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Six laid off at Vogue. More to come.

Candy Pratts Price laid off from but will still contribute to

Donatella and Lindsay- sep'd at birth? Isn't Lindsay about 30 years younger
at least though? Sad. Don't do drugs,kids.


From Perez:

"The dark and talented minds behind such films as Last Days and American
Psycho will be bringing us one twisted tome!

Director Gus Van Sant and author Bret Easton Ellis will team up to pen a
feature film based on The Golden Suicides, a Vanity Fair article written by
Nancy Jo Sales detailing the double suicides of artists Theresa Duncan and
Jeremy Blake.

The romantically involved couple gained notoriety in the New York and
Venice, CA art scenes. Duncan was one of the first videogame designers for
girls and Blake became known for his "digital paintings," kaleidoscopic
images shown on plasma screens.

Their paranoid downward spiral began as they increasingly believed that
government and religious organizations were conspiring against them. In
2007, Duncan killed herself and Blake discovered her on their bedroom floor.
One week later, he walked in the Atlantic Ocean to end his own life."

I read the VF article and it haunted me for weeks. The story of these two is
completely riveting and sure that the above two talented geniuses will weave
an amazing tale. Seemingly two talented, beautiful people who had it all.
Very tragic NY tale but will make an amazing film. Only a matter of time
before we see one on Dash Snow.

Thinking that Sienna Miller would make an amazing Theresa and maybe Joaquin
Phoenix for Jeremy?


Hi fashion friends...'tis the season for Fall- my mind wanders to a
different time in my life when fall clothes made my heart race after long
summers of nothing but filmy dresses and flip fops. Miami is not really
conducive to seasonal power dressing, but a girl can dream. I pulled all of
these from and hope they inspire your seasonal purchases.

On their site, they had categorized different "types" to browse through-
casual, bohemian, classic, edgy- I managed to pull something from all the
groups- which just shows you I am a bit of a fashion schizo but sure you all
are too...I like the idea of not doing one look head to toe but mixing a
bohemian piece with a classic piece- keeps you from looking too Ab Fab or
over the top..think those types are always in style, it's just how you rock
them that changes. Doing one look head to toe feels fussy and not
modern...mix it and match it till your hearts content.

Hope you like some of these pieces...enjoy.