Throwback Thursday: The Beatles in India

Good morning, Thursday. Again with the rain in the city. Oh what a dirge.  Too much gloominess is not good for my soul. 

So it's TBT and thought I'd break you off a little inspiration in the form of the Beatles now infamous visit to India to hang with the Maharishi, their ladies, and Mia Farrow. At a time when the world has certainly gone cuckoo, it's hard not to think about a little divine or spiritual intervention and these photos are so beautiful.  And even though the Maharishi turned out to have less than celestial motives, these pictures still conjure up a feeling of peace, love, and happiness. And I need all of that right now, and so do you. And considering that regardless of the fraudulent nature of said Maharishi, the Beatles wrote the bloody "White Album" as a result of their quest for meaning. So there you have it. At a time when we're all seeking and searching and trying to sense make, I'm drawn to the more spiritual pursuits. Or at least a decent martini.  Read more about their trip here. On days like this, I can't help but listen to this classic album, it's beyond a masterpiece.

Everyone knows I'm way more Stones than Beatles, but these pictures of exploration and a quest to find some meaning in a crazy world are very much aligned with my mood today.  Plus those outfits. That marigold color.  All of it. 

I am so ready for my very own Summer of Love. Cause something's gotta give. Now give me a Pepsi. (I kid, I kid).

Dear Prudence, open up your eyes.

Cause that's what's up this TBT in the 212. Yours, in opening your eyes and looking around, round, round, round, round. Come together. XO