Pride for my city, and for all those who dwell here.

Good late afternoon, Sunday. I know- weekend posting. Weird.

But today is a special day- and this weekend is a special weekend- it's Pride Weekend here in New York City and I wanted to take the opportunity to wish the very best and happiest day to all of those partaking. This has always been a big weekend in New York, but somehow, this year it feels bigger. 

And marketers far and wide are taking the opportunity to sparkle- from Target to Uber to Kimpton Hotels to Soul Cycle, I'm seeing a ton of support for the LGBTQ universe, which is great, even if it does smack as slightly opportunistic but what else is new? What I do like more than an attempt to grasp the zeitgeist is that this very strong community deserves the support of culture at large, and when marketers get in on the act it just goes to show the power of this very vibrant group to transcend boundaries and be part of something more mass.

And to me, Pride weekend has become a lot more than an opportunity for the gays, although that is always front and center and will continue to be thank goodness. In our current political climate, Pride is a celebration of diversity in general. And there is no city more diverse than New York, even if you read the Harper's article like I did, it's still true. We come to New York to be who we are, to run from more close minded area codes, and to live in a city where we can connect with people just like us, and people nothing like us. It's a welcoming place for people of all sorts, no matter who you love, what you love, and who you are. We may be saddled with an overly affluent existence that feels unattainable, but there is still the sense of not having to be afraid to be yourself. Yes, there are crimes that happen there that are steeped in hate, but we fight back against them. I feel very fortunate to live in a city where we can be who we want, love who we want, wear what we want, and do whatever the heck we want. And where a jackass who spits racial slurs at a midtown lunch joint gets trolled by a mariachi band outside his apartment is shown who's boss. New Yorkers. That's who.

I love that straight and non-straights alike are celebrating Pride this weekend. Love is love and that's the truth. Even though we are living in a time when anything "other" feels threatened,  we have to raise a glass to inclusion and individuality.  Cheers to all who show bravery for what they believe in and stay true to who they are. Thank you for fighting for your freedom and waving the flag today. I hope you're celebrating wherever you are. Amidst so much distress, I am so happy to see joy today. Our city and our world is better because of all of you.

Cause that's what's up this pride filled Sunday in New York City. Yours, in hearts and rainbows, in the name of love. XO