Viva New York City!

Good morning, Friday. TGIF.

Can you believe it's been about a year since this craziness began? It's so hard to believe.

I don't have a ton to say today but wanted to say this- I LOVE NEW YORK. MORE THAN EVER.

Yes, I know you know this. This city is one of the loves of my life and having weathered many storms here (9/11, a blackout, a pandemic),
I absolutely find that the more I go through here, the more it makes me want to stay. It's true I don't have children (not counting the fur babe, of course) and that this past year has been pretty tough on those with school-aged children. But as the city emptied and a sense of panic and doom set in, I found myself digging my kitten heels into the terra firma of New York Fucking City. Because as odd as it may seem to many who find the city loud, noisy, and chaotic, no place on Earth makes me feel more grounded. This is my place. New Yorkers are my people. And with Spring in the air,  I am feeling optimistic and hopeful that the best city in the world will come back strong.

So consider this post an affirmation, with my favorite mantra being "I LOVE NEW YORK." 

 I also love that quote above because there is nothing more true for me and for so many. I often say my life really started when I moved here many moons ago, and I am so eternally grateful for the life New York has given to me.

You are my heart. My home. My world. 

Much love to my fellow New Yorkers and everyone everywhere. Soaking in the good vibes and looking forward to contributing to the economy, life, and love of the greatest comeback of all time. (Though if you ask me, it never really left). Together, we'll write the next chapter.

Cause that's what's up this I just can't quit NY kind of Friday in beautiful Brooklyn. Yours, in forever, your girl. XO