To jean or not to jean?That is the question.

Good afternoon, Thursday. By now you may have figured out I'm a little pants obsessed this Fall. That and my wavering thoughts on whether OTK boots are still a good thing- are they?

I can't decide but leaning towards yes. These by Jimmy Choo though. Oy.

But since I'm super into pants this Fall (more of the slouchy Nili Lotan varietal or the flares I spoke of the other day), I'm also in the market for a good jean. Jeans and I have a complicated relationship. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I hate them. On me, I mean. I love them on everyone else. I just have a tough time with them because they're not as comfortable as I want them to be and by the end of the day I can't wait to take them off.

So I'll admit  a recent spin in an Athleta catalogue left in my doorway gave me pause.  Because as much as I love the look of a nonstretch jean like the more high waisted varietals we've seen of late, I can't. I can't have that amount of binding in my life. It just doesn't work for me. So back to Athleta, an unlikely place to buy a jean. I love the whole idea of a jean being athleisure-like. It makes so much sense to me. I rely heavily on black leggings as an every day staple but would love a jean to suit the same need.

The blue denim varietal is almost completely sold out, but the grey wash is still available. And though I may not be hiking in the mountains like the chick at the top of this post, I like a jean that moves with me and is stretchy and yummy. I think I may have to give these a whirl. After all, they'd sure look good with that OTNB I've been eyeing. Ugh. So much cheaper than that damn boot ps. I know skinny jeans are kind of yesterday but I still like the look.

I'll report back. I need jeans. And I loathe buying them. So let's see how it goes.

Cause that's what's up this to jean or not to jean kind of Thursday in the 212. Yours, in Shakespearean prose and skinny jeans. XO