It's only 8:27 and I've already seized the day. Or at least, the doorbell.

Good morning, Tuesday. It's 8 am and I'm already proud of myself.

Because at precisely 7:40, my doorbell started buzzing. And it wouldn't stop. And I don't know how many you have been regaled by the dulcet sounds of a New York doorbell (holy shrill), but wow. Good morning.

Funny thing is- this happened about two weeks ago. And at that time my neighbor, who I think may be in the CIA, came to my rescue and unscrewed the sucker and cut the wires. If anyone knows how to cut wires- it was this guy. Me? Not really.

So finally the repair guy came yesterday- he of about 110 years. In two seconds he fixed it. Supposedly. Finally- Seamless could deliver again and I didn't have to go down three flights to let them in. YES.

But no.

David left for work early this am and just as I was drinking my first cup of coffee, el buzzer struck again. Khan started barking his head off. I started yelling for no reason. I was hoping that upstairs possibly CIA homie would come down again and save me. But alas- nobody came to my rescue. And then I realized nobody was going to rescue me. And then I felt guilty for needing rescue. I mean- we've come so far. What would Rhoda Morgenstern do? Why is the refrigerator still open? Should I put on a bra? 

At that moment, I called David, who happened to answer. After ransacking his too box, he directed me to where I might find the right screwdriver and then I went straight up MacGyver on the sucker. I unscrewed wires like a pro. I know most of you are snickering. Single women in particular. You do this shit all the time. And women with kids- you birthed babies out of your vaginas. Surely unscrewing an intercom would not be so tough for you. But as someone who relies very heavily on my husband to do things like this, I was not unpleased to have figured this out. And only two sips of coffee in too. 

Sometimes as a wife, I'm guilty of relying too much on my man to do stuff I don't want to do.  Even if I do believe women can do anything. It's true I phoned a friend aka my husband to guide me, but still, I did it. And Khan is still staring at it like "wtf just happened"?

So that's my morning excitement. What you got? Cheers to the women who are handy and can fix stuff. DIY all the way, as dumb as that sounds for something as simple as this. I have solved very complex problems in business, yet there I was, panicking over a doorbell. And scene.

Cause that's what's up this cuckoo Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in wifey got this. Grateful for inspiration, wherever and whenever it may strike.  XO

PS- On the small chance you are a millennial or some such and you don't know who Rhoda Morgenstern is, here you go. She's a fav of mine. That's her above too. Carry on.