Hi everyone...another great Art Basel down the hatch...

Saw so many cool things but what was even better is that all the dealers at
all the shows were saying how successful the shows were for them. It's no
small feat to sell art in this recession, but the overall sentiment was that
people were indeed in the mood to buy again, and buy they did.

I noticed a common theme running like a current throughout all of the shows-
a real appreciation for Americana and American iconic imagery- from Michael
Jackson to JFK to Marilyn to roadside diners. Was just everywhere. I also
noticed a few more political pieces than normal- finally art catching up
with the prevailing worldview of what a mess we're in.

Had a friend come down who owns a gallery in Williamsburg (Like the Spice)
who set up her own booth in a hotel on Ocean. Was really fun as she showed
us her pieces while serving us much needed snacks in a more intimate setting
away from the ruckus (more on why we needed food so badly later...quite a
party Saturday night over at the Raleigh).

My fav show was probably Pulse- but I have to say NADA was fab this year and
the venue was super cool- the old Deauville hotel up in mid beach...very
very deco and offering rooms at $99 per night as opposed to the Delano's
insane $615 a night. I'm posting a bunch of pics to show you what I saw
overall...really enjoyed myself and had a great time this year.

Been a while....

Sorry have been out and about over the holidays...and now have the flu but
what an exciting time to live where I live- Miami has so much to offer
during Art Basel that it's almost maddening. (Glen Matlock performing?

As I have the plague, I am going to try and soldier through- last night
popped out for the opening of the Friends with You retail space...was a
great time and happy to see those guys spreading such positive energy in the
world. It's hard not to respond to their optimism- and love the "mass"
element of the work- you can own a piece of FWY for about $100. Awesome.
Also stopped by the Marni store below the FWY space- needless to say, the
clothes are perfect in every way- very sort of modern eccentric and love
that everything is not skin tight. Gorgeous.

Hopped across the street to the Moore Building for the F-Factory- featuring
pop up stores by the likes of Maison Martin Margiela and Fendi. Fendi really
went for it with custom made bags that felt very DIY but with a hefty price

Across the street from all of that is a Gucci pop up showcasing sneakers and
collaborations with the likes of Mark Ronson.

Feel like there is a real opportunity for more "in reach" retailers to get
in on the Basel fever...most festival viewers would love to look at special
edition stuff from the likes of H&M, Uniqlo, etc. Would be very cool indeed
as we surely are in a disposable chic era, no? Hope to rally and catch some
stuff tonight, but may rest up and hit the fairs manana.


I love neon- it will always say bright lights, big city to me. This iconic
series by photographer David Leventi shows all of my favorite spots in the
city and showcases the art of the neon sign beautifully. Neon + New York=
classic. Something about that warm, inviting glow on a chilly night warms my
aesthetic bones. It also makes me want to go to the Odeon. In a big way.
Let's go now.


Having some past experience with mannequins, albeit an insane scary one that
lived in my basement after my grandmother closed her store, I can honestly
say that the offerings from Proportion London- they have been in business
for as long as the hills and have amazing clients like Burberry, Paul Smith,
H&M, etc. Loving these and think they are so genius.