This post is not about Scotland.

Good morning, Wednesday. I'm loving Scotland but this is not a post about Scotland. I've taken a few days off to travel and enjoy but truly there's something so troubling on my mind. And it's so unfortunate that the post prior to this was also about suicide.

Many of you know how deeply I loved Anthony Bourdain.  A photograph of him holding his knife on the streets of New York has lived in all of my kitchens since it was given to me by a now deceased photographer, who took is portrait years ago. I always said he was just an ideal human.  I loved his lank, his wickedly funny snark, his rock and roll, poetic brilliance. He showed us the world in ways we had never seen, and I think he's responsible for so much of our love of local and that sentiment that traveling is rarely about being a tourist. It's about embracing the culture and food and life that foreign places bring to us.

My closest friends reached out when they heard the news. It's true- I was in love with Bourdain, and from the looks of all of my social feeds, so was everybody else. This was a hard one. A very, very hard one. And we all want to know why. Who the f knows why? I've seen various dissections of suicide all over the news and some brilliant essays post mortem, but here's my rather simple take.

I grew up as a kid of the 80s, and the 80s had a dark veil encasing pop culture. Sure it was a time of bubblegum pop like Madonna, but there were also bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Gene Loves Jezebel (random but top of mind), and the Smiths to name but a few that explored the darkness. As a teen I read Baudelaire, I read Rimbaud, I read Byron. I know that is now a gross cliche of teenage, new wave angst, but truly- I explored what it meant to be dark. And that's probably because as a teen I was, for all intents and purposes, darker than dark. I wish I could say I was happy go lucky, but I was nowhere near that. I've always loved a dark horse. We enjoyed being dark back then. It was part of the brief. There was a romance to it.

 My point is- back then there was an acknowledgement of sadness. That life was messy. That relationships were messy. That our minds were messy. And then of course we got to the 90s which went dark in a real fucked up way- Kurt Cobain. That's all I need to say there. Then the darkness gave way to anger. And we lost a lot of those souls but it was also the era of "Prozac Nation" and Fiona Apple and it became more than ok to talk about depression. In fact, in was pervasive. We all took antidepressants, or at least everyone I know did. They made us fat, they numbed us out, but they made us feel better for a little while. Cut to now.

I'm not sure what happened but happiness has taken over. Fake happiness. Or at least it feels that way right now. For a good minute now, life has been all about sunshine, personal fulfillment, and perfection. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Look at your Instagram feed. It's full of good looking people doing good looking things. It's full of #blessings and #bullshit. Yet every day terrible things are happening all around us but somehow, our happiness is what prevails. Good on you, I guess. But for some, the candy coated world makes the teeth hurt. And it becomes a bit too much. I'm not saying Kate or Tony killed themselves because of Instagram. I'm just saying we've hidden our sadness for far too long. And we've replaced it with unicorn pool floats and rose all day.

I'm not saying I want anyone to be sad. But it's time to get real. The futility of this so called "happy life" has become a bit much. That sometimes even if you "have it all" you might not be able to keep it together.  We need to balance all of this saccharine sweetness somehow.

I too am guilty. This blog has become like therapy for me in many ways- but many have asked why I keep things like a light and fluffy omelette when my soul is anything but. I do it because it feels good to shuffle the nasty bits aside. I will continue to do so and thank goodness I'm not suicidal but Lord knows I fight every day to keep from going far too dark. I'm predisposed to it and I've always really frowned upon it. I'm definitely more of a keep calm and carry on type but often I'm anything but. And I trust many of you feel the same way.

I'm friends with one person on Facebook who openly talks about the darkness. And it makes me wince every time because it seems like oversharing and I think about how many colleagues or potential colleagues are reading it and whether it's just plain wrong to share things like that. Now I have to reassess that. Is it really hard to believe anyone is living their less than best life because Instagram tells us otherwise? These here are tough times, kiddos. We need to support each other and talk to each other and admit that life is very, very fucked up. It's beautiful and candid and hilarious too. But it can be very dark. And that has to be ok.

I have no idea why Bourdain killed himself. Maybe he was just ready to peace out. To all of us, he had so much more to live for, to see, to do. But so many suffer in silence because of a commitment to some sort of silent code that tells us we need to present as shiny and happy. Sure he always had an edge, that's why we loved him. He was so very real. And in many ways, so was his death. A very real reaction to a very real world that is often unkind and dark and a bit too much.

As I sit here and write this, I'm staring out my window on the Isle of Skye and it's cloudy and rainy and chilly. And it suits me fine. Because that's just what my soul needs. I'm not always Suzie Sunshine, and I'm feeling like we don't always have to be. Because there's beauty in the dark too. Don't shut out that part of your soul, but please dear Lord, don't let it kill you. Just know that amidst all the bikini pics, sun flares, and Gucci bags, there's life actually being lived. And it's tough. Beyond tough. I've seen so many books and articles on how to achieve true happiness and fulfillment. Maybe that goal's unattainable for some. Maybe just being able to see your way out of the cave is ok, too. I'm not saying depression is in any way a goal. But I'm just saying- the full monty SHINY HAPPY thing may not be your trip. But if you can't shake that darkness, you need to get help. And there is no shame in that. None.

I'm so sad about Bourdain- he was in many ways, my patron saint. But his death and Kate Spade's death has many of us examining our own demons and darkness. And just know- if you ever need me, you can always talk to me about what's eating you. And I'll continue to enjoy Instagram and everything else, but maybe just maybe I'll indulge a bit of the dark to go with all the light. Or be there for anyone who likes to drink their coffee black and not too light or sweet.

Cause that's what's up this drizzly Scottish morning on the Isle of Skye. Yours, in getting real. XO

RIP to Kate the Great.

Good afternoon, Tuesday. I leave for holiday tomorrow and it's a whirlwind to get out of town, that's for sure. But I wanted to take a pause and say how truly gutted and chilled I am by the news of Kate Spade's passing. Though I am far from the prototypical Kate Spade girl, I worshipped her achievements. She was the first of her kind to create a truly integrated lifestyle brand, and with her husband and partner Andy be her side, some of the most iconic fashion advertising the world has ever seen. An icon. Now gone.

I was obsessed with her story. Because she showed girls and women that we could. We could leave big jobs and follow our dreams and create iconic fashion brands out of our living rooms. When I was young in New York, all I thought about was how I could be my very own version of Kate Spade. I moved to NY in 1993, the same year she founded her brand. I thought she was so on point, and I admired her branding sensibilities beyond anyone else. I loved her midwestern mystique- the nod to vintage, the gentility, the manners. Kate was the type who would send handwritten notes, make you the best gin and tonic, and I imagine she knew how to give a beautiful and heartfelt gift. She meant a lot to me, and I felt like I knew her. That was her genius. To many of us ladies at a certain moment in New York- when Carrie Bradshaw reigned supreme and we were all just so damn excited to be here and Kate was right there with us, living the dream- one purse at a time. I'll never forget Kate Spade and the moment she represented in my life. And though I was never really a customer, I understood her brilliance and her celebration of feminine ideals- moms, polka dots, family- all of it. Her preppy meets poppy thing. Her candy coated magic. Her Kodachrome take on American life.

It's hard to think of someone who spread so much sunshine as being so deeply unhappy. I'm sorry for her and her family and her legacy. I truly think she made the world a better place. A more colorful place. A smart place. And of course, a more stylish place. From those ubiquitous bags to shoes to clothes to home goods and beyond, Kate was great. And that's that. I can't ever forget how much her presence and mystique was part of New York life when I was but a young pup here. These ad campaigns are etched into my memory as much as weekends at the shore with my family when I was a kid. That's how good and how memorable they were to a Philly girl on her way up.

Sad beyond belief. Here are some of my favorite campaigns of hers. RIP to one of the greats, that had all of us dreaming just a little bit bigger. Cause that's what's up this sad afternoon in New York City. Yours, in loving each other.  Take care of each other. XO

Maven pick: That foundation everyone's talking about.

Good morning, Monday. It's a less than beautiful day in the neighborhood but who cares? I'm off to a fun adventure on Wednesday and counting the minutes.

I have not started packing but was looking to streamline my cosmetics/toiletries so stumbled into the Deciem/Abnormal Beauty Company  store in my neighborhood for a peek at their now culty, waitlisted foundation. If you've been under a beauty rock, you may not have heard of this brand- but it's making quite a bit of buzz- from its weirdo CEO to it's affordable yet aspirational product line-up. Here's the deal:

So far so GREAT. I am loving the serum foundation- I bought the heavier coverage one too (at 7 bucks a pop why not?) but feel the sheer version is a better, more luxe consistency- super sheer and more like a tinted moisturizer which I love for Summer sweatiness. I highly recommend giving it a go.  Comes in many different shades so a bit of a guessing game, but I ended up in medium beige land with pink undertones.

I've also used two of their eye serums -both of which I like very much. The Subq is great for under eye bags and wrinkles. And the Fractionated Serum is fabulous for anti-aging properties. I really, really love it and see a big difference. It's a bit more expensive but still less than La Mer by a long shot.

Anyway, with Summer here it's time to lighten up the makeup bag and keep things a bit more low key. I highly recommend the foundation- no harm in trying and super easy on the budget. 

Cause that's what's up this beauty biz of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in money well spent. XO

Maven takes a trip. Now what to wear on the plane and beyond?

Good morning, Wednesday. I'm flying in a week and off to the land of haggis, castles, and beautiful green. I'm ecstatic. And with an overnight flight looming, of course I've been thinking about what to wear on the plane. And somehow, I've come up with pajamas. Silk ones.

Now I know some of you are wondering wtf is wrong with me. But truly, I love the look of pajamas on the street and it truly works on certain people. Jena Lyons case in point. I'm just not sure I fit the brief but we shall see. There's a pair on sale at The Outnet from Equipment that caught my eye, and these wild printed ones at Matches are pretty spectacular. And the navy polka dot version from Asceno? Love.

Then again, I may go Pashko, Patrick Robinson's travel friendly line with pieces that pack and wear well. I ordered a blazer and some pants (you can order two pieces to try free of charge) so look forward to seeing how those look. I own two pairs of pants from them and they are amazingly comfy and chic. 

Either way, I like a chic airplane look. It sets me up well for a sleepless flight. I can't sleep on planes no matter what class I'm sitting in, so I might as well look above board. Would love to hear what my fellow fashionistas wear on a plane. I spoke to one pal who told me she likes to disappear so nobody will look at or talk to her thus black leggings, black sweater. I wear that anyway, so leggings are most definitely an option. And I think I may have a black sweater or two. I like to wear a lightweight cashmere en flight myself- Rag and Bone's cashmere v-neck sweaters (particularly when they are on sale) are my favorites.

Anyway, don't get me started on how I shall pack. I'm not terribly worried but one does think of McQueen in Scotland- his collections were oft inspired by his ancestral homeland (particularly the Highland Rape and Widows of Culloden collections) of Skye and his ashes were scattered there. I do so love a good tartan.  And though this picture is of a castle of England, this image remains one of my all time fashion favs and always reminds me of my time in Scotland- I can't wait to go again. There's something about that place.

Cause that's what's up this almost outta here kind of Wednesday in the 212.Yours, in sleepwear is streetwear. XO

Summer in the city is dreamy

Good afternoon, Tuesday. Hope you all had a restful and lovely long weekend. We were deeply entrenched in Operation Scotland and planning our trip point by point. Very much looking forward to it.

So this weekend I wrote a post on Facebook about how much I love Summer weekends in the city, particularly at the start of the season. There is something so lovely and Vanilla Sky-like about having the city to yourself- our weekend was quiet in the best of ways, the leafy streets getting time to breathe from the huddled, gentrified masses who yearned to breathe free and hightailed it up the Hudson or the Hamptons. Generally this causes a deep FOMO within my soul thanks to the magic of Instagram and the endless stream of sunflare/rose pics. But this time, I felt giddy. Because all the D bags were gone out of the city and the rest of us were left to enjoy endless parking spots, open restaurant reservations, and a general chill vibe I needed desperately. I went to a movie, met a friend for brunch, took endless walks with Khan and D, and everything was just right.  I felt like the only living girl in New York. And it felt really, really good.

Listen none of us live here for a quiet life. We make a deal with the dev and spend hours in traffic, in cramped subways, and wonder why we can still never seem to get a table at this restaurant or that. But when this city is dialed down for Summer, it's truly magical. And delicious. And easy breezy.

I'm sure later on in the Summer, I'll be hankering for some time out East. Perhaps. But now that I can get lobster rolls in Red Hook while not having to put up with all the flash, I'm so happy. So if you don't have 40K or so sitting around to rent a spot in Montauk for a month, it's cool. We can kick it in the city and enjoy the quiet hum of Summertime in New York. For the rest of you who wish to "get away" by simply doing everything you do at home out East, go on. You know where to find me. I do love myself a beach of course, but I may just ban the Hamptons. I prefer to go in October or post-season. Much more civilized. 

Yes, I think that will do.

Cause that's what's up this FOMO free Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in enjoying the silence. Can't wait till Summer Friday this week.  XO

The Summer style edit: Three brands to know for beach-ready basics

Good late morning, Thursday. It's about to be a long weekend, and I for one can't wait to disconnect and reconnect. And though the forecast looks slightly less than beachy keen, I'm happy to straight up kick it at home. But that doesn't keep my mind from going to the sunshine.

I'm a girl who fantasizes about the perfect vacation wardrobe, and ideally, dressing like I'm on vacation all the time. I love flowy and loose frocks, I love Summer boho, luxe hippie, gypsetter, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. That's just so my vibe. Even though I bitch and moan about the heat, I do love me a good Summer frock. Easy, breezy, lovely.

So I'm crushing HARD on a few brands of late that had me at first glance. Here's a few peeps at some Summer vacation ready pieces that are just the absolute most.

Marysia is a brand I discovered on Net-a-Porter (if you haven't checked out their sale yet, run, don't walk. Unreal deals). I love the ease of their pieces and since I'm an all around dress fan, there's so many great options. Plus eyelet. I love eyelet. Brown eyelet. Yes please.  l love the French vibe of it- the designer is a former ballerina from Poland but there's something distinctly French about it all, non? 

Another brand I love is Three Graces London. Think Talitha Getty. And if you don't know who that is, just think Moroccan/gypset/luxe hippie vibes. I am DYING over this maroon dress. It's just too perfect. The aforementioned Net-a-Porter has many of their pieces on sale. Yes.

One more for the road is my recent rediscovery of Mara Hoffman. Not only are her bathing suits completely divine, but the cover ups are somehow modern and not too hippie dip if that's not your trip. Super cute. More Rockaways than Hamptons in a way. PS that one piece bathing suit is called the "Maven". Love that.

And for bonus points, this Ulla Johnson Rona bag is so, so major. I love it- vintage and modern all at once.

So in anticipation of the soft launch of Summer, have a restful and safe weekend. I'll be dreaming of the ocean and all of these flirty little frocks. XO

Are you there, Stella? It's me, Sheri.

Good afternoon, Monday. Cheers. It'a a late day post kind of day.

So the hubs and I are going to Scotland for ten days. I'm so excited. Perhaps a few of you know my deep love for this country, and the fact I've been twice and have always dreamt of returning. Wish granted in just a few weeks.

We are going to drive the whole country- starting in Edinburgh and driving way up the Isle of Skye. If any of you know Scotland, you know it's a wild, jagged, green place where one could imagine anything from Game of Thrones to a Bronte novel to any sort of medieval times moment. And it's also a trip that involves quite a bit of nature, which we know, is not my strong suit.

Before you get all up in my kilt, let me explain. 

I'm just not an outdoorsy girl. I do love the beach, and I do love the mountains. But I'm not one for a hike exactly. I will say that the amount of green in a Scottish landscape has me very much at hello. Because I adore green, and being in a lot of green is very good for me, even though I'm very much a city girl. I'm down to run around and then some and check out all the splendor.

And as we gear up for this trip, David keeps sending me places where we can hike. Truth be told, they are countless. And what do I send him when it comes to what we can do in Scotland? The fact that Stella Tennant lives in Scotland outside of Edinburgh. And I'd like to pay homage. And don't think for a minute hers was not the first name I looked up when trying to gather inspiration for what to pack. Because Stella has always been one of my favorites- and if I can channel her in any way, I will. 

So David wants to hike the coast. I want to supermodel spot and drink a pint. I assume there will be a healthy mix. But I wanted to share that, and if any of you are Scot-literate, do tell me your fav spots. I'm excited to run around Scotland again. If I see Stella, you know I'll say hello.

Cause that's what's up this eternal sunshine of the Scottish mind kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in supers and haggis. XO

Don't let the rain getcha down. Because Liam Gallagher.

Good afternoon, Thursday.

Last night I stood in the rain for about four hours to see Liam Gallagher. And I'd do it all again.

He played along with Richard Ashcroft, another favorite, and it felt properly English/Glastonbury to be standing in a pair of Wellies in the mud while British flags waved. My husband was working late and his best friend gallantly agreed to try and tough out the rain with me, but ended up bailing at the end of Ashcroft's performance, which ended in an epic "Drugs Don't Work". Big mistake. Huge. 

Because it stopped raining during Liam's set and he did not disappoint. Maven watchers know how much I live for Liam. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The parka was on. The attitude was there. The iconic mike stance was in full effect. It was everything. And it made me realize that no matter how old I am, I am forever a fan girl when it come to music. It's hard for me to imagine life without it, it's so important to me and continues to inspire me to this day.  And I'm glad I didn't bail because of the weather.  It was worth a slight case of the chills mixed with a bit of sweat. Thank goodness for Hunter boots.

So on this TBT, let's love up on Liam. I'm still dreaming of his awesome set, short and sweet but altogether lovely. He truly is a rock and roll star. A little older, perhaps a little wiser, but still, very much Liam. And I'd hang in most weather or other pesky situations to show my love and support. That signature voice and snarl and attitude is still so on point. And it speaks to me and all the other loons in the audience who hung on his every word.  Liam's gonna live forever.

Here's a clip of one of my fav songs off his latest albums. The song's called "For What It's Worth", and it's totally worth it. I love him forever and ever. He played it last night and it was biblical.

Cause that's what's up this Brit poppy Thursday in the 212. Yours, in bittersweet symphonies. XO

Maven Pick: Gucci's new couture candy store will make you feel like a (very stylish) kid again

Good morning, little Monday. I wish I could say it was a relaxing weekend, but alas- no. From the looks of things, your mother is not quite as, well, challenging as my mother. But let's leave that there. I also did the whole Spring/Summer switcheroo this weekend and man, that's WORK. My wardrobe is a bit out of control- glad we hauled out 7 contractor bags to donate. Oy.

But enough about that- I wanted to write a post about my favorite new retail experience- the new Gucci store down on Wooster Street in Soho. OMG.

Unless you've been under a fashion rock, you know full well that Gucci under Alessandro Michele has been nothing short of a revolution. Everyone's clamoring for a small piece of the psychedelic, technicolor Gucci dream- from star stamped loafers to embroidered mules to monogrammed bags, Gucci is kind of everything right now. And though it's beyond expensive, it's luxe that feels really fun and it's even more fun to see in person. We all know bricks and mortar is in peril of late, but I truly believe if you make it fun, they will come. In droves.

Everything about this store is designed to make the hardest fashion girl and boy smile. Picture a couture candy shop. 

I adore the design of the store- it's all set up for play and fun and amazing colorful indulgence. And truly, I've been clocking their shoes and bags of late, but the clothes are SO GOOD TOO. That trench. The lace warm up suit. The beautiful purple dress. I want it all. And I want it now. 

What's groundbreaking about betting on retail these days is understanding the new consumerism, and Gucci gets an A+ here. According to Business of Fashion, they "wanted the store to feel 'inclusive,' with customers encouraged to handle merchandise themselves or just spend time inside, even if they don't buy anything. Customers can listen to a house music documentary on custom-made cat-eared headphones, check out a preview of an upcoming collaboration with Dapper Dan or use augmented reality to design their own bag or shoe." And that's the other big news- collaborating with the very designer who ripped them off is a stroke of sheer genius. Love that.

And the staff, which Business of Fashion referred to as not just sales associates but "connectors" do everything they can to make the store a super fun carnival ride. I can't say enough about how inspired the vibe is in the store- it's making fashion fun again and I am all kinds of in favor of that. It's a must see if you are in New York or plan to visit soon. 

I can't wait to go back- oh and that old school tote you can monogram with your initials? I'm coming for you. One way or another.

Cause that's what's up this interlocking G of a Monday in the 212. Yours, in fashion fantasy. XO

The Gucci Store is located at 63 Wooster Street in Soho.

Praying at the altar of high fashion for tonight's Met Ball

Good morning, Monday. What a glorious weekend of relaxing and enjoying a few days off. But alas, back to work it is.

Tonight is the Met Ball, where fashion fanatics will come together to laud the latest Costume Institute show, called "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". Needless to say, this is going to be GOOD. Great even. And if these celebs don't get it right tonight, it's sad. Because truly, fashion has had a divine relationship with religion for a very long time.

I've always been intrigued by Catholicism, as any good Jewish girl would. Plus I love anything Italian, so there's that. I still can't shake that image of Jude Law as the pope. The best. Staunch Catholic readers (as if I have any), please take heed. I'm not in any way making fun of your religion- it's just a fascinating subject and pretty sure it's going to be a stellar show. 

There's the guilt, the sense of family, the iconography. I love Renaissance art and have always been enchanted with religious paintings. I love the solemn nature of Catholicism- it's dark, it's beyond controversial at this point, but there's something very beautiful about it. Blind faith- what a concept. No Jew could ever get behind that- we're taught to question anything and everything, except for our mothers. ;)

Anyway, I suspect there will be a ton of Italian style on the red carpet- Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are simply no brainers for this soiree. 

I would of course love to see some McQueen- both old and new, who was no stranger to this sort of pious couture. Sarah Burton continues to hold the torch- how much do we love that leather corset look? 

And someone should absolutely wear the Row. Like most definitely. Monastic chic.

Also- I'd take the queen in Game of Thrones's style ANY DAY for a bit of the naughty heretic look. Amazing. Cersei. Love.

And how much did I love Anna Wintour's first American Vogue cover, back in 1988 when model Michaela Bercu rocked the heck out of that Lacroix top at the top of this post, with jeans. SCANDALOUS. (We later found out she couldn't fit into the skirt, thus the jeans. But what a happy bit of divine intervention). 

Anyway, if you worship at the altar of fashion like I do, you must tune in and watch the red carpet. I don't think they're streaming but quite sure Vogue will be live blogging or whatever.  I love this theme and can't wait to see the show.