Maven Style throwback: Rhoda Morgenstern

Good afternoon, Monday. It's been a fast moving day today and have not had a second to check in until right this very minute NOW.

Had a lovely weekend filled with friends, food, and fun. I can't even talk about GOTS last night. I'm still freaked out. That show is becoming almost too much to take. I may be too sensitive to watch it- bring on the rom coms. Those white walkers scare the crap out of me.

But I was also watching some vintage TV this weekend in between doing this, that, and the other, and the goldmine that is "Rhoda" can't be underestimated. To be blunt, the writing on that show as not exactly amazing. But the premise (for those of you uninitiated) was genius- divorcee living in New York as a single gal trying to make a living in the 70s.  Rhoda Morgenstern played by Valerie Harper (who is currently being sued by a Broadway producer for not disclosing her cancer) is a transcendent character. If you have ever know a funky Jewish chick, then you have known a Rhoda.  She's the best friend you want for real- after all, she was Mary Tyler Moore's BFF for years- and what's better than THAT?  Love her. Actually, love both of 'em.

In any event, everybody needs a colorful jewish lady in their lives.  But Jewish compadres aside, the most important thing about Rhoda is her amazing style. Y'all know of late I'm drawn to a spare silhouette, but damn if watching Rho Rho did not take me right back to my fashion sweet spot, the 70s. I adore her style- from the head scarves to the basic tops and printed bottoms to the abundant use of red (not my color, but fab on her). What I love about her look is that although it's very boho, it's also restrained and elegant and grown up. I think she was just beyond, don't you? There's an ease to the way she dresses that is really sexy and cool- and when I think about the way my mother and her friends dressed back then, it's not that different than Rhoda. Because even though my mom was most definitely not a window dresser living in New York on her own, Rhoda's indie spirit and warm personality and sense of humor was relatable to most women, and still is. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Rhoda? And I remember always finding it so cool she had a doorman, even if he seemed like a creep. 

I may have to go buy an oversized chambray shirt or something in her honor and rock a schmatta on my head. It's only a matter of time before I become Rhoda incarnate, minus the single lady bit and creepy doorman. I think I channel her without even knowing it, as do most of us who grew up when we did. Without Rhoda, where would Rachel Zoe be today?  Sometimes you need to just embrace your wackiness, and Rhoda did it in a refined how much do you LOVE those pics of her with MTM? Don't even get me started on her. JUST DON'T. What I wouldn't do to be leaning in on an old IBM typewriter at the office with Mary right now.  

Wanna rock the Rhoda look? All you need is a good head scarf, some ethnic jewelry pieces, some clingy neutral basics and some hippie prints. I'm so feeling it. Thanks Rhoda for taking me out of my minimalist theme park. it's getting warmer outside and we all need to get down with our free spirits. I'm particularly feeling the oversized men's chambray situation with some big beaded necklaces and perhaps a wide legged jean and platform sandals- I also can't get enough of a good navy knit tee shirt with a 70s type sleeve- sort of mid short sleeves like Rhoda's above. Adorable. And that's what's up this 70s sitcom of a Monday in 2014 in the 212. Yours, in flared fabulousness. XO

PS I know it's not throwback inspirations do not, and never will, play by the rules.