I love neon- it will always say bright lights, big city to me. This iconic
series by photographer David Leventi shows all of my favorite spots in the
city and showcases the art of the neon sign beautifully. Neon + New York=
classic. Something about that warm, inviting glow on a chilly night warms my
aesthetic bones. It also makes me want to go to the Odeon. In a big way.
Let's go now.


Having some past experience with mannequins, albeit an insane scary one that
lived in my basement after my grandmother closed her store, I can honestly
say that the offerings from Proportion London- they have been in business
for as long as the hills and have amazing clients like Burberry, Paul Smith,
H&M, etc. Loving these and think they are so genius.

Hedi Slimane: My love knows no bounds

Not only do you make an impeccable suit cut for both men and women alike,
but your photographs are reminiscent of Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston,
vintage Mapplethorpe even- and possess pure beauty - almost like the Gus Van
Sant of fashion photography. So insanely beautiful. Must own one.

Fashion Newsfeed


Six laid off at Vogue. More to come.

Candy Pratts Price laid off from Style.com but will still contribute to

Donatella and Lindsay- sep'd at birth? Isn't Lindsay about 30 years younger
at least though? Sad. Don't do drugs,kids.