As I sit here in smokin' hot Miami, I am reminded that yes indeed I do love
some winter sometimes. In New York, it was always a testament of wills to
put up with the weather...but living in Soho when those first flakes fell
was pure heaven- until it all turned black and soppy that is. These photos
by the amazing Rinze Van Brug ( tell the
story beautifully and capture the magic (and sometimes misery) that an NYC
snowfall can bring.


Check out the work of Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel and their epic
bacchanalian mind fuck paintings. Orgitastic.

Tommy Ton you are genius...

I am loving the photoblogging of Tommy Ton...maybe even a bit more than the
Sartorialist. Just super engaging slices of fashion life from the mean
streets of Manhattan and beyond...look there for inspiration,
interpretation, and revelation from the street types. I almost feel like
Mizrahi ripped him off for his Liz Claiborne advertising, which I think is
inspired, but feel a lot like this "real" stuff:

My First Posterous Post

Afternoon, everyone...welcome to my blog. These musings will cover culture
at large with an emphasis on fashion, art, pop culture, style, music, you
name it. Just stuff I like basically. And of course stuff I don't like. For
today, let's meditate on this insane Cartier ring. I swear if I could have
this I would never ask for another damn thing.