What I miss most about life before the plague

Good morning, Friday. Long week. Bring on the weekend. Ps, it's cold as shit.

So last night, I was on the horn with a friend of mine, catching up on all the things. I was saying how restless I feel and how I feel a bit "stuck". I'm not someone who loves to stand still unless it's a well-deserved respite from a busy life. Right now, work is busy, but life? Not so much.

So we continued to chat on it, and I realized what I miss the absolute most during this time of staying home. I miss chance encounters. And serendipity. Life has become so ho-hum, and for now, that's how it has to be to stay safe and healthy. But as a New Yorker and creative observer, I find the lack of spontaneity a challenge. For instance, the other day, I had a dentist appointment uptown and decided to check out a gallery having a show with an artist I've recently discovered. I rang the buzzer on a nondescript building on East 68th off the park and checked out this cool little gallery called Turn. I had a delightful conversation with the gallerist, chatting about pop culture, fashion, The Beatles vs. The Stones, and the oddness of cats. It was such a lovely moment- looking at young artists and chatting with a total stranger. As a card-carrying shut-in, I no longer get to have many random conversations. Or chance encounters at, say, a dinner party where I might meet someone who could become a new friend or business prospect. I love that about New York City- it's totally true you never know who you will meet, and I miss that more than anything. And although I'm not exactly Howard Hughes, it feels different when out in public these days- people want to keep to themselves and keep their distance. It's regrettable. 

I see so many posts from people that say they miss their families and friends. I feel secure in those relationships, and though I miss quality time with the people I love, I REALLY miss being out and talking to new people. I'm sort of an introverted extrovert and lifelong connector, and I need the stimulation of off the cuff conversation to stay motivated, inspired, and happy.  All in all, what I miss the most is simply shooting the shit. I'm starved for it and so can't wait to engage with the possibility of new energy, kindred spirits, and a sense of connection. I guess what I'm saying is I don't miss the spontaneous water cooler conversations as much as I miss the spontaneous conversations I have with a barista in a coffee shop or the would-be gallerist who happens to love the Stones as much as I do. New York is a mosaic of diversity, but it's also the place I feel most connected to people. I feel like some of the best things that have happened in my life have happened by chance. Of being in the right place at the right time. And finding gifts and treasures when I'm not even looking for them. Oh, beautiful serendipity, come back to me.  

I'm looking forward to chance encounters once we all have shots in arms.  Cheers to the possibility of new conversations. Of those knowing glances when experiencing the city with strangers who "get it". Of dancing in a crowd and vibing on the energy of the collective. Ugh. I want it. Needless to say, so many of us are missing travel for this very reason- the unknown adventure that awaits and delicious sense of discovery.  I miss that beyond but in this instance talking about the everyday discovery and loveliness that comes from living in a place like New York.

Cause that's what's up this games of chance of a Friday in the 718. Yours, in talking to strangers. XO