Vegas is the best. Here's why.

Good morning. I’m in BK but Vegas is still top of mind. Fun was very much had and it was nice to connect with a new bunch of women, all bonded together to celebrate our friend’s bday. I remember when I was a whole lot younger feeling weird about hanging with a group of women I didn’t know, but with age comes acceptance- of self and others. And this was just a wonderful group of women and I feel lucky to have met them. But back to Vegas. Because I just love it. And even though I hadn’t been back since my wedding day, it was super fun for all the right reasons. Cause if you don’t like Vegas, you don’t like fun. 

 And truly coming back here as an older person was just as fun as it was when I was younger. It’s truly multigenerational- you can go to clubs with all the kiddos or you can go see a show, drink, eat, shop with a huge range of ages. I think I may have to make Vegas more of a regular thing. 

 So here’s some things I love about Sin City. Oh, and incidentally- I don’t gamble. I like to say it’s the one vice I’ve never had. There’s so much going on in Vegas you can truly not set foot in a casino if you don’t feel like it, although you kind of have to.

 The service. First things first, your maven is a sucker for good service. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate someone taking the effort to check in with me during a meal, or during a stay at a hotel, or even when shopping. Restaurants answer the phone on the first ring. Reservations are seated on time. Shows go on like clockwork. The level of service is probably the best anywhere, and they make you feel like you just won a million dollars, even if you don’t gamble.

 The spectacle. The fact that a completely man-made planet was created in the middle of the desert is just astounding. For our last night, we sat at the spectacularly gorgeous sushi resto in the Wynn, Mizumi. The view was outrageous- floor to ceiling windows looking out on a Japanese forest, complete with the most beautiful waterfall. It’s all so over the top. And as someone who like a bit of maxi with her mini, I find it all so delightful. A forest in the middle of the desert while sipping on a whiskey cocktail. I can’t. Yes I can. And I will again.

 The manic panic of it all. So Vegas is a town for people with two faces. My two faces allow me to have a solid appreciation for both the high and the low. So I adore the old, decrepit part of the strip just as much as I love the flower bridge at the Wynn and the gorgeous designer shopping. I’m not sure if everyone finds both sides as equally delicious as I do, but I’m weird like that. One minute you can be in a rockabilly inspired vintage trailer, the next you can be sipping champagne in the Dior store. Incidentally, champagne in Vegas tastes bette for some reason. I'm not sure why.

 The debauchery. I think this may be the part that turns people off to Vegas- it’s truly the biggest party you can go to, and I love that. People are drunk. And now people are high too (thanks legal weed). Incidentally, the dispensaries are completely amazing and branded and I was super impressed. If you like to get rowdy/wasted/crunk/whateverlovewants you can have it. Yea the pool at the Wynn resembled a lake at Sodom and Gomorrah, but why not go with it? Life is short. I love there’s a place where people simply come to party their faces off. Also, if you are ever questioning whether something you packed is too low, too short, or too over the top, it isn't. The fact that you are even asking yourself that is something lost on the majority of women there, who are literally wearing the least amount of clothing I've ever seen. I lived in Miami so this was less of a shock for me. :)

 The entertainment. In addition to an entire city set up to serve tourists, the entertainment component is a huge part of Vegas.

 The shopping. If you’re a girl or a guy who likes to shop- Vegas is off the rails. Particularly if you like diamonds. Or Louis. Or Chloe. Or Stella. Or Jimmy. Or Gucci. Or Chanel .You get the picture. The stores are amazing, and the service is divine. The shops at the Wynn are stellar. and they have a new area that has Opening Ceremony and YSL. And hot tip for luxury fans- you know that bag you can’t find in NY? Try and get it in Vegas- their waitlists are often shorter than big markets like New York or LA.. And if you’re a vintage type, tons of great stuff in the arts district. Great bunch of shops selling everything a vintage lover would want. Not necessarily high end, but lots of fun pieces.

 The food. Oh man. You can’t have decadence without great food. And the food in Vegas is outrageously great. The best meal we had was at a place called EDO, in an unassuming strip mall in Chinatown. We arrived at midnight and had the most fabulous tasting menu. The resto is modern tapas/Barcelona inspired and omg holy deliciousness. And the price was incredibly reasonable, and of course- the service- mwah. Highly recommend if you go to Vegas and feel like getting off the strip. Phenomenal. It's not just about big mega restaurants with celebrity chefs- there's tons of great options for more adventurous types that want something unscripted.

The clockwork. Another thing I love about Vegas is the precision aspect of it all. Everyone in Vegas is well aware they have a job to do- and they do it so well. From concierges to sommeliers to croupiers to all the amazing people that help put on all the shows around town, it’s an incredible exercise in collaboration. I just love that. It’s fascinating to watch this giant machine in action. 

Oh and I adored the Wynn. My friend Irma told me it’s for “old people with oxygen masks” but I didn’t see that at all. It’s such a beautiful hotel and the rooms are so lovely. Great location too right next to the Venetian. The landscaping of the grounds is just tremendous and I loved the service.

 As I was leaving Vegas on Monday am, the most Vegas thing happened.

 I was getting out of the elevator with my bell guy who was helping me with my bag at 6 am. Getting on the elevator was what appeared to be an aging Russian mobster, accompanied by his “lady”, who appeared to have been a bit of a rental. As we exited and they got in, my guy said “Good morning, sir”.

 To which the mobster replied with a coke sniff, “Good night”. And then his lady spanked him on the butt.


 Vegas is high/low and everything in between. And I can’t wait to go back. Cause that’s what’s up this so money kind of Wednesday in the 718. Yours, in rolling the dice. XO