On timeless cool and classic kicks

Good morning, Tuesday. It's a beautiful day in the city and Spring is finally here, or at least I think so. Looking forward to sunny days and warm nights.

And as further proof that being age positive is very much a thing, my old boss Marian Salzman did an amazing interview over in the UK about how 2019 will be the year when we all grow up and admit how old we are. That we no longer wish to look or act 20 but just be the healthiest and best versions of ourselves. Marian is someone who taught me so much about how to work and how to look for trends so it was great to see her come out with a piece like this. After all these years, we're still somehow in sync.  Check out her interview- it's fantastic and she looks fabulous.

And since I'm a loud and proud Gen Xer, I couldn't help but fall madly in love with these leopard print Converse high tops, which take me back the 80s in the best of ways. Converse is a brand that transcends age and generations, but for members of mine, the Converse high top was a rite of passage. I had a red pair in high school, covered in pen with anarchy and Dead Kennedy symbols. That's how I rolled. I'm sure many of you did too. After high school, I kind of gave up Converse and think I went more into an Adidas place (Stan Smiths, Gazelles) as well as many pairs of Pumas. But something about that high top has always stood for more. I remember producing a shoot for the brand some time ago and was humbled by its history. Converse has always  stood for rock and roll, rebellion, and skate culture and basically anything indie. All the things i grew up with and all the things I still love to this day (not much of a skater obvi but love the influence and have always been inspired by its punk rock vibes). Plus I love how cool they look when you've kicked the shit out of them. I'm a fan of worn in. You can keep your spanking white Yeezys. That's not my tempo.

I haven't worn Chucks in a while and have graduated to Nike Blazers and my Golden Goose high tops, but may have to return to the classic and go for these in the leopard print. Timeless, American, and effortlessly cool. What more could I want from a shoe or sense of style in general?

Cause that's what's up this can I kick it kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in high tops and cool vibes. XO