Will you dare to go bare?

Good morning, Tuesday. I'm trying to write this post as Khan hogs the bed but it's rainy and crappy out so don't mind one bit.

So I've been gazing at the runways from Paris, always the best runways in my opinion, and I've noticed a bit of a trend- a very, very natural face. As in no makeup. Or any that I can detect anyway.

Amber Valletta, who is 43 years old, was all over the runways with a very fresh face. I love that some designers used more mature models, as it's true that most 18 year olds can't afford Celine. Neither can most 43 year olds but that's a whole 'nother thing...

From Isabel Marant to Stella McCartney to Celine to APC, the look was simply no nonsense. We women have been through it of late and perhaps this whole scrubbed clean look is a reaction to that- with so much at stake, is there time or energy needed to making up? 

For Dries Van Noten's 100th runway show, the age range on the runway was a celebration of womankind. True we are talking about ladies who are genetically close to perfect in the looks department, but I was thrilled to see women stripped of makeup and hopefully too much botox walking down the runway. Not to mention his wonderful clothes. Loved. Trish Goff. Nadja. Amber. So many of my favs. Beauties at any age.  I admit- the look is jarring- do they look tired? No. They just look real. And I love it.

Yesterday I posted a selfie on Instagram early in the am (here it is above) where I was also without any makeup at all. My aunt, who has always been one to shun too much makeup or obsession with looks, complimented me for posting and showing myself "au naturel". To be clear, I absolutely love makeup and have no problem wearing it, nor should anybody else. I enjoy the ritual of making up my face, though I definitely have days (particularly when I don't have to go to work or am on vacation) when my face is decidedly bare. And it's not the worst. I do like my skin to look glowy and even, but I do find the idea of not wearing any makeup a lovely break from business as usual when it comes to my face. In fact, most hyper chic women I know wear very little makeup. Which brings me to another point.

I'm noticing a lot of women dealing with very honest issues of what it's really like to be a lady- from proclamations of post partum depression to admitting one's age to going makeup free (Alicia Keys- sure she can do it because she's stunning but still). For those who watched the runways in Paris, it was clear that designers were making a statement- wear your hair curly, put down the lipstick, and just be you. I found the whole thing really stunning.  Lately I've been working with my own hair texture and the whole pin straight hair thing feels out of step with the natural looks all over Fashion month. Remembering how much time and money I've spent through the years straightening my hair gives me a headache (ps not gonna go gray any time soon- that's not for me). What's clear to me is that the makeup and hair industry shows no signs of slowing down- but I love that women of all ages can celebrate their beauty however they want to- and it's not just for supermodels. I love that many out there don't relate to airbrushing, contouring, and injectables. I'm not anti any of that really, but it's just not appealing when it comes to my own face. I can't say never to botox, mind you. I'm just not there yet. Plus I hate needles. Terrifying. Poison straight into the face. In needle form. No thank you. I'm not here to tell you there's real bravery in any of this by the way- women have much more on their minds than makeup or hair these days. But I think it's a great trend and love that natural beauty is being celebrated. 

Anyway, I'm still lazing about, watching the Today Show, and not planning to put on makeup for the rest of the morning. I have a work lunch so may paint the face a bit, but love that going without is very much in style. Cause that's what's up this clean faced Tuesday in the 718. Yours, in baring it all.  Just don't ask me to give up perfume.  That's just not gonna happen. XO