Maven recommends: Summer makeup inspired by St. Tropez


Good morning, Tuesday. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here, but my work-in-progress life has not allowed for much in the way of free time. I hope all of you are well and enjoying the first glorious throes of Summer. What a difference a year makes. Also, I hope you are catching my new column at the Ageist, where I go on a bit about style and beauty at 50 and beyond.

And with so many of us heading out and about, you may be wondering what’s good when it comes to summer makeup. Here are my recommendations. Remember, I’m a redhead, but I think these shades are all good neutrals to try for all skin tones and hair colors. Like many of you who grow up with the Bain de Soleil woman above, bronzy skin has always been a summer benchmark. I don't sunbathe at all anymore, but self-tanner or a good spray tan helps a lot. Pasty girl, summer is not for me. 

Here are my picks:

I always love seeing new Nars products- candy-like for a makeup fiend like me.

I am so digging on this Summer Solstice eyeshadow palette. The colors speak to that bronze goddess vibe we covet in the warmer months. I love layering and playing with some of the sparkly shades. 

I’m currently digging Eyeko’s brown mascara, a softer look than black (which is always best), and for me, it’s non-irritating. Brown is great for the summer and I love the 70s St. Tropez vibe it provides.

Full disclosure— I used to be afraid of cream blush. It gave me hardcore “rouge” a la Bette Davis as Baby Jane vibes. But leave it to modern science to provide us with a cream blush that is not so harsh. I adore this Hourglass stick in either Loyal or Devoted, but all of the colors are stunning. The color is buildable, and the application is excellent and gives you that fresh-faced look. I like to use an Hourglass brush to apply. Their brushes are worth the investment, as are their products.

I feel like I write about this product every summer, but it’s a staple for me, and I only have to buy one every other year because it lasts a long time. This bronzing cream from Chanel not only looks super chic on your makeup table/vanity, but it’s also the best color for those looking for a bit of a tan vibe.  Iconic. But before I apply, I use this primer from Vita Liberata, which has blurring/perfecting properties and self-tanner. It’s excellent and makes you look super glowy.

For concealer, you could skip it in the summer months because you want to keep it light, but if you love a brighter look, I recommend Rodial’s fabulous Peach Lowlighter. I don’t know how they do it, but this concealer meets perfector blends into your skin in an instant and requires minimal blending. It wakes up your complexion in the best of ways. I love this brand so much- their skincare is fabulous too.

For lips, I’m going to recommend what Glossier is calling “the cashmere sweatpants” of lipstick, their new Ultra Lip. I love the lucite shade, which is a hint of pink and a near-perfect neutral. Of course, it needs to be reapplied a lot, but it feels more like a lip balm, so you can put it on in the dark and not mess it up.

As for nails, mine are long and Barbie-like. They grew so much over the year, and I’m enjoying my lady nails immensely. For those with shorter nails, this Chanel bronzy brown is so damn chic. Perfect with a tan and a bikini.

 And to take it all off, this Micellar water from French drugstore darling La Roche Posay is magic. It smells fabulous and cleanses without drying. Gorgeous product and well-priced. It's awfully nice to be here, ps. See you all soon. Cause that's what's up this bronze girl summer of a Tuesday in Brooklyn. New Yorkers, go vote. No makeup required. XO