Tuesday Muse Day: Elsa Peretti is a mood

Good morning, Tuesday.  I'm trying to dig back in here and do some more writing so bear with me as I get back up to speed. I was working on a post for a good stretch now about the recently deceased Elsa Peretti, she of 70s decadence and jewelry design fame. I was sad to hear of her passing and have found her style a treasure trove of inspiration throughout the years, and now that I'm a woman of 50, I appreciate her elegant sophistication even more.

To me, her style is perfectly suited to this stage in my game. I love the short hair. The statement glasses. The constant small pup at her side. I love the sexiness without a hint of vulgarity.  I love the sensuous fabrics, minimalist intent, and beautiful fit of her clothes. And I also love the hint of eccentricity that lends confidence and an entirely ownable appeal. And since we're all getting ready to party again, these looks feel just right.

So Tuesday's muse is Elsa and may she rest in peace and style. 

I've been coveting one of her vintage bangles lately and may purchase a green one to honor her memory and channel her effortless aplomb. Check out the greatest hits of her jewelry design career here. 

Cause that's what's up this inspired Tuesday in beautiful, sunny Brooklyn. Yours, in my ever changing muse. XO

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Terrific post!Loved it & the photo backup! I have wanted the bone cuff for as long as I can remember, without somehow managing to give it to myself… and diamonds by the yard is easily one of the most brilliant ideas ever. I do have an Elsa Peretti sterling bread knife and spaghetti server tho… marriage had at least those perks!!!! -Your fan, Christine