Why I'm resolution free in 2018 (and every year really)

Happy New Year, 2018. Woot. Bring it.

I'm not one for resolutions and admittedly a bit fly by my seat vs. big goalie in general (more Type Z than A all damn day), I thought instead of resolutions, I'd show you what most people on my feed are leading me to believe the new year will be all about.

  1. Everybody is going to be very thin.
  2. Everybody is going to be very fit.
  3. Everybody is going to be kinder and gentler.
  4. Everybody is going to fight harder.
  5. Everybody is going to love harder.

I'm not putting any judgement on these. But year after year I pore through people's resolutions and wonder the following:

Why can't we just chill the fuck out? It's the first day of the year. THE FIRST DAY.

Isn't it enough we just survived a year as auspiciously assholic as 2017? Is that not enough? Now we need to run away from carbohydrates and think about how we will fight the power?  No. CHILL OUT. BREATHE.

Just BE.

That's all I'm saying. Just BE for a minute. For a month. For a year. Forever.

Because I guarantee you if you just be and stop trying to beat your own personal best, you will be the following:





More loving

All of that and more. I can't tell you how. But if you stop working and fighting and hollering so hard and just be, all the stuff you want to do or want to become should most likely happen. As they should. As they may. As you wish. Just be it. You get it. Now do it.

And for that, I can tell you I easily went to the gym this morning, and more than easily allowed myself to just listen to music and relax and eat good fun while I worked on some work things at my leisure. Because I was just being. And not trying altogether that hard and there I was, doing all the things one "should" do on New Year's Day.  You're welcome.

So stop being so bloody resolute. Just be yourself and whatever will be, will, well you know. Oh and by the way, when I want something and put intention to it, it happens for me. But I'm patient in that process and don't need it all to happen when I say it should happen. You dig? 

Cause that's what's up this being the change kind of first day of the year in beautiful Brooklyn. 

Yours, in B-E-I-N-G. XO