Designer Spotlight: Simone Rocha

Good morning, everyone. As I posted on Facebook, today needs to be cancelled. It's absolute shite outside. I'm soaked. Still. I am desperate to get back in bed.

But alas. I can't. And neither can you most likely. And on a whole other note,  we've all been noticing the state of fashion as supremely f'ed at the moment. With the exception of Gucci, I cant' really think of any designer making real waves. Ok, maybe Off/White, but other than that, it seems fairly treacherous out there.

And for me, it's sad because I truly, madly, deeply love clothes. I appreciate them. I respect them. I love wearing beautiful clothes. So a little trip into Simone Rocha in Soho yesterday almost had me in tears. I am such a huge fan of this Irish designer who won the British equivalent of the CFDA and is simply a genius. Her aesthetic is often noted for it's femme meets tomboy appeal, and needless to say, that's completely my cup of matcha. Her clothes move me. Truly. The dark, romantic vibe soothes my soul. PS- she has an all female studio which is most unusual, and she also was trained from a young age- her father was a designer in his own right and her mother is often by her side. Her sense of narrative is stellar when it comes to storytelling. I'm smitten. Oh and of course- gobs of black. And modesty. I LOVE the modesty of these stunning pieces.

I discovered her awhile ago and first saw her pieces in person at Dover Street Market and flipped OUT. I love the volume, the structure, the drama of the construction. The clothes are intellectual- smart but not stuck up. At some point I must own a dress or two. So incredibly fabulous. And on a rainy day, I need a little boost. Thank goodness fashion can generally get me out my funk. Watch this awesome studio visit film here.

Cause that's what's up this rainy Monday in the 212. Yours, in beautiful clothes. XO

What's it all about, Bubby? My reluctant love affair with grandma shoes

Good morning, Wednesday. It's getting warm in the city and I'm feeling uplifted. I need bright light n the worst way and am looking forward to some sunshine daydreams. That's a Grateful Dead reference for those not indoctrinated, but for those who know- you know.

Anyhoo, old lady shoes. 

Now that I'm no longer young enough to ironically dress like an old lady, I ponder this trend. First, ain't no way you're gonna see this Maven in a dad sneaker. That's not happening. Please Lord let this silly as s trend go away. It's gross. And only cute on girls from Tokyo. And that's a fact. 

So the other day I was walking my neighborhood and found my way in Meg, as one often does when on Atlantic Avenue. Meg has my number and then some- they feed my dog endless treats and have kept my dress and jumpsuit needs met over the years.  So I came across a pair of black patent sandals that felt, well, there's no other way to put it really- Bubbyish. And since I pretty much loved my Bubby Betty more than any human, I decided channeling her would not be so bad. I'm not sure she'd wear these, but these sandals do conjure up a geriatric moment. And whether you have a bubby or an abuela or a grand mere, these are old lady shoes. And I think I love them. What's happening to me?  Perhaps I've become smitten with the whole Advanced Style moment of culture or perhaps- gah- I'm just getting old myself.

I picture these with all of my Summer dresses, and with jeans too. They're by About Arianne and they're just the coolest.They are beyond comfortable, they are from Spain, and they are certainly not sexy. Not at all. But are they? I'm vexed. But I had to have them. Perhaps you too are embracing your inner Bubby. I've taken to wearing her ring of late, so maybe that's what this is about. I'm worried that my husband is going to give me side eye when I rock these, and I promise not to wear them with a rolled down knee high. But a little sock? Perhaps, my friends. Perhaps. I will admit a weakness for a sensible shoe of late. After all, life's painful enough isn't it? 

Cause that's what's up this advanced style moment of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in old fashioned chic. XO

Available at Meg

A little more on simplicity...

Good morning, Wednesday. It's another yucky day weatherwise and really all I want to do is get under the duvet. Has anyone noticed a huge uptick in anxiety? I'm seeing it all over the news- from Carson Daly to Kendall Jenner to The Rock- everyone seems very anxious. Even Kyle on TRHOBH last night had a panic attack. Yes, we can blame Trump for some of this, but these here are anxious times.

Yesterday I posted about how much I love and crave a more stripped down approach to dress, even if today I am rocking a print dress with birds all over it. :)

I think in such anxious times there's something so appealing about order, quiet, and ease. So even though today's not technically a throwback day, I have to shout out this beautiful portrait book somebody bought into my office today, of Gap portraits from the past. I so miss the golden days of this classic American brand (as I've said a million times right here)- and the beautiful, quiet portraits in the book took my breath away. One of my favorites is this one of Shalom Harlow. Sure she is so very young here but you could put her in that same outfit today and she'd still look incredible. It's true she has super genes, but that's not the point- classic, simple, dialed in. Completely age agnostic. And completely in step with today's wild times. And although I take great glee in Gucci's fashion carnival approach, I do so love the feeling of a basic moment. It's top of mind as the times continue to challenge all of us, and as fashion has lost touch with modern life.

One of my friends wrote a great piece about the rise of a more utiltarian/outdoorsy approach to fashion which, quite frankly, will never align with my tastes. I'm not a girl who's going to wear a Patagonia jacket. Or a hiking boot. I'm not a hiker. I never will be. Well, never say never but there are some things I just know.  To me, that feels very mass where somehow the perfect tee shirt does not. I can still shine through in a tee shirt, without looking like I'm headed to some grown up version of Outward Bound. Not. For. Me. I guess my own version of "functional" is a bit more akin to city life than mountain life so there you have it. 

So a classic wardrobe of jeans, white button downs, grey sweatshirts, and a few other staples? I think I could go to there. And back to that anxiety thing- it certainly would alleviate the morning huff and puff breakdown of what shall i bloody wear? 

So yea, I guess basics are top of mind. I just wanted to share my morning inspiration in the face of so much meshugas in the world. Let's take it down a notch people. Shit's getting a little too real. 

Cause that's what's up this dreary morning in the not so basic NYC. Yours, in an unplugged approach to dress. XO

Back to basics: 5 must haves for basic b's

Good afternoon, Tuesday. It's just shite outside. Freezing. Awful. Rainy. Ughs.

But the view from my laptop is lovely because I've been exploring a theme that comes back into my life from time to time and that is the notion of basics.

Of late, I've been wearing more prints, brighter lipstick, a general uptick in a more maximal than minimal vibe. But I still love to strip it all down and when I'm feeling a bit hari kari in life, I like to unplug. Retreat. Strip it all down. So it's no surprise I'm craving the very least when it comes to feeling the very most. We've all been there, and with the world and life and whatever else in constant panic mode, I'm hitting the off switch and powering down for a minute. Here's some stuff I'd take with me on that journey to nothingness:

This fisherman sweater from the very new brand Entireworld,  from the former Band of Outsiders designer. I love this American Apparel feeling, super minimal collection of elevated, wear anywhere basics. And I love a summer sweater for chilly nights sitting on the beach. Because in my mind, when all else fails, there are beach vibes. And that's what I'm looking to channel right this very moment. From midtown. Whatever. You get it.

This cute Urban Renewal white jean- loved the frayed edge, perfect with the above sweater. All good. Love these with a navy tank or tee for that Jane Birkin je ne sais quoi moment.

This nail polish from YSL in Beige Leger  is barely there. And it's beautiful. So in the mood for this with a bit of a tan. 

This Christophe Robin low shampoo/cleansing mask  is genius. I love using it- you rinse it in and out 3-4 times and let your hair dry naturally for that perfect crunchy wave. I personally hate "perfect" hair and love the unmussed chic that this gentle cleanser provides. Great for color treated hair. Great for girls with texture who want to embrace the wave. Strong yes on this, friends. Must have.

Oh and these sneaks from Rag and Bone are a down low dream. Lest you feel they are a bit too bare,  you get two free velcro letters to customize them. I had to have them. They are mine. I love them. And I'll be rocking them all over town, my "S" and "R" in tow.

And maybe you're wondering why I'm not showing a bag in this lineup? In my version of unplugged life, I'm not carrying one. Too many metaphors and such. :)

So there you have it, a must have list for the minimalist. Wondering what you're craving of late, but for me, it's most likely back to basics. Cause that's what's up this not terribly basic kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in picking up stuff to pare it all down. XO

Honestly, though. Some thoughts on Vogue's branded gear

Good afternoon, Thursday. Snow's in the rearview and hopefully we can set our sights on actual SPRING. 

So here's something- has anyone else been noticing the ridiculous amount of Vogue collaborations happening? I've seen them partner with Splendid (which seems odd) as well as Birchbox for a limited edition box handpicked by their beauty director. In addition, there's Urban Stems for floral arrangements and a coterie of other schwag available on their site. It's so funny- Vogue has always been such an authority- I realize we live in different times now but when Vogue would tell you to buy a pair of pajamas or frequent a florist, you would. Now when they tell me to buy stuff they actually collaborate on, I don't want ANY OF IT. It just seems so damn cheesy. It's like glorified gift with purchase vibes. Yuck.

Maybe I'm hardwired differently than a millennial, but I find all of this really tacky. I know younger folks need to read Vogue, but not sure taking cheap shots at them is the way to do it? Does this stuff sell? The least offensive offering is the Birchbox, which to me somehow seems slightly ok because there's a very curatorial/editorial approach to the product selection whereas the other stuff feels like cheap trade show merchandise.

Sorry. Me no likey. How do you feel about it? I'd love to know. Oh one thing- I do love these espadrilles from Soludos though- on Vogue's site as a collaboration and kind of lovely. I like that you would never know they're Vogue branded. And they're cute.

But in general- no to a big honking logo like this Hood by Air disaster. Oy. The sentiment is probably correct but a hard no on that. Cause that's what's up this well branded Thursday in the 212. Yours, in what in the world is Anna thinking? (Hint: Money and desperation). XO

Maven retail alert: The Hourglass flagship is the most when it comes to makeup

Good morning, Monday. It's a cold day in NY again and I can't believe snow is coming this week. Crazyyy.

So yesterday found me in Soho of all places and got to do a fun window shop as well as pick up a few fun makeup things from Hourglass. I have always been a huge fan of this makeup brand and think their Veil Mineral primer is in my product top ten of all time. It's beautiful and makes your makeup look ten times better than it would alone. I also have always been a fan of their red lipstick- I love that one called Icon that is a red that is flattering on most skin types and lasts FOREVER without feathering or decomposing. Nothing worse than a decomposed red lip. You ladies know what I mean. 

So back to my little pop in yesterday. There's an Hourglass flagship on Crosby Street right by Bloomingdale's that makes you happy to be a woman. I walked int to the beautifully lit store looking for some new eyeshadow and came out with a few more things. A lovely woman asked if I needed help and then asked if she could put some makeup on me. I know- we all fall for that. It's like candy. Or crack. I can't resist a little touch up/pick me up. PS- retail junkies- this store IS STUNNING and super Instaworthy. That wall of lipsticks is so cool.

But what I loved about this experience was the care. It was not a rush job in any way. Four of us were lined up in front of big mirrors while we got glam. There was a woman from England with the creamiest complexion, a mother and daughter experimenting with highlighters, and makeup free me- rarely do I put anything on on Sunday. So my girl got to work and gave me the loveliest glowy cheeks and prettiest neutral eye. And a gorgeous red lip that felt more Spring than Winter. I just loved the experience and if you live here or are planning a trip to New York soon, you must check out this store. It's the loveliest and the products are so worth it. They also have some services like a keratin lash lift where your lashes stay lifted and lovely for 6-8 weeks. Who wants to try with me? 

Here's a few things I love from the most recent collection:

This palette is neutral and pretty yet deep. Love the way you can experiment and take your eye from neutral to smoked out. Long lasting and all day durable too.

This highlighter stick is magical- use a small brush with it and dab in the corners of your eyes for a brightening effect and use your fingers along your cheekbone to light up your face. I love glowy skin so this had me at first cheek.

This new primer helps blur- a trend in primers of late- think primer +. I love the consistency- goes on like silk and really sets the stage for makeup and you really look lit from within. So great.

And this lipstick is small but it's mighty. Nice pigment and nice lasting power that stays creamy and never gets dry.

 Bonus if you get the lip fix product before applying- winter dry lips are no joke. This one has a touch of Icon, my favorite shade. So good.

So that's my little shop round up from yesterday- saw some fun stuff in Soho and was nice to stroll around, even if the wind was coldddd. Still feel lucky to live somewhere where going for a walk is so very entertaining. Expensive in this case, but oh so much fun.

Cause that's what's up this well made up Monday in the 212. Yours, in retail therapy, alive and well in Manhattan. XO

Retail alert: The Gap is back with some great must-haves

Good morning, Friday. I'm wfh today and excited to still be under the duvet. Lovely breeze coming in from outside and it's all good.

Since Spring is (supposedly) on the way, we're all thinking about clothes, or at least most of us are. You know I love myself some great basics, and since I've decided I don't need to spend a lot of money on clothes anymore (more on this next week), I'm grateful to find some amazing and fun pieces from the Gap. Spring and Summer are a great time to rethink your wardrobe, and in an inexpensive way. I find winter clothes are hard to "cheat" - a great coat and a great pair of boots will cost you, as well as cashmere sweaters. But in the warmer months, us chicks can get away with less- breezy sundresses, sandals, straw bags- no need to spend a ton.

So with that, I give you a few of my favorite things from the Gap, all available online, and all massively on sale.

Check 'em. There's plenty more there, but these are just things I want to snag for myself.

Love this little denim jacket in a new shape- so cute over dresses and trousers and just about anything. 

I adore this simple straw bag for Summer- from day trips to the beach to farmer's market finds- so perfect.

Love these little scuffy slides for padding around the neighborhood on long, nighttime walks. So adorable with white jeans or a simple dress. 

Three jumpsuits. All amazing. First one has that 70s vibe I love, second one is just pretty and modest and easy, and that knit one in the last shot? Sold. Love how they styled it with those flat sandals too. So cute. All available here

And this little floral dress is right up my alley. I love a feminine dress like this- one piece dressing is so my thing in the warmer months. Easy peasy. They're doing some cute ones with SJP too- and her kid's line is adorable.

Hope you are inspired to find some affordable looks. Cause that's what's up this minding the gap kind of TGIF in Brooklyn. Yours, in basic pieces. XO

Trend alert: Pool slides (they're back again)

Hey, Wednesday. I'm so ready for it to stop being cold. Ugh.

So nothing new really in terms of this trend, but I'm seeing pool slides having a huge moment again this Summer, and the more logo'd the better. 

It seems like every designer is doing some iteration of them- from Gucci to Ferragamo to Off White (my fav of the designer ones ps) and then some. Oh and those green Balenciagas above? They're clocking in at a cool $670. Crazytown. No. Just no.

But as a bit of a classic gal when it comes to Summer shoes, I can't help but still love my OG Vans version, and I'm a big fan of the Adidas terry cloth version. So cute with a crisp white shirt dress for a bit of sportive appeal. Also why pay hundreds of dollars when you can pay way, way less for the OG versions? 

I'm a fan of this trend because I love to be just about barefoot all Summer long and have long retired my Havaianas in favor of a slide. I also love that aforementioned sportiness when I'm wearing something feminine like a sundress. Just dials down the girly thing a notch and makes it much cooler. I remember being in one of my favorite stores, Warm, last summer, and peeping a girl wearing a super boho dress with the checkered Vans slide. So chic and effortless and Summer laid back.  Needless to say, my Birks will still be in rotation. This whole "ugly shoe" trend is still happening and it's not going away.

So the question is- to slide or not to slide? Well, you know what my answer is. A very strong yes, please.

Cause that's what's up this dreaming about sandal season of a Wednesday in the chilly 212. Yours, in Spring is almost here. XO

A little story from college (about acid, the Beatles, and my reluctant superpower).

Hey, Tuesday. Another sorta snowstorm. Better be the last. Enough, please. So here's something. 

You know how certain songs jog a memory you will never forget? That's how I feel about The Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy)". Here's why.

I remember being a freshman in college and I recall sitting in my dorm room late one night, probably around 1 am. Remember when you would stay up till 1 am ps? Pondering the universe, a recent hook up, or something wholly weird? Those days are long gone...

So I'm sitting there minding my own beeswax when there's a knock at the door. I open it up and it's two of my friends, with this kid I sort of only vaguely know. Let's call him Joe (mostly because I don't remember his name). 

Joe was in the throes of what can only be described as a psychotic break caused by LSD. You know how people used to scare the crap out of you by telling you acid may just send you into a state of insanity from which you may never return? Yea, I know. Crazy. I suppose that's why it always scared me to death.

So Joe was completely freaking out on a bad trip and was insistent upon coming to my room to hang out with me. Only me. Why, I have no idea. I hardly knew the kid. But these two friends who were basically holding him up (his arms draped around their necks) were also freaking, and they dumped him on my Pier One area rug, where he crumbled into a cross legged ball of cuckoo-  writhing and muttering and shaking. I told my friends to leave, that somehow, I'd handle this lunatic. For some reason I knew why he was there, and I knew that I could calm him down and take him from dark to light.  I felt his fear and just knew what he needed.  I'm good like that. And I'm not good at much.

These were the days of CDs, so he begged me to play that Beatles track off Abbey Road again and again. On repeat. Nonstop. I WANT YOU. I WANT YOU SO BADDDDD IT'S DRIVING ME MAD, IT'S DRIVING ME MAD..."  I agreed and made him a cup of hot pot tea and let him lay in my lap and wiped his tears as he babbled about the futility of life, the spiders from mars, and whatever else came to his mind. As dawn approached, he eventually passed out in his own slobber, after listening to that track for what seemed like an eternity. I let him take the bed. I slept on the floor.  (In case you thought this was going somewhere romantic, sorry. No chance).  It was one of those moments you can't forget, no matter how hard you try. The time the wild eyed kid who you barely knew came to your room looking for some solace from psychedelics. A real aha moment though I didn't know it. More on that in a minute.

I'm not sure I saw him again after that, this crazy eyed Joe. His parents came to get him from school and we all assumed they put him in a looney bin.  So what's my point with telling you all of this, you may ask? 

Recently or not so recently, I've noticed I've got a karmic tendency to take care of crazy people. That's just what I do. I've done it in work, in friendship, in general. It's probably because I'm fairly crazy myself, or that I just know how to handle a wacky parlance. Perhaps this is why I continue to find myself in abnormal or chaotic situations. I'm sure my ability to cope with crazy came long before that night in my poster-filled dorm room, but it's there. And I'm here. And I think I'm still doing it. And I don't think I'll ever stop. Like I mentioned, karma. Bashert. Whatever you want to call it. So in most situations in life,  I channel that evening. And I talk people off ledges.  It's a pattern, for sure. I think that served me well as a producer all of those years. Strange that. I've been surrounded by lunatics my whole life. I guess this is how I cope.

Literally just heard that song in a coffee shop and it made me think of that poor kid and wonder if he truly flew over the cuckoo's nest or not. Amazing how sharp certain memories can be.For all intents and purposes, it seems I have. After all, look where I live.  The entire city is an acid trip, really. So if you're ever freaking out completely in the throes of whatever you've got going on, you can call me. I can make you some tea. Play you a song. Sleep on the floor. Or for less severe situations like work stress, love stress, life stress, we can hang. But this time, I'll choose the music thankyouverymuch. I've always been more of a Stones girl, myself.

Cause that's what's up this strange and funny story of a Tuesday in the very trippy 212. Yours, in college life and calming down. XO

The revolution will be accessorized

Good afternoon, Thursday. Happy International Women's Day to all of my sisters in arms. I love you all very much and feel super lucky to have so many fantastic femmes in my life. Thank you for all of your love, laughs, and life. 

Was just taking a post-lunch peruse around the interwebs and found this fabulous little revolutionary accessory. A perfect bandanna from perfectly bad ass female Clare Vivier, who will be donating a portion of sales of this scarf to the Women's March. I love this one for today's sentiment and I love the green one for so many other reasons. Felt like it was a nice little moment to share today. Let's keep fighting the good fight. And if we want to look chic along the way, so be it. It's our right.

Cause that's what's up this future is female kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in haute revolutions and celebrating womankind. XO