Good morning, Wednesday. Happy Inauguration Day.  I suspect many of us will have PTSD from the past four years. Still, today, we celebrate turning the page and returning to something more familiar and, hopefully, more compassionate and sane.

I will never forget where I was four years ago when Trump got sworn in. I was at a small boutique ad agency, freelancing, with a group of very young people who were as devastated as I was.  Shots were poured in the early part of the day to cope and take the edge off. We all prayed it would not be as bad as we thought, and in some ways, it was worse. To me, the fact that being a patriotic American became something perverse and disgusting was possibly his worst offense, that and the countless horrors like putting children in cages. To have to watch all of that unfold is something many of us will never forget. And I'm looking forward to the American flag meaning something wonderful again. 

As a young person, I admit I never felt that who was in the White House had any bearing on my life. I rejoiced when Obama became President and loved him and his family from the start. And now here we are, with a President that is poised so perfectly for the times in which we find ourselves. And I hope young people can now see that it matters who is in the White House; it really matters. And I believe we have a President who is perfect for the times.

Because Joe Biden understands grief better than most, and he is empathic, compassionate, and experienced. He has dedicated his life to public service, and I believe he will help us heal. Not to mention the first female and African American VP at his side. The past four years have forced us to confront some horrible truths about our country. And as we look ahead, we must face this grief, honor it, and move on to something better. I, for one, am looking forward to a renewed sense of American optimism. A return to a White House filled with love and tradition and light. I don't know what the lunatic fringe has planned, but I will take a moment or two to restore my faith. I admit I was skeptical about Biden, and he was not my first choice, but I am so impressed by his grace and sense of duty to his country.  Finally, something to celebrate amidst so much sadness. 

But amidst the pomp and circumstance, we must not forget how the past four years have changed us.  I'm currently reading Glennon Doyle's fantastic book, "Untamed," in which she notes it's important not to run from grief or difficulty but to face it head first so you can move past it. That's where we all are right now, and we need to learn from our collective grief and loss and find some hope and healing. An atypical inauguration day begins, and hoping for a safe and peaceful afternoon. Today is a day to find our way and our soul once again. It's a very different day than it was four years ago, and here's hoping we can restore and endure and come together for this significant moment.

Cause that's what's up this paying attention and taking it in kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in American dreams, and switching on the lights. XO