Yes this is all terribly fashion

I know this. I am sort of having a moment so bear with me...I hope to show
ya lots of cool stuff, share cool recipes, and occasionally give in to my
snarky viciousness. Right now, and I think it's that whole season changing
thing, I am feeling a lovefest for all things la mode. I think it's amazing
how many people on the streets are rocking amazing looks. Now more than ever
this counts- people wearing real clothes that are affordable and cool. Also
loving the fearlessness of the photography and illo stuff associated with
fash right now. Just very progressive and amazing and genius. There I'm
done. Maybe next week it will be about cars. Doubt it but maybe...

Cool people in cool clothes in cool places. Go.

I am hearting how effortlessly chic all of these people are as captured by
Facehunter on his blog...these were shot at all the various fashion weeks in
all the major places...when you see how easy it is to get it right, you
wonder why so many people get it wrong. Oh and special shouts to the swiss
dot stockings- my newest "old" obsession. I will surely be working them into
my fall rotation.

Best Rum Punch Recipe

As always, I am yearning for Jamaica...thinking of the coolness, the sun,
the beautiful beaches and the good vibes. If I can't be there at least I can
close my eyes and pretend and so can you...this recipe will take you
straight to the islands...I made it for a party at my house and was super
well received...

Step 1

Pirates and sailors, who were no stranger to the Caribbean, are said to have
created this unique melding of East Indian and West Indian culture. The word
"punch" is said to originate with the Hindi word "panch", which means
"five". An easy way to remember the proper proportions for a rum punch is
this poem: One of sour / Two of sweet / Three of strong / and Four of weak

Step 2

In a large punch bowl, combine:
3/4 a bottle of Appleton Dark Jamaican Rum
1/2 bottle of Wray & Nephew White Jamaican Rum
1/2 bottle of strawberry syrup or 3/4 bottle of grenadine
1/2 can of pineapple juice
Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to taste
Water & Ice to taste

Step 3

Try cutting up tropical fruit to float in your bowl. You can cut the fruit
to garnish glasses, or use the classic umbrella or palm tree cocktail glass
accents. For those who are very bold and/or seeking a truly authentic punch,
add a handful of pimento seeds!