How could I have missed this???? Oyyyy...

From Heeb's blog:

"Olympic crowds got a real treat last night: Ice skaters Roman and Alexandra Zaretsky twirled around to the Bar Mitzvah favorite, the "Hava Nagila." The brother/sister duo, dressed in orthodox-style outfits with heads covered by yarmulke and schmatta, respectively, played a young groom and bride."

Wow. Jewish Athletes. Dressed like mensches. On ice. IN THE OLYMPICS!! Amazing. (Yes it's odd they are playing groom and bride even though they are bro and sis. But still...)

Yes Michelle yes

You nailed it girl...loving the sideswept bang, the smoky eye, the nude lip,
the chandelier earring, and of course the gun show courtesy of your fav
silhouette, the sleeveless sheath. You are owning a very real vamp moment

Bad Ass Chicks

I need to summon my inner BAC...tough broads rule. You may notice most of
these chicks not only rule but ROCK as well. True there are loads more but
these ladies rock, ace, recant, amuse and look damn cool doing it. Love
these women and their fearless moxie- I need me some of that. And yes, those
are Tina's legs. I could use those too...

Last night's Curry Soba from Hiro's Yakko San: An Ode

Oh soba from Hiro's. You feed my soul.
Your dusky curry miso broth cures my malaise.
I know I shouldn't have eaten so many other things before you.
Not being able to finish you was a crime.

You deserve an ode, an Oscar, a Pulitzer- whatever you want, really. You're
just that good.

If I could eat you each day of my life I would.
You are divinely comforting in all your soba noodle goodness. I like the
carrots too- nice touch.
You are simple in a way that all things should be.
You could soothe the broken hearted and heal the swine infested with your

I suggest a crack at world peace, but let's start small for now.

The tourists that stay at those luxe hotels on the beach may never know the
joy of your richness as you are hidden inside a cheap strip mall.

I may be greedy but delight in that fact as there will always be more for
me. Though you inspire me to write cliched poems and drip broth all over my new
shirt from Calypso, I just love you. That is all.

More please.

(For those who don't know about this place, get there. Now. Don't be
surprised if you rip off Byron after you eat at this joint. It's truly
inspired and a rare gem in the Miami restaurant scene.)

Old Friends

I was searching for cool images this am and came across this little
gem...was a delight to find it as I had a postcard of it hanging in my room
when I was a teenager. I was image obsessed then and I still am now...was
like finding a little treasure from my past that is still so pretty today.
My room as a high school kid was filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds
of things I was digging- old photos of James Dean, black and white fashion
shots, a Man Ray poster. Seeing an image that I was digging on in the past
put a smile on my face this am. Guess we really don't change that much after

On Isaac Pond

Yes it's Fashion week in New York and I have not stopped yammering about it.
Next week it won't be so I won't be as cuckoo for la mode...but for the
moment, I'm all about it.

I happened upon the live Isaac Mizrahi show online yesterday and watched it
in all its glory. I have a long history with Isaac- feel like we grew up
together in a way, even though we have never met. Have always admired his
wit, color sense, and genuine love for women. "Unzipped" remains one of my
favorite fashion flicks of all time...I felt sad for him when his business
went under but it's super lovely to have him back.

Amid a background of live jazz, one model after the next came out in
absolutely glorious clothes. The theme of the show was camping, or as the
show notes said: "Think Geoffrey L.L. Bean, or even Buffalo Bill Blass."
( Having been recently asked to go on a camping trip, I think I
prefer Isaac's take over the fleecy or plaid alternative. There is something
chic, albeit hilarious, about camping in a sequin gown with a fur hood.

Isaac is a master of color like none other- grays and
greens and browns married together in a Sherwood Forest confection. He also
included some elements of the outdoors in with glittery or furry backpacks,
camo vests redone, and furry hoods. The hair was subtly unkempt and the
makeup was barely there. The clothes were the real story.

Gorgeous look after gorgeous look came in a mix of reds, oranges, greens,
browns, and the ubiquitous black and silver. Though the collection felt
someone disjointed in that there was not an overarching theme to the clothes
themselves, it dawned on me that there was something for all of us here. The
long sequin tank dress was the ultimate for me- to be able to slip something
on over your head like that and be instantly amazing is simply beyond
compare. I live for that just threw it on kind of thing...there is
absolutely nothing more glamorous.

As it began to snow on the runway, the show ended and all the girls came out
for a final look. There were simply loads and loads of looks and it was
striking to see them all at once- I got the sense that Isaac was very much
telling us he was thinking of us all when he designed this collection-
albeit colorful, witty, ornamental, woodsy, sporty, and everything in
between. He is a designer that understands women and a true hero of American
sportswear at his best. Makes me feel very patriotic indeed...this is truly
a collection for women who love clothes with a little wink. Camping of
course is a back to basics way to get in touch with nature- a backlash to
our endless array of texting, tweeting, and app'ing. Isaac is asking us to
just be chic as we do it- so who am I to disagree? XO



Dearest Lord in Heaven

I have been a good girl so far this year. I have eaten many green
vegetables, gotten my exercise, helped the needy, and remembered to say
please and thank you to the lady at Starbucks who froths my latte each day.
If you could find it within your holy heart to bestow these shoes upon me I
promise to continue my quest for a virtuous life. I will just be better
attired. And that goes a long way.

Love and light,


Family Matters

Finally got around to the March Bazaar this weekend. (Curiously my March
Vogue has yet to arrive- should I be worried?) Paging through the latest ads
and newest trends for spring, the new Missoni campaign caught my eye. Shot
by Juergen Teller, we get a glimpse into the Missoni family and their
eclectic zig zag world. It's scads of pages of maison Missoni- look there's
Octavio aka "Grandpa" Missoni ready to pour some wine and regale us with
stories of Sardinian holidays past. And there's the ever chic Margherita
pouting and posing in her hippie chic glory. Most intriguing is that the
décor of their home is not unlike a Boca Raton bubby's- loads of tschotskes
everywhere and a bit over the top. I have always admired the Missoni family
and heart how these ads are not really about the clothes, but more about the
people who wear them, and the tradition behind the brand.

It's cool for a designer to shy away from using the big models in the spring
books. I'd rather have dinner with the Missonis any day. Bravo Channel- are
you reading this? Perhaps this is your next reality hit...