Can't have an epiphany about real without talking about sexiness. Once again
Im time traveling and to a time when sexiness was raw, unenhanced, in your
face, and beyond real. The list of REAL hotness is endless- really. But
here's but a few. Let's fete classic hotness today from back in the day. And
let's start with four of my favorite rock boys. Keep in mind we're talking
about these folks in their prime. (I am not responsible for how they look
now. That's time's fault). Here goes...

ROBERT PLANT- Have you ever watched "The Song Remains the Same"? Plant's
hotness, hair, concave chest and lanky goodness is too much to take. How hot
was a young Robert Plant? That voice, that scream, those moves. Good gravy.
Think he was the perfect skinny rock boy- heart him. Even with the girly

JIMMY PAGE- You don't have to be Team Page or Team Plant. You can worship
them with equal fervor. Page's genius guitar playing and darkness were sexy
beyond belief. I remember reading Pamela Des Barres's amazing tome "I'm With
the Band" in which she reveals her torrid affair with young Jimmy. She
recalled how they were chatting on the phone and he told her to go into her
bathroom at midnight at which time she would receive a sign. Of course she
sprinted in there at the stroke of 12, and a mirror came crashing to the
ground. And that was that. Not sure if that's hot or scary, but I err on the
side of hot. (Scary can be hot PS).

JIM MORRISON -just because, ok? I know his hotness is almost a cliche, but
think of how much hotter Val Kilmer became when he played him (let's not
discuss Val now, k)? That says a lot. Besides, how many men do you know who
could rock leather pants like POW? And quote Balzac? There's a country in
those eyes. All Behold the Lizard King. Yowsa.

CHRIS CORNELL- Yea I know he's not so old school as the above gentlemen. But
c'mon...he's amazingly sexy. Had to sneak him in. I like him much better
with short hair. Audioslave era CC. Yes. Oh yes.

And for the boys, here are 4 classic actresses that ate carbs, probably did
not do lunges, and most definitely had real tatas. Love them love them love

SOPHIA LOREN -my love for Sophia knows no bounds. She was simply perfection
in every way and was every inch a woman. And she eats pasta every day. G-d
bless you, Sophia, you gorgeous girl. You get two photos just because.

BRIDGETTE BARDOT- The original blonde bombshell. Nobody did St. Tropez chic
like Bardot. The precursor to Claudia Schiffer and many others. Insanely

RAQUEL WELCH- I remember growing up, my mother worshipped at the altar of
Raquel. I can see why. I challenge any of these Hollywood types of today to
rock a bikini as hard as Rockie back in the day. For real.

URSULA ANDRESS- Gotta have one Bond Girl in here. Love that bikini, girl.

All in favor of real sexiness say aye...I'm queuing up some Zep as we speak.
Long live the rock God and screen siren. Divine. XO

Real Things Redux: Better living through vinyl, newspapers, and the classics. (And a bit of cursing).

Onward we go in my relentless celebration of authenticity ...this time I'm
going a bit cerebral and experience based. As we all know, the way we read,
listen, and speak are shifting constructs these days. With this I'm cool,
but let's talk about what makes an experience not just intellectual but
visceral in terms of information, music, novels, and's my
picks for today:

VINYL- To me, there is no greater joy than waking up on a weekend morning
and playing some records while I start my day. Classic vinyl sounds amazing,
gives you some street cred as a music lover, and is a great accompaniment to
coffee and breakfast making. Shopping for vinyl is also way fulfilling-
digging through old records is one of my pure pleasures. Right now I'm
hearting old reggae records, particularly of the Trojan era as well as old
Charlie Chaplin. But I ain't mad at some Faces or classic soul a la Aretha
or even Tattoo You. Trust me- acquiring and listening to vinyl will enhance
your life and make you a better person.(If you are asking "what is vinyl?"
at this point, you should stop reading).

THE SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES- yes, a bit of a cliché. I know this. But when
that little bundle of printed joy comes to my doorstep Sunday morning, I am
well aware of the task at hand- as in, how can I read this paper today when
I have so much to do? Inevitably I find the time, but I love the challenge
it provides- it forces me to park my carcass on the sofa and absorb the
world, one article at a time. I still like to hold the paper and page
through, section after section until I've created a fire hazard on my floor.
(Sunday Styles first, natch). Sunday night always feels a little smarter to
me, and for this I am grateful. (Yes I am aware this item is on the list of
stuff white people like. I can live with that).

CLASSIC LIT- I am not going to pretend that I have the wherewithal or
attention span to sit down and snack on a good book these days. It's a
bummer, but seems the only time I can absorb a novel is en route to some
other place- the Miami to LA flight provides some choice hours for said
activity. I will say I love to revisit the classics when I can- two summers
ago we spent my birthday in Key West and I promised myself to get through as
much Hemingway as I could for the rest of the summer. (I read "The Sun Also
Rises" in the car ride home and then quit my endeavor after "A Farewell to
Arms". Some of you out there are scoffing as I write- I know how you true
lit types feel about Hemingway and his misogyny and machismo.) Still, it was
lovely to rediscover Ernie after all these years. This summer I may reread
Thackeray's "Vanity Fair", one of my favs from yesteryear. I also am going
to pick up some De Maupassant short stories as they make my heart sing. Do
yourself a favor and hit the classics this summer. Word on the street is
that Fitzgerald guy really had something...

EXPLETIVES- Not sure how this fits the list, but I've been yakking about
some higher brow stuff, so let's go low now and talk about cursing. My love
for profanity is powerful. I have always found swear words to be the most
expressive words we have- much the same reason I fucking love Yiddish- all
the words sound like what they mean, and I adore that. In New York, this is
a non issue. Everybody curses. In other parts of the country, it's not as
prevalent, but often more necessary (have you ever driven in Miami? Ok
then). People should curse more. It builds character and is a potent means
of expression. I simply don't trust a woman (or anyone else for that matter)
that doesn't say "fuck". And that's a fact. Use these bon mots with purpose
and choose them carefully so they can have their full effect. Unless you
step on a nail- then whatever comes out comes out, and that's real (and
"FML" is just not going to cut it).

So that's all for today...enjoy your afternoon- read something. Listen to
something. Be bold in your choices. And swear your ass off and be sincere
about it. It's what's real this Wednesday.

Real Scents: My favorites

As we continue to travel the realm of real this week, let's talk scent. I
often leave my house without makeup, without lip gloss, without brushing my
hair. But I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume- it's my
desert island staple and I'm simply a zealot for smelling good. I don't feel
right without it (Don't neglect the backs of the knees ladies, they like to
smell nice too...).

There is nothing more transcendent than scent- amazing how scent can
instantly take us back to childhood or remind us of a random café somewhere
or an old love. I think one of my dream jobs would be master perfumier- its
a bit PT Barnum to create scents for people in accordance with their body
chemistry and personal preference while mixing up woodsy and florals and
exotic notes- a bit of olfactory magic, non? I once dated a guy because I
loved his scent- I believe it was Route de The from Barney's, a yummy green
tea number that smelled super fresh, clean, and distinct. I stopped dating
the guy as his laugh was a deal breaker, but that's for another time...(men
should never snort or over chortle- that's all I'll say on that topic).

There are so many yummy fragrances on the market these days, to suit any
mood or proclivity. That's what good perfume or cologne does- it's an
alchemist for your frame of mind and it just makes you feel good and lovely.
And smelling good is the best revenge.

I live in Miami so my mood is usually on warm weather and fragrance to suit
the balmy temperatures, thus leaving heavy scents to those in cooler climes.
Here are my go to's that are a pleasure to wear- maybe you'll try one this
summer too...and if you don't like to anoint yourself, no problem. There are
plenty of folks that revel in their natural funk and that's right as rain
too. But if you like to enhance what the Lord gave ya, then let's go...

CALYPSO MIMOSA -probably my all time favorite warm weather scent. It screams
tan feet, silky softness, and white linen. This is Calypso's signature
fragrance and it's beyond delicious and super happy- it's a blend of mimosa,
rose, jasmine, and green leaves. I am not normally a floral girl in terms of
perfume (too heady) but this one will have you sniffing at your wrists all
day. Yum.

CALYPSO GARDENIA- I was surprised by how much I love this one, as again I am
not a huge florals fan. This one has notes of citrus, white gardenia,
narcissus, peach blossom, jasmine, vetiver, coriander, vanilla and musk and
is deep and sexy. Perfect for summer nights, bare legs, and upswept hair.
(How else can he smell your neck?)

KIEHL'S ORIGINAL MUSK- this one is seductive as all get out. Men can wear
it. Women can wear it. The scent lasts all day and changes and turns, in a
lovely way. You can't go wrong with classic musk- dark and mysterious and
super hot. Musk is all about sex and that's that.

ACQUA DI PARMA- This one is traditionally for the boys, but I love to wear
it too. Lemony and fresh, this one screams summers in Capri and quite
literally drives me nuts, in a good way. It's what men should smell like and
what chic women can borrow from their husbands while on vacation. It's
beyond. It is a classic beyond classic and I love it to bits. Probably my
all time favorite.

VETIVER BY GUERLAIN- another goody for the boys. Fresh, citrusy, and super
classic. A good one for summers at the office as it's super light and clean.
I love to wear it too and it smells differently on the chicks than it does
on the boys, which I find pretty hot.

EAU D'HADRAIN ANNICK GOUTAL- This is a super classic scent for men but
again, I love to wear it. It's a citrus yet again, but with notes of
cypress, patchouli, and ylang ylang to cut the tang a bit. It' a go
anywhere, do anything scent. It is the scent you want if you don't like
scent or perfume or cologne- it blends in nicely with the skin and won't
overwhelm. It comes on strong at first but fades beautifully.

That's the scent wrap up. I usually return to the classics above but love to
try new ones as well. This is all a highly subjective material, but that's
the fun. You may have liked that guy's laugh I dated, but it wasn't for me.
You may love Thierry Mugler's Angel, but it makes me kind of nauseous. You
may regale in your man funk sans scent, and that's cool too. There's a real
joy in personal scent and wanted to share my favs with you. You interpret
how you wish.

And that's the real deal on this sunny Tuesday in Miami. XO

Yes yes these sunnies are real. REALLY amazing. Meow.

Ok I know I said I am doing the real thing. And I shall. Sunglasses are real
as far as I can tell. A good pair will get you far, hide your less than
poker face, and keep you looking fab. They also allow one to go to the
grocery store without eye makeup. Gotta love that...

For now I have to share this trend because I am obsessed with the cat eye
glasses I'm seeing all over the place. The ones I want are unattainable (not
only expensive but unavailable...Tom Ford Anouk version at 300 bones as
shown here on the model with the wifebeater and blonde hair and sold out
everywhere) but I am still IN LUST with these Marilyn inspired frames. I'd
wear them with a head full of Elnett and a wavy, tousled bob. And a hot,
dangerous dress, or a black turtleneck and cropped pants and flats. Or a
kitten heel. Endless possibilities really...loving the cat eye. Must have.
Must have sooner vs. later. Anne Slater knew a good thing, Lord love her.
Meow meow. XO

Let's Get Real

Happy Monday. This week I am going to dedicate all of my posts to the value
of "real"- as in- things that are authentic and make me smile...they are not
mass produced, they do not require a fast connection, and most of all, they
speak to our senses and our experiences- why not go "real" this week and
enjoy those things that recall a first love, a summer at the beach, or a
languid Manhattan afternoon in the summertime. Today let's cover food-
eating "real" is the mack of sensory experiences...maybe you'll be inspired
enough to make one of the below or order up a little something in the name
of veritas. Here's today's list of REAL. Just three little things to enjoy that are good
for the soul:

Homemade chocolate chip cookies. From scratch. I dig the original Tollhouse
variety. I also love the City Bakery NYC variety. Yum. A good cookie will
never go out of style. I am suspicious of anyone who does not love a good cc
cookie. Do not trust such a creature. They are most likely a weirdo or a
meanie or a liar. (Also don't trust people who don't curse. That's just

Lobster rolls from a stand in the Hamptons. Or Mary's Fish Camp. Or make
your own. This little sandwich is ingenious and delicious and reminds me of
drives to Montauk in the summer. I also remember sidling up to the Mary's
counter one balmy August afternoon, as the sun was starting its descent and
the light on the west side was divine and alas- all was right in the world.
Goes perfect with a fresh tan and is surely the perfect summer fare. (Make
sure you have the proper roll though. And don't even think of forgetting the
butter. Very important).

The perfect bloody mary. Preferably before noon. Made with celery salt for a
little extra somethin'. Nothing better...

Or improvise with pickled okra as a garnish a la New Orleans style. You
could always do the original purist version, though- created at Harry's Bar
in Paris- recipe below- "real" is all about a reverence for the classics:

2 oz. vodka
3 oz. tomato juice
1/2 oz. lemon juice
3 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 drops Tabasco sauce
black pepper
Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a highball
glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and a celery stalk.

I could go on and on but those three come to mind. It's the real stuff that
makes life worth living. I'll be posting about authenticity all week as I
spread the gospel of real. I know this all seems terribly obvious, but
that's kind of the point. You don't have to look very far for happiness or
meaning- it's the tried and true that matters and connects us to our lives
and each other. I am sure you all have your list of favorite homemade meals
and drinks that define who you are and where you come from. XO

On the iPad

Happy Saturday, friends. Amazing day here in Miami- enjoying the sunshine
and the pool and a few libations with my beloved. But I can't help but get
slightly swept up in the iPad madness- how can you not as a devotee of the
now and next as well as a chick who has owned a Mac since prepuberty? I am
loving the handheld, intimate nature of this new kid on the block. But can
the love affair last? And where is it headed?

Here's the deal- I'm feeling a major 90s throwback moment right now. I can
remember super clearly going to a Red Herring party lonnggggg ago- with
fountains and dancing girls and endless alcohol and wondering how long the
hype would last- how it was possible for 23 year olds to manage multimillion
dollar companies even though they were Mensa worthy? I was one of those
people at the time in terms of age, but my work career was on a different
path- I worked and was mentored by people that were way seasoned, way smart,
and way way around the block. I respected them and they beat the shit out of
me- but in a good way. I owe them a lot. I know technology is moving faster
than anyone can shake a light saber at, but gah...lately I have come in
contact with some of the smartest people under 30 I have ever met, but
hoping the tech bottom does not fall out again as it did when I was young,
leaving them to search for new careers in this climate. (Does anyone
remember the genius of urbanfetch and kozmo? What happened there???)

Back to the issue at hand- the iPad. This thing is super cool- there's no
doubt. But this pay model for content is one that is flawed, for now. I
remember sites like Salon that tried the subscriber model and failed. It's
pretty hard to pay for content when it's all out there for free. How is that
going to work? I am all for saving my beloved mags and newspapers, but that
seems quite a task, no?

I will say it could be amazing for visual artists like photographers and
illustrators, who produce still imagery and art. These sites are all going
to rely very heavily on imagery, so there will most likely be a huge
opportunity for those sort of wondering whether their careers are over. I
say it's the contrary- now is a great time to think about how that usage
will affect not only the editorial world, but the commercial one as well.
Not to mention what this little number will do for gaming...

I have to remember that all of this technology is merely a new way to engage
the public and inevitably tell a story- I do feel the iPad will excel at a 
 renewed interest in magazine and news media. I love that. Should
be interesting to see...all I know is I'm not buying one until 2.0 arrives.
I know better...oh and can't wait to see what this does for online shopping.
Going to be big. And spendy.

Digging on Hole

Oh, Hole. How I used to love you. How I still love you. Courtney is my
favorite rock chick tragedy- I know people say Kurt wrote all your shit but
I still love your music and your swagger. Makes me wish I went to school in

Hole was a great band with three really great albums- "Pretty on the
Inside", "Live Through This" and "Celebrity Skin" (sure there were more but
these are the standouts). Rumor has it Courtney has a new album coming out,
with the usual legal ramifications. (Eric Erlandson is saying no to a Hole
reunion without his involvement).

I will admit much of the music of the 90s was not so much a thing for me-
too sad and dirgeful, but Hole spoke to me in a real way- Courtney's rasp
surrounded by soulful and tough rock guitar did it for me, with amazing
lyrics inspired by a debauched and fucked up life. In other news, I hear
Courtney is dating Andre Balazs which is just insane, though I assume its
for free room and board at the Mercer.

Anyway, looking forward to the day Courtney will once again take the stage-
tattered, torn, and pissed off and one HOT mess, as it should be. I will be
there in a torn slip dress drinking a Jack and Coke to celebrate. Love you,
Courtney. Enjoy the lyrics below from Celebrity Skin...XO

Celebrity Skin lyrics
Oh, make me over
I'm all I wanna be
a walking study
in demonology

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you really made it
Hey, so glad you could make it now

Oh look at my face
my name is might have been
my name is never was
my name's forgotten

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you really made it
Hey, there's only us left now

When I wake up
In my makeup
its too early for that dress
wilted and faded somewhere in
I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh
no second billing, cause you're a star now
Oh, Cinderella they aren't sluts like you
Beautiful garbage, beautiful dresses
can you stand up
or will you just fall down?

You better watch out
what you wish for
it better be worth it
so much to die for

Hey, so glad you could make it
Yeah, now you really made it
Hey, there's only us left now

When I wake up, in my makeup
have you ever felt so used up as this
it's all so sugarless
hooker waitress, model actress
oh just go nameless
she's full of poison
she obliterated everything she kissed
now she's fading, somewhere in Hollywood
I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh

You want a part of me
well I'm not selling cheap
no I'm not selling cheap

Easter (Playboy) Bunnies

Hey, lovelies. Easter Sunday is this weekend so it's only fitting to do a
bunny post. Playboy bunnies that is. As in, the old school curvy variety
from back in the day. When the original Playboy Club in Chicago was the SPOT
and when Hugh Hefner ruled the world. (Wondering if they had Snickers eggs
back then, though? Those are good.) Hop hop.

On hats...

Easter is upon us and one of the many things I miss about New York is Easter
Sunday in Central Park. I loved to go up there and survey the ladies of
Manhattan and its surrounding environs strut their stuff in their Easter
finest- each gal topping off their outfit with a sweet hat, much like the
proverbial cherry on top. You can see them all over the park and strolling
up and down Madison Avenue with a proud smile and a spring in the step.
That's what hats do for a gal.

I myself am a huge fan of the hat- many days in South Florida leave your
hair uninspired and for me, a hat is a great safeguard against the thickness
of the Miami humidity. In addition, hats make your outfit a bit more fun-
they're a bit eccentric, a way to show the world you know your way around an
accessory, and a way to be slightly incognito if you want- or better yet-
flaunt your personality if you're going for a feathered number.I myself am
partial to a man's fedora- I pick them up in vintage shops, the men's
section of the Gap, and everywhere in between. I love the panama J. Crew is
featuring right now as well. It's pretty genius.

But I digress- the Easter hat is not for hiding. It's to channel your inner
peacock, stroll arm in arm with your family, and saunter into springtime in
proper form. Why not try a hat this Easter? And remember the Kentucky Derby
is but a mere month away. Think mint juleps and proper headwear...yum.

If you haven't started thinking about a spring wardrobe- start at the very
top and buy a hat- it will surely come in handy when looking for ways to
express yourself this season as well as protect those fresh highlights
you're rocking for the warmer months ahead. You can be classic like Audrey
or Jackie or go full on kooky as these ladies in NYC did last Easter.
There's no rules, so don't worry about breaking any- the only rule is to
have fun and wear accordingly. In today's world, we all multitask beyond any
reason- so the many hat analogy is fitting, non? And it's a great little
style kick in the pants, or rather, head. XO