When sensible can be stylish too (thank goodness)

Good morning, Thursday. Gloomy day here in the city but onward we go. 

See those gals above pounding the pavement for Fashion Week? Great shoes on both, no doubt.  I'd typically go with that little  pearl slide, but now I need to switch it up and go more with that plaftorm brogue. Here's why.

After years of wearing flip flops, ballet flats, and the flattest boots imaginable, my feet have finally rebelled. I suppose the on tip toe barre classes don't help matters either, but alas- the top of my foot was killing me so I went to the foot doctor. 

X rays were fine  but he made a strong suggestion- no more super flat shoes. Now I'm aware most women have the opposite problem- too many years of teetering to and fro in stillettos, but I was never and will never be that girl. I have always loved the chicness of a super flat shoe- goes so well with my style but really- if a doctor is prescribing new shoes, then one must buy new shoes, correct? Beats getting a shot in the foot. This much I know. 

If any of you have suggestions for the best shoes out there for feet that have outgrown their J.Crew flats, holler at your girl.

For now, I'm going with clogs from No. 6- these have a great platform and love the heel height which seems manageable. Plus alpaca fur.

And I suppose my beloved Gucci mules may have to go by the wayside but these are probably ok, right? I need a bit of sparkle with my sensibility.

Nevertheless, I'm absolutely psyched to rock sneakers day and night as I've been doing the last few weeks. Most coveted? This pair from Balenciaga, though most likely I'll settle for these rose gold Reeboks. Cuteness. In between in terms of price point are these awesome Alexander Wang Adidas skate shoes. Love love love these. How cool is it sneakers are so damn stylish? Happy feet, happy life.

Oh and of course, a humble brogue would work too- I dig these from Tods but also love the more affordable version from Steve Madden in loafer form but similar vibe, with this pair from Coclico with the fun sole squarely in the middle when it comes to cash. Check out Coclico by the way- I know some people swear by them for stylish shoes that are super foot friendly.

So yea- my version of sensible shoes is probably more style than sense, but that's who I am. And I'm sticking to the brief.

Cause that's what's up this sensibly stylish Thursday in the 212. Yours, in new shoes are always a good idea. So do you have any for me? XO