Maven pick: A loosened up jean for Spring, with love from the 90s

Good morning, Thursday. More snow overnight last night. I can't.  But I must. At least I am working from home. But you try to put those little rubber dog boots on by yourself. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Anyway, after yesterday's post about less is more, I'm returning to our regularly scheduled programming, which will always include a bit of a shopping moment. I know this is weird, but I've been wearing jeans throughout the pandemic when I work from home- mostly when I need to feel a bit more put together and less like taking a nap. Ha.

So jean shapes have evolved, and though we still seem to be stuck in a high-waisted moment (not the comfiest in my humble opinion though I've warmed to them somewhat), I'm LOVING the return of a more 90s-like silhouette when it comes to jeans. And no, I'm not talking about those thong-baring low rise jeans we all used to wear. I'm talking about that slouchy low rise, loosened up look that is very Drew Barrymore at a rave. I love the current Kate Hudson In Style cover. She's channeling a major league 90s moment, and i"m here for it. I'm predicting a return to a flower power vibe that is part 90s and part 60s, but back to jeans. I am a card-carrying 90sphile- I love 90s fashion so much- more for the Belgian minimalist moment vs. the hyper colorful acid house vibe, but still.  Everything and everyone was so damn cute back then. 

So consider these slouch numbers from Frame. So cute and easy to wear.

I also love these loose jeans from A Golde- they may be my favorite of the bunch. They come in many washes and are super cool with a white tank top and a tan in the summer.

This pair from H&M and Lee strikes that industrial cool vibe I love and are reasonably priced. 

This cool little dad jean is on sale at Madewell and is chic and comfortable. 

And if you're still a high waisted fan, there's plenty of loose silhouettes with a higher waist like these from ASOS, But I prefer the more authentic 90s version, but you do you. One thing that won't be included in my redo of this look- a crop top. Nope. Not happening. Nor will we be having an overly tweezed eyebrow. Or a baby bang.

I love a looser jean as a counter to all those sweatpants we've been wearing. Because anything too tight just doesn't feel right when we're still working from the sofa.

Cause that's what's up this loosened up Thursday in the tundra. Yours, in jean genies and peace, love, and 90s vibes. XO