Maven recommends: A shopping list for optimists

Good morning, Tuesday. Thanks for all the love for my post yesterday. A friend said she could always tell when I write from the heart, and New York is not just in my heart, it is my heart. I guess I'm a bit of a late in life optimist because I truly believe we will get through this as evidenced from a lovely evening I had last night celebrating the birthday of one of my dearest friends. If you are in the city and ready to eat out, I highly recommend Le Crocodile @ Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Sensational, covered seating and excellent food and service. 

So while I'm in this optimistic mood, I thought I'd put together a shopping list for optimists. I'll call them shoptimists. Because this round up is for those of us who see the glass as half full, and if you are not one of those types, maybe you could channel the sunny side with some items from the list below. So let's get to it.

I am obsessed with the "VOTE" necklace Michelle Obama wore last night at the DNC. Apparently so did everyone else, because it was trending all over the Twitterverse. It's by this designer here and I just love it. To me, Michelle Obama epitomizes the hope I have as we get to November. Wearing a bit of hope around your neck sure can't hurt. I am dying to own this.

I also received an email from Moscot, a favorite eyewear designer of mine that is prototypically made in New York. They are a true New York brand- quirky and classic all at once. I adore these rose tinted, limited edition shades. From their website: 

"Dedicated to the optimism of New Yorkers and inspired by the charm of the state flower, MOSCOT’s New York Rose Custom Made Tint™ pays tribute to the love affair between the city and its inhabitants. The dusty pink tint is handmade and dip-dyed to capture the patinaed romance of the city while honoring the downtown DNA of The Moscot Family after 105 years in the Lower East Side of Manhattan".Talk about an item for a shoptimist. Yes, please.

Over at Pantone, they've heralded the color of Fall /Winter 20/21 as "almond oil", a buttery shade that exudes a cool, optimistic vibe.  I love this new neutral and it's not only a super flattering shade, but cool, calm, and collected. So good. I love this  cozy, cropped cardigan as spotted on Refinery 29 from & Other Stories. So cute.

I recently did a small project for FOCL, a CBD brand based out west that is phenomenal and smart. I've been a bit of a CBD skeptic as I've never had a positive experience with it (I prefer good old fashioned THC), but their CBD drops are the absolute bomb. Just one dropper and I felt more focused, calm, and ready to face the day with a positive outlook. I highly recommend checking them out. I like the orange cream flavor. The copy on their site says "cool and calm no matter what". Yup. Noted and needed.

And though I've not been drinking a ton of late, I've been prone to a tipple or two of late. As I mentioned, last night I dined at Le Crocodile and it was so fabulous- in addition to the wonderful food (and one of the best shrimp cocktails I've ever had), the frozen aperol spritz was absolutely delightful and immediately put me in a great mood. Sweet, refreshing, and fabulous. Cheers to New York evenings, wonderful friends, and cocktails that take you to a happy place.

I am trying to stay in the light here, folks. I do what I can, and was in the mood to share some positive picks. Cause that's what's up this Mrs. Brightside kind of Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in keeping the faith. XO