Sometimes you just gotta listen to Night Moves

Good afternoon, Monday. It's good and chilly outside and the sun's already starting to creep behind the buildings and I'm having a serious case of the feels. For many reasons, really. Oh and big caveat- my perceived problems are kind of bullshit. I know this. I'm grateful to not be in much worse shape. But I digress. 

First, yesterday I was all up in my closet all day. Switching over the Summer clothes to the Winter wear. That always makes me feel a little contemplative. Mostly because it's such a bitch I often wonder why I have so much crap. And so many sweaters. But also because time is passing and the seasons are changing and Summer's over and where did it go and what did I do and how come I didn't have any lobster rolls and all of that.

Second, I've been setting goals like a cheap motivational speaker of late, which tbh, is not super comfy for me. I'm doing a challenge at Pure Barre (20 classes in 31 days), I'm eating like a champ, and I've managed to completely quit smoking. I'm also ruminating and scheming and dreaming about Maven 2.0. I've got a lot going. Unlike most people, I'd like to crawl in a hole with a box of American Spirits (yellow) and a case of Twinkies and just lay the heck down. With a martini. But that's just me. Personal best blah blah blech. I'm tired. This type of modern life...

Third, I'm worried. Like many of you. That this bad reality show of a President is somehow managing to rise to the top of the Idiot pile (yes I know he's already there) and have a higher approval rating. I don't get it. And I'm scared that the blue wave will be more of a ripple. Dear Lord I hope I'm wrong. Jesus I hope I am. Anyone listening? I hope so. I truly can't remember a more terrifying time for our democracy. 

So really, between the darker days and the goal setting and the sense of doom over the country, I've turned to Bob Seger. As one does. Cause sometimes you just gotta listen to "Night Moves", have a moment, and move on, like a middle aged man going through it in a bar in anywhere, USA.  No mind the song's about teenage sex and has no real utility or meaning for my life now so I'm not sure why I find it altogether comforting. But yea, I can still get in touch with my inner young, restless, and bored. So for now, I'll be working on my night moves. Just trying to get through some of the Monday mopes. Hope you're gettin' through it too.

Cause that's what's up this seeing it through with Seger kind of Monday in the 212. Yours, in waiting on the thunder. XO