TBT: It was twenty years ago today

Good morning, Thursday. I can't believe it's going to snow tomorrow. It's been so lovely in New York and things are sprouting in my garden in my yard and have no idea how to wrap my head around a wintry mix tomorrow. Zero.

But one thing I can wrap my head around are great clothes. Like, I can always do that. And since today is Thursday, it's worth looking back at some stellar fashion and recognizing why buying good clothes that are timeless are worth the investment. Because there are very few things from Ann Demeulemeester's 1997 Spring collection (20 years ago people) that I would not put on my body right bloody now. If you are a wee thing or simply not a fashion geek- let me enlighten you with some history.

Ann was one of the original designers to be part of the "Antwerp Six"- a group of Belgian designers in the 90s that truly heralded in a new approach to architectural dressing, asymmetry, and most of all, minimalism. Incidentally, Dries Van Noten, perhaps my all time favorite designer, was part of this crew who all went to art school together and then made some incredible clothes.  I can go to many places when it comes to my personal style, but minimalism is home for me. Great basic pieces that take you wherever you want to go. In mostly black, white, and grey and the occasional khaki. I imagine for the rest of my life I will dress this way, and damn do I wish I had the funds back then to buy some of these amazing clothes. They still look fresh to this very day. Because they are classic. And as you look at your closet and think about what to wear, it's often those classic pieces you go back to, that you can rely on, that you can feel yourself in. And in a world gone crazy, it's never felt more important to be comfortable in one's own skin (and wardrobe) for all the challenges and craziness we currently face. 

I rejoice in these clothes. If you want to see the full collection, go to Vogue's magical online archive here. I love a good history lesson don't you? Plus all the girls are there- Stella, Emma, Kirsten. So good. So so good. My friend Jon and I obsess over these looks. In fact, we very much became friends based on our love for fashion. And from the looks of things on runways in Paris this month, Celine and Chloe and just about everyone else owe a huge debt to Ann and company. It may not have been exactly twenty years ago today, but Ann truly taught the band to play. Because these are clothes for the ages, so when you're shopping for Spring spend way less on trend focused pieces and spend more on places that can take you here, there, and everywhere, regardless of the tremendous changes shaping our world. I'm showing you my favorite pieces from this incredible collection- and I can tell you straight up that there's not a single thing here I would not still love to wear today. 

Cause that's what's up this TBT in the 212. Yours, in standing the test of time, one great look at a time. XO