What's it all about, Bubby? My reluctant love affair with grandma shoes

Good morning, Wednesday. It's getting warm in the city and I'm feeling uplifted. I need bright light n the worst way and am looking forward to some sunshine daydreams. That's a Grateful Dead reference for those not indoctrinated, but for those who know- you know.

Anyhoo, old lady shoes. 

Now that I'm no longer young enough to ironically dress like an old lady, I ponder this trend. First, ain't no way you're gonna see this Maven in a dad sneaker. That's not happening. Please Lord let this silly as s trend go away. It's gross. And only cute on girls from Tokyo. And that's a fact. 

So the other day I was walking my neighborhood and found my way in Meg, as one often does when on Atlantic Avenue. Meg has my number and then some- they feed my dog endless treats and have kept my dress and jumpsuit needs met over the years.  So I came across a pair of black patent sandals that felt, well, there's no other way to put it really- Bubbyish. And since I pretty much loved my Bubby Betty more than any human, I decided channeling her would not be so bad. I'm not sure she'd wear these, but these sandals do conjure up a geriatric moment. And whether you have a bubby or an abuela or a grand mere, these are old lady shoes. And I think I love them. What's happening to me?  Perhaps I've become smitten with the whole Advanced Style moment of culture or perhaps- gah- I'm just getting old myself.

I picture these with all of my Summer dresses, and with jeans too. They're by About Arianne and they're just the coolest.They are beyond comfortable, they are from Spain, and they are certainly not sexy. Not at all. But are they? I'm vexed. But I had to have them. Perhaps you too are embracing your inner Bubby. I've taken to wearing her ring of late, so maybe that's what this is about. I'm worried that my husband is going to give me side eye when I rock these, and I promise not to wear them with a rolled down knee high. But a little sock? Perhaps, my friends. Perhaps. I will admit a weakness for a sensible shoe of late. After all, life's painful enough isn't it? 

Cause that's what's up this advanced style moment of a Thursday in the 212. Yours, in old fashioned chic. XO

Available at Meg