Maven in love: Valentine's Day gift ideas for the woman in your life

Good morning, Wednesday. It's a snowy sitch here in the city, and I have not left the house in two days. I know that's not unusual right now, but I just can't be asked.  Something happens as you age- snow becomes intolerable.

Let's begin.

 I wouldn't say I'm the most traditional girl. I do a bit of zig when others zag.  I also wouldn't say I'm a traditional romantic in the relationship sense, though I am 100 percent a romantic when it comes to life in general. I can fall in love with a shop window, or swoon deeply for a beautiful meal, or beautiful anything. But Valentine's Day? Mixed emotions.

Fact- I got married on February 15th, 100 years ago. I remember clearly that David had a small window where he could get off from work (he was working in production at the time) to get married, and that was it.  I come from an era of BIG WEDDINGS. Vera Wang strapless dresses. With gloves to the elbow. GLOVES. Think full orchestra, roast chicken, and something borrowed, blue, and bougie. 

Another fact- milestones are not really my trip. And one more for the books- I hate to be the center of attention in the way brides always are. The thought of wearing white (haha, me in a white wedding dress, good one) and walking down an aisle with all eyes on me is about as pleasant as a colonoscopy. And the whole wedding vibe is not my vibe at all, and David agreed. So off to Vegas, we flew and tied the knot. Just us two. It was perfect and exactly what we wanted to do. But I digress.

Because Valentine's Day is upon us, and truth be told- I always liked it, even though it's surely side-eye worthy for its cheesiness. I love hearts, and I love chocolate, and although I don't love a generic greeting card or bad five-course meal, I do indeed love to love and be loved. And that's the truth. Yea, duh, we all do. . So yea, maybe I am slightly more traditional than I appear, and I guess the gifts I'm going to recommend for those with female loves are not far off the classic V Day brief but oh well. 

Also, fair warning- this is a list of spendy things. Indulgent things. Things Richard Burton may have purchased for Liz Taylor back in the day, thus the photo of the two of those gorgeous lovers at the top of the post.  And though we're not talking Liz Taylor level diamonds, this is not a cheap list of goods because, you know what? Chances are your lady deserves something gorgeous and luxe. Think of what you've put her through the past year in quarantine. PS- if times are tough, don't pay attention to any of this. A beautiful card, poem, or homemade cupcake will certainly do. It is very often the thought that truly counts, but then again, silk. Ok here we go:

If your gal is a bit cheeky, I adore these candles from Heretic (yes, they make THAT candle) that came across my inbox this morning. A burlesque candles that are a little naughty. Yes, please.

So I love silky things so, so much. Chances are she will too. This robe is so gorgeous- the color, the pattern, the luxury of it. Ah-mazing lingerie, too, if that's your thing. 

For kissing and making up, this lip palette is perfection. I love the red lacquer packaging (perfect for V Day) and all the bright and poppy hues that are moisturizing and super pretty. 
And, of course, there is the gift of fragrance. Because there is nothing sexier than smelling incredible, if you want to pony up for something pretty, you can't go wrong with anything by Frederic Malle. French perfume is a no-brainer, but his scents are complicated, delicious, and beyond sensual, much like love itself. I have many favs from his collection, but Carnal Flower is just divine. I have never been a big floral lover, but this one is completely intoxicating. A sophisticated tuberose that will have you following your femme around the house. Not that you don't do that now, but you're going to want to sniff her all day long. Trust.

Lately, I'm all about pearls. Because you can take something so classic and somewhat fuddy-duddy and make them fresh and exciting by pairing them with a boiler suit or layered with a gold coin necklace or thick link chain, they are such an amazing gift. I love anything Sophie Buhai does, particularly when it comes to pearls. These are so delicate and beautiful, and also extremely sexy.
And of course, V Day is all about flowers and more flowers. Personally, I've been buying fresh flowers throughout the quarantine because they brighten up any space. I found this florist online, and wow. Show-stopping. Very pricey, but omg. And, of course, roses are required. 

By now, you may be scratching your head, wondering when I became such a sucker for a Hallmark holiday. I say ok to that but LOVE baby love. I think it's something to celebrate. Needless to say, if you are single or you are the woman in your life or "it's complicated," any of the above work for self-gifting. Show yourself some love because you are worth every penny. Cause that's what's up this modern love kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in ain't love grand? XO