Transcendental Style: The classic rock tee

Behold, the classic rock tee.  A perfectly faded, cool as could be testament to this thing called life.  And with Festival season in full swing, why not represent? Lately I've been thinking about the ubiquity of certain items of wardrobe that transcend time and have an ageless quality. For me, this is one of them. I'm never without at least ten of them, and love the ones I've kept from my youth. I have a Jim Morrison American Prayer tee that is full of holes and is perfectly stretched out and on the shorter side, but I'm never, ever giving that up. Incidentally, the tee above is being sold by one of my favorite brands for rock/tomboy chick chic, R13- check it out here in black and make like your inner Kim Gordon stat. 

 Hopefully you’ve kept your classic Joy Division or Stones tee from back in the day (vintage wins every time), but fear not- lots of good options to get into the groove, in a staggering array of price points.  In a moment where statement dressing make sense in times of turmoill, taking a stand feels spot on. There’s a palpable authenticity that comes with wearing a rock tee- particularly if you sport one with bands you’ve loved through the years.  My personal preference is to wear it oversized- so it may be worth a peruse in the men's department to get the fit just so (I'm also a fan of cutting the neck a bit so it has that worn, stretched out vibe). And if you need to feel a bit more grown up, throw a well-cut blazer over said tee and channel your inner Kate Moss. Or throw an outsized leopard coat over it with some tight black leather trousers and some suede heels and instant coolness is achieved. Effortless, easy, and time tested.

Check out a few favorites.  I know some of these prices are steep, steep, steep. But some are also cheap, cheap, cheap. So something for just about everyone, truly:

R13 Megadeth tee. 

Madeworn Ziggy Stardust Glitter tee.

R13 Strange Love tee. (Depeche Mode, anyone?)

Rolling Stones American Flag tee.

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures tee.

I"ll be posting a few of these in the future- I love the idea of ubiquitous dress. Ageless style. All of that. Cause that's what's up this long live rock kind of Tuesday in the 212. Yours, in cool chicks and great style. XO