RIP to Kate the Great.

Good afternoon, Tuesday. I leave for holiday tomorrow and it's a whirlwind to get out of town, that's for sure. But I wanted to take a pause and say how truly gutted and chilled I am by the news of Kate Spade's passing. Though I am far from the prototypical Kate Spade girl, I worshipped her achievements. She was the first of her kind to create a truly integrated lifestyle brand, and with her husband and partner Andy be her side, some of the most iconic fashion advertising the world has ever seen. An icon. Now gone.

I was obsessed with her story. Because she showed girls and women that we could. We could leave big jobs and follow our dreams and create iconic fashion brands out of our living rooms. When I was young in New York, all I thought about was how I could be my very own version of Kate Spade. I moved to NY in 1993, the same year she founded her brand. I thought she was so on point, and I admired her branding sensibilities beyond anyone else. I loved her midwestern mystique- the nod to vintage, the gentility, the manners. Kate was the type who would send handwritten notes, make you the best gin and tonic, and I imagine she knew how to give a beautiful and heartfelt gift. She meant a lot to me, and I felt like I knew her. That was her genius. To many of us ladies at a certain moment in New York- when Carrie Bradshaw reigned supreme and we were all just so damn excited to be here and Kate was right there with us, living the dream- one purse at a time. I'll never forget Kate Spade and the moment she represented in my life. And though I was never really a customer, I understood her brilliance and her celebration of feminine ideals- moms, polka dots, family- all of it. Her preppy meets poppy thing. Her candy coated magic. Her Kodachrome take on American life.

It's hard to think of someone who spread so much sunshine as being so deeply unhappy. I'm sorry for her and her family and her legacy. I truly think she made the world a better place. A more colorful place. A smart place. And of course, a more stylish place. From those ubiquitous bags to shoes to clothes to home goods and beyond, Kate was great. And that's that. I can't ever forget how much her presence and mystique was part of New York life when I was but a young pup here. These ad campaigns are etched into my memory as much as weekends at the shore with my family when I was a kid. That's how good and how memorable they were to a Philly girl on her way up.

Sad beyond belief. Here are some of my favorite campaigns of hers. RIP to one of the greats, that had all of us dreaming just a little bit bigger. Cause that's what's up this sad afternoon in New York City. Yours, in loving each other.  Take care of each other. XO