But you try to put those little rubber dog boots on by yourself. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Anyway, after yesterday's post about less is more, I'm returning to our regularly scheduled programming, which will always include a bit of a shopping moment. I know this is weird, but I've been wearing jeans throughout the pandemic when I work from home- mostly when I need to feel a bit more put together and less like taking a nap. Ha.

So jean shapes have evolved, and though we still seem to be stuck in a high-waisted moment (not the comfiest in my humble opinion though I've warmed to them somewhat), I'm LOVING the return of a more 90s-like silhouette when it comes to jeans. And no, I'm not talking about those thong-baring low rise jeans we all used to wear. I'm talking about that slouchy low rise, loosened up look that is very Drew Barrymore at a rave. I love the current Kate Hudson In Style cover. She's channeling a major league 90s moment, and i"m here for it. I'm predicting a return to a flower power vibe that is part 90s and part 60s, but back to jeans. I am a card-carrying 90sphile- I love 90s fashion so much- more for the Belgian minimalist moment vs. the hyper colorful acid house vibe, but still.  Everything and everyone was so damn cute back then. 

So consider these slouch numbers from Frame. So cute and easy to wear.

I also love these loose jeans from A Golde- they may be my favorite of the bunch. They come in many washes and are super cool with a white tank top and a tan in the summer.

This pair from H&M and Lee strikes that industrial cool vibe I love and are reasonably priced. 

This cool little dad jean is on sale at Madewell and is chic and comfortable. 

And if you're still a high waisted fan, there's plenty of loose silhouettes with a higher waist like these from ASOS, But I prefer the more authentic 90s version, but you do you. One thing that won't be included in my redo of this look- a crop top. Nope. Not happening. Nor will we be having an overly tweezed eyebrow. Or a baby bang.

I love a looser jean as a counter to all those sweatpants we've been wearing. Because anything too tight just doesn't feel right when we're still working from the sofa.

Cause that's what's up this loosened up Thursday in the tundra. Yours, in jean genies and peace, love, and 90s vibes. XO

Is less really more? (Ask me in a few years.)

Good morning, Wednesday. It's so very February here in New York City. Cloudy. Gloomy. Dismal. Black snow piles. You know the drill. Nevertheless, we persist. Because we are a tough lot, with a touch of masochism thrown in for good measure. Onward.

So I posted an article about Norma Kamali the other day, she of the eternal "it" factor that is somehow transcendent and ageless all at once. Women love her. She's 100% a woman's woman. She's chic, sophisticated, and also a little bit wacky. And she recently released a skincare collection consisting of three products only to appeal to this contemporary moment we're in that is all about minimalism.

As a trend watcher, I see a natural move towards minimalism. I don't mean necessarily aesthetically, but a less is more movement coming out of years of Marie Kondo and a redefinition of consumerism/sustainability push in general. I see so many emails in my inbox about capsule collections and stripping your wardrobe down to the basics. Just the basics. And true, you can't discount the COVID effect here- where are we going, and what do we really need?

But back to Norma. I was amazed by how many of my female friends posted about their love for Norma and how they too want to embrace a less is more moment. The thing is, these were women that were not 30, they were more over 40 types, and many of them were 50ish like me. Apparently, something happens when you get older, and somehow, you don't want all the stuff anymore, or at least that's what my friend in her 60s tells me. She's always been a clotheshorse, but the switch turned off when she hit 55, and she no longer has any desire to keep consuming the way she used to when she was a bit younger. Full disclosure- I am so not there yet. I still love to try a million products, I have a multi-step skincare routine, and I have never met a jumpsuit I didn't want to buy. But I'd be lying if I said I don't fetishize the Instagram profile of minimalistas like Shira Gill, whose clean white life makes me second guess my technicolor existence.

I do think we are in a moment of less. Of focusing on what matters. And many are tired of the endless ad serves coming through their feeds and crowding their brains with notions of more "stuff." Do we really need a lash primer? Will another dress or pair of jeans or ballet flat make us happy? Arent' we tired of tying up boxes from online endeavors?

I am a unique combo of early and late adoption. I see trends before they happen but tend to adopt them later. I still have a few years before I hit my mid-50s, but I'm hoping this minimal mindset hits me as well. I'd love a little extra room in my closet and a small spare room in my life to define what matters most.  

But for now, I'll keep sharing all the great finds I uncover while I wait for my minimalist mystique to take hold. Are you feeling in tune with the less is more thing, or are you still going for broke (literally)?

Deepish thoughts on a Wednesday morning. Cause that's what's up this to buy or not to buy kind of Wednesday in Brooklyn. Yours, in priority shifts and midlife musings. XO

Maven in love: Valentine's Day gift ideas for the woman in your life

Good morning, Wednesday. It's a snowy sitch here in the city, and I have not left the house in two days. I know that's not unusual right now, but I just can't be asked.  Something happens as you age- snow becomes intolerable.

Let's begin.

 I wouldn't say I'm the most traditional girl. I do a bit of zig when others zag.  I also wouldn't say I'm a traditional romantic in the relationship sense, though I am 100 percent a romantic when it comes to life in general. I can fall in love with a shop window, or swoon deeply for a beautiful meal, or beautiful anything. But Valentine's Day? Mixed emotions.

Fact- I got married on February 15th, 100 years ago. I remember clearly that David had a small window where he could get off from work (he was working in production at the time) to get married, and that was it.  I come from an era of BIG WEDDINGS. Vera Wang strapless dresses. With gloves to the elbow. GLOVES. Think full orchestra, roast chicken, and something borrowed, blue, and bougie. 

Another fact- milestones are not really my trip. And one more for the books- I hate to be the center of attention in the way brides always are. The thought of wearing white (haha, me in a white wedding dress, good one) and walking down an aisle with all eyes on me is about as pleasant as a colonoscopy. And the whole wedding vibe is not my vibe at all, and David agreed. So off to Vegas, we flew and tied the knot. Just us two. It was perfect and exactly what we wanted to do. But I digress.

Because Valentine's Day is upon us, and truth be told- I always liked it, even though it's surely side-eye worthy for its cheesiness. I love hearts, and I love chocolate, and although I don't love a generic greeting card or bad five-course meal, I do indeed love to love and be loved. And that's the truth. Yea, duh, we all do. . So yea, maybe I am slightly more traditional than I appear, and I guess the gifts I'm going to recommend for those with female loves are not far off the classic V Day brief but oh well. 

Also, fair warning- this is a list of spendy things. Indulgent things. Things Richard Burton may have purchased for Liz Taylor back in the day, thus the photo of the two of those gorgeous lovers at the top of the post.  And though we're not talking Liz Taylor level diamonds, this is not a cheap list of goods because, you know what? Chances are your lady deserves something gorgeous and luxe. Think of what you've put her through the past year in quarantine. PS- if times are tough, don't pay attention to any of this. A beautiful card, poem, or homemade cupcake will certainly do. It is very often the thought that truly counts, but then again, silk. Ok here we go:

If your gal is a bit cheeky, I adore these candles from Heretic (yes, they make THAT candle) that came across my inbox this morning. A burlesque candles that are a little naughty. Yes, please.

So I love silky things so, so much. Chances are she will too. This robe is so gorgeous- the color, the pattern, the luxury of it. Ah-mazing lingerie, too, if that's your thing. 

For kissing and making up, this lip palette is perfection. I love the red lacquer packaging (perfect for V Day) and all the bright and poppy hues that are moisturizing and super pretty. 
And, of course, there is the gift of fragrance. Because there is nothing sexier than smelling incredible, if you want to pony up for something pretty, you can't go wrong with anything by Frederic Malle. French perfume is a no-brainer, but his scents are complicated, delicious, and beyond sensual, much like love itself. I have many favs from his collection, but Carnal Flower is just divine. I have never been a big floral lover, but this one is completely intoxicating. A sophisticated tuberose that will have you following your femme around the house. Not that you don't do that now, but you're going to want to sniff her all day long. Trust.

Lately, I'm all about pearls. Because you can take something so classic and somewhat fuddy-duddy and make them fresh and exciting by pairing them with a boiler suit or layered with a gold coin necklace or thick link chain, they are such an amazing gift. I love anything Sophie Buhai does, particularly when it comes to pearls. These are so delicate and beautiful, and also extremely sexy.
And of course, V Day is all about flowers and more flowers. Personally, I've been buying fresh flowers throughout the quarantine because they brighten up any space. I found this florist online, and wow. Show-stopping. Very pricey, but omg. And, of course, roses are required. 

By now, you may be scratching your head, wondering when I became such a sucker for a Hallmark holiday. I say ok to that but LOVE baby love. I think it's something to celebrate. Needless to say, if you are single or you are the woman in your life or "it's complicated," any of the above work for self-gifting. Show yourself some love because you are worth every penny. Cause that's what's up this modern love kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in ain't love grand? XO

What I miss most about life before the plague

Good morning, Friday. Long week. Bring on the weekend. Ps, it's cold as shit.

So last night, I was on the horn with a friend of mine, catching up on all the things. I was saying how restless I feel and how I feel a bit "stuck". I'm not someone who loves to stand still unless it's a well-deserved respite from a busy life. Right now, work is busy, but life? Not so much.

So we continued to chat on it, and I realized what I miss the absolute most during this time of staying home. I miss chance encounters. And serendipity. Life has become so ho-hum, and for now, that's how it has to be to stay safe and healthy. But as a New Yorker and creative observer, I find the lack of spontaneity a challenge. For instance, the other day, I had a dentist appointment uptown and decided to check out a gallery having a show with an artist I've recently discovered. I rang the buzzer on a nondescript building on East 68th off the park and checked out this cool little gallery called Turn. I had a delightful conversation with the gallerist, chatting about pop culture, fashion, The Beatles vs. The Stones, and the oddness of cats. It was such a lovely moment- looking at young artists and chatting with a total stranger. As a card-carrying shut-in, I no longer get to have many random conversations. Or chance encounters at, say, a dinner party where I might meet someone who could become a new friend or business prospect. I love that about New York City- it's totally true you never know who you will meet, and I miss that more than anything. And although I'm not exactly Howard Hughes, it feels different when out in public these days- people want to keep to themselves and keep their distance. It's regrettable. 

I see so many posts from people that say they miss their families and friends. I feel secure in those relationships, and though I miss quality time with the people I love, I REALLY miss being out and talking to new people. I'm sort of an introverted extrovert and lifelong connector, and I need the stimulation of off the cuff conversation to stay motivated, inspired, and happy.  All in all, what I miss the most is simply shooting the shit. I'm starved for it and so can't wait to engage with the possibility of new energy, kindred spirits, and a sense of connection. I guess what I'm saying is I don't miss the spontaneous water cooler conversations as much as I miss the spontaneous conversations I have with a barista in a coffee shop or the would-be gallerist who happens to love the Stones as much as I do. New York is a mosaic of diversity, but it's also the place I feel most connected to people. I feel like some of the best things that have happened in my life have happened by chance. Of being in the right place at the right time. And finding gifts and treasures when I'm not even looking for them. Oh, beautiful serendipity, come back to me.  

I'm looking forward to chance encounters once we all have shots in arms.  Cheers to the possibility of new conversations. Of those knowing glances when experiencing the city with strangers who "get it". Of dancing in a crowd and vibing on the energy of the collective. Ugh. I want it. Needless to say, so many of us are missing travel for this very reason- the unknown adventure that awaits and delicious sense of discovery.  I miss that beyond but in this instance talking about the everyday discovery and loveliness that comes from living in a place like New York.

Cause that's what's up this games of chance of a Friday in the 718. Yours, in talking to strangers. XO

Go for glow: My favorite new beauty products to love your light

Good morning, Wednesday. It's sunny and cold in New York City, and here we are almost a year into this pandemic, and just wow. Thank goodness for coffee.

And while I've been sequestered, I've found that rituals are a helpful way to begin and end the day;. Whether it's that first cup of aforementioned coffee or lighting a favorite candle in the afternoon (currently loving my Apotheke Palo Santo number), marking the day and honoring the moment has become essential for my sanity. So it's not surprising that I still love putting on makeup in the morning, even if nobody will see me at all. I enjoy taking time out to do something indulgent and uplifting.

On that accord, I'm all about skincare. Religious, fanatical skincare. My devotion to a daily skincare practice has become a non-negotiable. Twice a day, I'm doing all I can to keep my skin glowy, bright, and healthy. Particularly in the winter months, our skin needs a little extra love to keep it hydrated, bouncy, and happy. For me, it's all about radiance and glow. I'm forever seeking products that give a lit from within look- next week I'll recommend some makeup products that help, but today it's all about skincare.

So here are a few of my new favorite products that provide not only great results but a lovely, sensorial experience as well.

My new facial cleanser/massager tool from Popsonic is just perfect, bought on a whim from one of those steals and deals segments on the Today show.  I put cleanser right on the bristle side and power on to provide a massage while I cleanse, and then I love the other side that is paddle-like for a stimulating massage. Yes, it looks like a sex toy. And?

Three products from Kiehl's are on my list this month, too. I recently popped into their original location in the East Village and stocked up on a few things (and got a great gift). I'm obsessed with this treatment water that's like an essence- it somehow brightens and soothes your skin with an ultra-fresh feel after you cleanse and before you apply your products. I love an essence of late and can see a big difference when I use one- it makes the other products penetrate more deeply, so if you're spending all that money on products, why not ad something that gives your whole routine a little boost?

I also bought this incredible lip balm in Naturally Nude. If you read the blog on the regs, you know I'm forever in pursuit of the perfect nude lip, and this one delivers the perfect, subtle tint while taking care of chapped, parched lips. This Pro-Retinol eye treatment is also divine and subtly tinted to give the eye area a bit of brightening. Obsessed.  As for my gift, I got this fab mask brush. You may think a mask brush is excessive, but. I used it to apply my favorite StriVectin mask, Cloudberry Moisture™, on Sunday, and it made a huge difference when it came to an even, hearty application. Good stuff. Mine was free with purchase but here's another good option.

And I love this Leland Francis botanical serum, which is a fraction of Vintners Daughter products' price and fabulously herbaceous. I discovered it after a fabulous facial at neighborhood beauty bastion Shen, and I love its thickness, and the smell is lovely too- a great all-around serum at a reasonable price. Packed with 29 botanicals, it's a great all-around serum that balances, hydrates, brightens, and soothes.  I like the simple packaging too. Chic.

I've recently cut my hair way short again (thank you, Lord) and am so happy not to have to fuss with it. As much time as I like to spend on my face is the same as the little time I like to spend on my hair. It's just not my thing. But I absolutely love Christophe Robin's Cleansing Mask with Lemon- it's a non-shampoo shampoo, so it doesn't cause your hair to puff up and gives it that lived-in look I love while still provided a deep clean. Just don't get this sucker in your eye. Trust me. 

Wondering what rituals you all have to help you get through this rather tedious, ho-hum time. Restlessness is kicking in, and I'm just try8ing to stay grounded. A little self-care seems to help.

Cause that's what's up this love the skin you're in kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in finding your light. XO