I was talking to a friend yesterday about how the pendulum of communication
is swinging towards all things digital and social media and how we've lost
some things that are really lovely because of it. That's all cool but can't
help but wonder if there will be a backlash to that or some sort of
"correction" for folks who like to touch and feel and relate in a more human
way. My friend mentioned the success of sites like Etsy as a perfect remedy
to those feeling disconnected from the homemade and handmade these days- or
at least something that feels "authentic" or real or made with TLC.

While I was reading New York Mag online today, I came across this article on
the owner of City Bakery and how he is having a night of knitting and hot
chocolate- knitting has been popular for a while but this particular
combination was striking to me as something that felt homey, real, and quite
the opposite of all things digi. I am not at all suggesting we abandon our
Four Square, Twitter, Facebook and whatever we need to communicate with each
other these days, but this is just so damn sweet and harkens back to a time
when a cup of hot chocolate and a knitted afghan were somehow enough to make
us happy. I know its a bit warm and fuzzy, (literally) but I'm craving that
these days...and loving Manny the Marshmallow.

What does one wear to an apocalypse?

We all know 2012 is coming. It could, of course, be a portal for
enlightenment or a new age for us poor souls witnessing our deep and
abysmal descent. But I digress- if it really is the end of civilization as
we know it, one question is particularly striking: what does one wear when
the world is ending? Or better yet, what does one wear après apocalypse- to
forage and hunt and loot and pillage and simply SURVIVE?

I myself would probably be outfitted in clothing from All Saints, a UK brand
who just opened an outpost right here on Miami's Lincoln Road. Everything
has a deconstructed, post genocidal toughness that reminds me of Mad Max
meets Rick Owens. The clothes are tough and raw and sexy- think urban armor
for a new age. I dig. I dig a lot. Even if the end is not near and we are
forced to bear more seasons of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", these
clothes are crazy stylish and will protect you from looking like everyone
else. And that in itself is enlightening.


Andre Leon Talley to be a judge on "America's Next Top Model"? Hmm. Seems a
bit pedestrian for him don't you think?? As in choosing models who will most
likely end up in the Spiegel catalog? And how will his velvet Edwardian
caftan fit at the judging booth? How how how? Discuss.


Not sure if that's what you're supposed to say, mon chers, but I am not
really about "Who Dat" or whatever that bloody means. I suppose I will root
for New Orleans though. Just because. As pigskin madness has invaded my
town, I plan to lay low and tackle a stack of old movies just aching to be
watched. None will be about football, I assure you.

For those not watching the Super Bowl, check out this pic of my favy fav
Linda E. shot by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue back in 2003.

At least I am in the spirit of things a little bit, non? XO


I have always been intrigued by the "Esquire" man- it's a man of taste and
distinction but it's also not a fussy man- it's a man who loves a custom
made suit but can also make an amazing bloody mary and tell you where the
best caprese salad is in Capri or perhaps where to buy a vintage Indian
motorcycle. It's a man who embodies true style but doesn't try too terribly
hard...another source that embraces the sort of chic "every man" ideal is A
Continuous Lean (Michael Williams). I love his take on the world and how he
embodies true style peppered with American ingenuity and the grit of Steve
McQueen. There is no doubt about his bloody mary making skills or his
ability to curate the best of this land from now and from then.

Anyhoo, he's opened up shop on his site and its full of lovely things for
men that are not fussy, glitzy, or overwrought. Things for real men. Real
men with a bit of a bank account, but for real men none the less. True you
may not be on the market for a pair of $425 Derby boots, but site is worth
checking out if you dig the chic American male thing...enjoy. It's pretty


Sometimes my job allows me to embrace my out and out geekiness for fashion.
Today's assignment had me searching for fashion sketches and I stumbled across one of my favs of all time, Antonio Lopez.

As a little girl, I used to copy the illustrations of Lopez while
all my friends played with Barbies. (I did that too PS).

Antonio was a huge inspiration for me and was the catalyst for a lifelong
love of fashion illustration. Sad that this medium is not as popular as it
once was, but it is unbelievably beautiful. Like many brilliant people, he
died way too young. I am presently searching for prints of his to purchase
as I would love to hang one in my home. Enjoy.

Karl sweet Karl

Gazing at photos on WWD of the Chanel Spring 2010 gold buttons.
No typical "Chanel". World is crazy. Times have changed. Karl is going right
along with it...clothes are divine...if I could eat these on a spoon I
surely would...the man is a pompadoured genius. J'adore. What a talent.

Nice campaign from the Fragrance Foundation

Opened my new Bazaar (finally) today and was super stoked by all the spring
clothes, ads, etc. Madonna looking hot and almost voluptuous cast as a
Sicilian mama, McQueen shoes over the top as always, Blumarine doing the
luxe hippy to the max. One of my fav things was the teaser ad for the
Fragrance Foundation, an organization in support of all things eau de. The
ad is cool and calls on readers to go to just love the
use of illustration, interactive, and customization in the campaign (you can
design your own bottle on the site). Check it. It's fun. Nice to see a
fashion brand embracing new ways to reach us.