The way we wore: A journey down memory lane, the footwear edition

Good morning, Friday. Happy Easter and Passover to all.  

So I've been seeing a style story all over the Internet about the return of the Steve Madden platform slide with the bandage strap. These were standard fare in the 90s, though I must say- I never rocked them. Because they're hideous. And even though I may or may not have had a few baby backpacks (of the Stussy and Diesel varietal) as well as a cadre of slip dresses and baby tees (baby stuff- it was a thing), these shoes were not my jam. And rest assured, they will not be this go around either.  I love that tear from Sassy above- featuring the amazing Andrea Linnett whose current blog I religiously ponder on the regs.

It's funny because I was pondering the 90s the other day (as one does) and not thinking about fashion, but what my drink of choice used to be. And I really didn't come up with much besides the fact that I think I drank quite a bit of beer. And vodka and tonics. But other than that, I drew a blank. Perhaps because of all those vodka and tonics.  And I think there were a decent amount of Jack and Cokes. When I would hang in the East Village at bars like Lucy's or Cherry Tavern.

But back to the shoes. I absolutely wore these Converse slides to death. They were so a thing back then, I'd rock them with all my little slip dresses. I think I need these again.

And there was definitely a kitten heel mule. With a bow. Also to go with those slip dresses. Chic non?

And I know there was a covered toe, suede high heeled clog (kind of like these but not leather)with an ankle strap that made me feel like Minnie Mouse for some reason. I remember wearing them with cut off denim shorts in the summertime. I also semi recall a platform loafer. Maybe I wore them as a work shoe in my early days in advertising. Kind of naff I know.

Oh and there was definitely an engineer boot. And a harness boot. Those were a wee bit more early 90s though. I'd wear them with boot cut cords and a bodysuit. Or with my Gap denim overalls. Tough.

And of course, my beloved Chinese slippers. I wore these all around town and were a favorite for running errands on the Upper East Side in my early days of New York life.

I am wincing in advance over all the bandage platforms I'm going to see this summer. Needless to say, I won't be joining them. I'll still be rocking my Vans slides, Gucci slides, and I'm fairly into my No. 6 clog sandals as per usual. So I guess my style is a bit same same, just evolved. How did you do the 90s and will you be rocking the Steve Maddens this time around? Rest assured, the 90s were not all Spice Girl platforms and hideous slides. Vogue's homage to 90s shoe chic shows the best of the era. And there's those kitten heels...I was not quite on a budget to wear Blahniks back then by the way.

Look how chic Linda looks in those Birkenstocks by the way. Who wouldn't wear either of these looks right now from head to toe? Not to mention this infamous shot of Kate rocking hers. So good. Truth be told, I did not go down the Birkenstock road back then. But Lord knows I'm rocking the crap out of 'em now. Suede Arizonas. Black leather with white buckles. White single strap patent leather. And a faux furkenstock I rocked all winter. Obsessed. The images above will forever be inspirational to me. So classic and cool and perfect.

Cause that's what's up this foot fetish of a Friday in the 718. Yours, in silly shoes and signs of the times. XO