And the award goes Emmys fashion round up

Good morning, Tuesday. Happy Yom Kippur to my Jewish meshpucha- may you have a healthy and safe fast, or something like that. I'm not well versed on the high holidays at this point in my life, but still appreciate the observance of this most solemn of eves.

So about last night in Hollywood, which was anything but solemn. The Emmys were on and I have to say- they were entertaining because the acceptance speeches were wacky- from the marriage proposal from the director of the Oscars to the wacky as wacky gets creator of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel". (And yes, I do wish Alex Borstein wore a bra, though hats off for rewearing her wedding dress).

And in terms of fashion- it was one of the biggest home runs I've ever seen. Almost everybody looked ah-mazing. There must be something in the water in Hollywood. Oh yea, it's called money and fame and access to the best designers, trainers, glam squads, and surgeons.

Regardless, there were MAJOR looks. Above is Angela Sarafyan of "Westworld" in Christian Siriano. Major.

My favorites? Thandie Newton in this gorgeous pink dress from Brandon Maxwell, whose collection I really loved during Fashion Week. This one took my breath away. She is so beautiful.

Mrs. Maisel aka Rachel Brosnahan was marvelous in this red De La Renta. And her speech was great- I applaud her effort to get people to get out and vote. 

Claire Foy in pristine Calvin Klein with slicked back hair and a red slick of lip looked positively royal. 

Keri Russell in Zuhair Murad. And that hair and makeup look was probably my favorite of then night. Just gorgeous, relaxed glamour. 

Sarah Paulson is a fashion fanatic in the best of ways and this De La Renta was good, good, good.

Millie Bobby Brown- not the least bit strange in Calvin Klein. Stunning, youthful, and super fun.

Mandy Moore in Rodarte. The end. Bye.

Ellie Kempner looked beautiful in this J. Mendel which complimented her hair and skin so well.

Samirah Wiley in Jenny Packham. That body though. Woah.

And I loved this modern take on formality on Issa Rae, wearing Vera Wang. Gorgeous color too.

Oh and shout out to Elisabeth Moss- loved the dress by Vera Wang- so sexy and va voomy. But the hair? Go back to the dark side, girl.

Yea and I know I should have loved Jessica Biel's Ralph and Russo dress- she's gorgeous and all but the dress looked like bubble wrap to me and her girls looked super smushed. 

As for the hosts, meh. Stick to SNL- I don't believe it was  the very best gig for Colin or Michael.  It's a tough one, for sure. And that opening number was hokey as hokey gets.  And I liked how they announced the nominees and then bought out the presenters. Much better flow that way. 

My favorite moment? The Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby's hilarious monologue which was a bit of cheeky man bashing. Funny. Oh and the Fonz won. Which pleased me. Very much. Well done, Fonz.

Oh and Maya Rudolph who I live for wore two dresses by Simone Rocha, whom I also live for and clocked straight away the second I saw those looks. Love her and Rocha- just not for an awards show like this. Did not feel right at all. 

Cause that's what's up this fabulously fashionable Tuesday in New Yawk City. Yours, in Hollywood glam. XO

Fashion week round up: Free to be you and me hits the Spring '19 shows

Good morning, Thursday. I was up and at 'em super early today to go vote. Always feels good to exercise my right. Hope you get out there and vote today too, my fellow NYers.

So I promised a bit of a fashion week round up, and here's the thing- it was a wacky, wild week on the runways of New York. There's a palpable sort of schizophrenia happening- if you're the type looking for trends to sum up the collections, good luck. Because they were simply all over the place. Sure there were the ubiquitous pastels, the use of chino khaki as a basic, and lots of denim (best example at Proenza Schouler, whose return to the runway did not disappoint). But truly- there's only one real trend that I saw, and it had very little to do with clothes. Because the biggest trend of the week was in the casting, and a true focus on diversity. Oh and big shout out to my new fav model, Kiki Willems, posted above at Michael Kors shiny, happy show this week. Love a redhead on the runway. I saw you too, Karen Elson. Don't worry. But I digress. Because there's more to unpack than mere tresses alone.

Designers like Christian Siriano and MIchael Kors broke with the stick figure tradition and showed women with more realistic bodies on the runway. There was a ton of diversity in terms of ethnicity across the board, and designer Marco Marco showed all transgender models on the catwalk. Check it out here. 

 And in terms of age, we saw Amber Valletta, Karen Elson, Yasmin Le Bon, and my queen Stella Tennant, who closed the show at Calvin Klein, return to the runway and give some much needed gravitas to the industry at large.  Above are some snaps from Zero & Maria Cornejo- bravo on the casting. And as for the fashion overall? There were short dresses, maxi dresses, and everything in between. Perhaps our current fervor for inclusion is finally catching up to the garment industry? How sweet it is.

Yes there were standout style moments for me. Proenza. Rodarte. Tibi. MARC FUCKING JACOBS OMG. Marc's show on the last day made me believe. The hair, the makeup, the outrageous fashion for fashion's sake. Fabulous beyond belief. And I loved how Proenza sourced some fabrics from overseas, but made the entire collection right here. And since I'm working in Soho these days, it was hard not to hate on the hordes of posing, preening, selfie obsessed lunatics on every corner. But fashion seemed to tune them out this year, even if they were still seated in the front row. Because these shows truly had something for just about everyone. And these here are some very confusing times- so it's no surprise the designers picked up on that. 

From the overly austere at the Row to the good vibrations at Michael Kors, the messages were mixed beyond belief but it bothered me not one bit.

I for one was happy to see all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages strut this past week. It's as if fashion took all the huddled masses and gabe them all something to believe in. And for that, I was tickled.

The big message was clear:

Because that's what's up this celebrating diversity kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in liberty, justice, and fashion for all. XO

My New York story (we all have one).

Good morning, Wednesday. It is mad gloomy outside as well as super soupy and bad hair producing. Yikes.

So yesterday in New York was a tough day- you can't help but feel shivery walking around the city on 9/11- remembering where you were and what you did and thinking about the horror you experienced in the town you loved the very most. On my way to the office this am, I was thinking about what it is that got me here, to New York, and why I always wanted to live here. Everybody has a New York story. Why they moved here, how they got here, that kinda thing. Here's mine.

It's no secret I've had a lifelong obsession with fashion. It is probably the one red thread. I have loved since I could first match my purse to my outfit. Which was at about 3 or 4, for those keeping score.

And as I reached my teens and possibly a year or two before, I fantasized about a life in New York. A life surrounded by fashionable people doing fashionable things. Now everyone's reason for wanting to be here is different, but I realize my raison d'etre when it comes to New York always comes back to fashion. And I suppose it's strange that I didn't really end up working in that world. I tried, mind you. But as you know, it was not for me early in my career. No skin was thick enough to tolerate that crap back in the day. 

But maybe what I love most about New York besides my friends and the excitement and the lifestyle is the fact that this is the fashion capital of the country, if not the world.  And even though we don't make a ton of clothes here anymore, I still get a bit of a thrill walking around the Garment Center. I love all the trim shops. I love the racks being pushed down the street. I love the wackiness of it all. And since it's been fashion week, all the fashion people are about. And though Instagram has created far too many of them (many without any true style), it's still so much fun to just watch it- there's a very real energy in the air depending on where you are in town.  To watch those Celine trucks go by in Soho to sell a new designer. I'm not sure many realize just how in love I am with all of it. Still. Even in these crazy times. Possibly even more so. Because it still gives me joy. Many of you say "fashion is irrelevant" or "who bloody cares" but meh. I still care. And I most likely always will.

I guess my point is that even though I occasionally dabble in the fashion world, I just feel lucky to be in a city that supports that industry. And even though the shows are a bit pointless now with the seasonal cycles being sped up to meet consumer demand, I just love that they're here. That's enough to keep me here for as long as I can take it. 

I just think it's so cool that people come here because they connect with something special, something they want, something they want to achieve. I know we all want that in life, but New York has more special sauce in that regard. Of this I'm certain. That's why it's so damn hard to live here. And as I stroll through Soho to take a walk at lunchtime today, it won't be hard to remember what I'm doing here. And though I'd love to get back involved with fashion, I'm just happy to be around it. And to live in a city where I can walk down the street and see past the Instagram street style dorks and spot somebody or something truly fabulous. And that's really all I need. That and another latte. And some George Michael. It's that kind of day.

Cause that's what's up this I STILL love New York kind of Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in big city girls. XO

(PS- that photo above is by Peter Lindbergh of Linda Evangelista in the early 90s- amazing, right?)

Maven recommends: Five for Fall

Good morning, Tuesday. It's been 17 years since 9/11 and watching the ceremony this morning really got me. I don't know if I'm hormonal or emotional or everything in between, but the mascara needed a reapply. Such a tough day in New York- and of course, we'll never forget that watershed moment in American culture and beyond. I'm not sure what else I can say besides I'm still here, you're still here, we're still here, but we must never, ever forget those that lost their lives that day and beyond. We bitch and moan about new New York vs. old New York, and with so much interest happening in that sacred part of town, we've moved on, but again- we never forget. I love you New York- today, tomorrow, and forever. And that's that.

So moving on- I know it's Fashion Week and I have inevitable thoughts and musings to share but going to wait until it's officially over. For now, we got a taste of Fall weather yesterday and if you're like me- you're ready for a new season to begin. Here's five must have moments for Fall if you're keeping score and taking names. Get ready for the new season with some of my favorite things.

Leopard print- Oh, yea. We've talked this one through. My closet is quickly becoming Cat Woman/Mrs. Robinson like because I can't stop buying leopard print. I'm obsessed with it. Do it in anything like this dress from Ganni, or this faux fur coat from J. Crew, or this very hot undie set from Stella McCartney, in case you just want some leopard love close to your skin. Don't be scared of the cat. it looks beautiful against the skin and it's hot. Seriously. Huge trend for Fall.

A red bootie- I was taking a lunchtime spin around Soho the other day and found these cute boots from Schutz. Western/prairie is hot this Fall and if you're not up for a Laura Ingalls moment, get involved with the trend by succumbing to an accent or two. I love this bootie's Western appeal without being too yee hah. Looks great with the above mentioned leopard too.

A camel coat- Ooh. This is a classic and I still find it insanely appealing. I love camel with a black turtleneck and jeans. So chic and classic. This one in alpaca rom Eileen Fisher is soft as soft gets and is super sophisto. Highly recommend. Pricey, but timeless.

A brown dress- I get down with brown. It's a great color on me for some reason and I'm seeing more of it around. Love this piece from H&M collection that feels kind of mod. Good stuff.

A knit "suit"- I spotted this Smythe set at a boutique in my Cobble hill neighborhood and felt all the feels. I love the puffed sleeve on the top, the seam down the front of the cropped pants- so good. So so good. Rodebjer often does knit suiting but this take is super hot and could take you absolutely anywhere- great office to dinner dressing. Such a gorgeous look. Very 70s in the best of ways. It's true you need a pilates bod to perfection for this look. Take heed. Also Smythe's site is deadly good. 

This suit? Holy amazing Marianne Faithfull vibes.

Cause that's what's up this feeling Fall kind of Tuesday in the best city on Earth. Yours, in fashion and respect. XO

When somber was sexy (ps- it still is).

Good morning, Thursday. Apparently it's farshion week (said in my best Candy Pratts Price dialect)  in New York and I'm seeing all the modely models and various jaunty looks all over Soho. It still gives me a kick. I can't help it.

But since it's Thursday, I thought a throwback was in order. And also since Tom Ford opened the week (check out the opener of the pot pic and these above) with a show that gave me the 90s feels all over the place, then to the 90s we must go. 

I'm speaking specifically about Balenciaga's Spring 1998 collection, which quite simply, was perfection. Nicolas Ghesquière was at the helm and man oh man those clothes. I would give more than one vital organ to own anything from that collection. Piece after piece is just so outstandingly simple/somber/sexy- I would still wear mostly everything and it's a full 20 years after the fact. I can't. But I could. Couldn't you? These are not clothes for shouting. And with all the noise and finger pointing and insanity these days, a little quiet is just what I want and need. And yes- Gucci's "let get loud" bit is charming as all get out, but these type of clothes are just on another playing field for me. One I want to play on mostly every day.

Anyhoo, enjoy this transcendent look at runways past. It's divine. I can only hope for half an iota's worth of amazingness at this week's shows. Nothing compares though. And I'm a 90s fashion addict through and through. Second only the 70s of course...

Cause that's what's up this looking back on a legendary collection kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in dreaming of fashion weeks past. XO

Make some space for Eileen Fisher. (Yea, you read that right).

Good morning, Tuesday. Hope you had a lovely weekend. It was nice to just hang, do some window shopping, and visit family. I had big hopes of going to the movies but never quite made it.

Instead, I went to the gym yesterday and got my mani/pedi on. ON the way back, I spotted a new store in my neighborhood that piqued my curiosity. It's a new concept from Eileen Fisher called Making Space, and it's all about beautiful fabrics and the art of creation/community- they're offering classes in things like knitting and hope to encourage workshops and neighborhood events. Now let me be clear- my relationship with Eileen Fisher is complicated. Just imagining wearing most of her clothes gives me a midlife crisis.  

I have always felt entirely too rock and roll/edgy to even think about a wardrobe of well matched separates. I know it's ridiculous but I always have associated her designs with a more mature person. And now that I'm kinda that person, I must admit I'm coming around. The last few years had me buying a few pairs of her pants- the crepe ones that are trouser like but super comfortable. What I have come to love about these looks is they represent that kind of moment when Donna first started doing DKNY- cool pieces with a creative appeal that absolutely would never wear you, you'd simply shine wearing them. That's the goal, isn't it?  

And the opening of this store has opened my eyes. Because these are clothes meant to be worn over and over again. Timeless, effortless, soft. I love the fabrics they use- everything is comfy and soft and like wearing pajamas. I can see anyone from a kindergarten teacher to a mom to a woman in pursuit of her first big job looking great in a lot of these looks. I tried on a few pieces and fell in love with everything. And because I wondered if, as my husband has noted, I was "getting caught up" with the shine of something new, I walked out of the store without anything. But I will be back. Because everything there was worth a second look- menopausal or not. Truly ageless pieces for women comfortable in their own skin. And I love the notion of making space- whether it's for a new wardrobe, new projects, or new experiences. It's never too late to make space. And at 68 years old, Eileen Fisher is doing just that (applause).

I also loved the dignified sizing- everything is S,M,L,XL (from what I could tell) and nothing is meant to be skintight, which I love. Everything flows and all the looks could flatter a majority of body types. And having seen these clothes firsthand, they actually look better than they do in the pictures here. Some of my favorite pieces below:

The fuzzy cardigan- Love this cardigan because it's cotton so has that fuzzy jumper look without any of the itch. The color is perfect for Fall and I love it with everything from jeans to a slipdress. Endlessly wearable. 

The slip dress- Love a slip dress. Always have. Always will. Nothing better for an effortless, sexy appeal. Layer with everything from a turtleneck to a denim jacket to a cardigan and you're always in business. This one is in tencel and is so lovely without being overly clingy. 

The jumpsuit- A fully washable jumpsuit in stretch crepe feels just right. Love the wrap effect and the color is super good. Dress it up with heels or down with booties.

The wool pant- A lightweight boiled wool pant is a great cold weather staple. This pair in person reminds me so much of something Rei Kawakubo might wear or make, so it's not surprising this fabric was sourced in Japan. Sold.

The denim apron dress- This dress is just so cute and is a nice little transitional piece for Fall. Love the dark denim/selvedge feel- super cute with a tee as shown or with tights and a tank. Great little throw on piece. Bonus points for gals who rock it with a stovepipe, cropped trouser and sneakers for a bit of a nod to the 90s.

Oh and bonus points for this patent oxford with a wedge- great with the aforementioned wool trousers and a crisp, white shirt and a slick of red lipstick. Perfection. 

So yea, I can't believe I'm pushing Eileen Fisher, but I'm also pushing a new decade in a few years so there. I'm sure to buy a few pieces from this lovely retail experiment. Needless to say, everyone working there was friendly and eager to help in a non-pushy way. Cause that's what mature women do.

And that's what's up this taking another look kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in making space for some new pieces. XO

Maven pick: Sunday Forever

Good morning, Thursday. I'm feeling fritzed and frazzled and am very much looking forward to a long, lazy weekend. And since Monday is a holiday, Sunday scaries will be on hiatus. Hooray.

On that note, I've always loved niche brands. Sunday Forever is one such brand- born to help cure the Sunday blues, but can be enjoyed on just about any day of the week. I just love the sentiment of channeling a lovely Sunday afternoon, ad infinitum. Kudos to Ashli Stockton for all of this goodness. I'm in love with the whole lot of it.  Back when I was a little girl in Philly, my best friends and I used to refer to Sunday night as "scary Sunday night"- when nothing good was on television and the sinking realization of a Monday math test would sink in. Yipes. I'm glad there's finally an SOS for said emotion. Save our Sundays. Yes. And yes.

From cute kimono robes to sweet candles to crystals, the brand boasts all the things you want for good vibes. And I love that there's a whole category to shop called "Nice Things".  Who doesn't love nice things? If you don't, buh-bye.

I also love their extra fluffy eye masks for Sunday napping, and my fav- this rose gold evil eye bracelet- a lovely token to take you into the week protected and pretty. Plus their blog is the destination for the perfect Sunday- from playlists to tips and beyond. It's so good. And so on trend for the latest craze of all things self-care.

Just wanted to share it with you we kick off the long weekend let's keep that happy Sunday vibe going all week long. Who's with me? Don't be sad Summer's over. Be happy you have Monday off. 

Cause that's what's up this almost weekend edition of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in sacred spaces and Sunday fun days. XO

Labor Day weekend on tap? Get glam with my fav makeup look to say goodbye to Summer

Good morning, sweet Wednesday It's a hotter than hot Hump Day in the big city. 

I know the last thing any of us want to think about in such high temps is makeup. But think about it. Because I do. I'm not one to go totally makeup free. Even in this heat, I like to at least do a primer and some mascara. I get the melty thing, trust me. But let's say you want to go a little glam this weekend  a la my pal Lauren Hutton here as we celebrate Summer's last stand with a bit of 70s style. albeit more dialed down to suit modern tastes. Say you have a BBQ or clambake or hot date in the city and need your face to match your maxidress.  I have you covered. As in the best glowy, dewy, sexy Summer face you could have. I've perfected this look all season and have loved it for a more dressed up makeup look. So without further adieu, my top hits for an Insta ready face this weekend and beyond- the look would work beautifully in Fall as well. It's got a peach vibe that works great with my medium skin tone and coppery locks, but suspect it would be great on a blonde and brunette as well.

First, prime your skin with Charlotte Tillbury's Wonderglow. It gives you that lit from within vibe without being over the top for daytime or nighttime. It's a great start.

Then for coverage, I'm in love with Chanel's Bronzing Makeup Base if you have a little color or at least want to look like you got some beach time. I put mine on with a large brush and then blend with a Beauty Blender. I find it's a good replacement for foundation or tinted moisturizer- great on its own or mixed in with a touch of your favorite tinted moisturizer.

For eyes, this quad from Chanel in Tisse Vendome is so, so pretty and soft. I know I love matte of late, but this quad's sparkle is very flattering on all age groups and love how you can build the color to be as quietly dramatic or low key as you like. It's beautiful and would look pretty on all eye colors. Sometimes I fear neutrals (aka browns) make my hazel eyes look tired, but this quad is simply stunning. Slick on a bit of your favorite liquid black liner very close to the lash line for a natural look. I love my Hourglass liquid liner. It's novice proof and pros will love how close you can get to your lashes. You almost don't need msacara. Oh and if you do need a primer- I'm pretty into Blue Mercury's own brand- it's cheaper than the Trish McEvoy primer and seems very similar. Great stuff. Your shadow will not move even if the humidity is trying hard to make a move.

But if mascara is a non-negotiable, it may be time to try Nars new Climax mascara (what's with them and the sex names, anyway?). You can build layers for maximum drama or do one flick for something a bit more dialed down. It's a good one.

For blush, I'm obsessed with (and I really mean obsessed with) Kosa's Creme blush and highlighter in Tropic Equinox. I live for how natural and neutral this blush is- and so incredibly creamy. Plus the highlighter it comes with is perfect for dabbing on the cheekbone and a bit under the brow if you're in the mood. Great stuff. This brand probably my favorite beauty discovery of the season.

Oh and what about the lip? I'm so digging something from Nars yet again- The new Afterglow Lip Balm in (of course) Orgasm is the prettiest little sheer peachy pop to enhance your natural lips. It's so pretty and super hydrating so great for post beach nights out. Lovely. Plus how pretty is that packaging? Rose gold magic for your makeup bag. 

I tend to go very low key on the lips so if you want a little more punch like LH above- you may want to try Tom Ford's Naked Coral for that extra pop.

As for fragrance, I have to go with one of my new favs- Music for a While from Frederic Malle. Every time I wear it my husband's like "WHAT IS THAT?" in the best of ways. He loves it and I love it-  lavender, patchouli, amber and vanilla, with notes of pineapple and mandarin for that perfect Summer scent. I thought the pineapple would be a dealbreaker, but non- it's gorgeous.

So that's pretty much how I do it for Summer nights- hope you love these as much as I do. And as we kiss Summer adieu, look for lots of fun Fall things from me soon. You know it's when I truly come alive. Cause that's what's up this sizzling Wednesday in the 212. Yours, in hot in the city glam.  If this still seems like too much work, f it. Go bare. Or go all in with the above. XO

What's it all about, Philly?

Good morning, Tuesday. Oh, heat. You have returned and I am sans sleeves and melting. 

So here's something. This morning a chick in my office was sharing a Youtube video with a friend and they were huddled around her monitor watching. I heard a familiar tune and immediately ran over- it was the Channel 6 Action News theme I grew up with in Philadelphia. If you know it, commence dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUNning now...if not it's here.

Anyway it was a funny spoof on Philly's fuckdupness and it made me laugh. And it took me back. Because lately I'm noticing a slight pull for me towards the city I grew up in. I know that's super weird. I profess my love to New York almost every day. But I've spent some time with Philly people this Summer down at the Jersey shore and I can't help but feel slightly, well, not homesick but, hmm- I don't know. I'm not much for nostalgia but I think something happens as you age that you just feel a bit of a gravitational pull towards home. And that's happening to me big time. I've spent more time than usual with family this Summer and it's been really sensational. 

I'm also very much looking forward to having a girl's reunion with all of my besties from childhood in September. And guess where we're meeting? Back at the scene of the crime- Philly. I'm excited to see them all and reminisce and catch up. No better place to do that than where it all began. Sometime I fantasize about going back home- even though New York is truly more like home than Philly ever was. Just an interesting thought. A friend of mine from Portland who now lives here in the city said the same thing to me the other day- and we are at the same point in life. Interesting that. Maybe it's more about what's said in that quote above. I've been a bit all over the place again and the very notion of "home" feels up for grabs.  And it's true that knowing where I come from and being part of it has helped set a course for where I want to go. There's so much more to do. But where do I want to do it?  Note to self: no way you're leaving New York. You love it here. It's so true. New York feeds my soul, but Philly is in my DNA. Interesting.

And I'm smart enough to know home is wherever you are. But I've always felt attached to place. That's just my way.

Wondering if any of you feel that way about the place you went kicking and screaming and ran far away from? I imagine it's a normal thought at a certain time of life. I'm not sure I'll be eating soft pretzels at Wawa full time again, but damn if they haven't been tasting so much better than usual lately. I guess I'm lucky to have two places that feel like home. It's just the one I left does not usually feel as sweet  as it has in recent months. 

Cause that's what's up this thinking of the 215 from the 212 kind of Tuesday. Yours, in notions and versions of home. XO