Hi peeps...happy new year...wanted to share some shots from the new V Mag
that everyone is talking about. Shot by the amazing Solve Sundsbo, we're
talking about beauty that certainly falls outside of fashion normal. My eyes
are so trained to see models that are willowy and emaciated that I find
myself feeling weird looking at these photos, although they are really
amazing...wish we could see a fashion story that does not publicize or hype
the fact that they're using plus sized models (the shape issue, etc.) and
just DO IT. Would be nice to see some variety in fashion mags and think
America wants it. Or do they???


As I sit here nursing the sinus infection from hell, I can't help
but reflect on what a profound and strange year its been...and the end of a
bloody decade no less. Was a big decade for me personally- got married,
moved out of a city that I thought I would have to be dragged from to ever
leave it, learned to drive, and many more huge moments.

Besides all of that, I thought this year had some weird mojo happening and
here's just a few things I was reflecting on as I reached for yet another
Vicks infused Puffs- there are so many more but these are top of mind and in
no particular order:

1. Celebrity death-a-thon. Was shocking how many celebs left this planet
this year. Most shocking to me was Michael Jackson, which I will never
forget hearing about as I was leaving the gym. I felt like I was going to
pass out. For many of us, MJ represented a huge part of our youth- he died
so young (50) but still- MJ WAS 50???? He was so timeless and ageless- he
surely could not avoid controversy, but nobody can say he was not a huge
part of pop culture and made us all dance. To all of those that have left us
this year, RIP. I think sometimes we canonize celebrities to superhuman
status and when they die, its surreal.

2. Wall Street Redux- Phew. This was a big one...Madoff will go down in
history as one of the most dastardly humans to live- to rob people the way
he did put our current fiscal crisis in perspective and helped us all take a
deep breath and think about the more money mania that swept over all of us
for so many years. Combine that with all of the corporate disasters and auto
industry meltdowns, and this was truly a year when America needed to assess
where we are and where we are headed. For those that remember Michael Milken
and Boesky, this seemed so much more dastardly and so much more evil.

3. Obama- nothing much to say here. Watching him get elected was a 
highlight in our history for so many and was a true time of hope in this
country. Most notable to me was how he became a hero for many who were
voting for the first time- he really is the youth's president and it's beyond
significant in our history.

4. Fashion toughens up- To me, fashion had a real tough moment this year-
everything was black and sort of oversized- over the knee boots ruled,
leather became a staple and everyone had a rocker chic moment. Standouts to
me were Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, and the shoulder pads at Balmain. Looking forward to an untoughening come springtime. Much as I love the juvi look, I am ready to  bring back a little flowy diaphony goodness as the flowers bloom.

Unrelated but I must shout out Lady Gaga- as much as I find her music kind
of meh I can't think of a single person that is on another planet fashion
wise- fashion is so referential and she really is a person taking it a new
place- I feel like her references are from Mars- have never seen someone
more original and less dependent on trends and the whims of designers.

5. Facebook/Twittermania- we all know this one. Can't underestimate the
power of these tools to connect us all and invite us into each other's
lives. To me, its a great way to reconnect with people we thought we would
never speak to again, but in a way, I also find it impersonal- its sort of a
skewed view on our reality as we select what we want people to see- also
completely removes phone calls as a means to communicate with each other. I
find myself mad that my mom is not on Facebook or does not text as I now
hate talking on the phone other than brief little necessary convos. Most
striking to me is the way the dead are honored on Facebook- I lost two
friends this year to cancer and they still to this day are getting messages
of love and respect on Facebook. At first I found it creepy, but realized
later how much it helps people to eulogize someone they love this way.

6. Glee how I love thee- I found this show to be so refreshing, so engaging,
and just so cool- to bring this medium of musical theater to a new audience
is beyond genius - the modern songs, the high school drama, the raw talent-
all so fantastic and camp and genius. I so hope this inspires Broadway folks
to produce some shows to appeal to a younger audience- already happening for
sure but an exciting opportunity to bring a new crowd to the great white

7. Vampires- Twilight. True Blood. Sexy vamps everywhere. We couldn't get
enough of the drama, the hotness, and the fantasy element that the immortal

8. Bacon- maybe it's just me noticing but bacon turned up in unexpected
places this year- in vodka, in chocolate, even bacon having a fan page on
Facebook half a million strong. Maybe its a backlash to our obsession with
health, calories, and fat. The indulgence and decadence of bacon is having a
real moment.

9. New York- ok I know NY always is in the moment- but have to give it up to
the Yankees- and even if you aren't a New Yorker Jay Z made you love the
place more and more with his "Empire State of Mind". Even when they play it
here in Miami, people go nuts.

10. Entrepreneurship- with so many layoffs and uncertainty in the corporate
world, many took the time to make lemonade and start their own businesses.
Tough to do in this climate, but also an incredible opportunity to follow
your passion and do what you love.

Check out these vintage ads....

They are just too much. And that mag cover with Francoise Hardy looking
rocker chick chic is beyond. I love these old type treatments and how
carefully and beautifully these old ads and covers were laid out...sigh. We
need to bring that back, no?


Happy Monday peeps..I may be late on this one, but was shopping in Borders
this weekend for gifts for nieces, nephews, and numerous other little ones
when I spied this book. How can you leave a store during the holidays and
not purchase something for yourself? Amanda Brooks's "I Love Your Style"
tome is an amazing reference book of all things chic. It's chock full of
photos of style icons and different ways to rock various looks- whether
bohemian or classic. Its a fun book for those that know fashion well and
incorporate looks from chic famous ladies but also great for those that need
a little style boost.

I was tempted to buy it for my 15 year old niece who is coming into her
style moment as we speak, but just had to keep it for myself. Go get
yourself a copy...was released in September but still a great gift for any
dedicated follower or a nice treat for all of your hard work in the malls.


Hi everyone...another great Art Basel down the hatch...

Saw so many cool things but what was even better is that all the dealers at
all the shows were saying how successful the shows were for them. It's no
small feat to sell art in this recession, but the overall sentiment was that
people were indeed in the mood to buy again, and buy they did.

I noticed a common theme running like a current throughout all of the shows-
a real appreciation for Americana and American iconic imagery- from Michael
Jackson to JFK to Marilyn to roadside diners. Was just everywhere. I also
noticed a few more political pieces than normal- finally art catching up
with the prevailing worldview of what a mess we're in.

Had a friend come down who owns a gallery in Williamsburg (Like the Spice)
who set up her own booth in a hotel on Ocean. Was really fun as she showed
us her pieces while serving us much needed snacks in a more intimate setting
away from the ruckus (more on why we needed food so badly later...quite a
party Saturday night over at the Raleigh).

My fav show was probably Pulse- but I have to say NADA was fab this year and
the venue was super cool- the old Deauville hotel up in mid beach...very
very deco and offering rooms at $99 per night as opposed to the Delano's
insane $615 a night. I'm posting a bunch of pics to show you what I saw
overall...really enjoyed myself and had a great time this year.

Been a while....

Sorry have been out and about over the holidays...and now have the flu but
what an exciting time to live where I live- Miami has so much to offer
during Art Basel that it's almost maddening. (Glen Matlock performing?

As I have the plague, I am going to try and soldier through- last night
popped out for the opening of the Friends with You retail space...was a
great time and happy to see those guys spreading such positive energy in the
world. It's hard not to respond to their optimism- and love the "mass"
element of the work- you can own a piece of FWY for about $100. Awesome.
Also stopped by the Marni store below the FWY space- needless to say, the
clothes are perfect in every way- very sort of modern eccentric and love
that everything is not skin tight. Gorgeous.

Hopped across the street to the Moore Building for the F-Factory- featuring
pop up stores by the likes of Maison Martin Margiela and Fendi. Fendi really
went for it with custom made bags that felt very DIY but with a hefty price

Across the street from all of that is a Gucci pop up showcasing sneakers and
collaborations with the likes of Mark Ronson.

Feel like there is a real opportunity for more "in reach" retailers to get
in on the Basel fever...most festival viewers would love to look at special
edition stuff from the likes of H&M, Uniqlo, etc. Would be very cool indeed
as we surely are in a disposable chic era, no? Hope to rally and catch some
stuff tonight, but may rest up and hit the fairs manana.