When weather (and weed) is not enough...

Good morning, Friday. I'm in Southern California and there's fires burning and I'm safe but watching the news and wondering wtf is going on out here. Between the horror of Thousand Oaks and the burning it's beyond insanity. Stay safe. 

I just left San Diego last night and though the beauty of that town is extraordinary, it's a weird hang. Often when I come to Cali I wonder why I choose to live in a place like New York. A place where we have shitty weather and no personal space and a layer of grime over just about everything. But as I stood on the beach all day yesterday for a shoot I realized this type of life is not for me. I like the struggle. I like the hustle. I like the real talk. People in San Diego are strangely friendly, like, a little too friendly. But there's a vacancy in the eyes I find challenging. Like I want to knock on their heads just to make sure they're truly alive. 

Then there's the douche who tried to chase us off the beach during our shoot. Calling us losers and tourists and "corporate". I felt like I was in a scene from "Point Break".  Sure I'm loving the delicious breeze off the ocean and that afternoon light that makes my heart sing. But meh. Just a visitor. Never a resident.

I guess what I'm saying is often I wonder why the f I choose to live in a place where life is very hard. I know life is hard everywhere these days. But New York has an edge. Even though it's bougie and overrun with Type A parents and their children named Atticus. It still challenges you in the best of ways and I suppose I prefer that to constant sunshine and low humidity. I just can't with that noise. Even though weed is legal here and I much prefer Gavin to Mario. And the sushi. Mwah.

Nevertheless, this Testino pic of Tina Fey in mouse ears is more my tip. I'm not quite ready to lose my edge.

No offense to my Cali friends, darling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

Cause that's what's up this freaky Friday in the 310. Yours, in big apples. Watching these fires like woah and hoping everything is going to be ok. X0