My Thoughts on Inaugural Fashion

Good morning, Thursday. It's truly a new day in America. And it feels real, real good.

Yesterday's inauguration was flawless. From the ceremonies to the speeches to the excellent prime time performances by some of our best and brightest, 1.20.21 was a day for the books.

And this maven was super impressed not just by a new chapter in history unfolding, but also- the fashion. 

I have always loved fashion because it serves as a pulse check for culture and society. And if yesterday was a barometer of anything, it was that we are ready to plunge out of the darkness of the past four years and go headfirst into something more positive, optimistic, and most of all- colorful.

We are a nation of many colors, creeds, proclivities, and beliefs. And we are also a nation where we now have the FIRST female Vice President, and a strong, beautiful woman of color she is. For me, yesterday's fashion chronicles were all about color and brightness. I led this post with Michelle because WOW. 

It was striking to me that Melania left the White House in somber black. Also striking that she departed the plane in Florida wearing a bright and printed Gucci caftan, but that's not here nor there because Melania is no longer news. Bye, Felicia.

What's most interesting about yesterday is that all the women at the festivities were wearing lots and lots of color.

And as I mentioned earlier in the season, I thought coats had a HUGE moment yesterday. It's always cold on Inauguration Day, so practicality prevailed, but also SO MUCH COLOR. And I love that Jill, Kamala, and Michelle most likely did a Zoom call to discuss the day and decide wearing young American designers was the way to go. So so smart. Incidentally, Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson are young black designers. And Markarian, who did Jill's daytime look, is a young designer from NYC, and blue signified trust and stability. I love the use of purple throughout- honoring the unity of red and blue coming together and also an homage to Shirley Chisholm's own fashion choices when she ran in 1972, though Hillary was surely channeling Prince with that fluffy scarf realness. I also loved that many women wore pearls as another nod to Chisholm and Kamala's sorority.

I am also obsessed with Kamala's stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, a true fashion maven who wore a stellar coat. I look forward to seeing more of her.

Also, Gaga was beyond. And J. Lo was a vision in white Chanel, though the makeup seemed heavy-handed IMHO.

And poet and official chill inducer Amanda Gorman was a vision in sunny yellow and a red Prada headband.

And no fashion round-up would be complete without mentioning Bern dog. OMG. He looked like he was running out to Trader Joe's and forgot about the Inauguration. Those mittens. And the meme world exploded. So good.

As 2020 was coming to a close, I took a look around my own closet and decided it was time to get more colorful for Spring 2021. I'm thinking Bill Cunningham blue, purple (a favorite hue of mine), and lots of brightness. I'm craving color so badly, and from the look of those setting the tone for the country, so is everyone else.  And though it may be too early to sing "Happy Days are here again," I will say that the notion of a new and modern roaring 20s has massive appeal. I'm so ready for lighter, brighter, more positive days ahead. Let's get colorful and celebrate our diversity and rediscover our greatest export- optimism.

The day ended on such a high note, and though admittedly I'm not much of a Katy Perry fan, her performance capped off the evening with fireworks and a beautiful finale to a gorgeous day. Sensational.

I'm so inspired and energized by this new day in America. I cried most of yesterday- tears of joy, tears of relief, and tears of closure as well as a fresh start. I'm so ready to embrace something more positive and bright and so glad fashion played a role in making America SHINE again. Cause that's what's up this fashionable Thursday in the best country in the world. Yours, in a brand new mood. XO